Poland becomes a hot spot for electric bicycle production

Poland becomes a hot spot for electric bicycle production

During the epidemic, the global demand for personal travel is rising sharply, the e-bike market is also due to the special timing of the rapid development of the surge in orders so that the entire market has entered a period of unprecedented growth.

But in the enterprise for the high-speed development of cheering, but also exploded in the production chain of improper coordination of the problem, supply chain breaks, raw material shortages, transportation obstruction and so on.

One after another, in the head of the producer to blow, can not be dealt with the orders Piles of orders that can not be processed, the delivery time has been stretched to six months to a year, uncontrollable transportation time and shortage of spare parts are testing the enterprise’s ability to control the control and mobilization of production materials, but also let electric bike manufacturer realizes that the manufacturing plant and the target market is too long a distance from the problems caused by.


Currently the main market for electric bicycles in Europe and the United States, in order to shorten the delivery time, many manufacturers are reevaluating the opening of the e-bike factory site, began to recall the factory, the manufacturing end of the traditional bicycle manufacturing in Europe, such as Portugal, Spain. Who are the top 5 electric bike manufacturers in Europe?

The layout of production and sales of a place not only improves the ability to respond quickly to the market, and the later maintenance of the customer return to the repair is also more convenient, in such a demand for Portugal became the Portugal has become the main country of European bicycle production, and for three consecutive years ranked as Europe’s top bicycle exporter, while another production place has also attracted the attention of manufacturers, is Poland.

As the fourth largest producer of electric bicycles in Europe, the history of bicycle production in Poland can be traced back to the 19th century, which has always been an important production site of the European bicycle industry, and in recent years has also played an important role in the production of bicycles in Europe.

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With a long history of bicycle manufacturing, excellent craftsmanship and a considerable production scale, Poland produces about 1 million bicycles every year, and about 2,000 companies produce around 1 million bicycles are produced in Poland each year and around 2,000 companies manufacture bicycles and bicycle components.

One of our goals is to further promote and stimulate the development of the bicycle industry in Poland, which is growing at a rate of about 15% per year,” says Lekan of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

Poland has become one of the preferred locations for bicycle manufacturers to build new factories, and the development of Poland’s bicycle industry can not be achieved without the support of the government’s attention to the bicycle industry has attracted many investors to build factories in this location, even if the far East As.


But the government has introduced tax incentives to reduce the cost of production, coupled with high-quality labor and the strategic location in the hinterland of the market, and because the market has become more competitive.

The strategic location in the hinterland of the market, and because it is in the consumer market, the capture of demand will be faster and more accurate, and at the same time, the top of the production process will be quickly circulated in the local manufacturers who are fed up with the uncertainty of the long chain of transportation is a very good alternative to the place of origin.

The Polish market’s strong resilience to risk, highly skilled labour force, special economic zone tax incentives, and strategic location in the heart of Europe have shaped a highly attractive business environment that has attracted many high-tech companies.


RTE, Europe’s largest bicycle producer, is building a plant in Poland in 2021. The electric bike company produces bicycles exclusively for Decathlon, and the main reason for building a plant in Poland is the proximity to the target market, France, and the fact that the origin is closer to the sales market.

Europe’s largest battery plant for electric cars is also located in Poland, established in 1999 in a special economic zone in the Silesia region.

Sylwia Grela, head of marketing at the company, describes Poland as an excellent environment for other companies, with advantages that include a large local market, a highly qualified labor force, a favorable business environment, cost-effectiveness, and the convenience of EU membership in the European market.

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“Every year, we produce about 3.5 million battery packs and assemble more than 120 million cylindrical cells. Our professional team consists of more than 1,000 employees and we operate on an area of 12,500 square meters”, from the adaptation of modern technologies to the favorable investment climate, more and more leading global brands are recognizing Poland’s potential.

Tomasz Jankowski, Managing Director of BMZ Poland, a leading European manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries founded in 2010 and located in the special economic zone of Gliwice, said, “We currently employ nearly 1,000 people and produce battery packs for power and garden tools, electric bicycles and buses, as well as for industrial, medical and household appliances.

Recently, we have also begun to try to start mass production of storage packs.” Poland’s policies and geographical, economic and labor advantages have successfully captured a large number of high-quality, high-tech companies, laying the foundation for the subsequent development and growth of the bicycle industry.


The Polish bicycle industry is still mainly export-oriented, but the popularity of bicycles in Poland is also growing, according to a 2019 study by market research firm ARC Rynek i Opinia, which showed that 38% of Poles consider their favorite sport to be cycling, and data released by the Polish Statistical Office (GUS) show that bicycles are the most common sports tool in Poland, with three-quarters of all households purchasing a bicycle.

Of all European countries, Poland saw the largest increase in cycling on weekdays, up 45%. The cycling culture here is growing rapidly, and as a result it has become fertile ground for the cycling industry.

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency aims to stimulate the development of the local bicycle market and foreign investment, and with its rich history of bicycle manufacturing, favorable business environment, and emphasis on innovative technology, the Central European country has grown to become an important source of bicycles.

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