Top 20 electric bike manufacturers in the world

Top 20 electric bike manufacturers in the world

Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, have revolutionized the cycling experience by seamlessly integrating electric motor assistance into traditional bicycle design.

These innovative vehicles are equipped with an electric motor and a battery, offering riders the option to pedal manually or engage the motor for added propulsion.

E-bikes come in various styles, including mountain bikes, commuter bikes, city bikes and folding electric bike, catering to diverse preferences and needs.

Not only do e-bikes provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional transportation, but they also promote a healthier lifestyle by encouraging more people to engage in cycling.

This article concludes the top 20 electric bike manufacturers in the world, let’s get more details about them!

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    Best-list of top 20 electric bike manufacturers in the world in 2024

    The top 20 electric bike manufacturers in the world includes:

    • Giant
    • Specialized
    • Trek
    • Cannondale
    • Canyon
    • Cervelo
    • Santa Cruz
    • Scott
    • Bianchi
    • Orbea
    • Colnago
    • Yeti
    • Ibis
    • Pivot
    • Surly
    • Riese & Müller
    • Juiced Bikes
    • Merida
    • Aventon


    Giant was founded in 1972 and they make e-bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, electric bikes, kids bikes, hybrid bikes, exercise bikes, touring bikes, folding bikes, and triathlon bikes.

    Whether you’re a bike fan or just a regular guy, you should have heard of Giant Bikes.

    They are the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer, and Giant produces bikes of all types and prices.

    Giant race

    So it’s possible to buy a Giant bike for as little as $300 and as much as $10,000.

    They sell all types of bikes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, city bikes, time trial bikes, electric bikes and more.

    Giant is also the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycle frames, supplying frames to many other major brands.

    Giant Contend AR 3-2


    Founded in 1974, Specialized manufactures mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel bikes, cyclocross bikes, triathlon bikes, hybrid bikes, children’s bikes, and e-bikes.

    As one of the top 20 road bike brands in the world, currently, Specialized Bikes is probably one of the most well-known companies in the cycling world.

    It was founded in 1974 and has become a household name in Grand Tour racing.


    Specialized currently sponsors world champions in both the men’s and women’s world tours.

    Their road bikes are probably the most popular, but they also produce gravel bikes, time trial bikes, mountain bikes, children’s bikes, panniers, adventure bikes, and recreational bikes.

    Specialized Turbo Levo Comp-2


    Trek was founded in 1975 and manufactures mountain bikes, road bikes, cyclocross bikes, gravel bikes, e-bikes, hybrid bikes, and kids’ bikes.

    Without a doubt Trek Bikes is one of the most recognized brands on this list.

    They are a U.S.-based company that was founded in 1975 in Wisconsin in response to the growing popularity of Japanese and Italian bicycles at the time.

    office of Trek

    They initially produced steel touring frames, then road and mountain bikes, and gained popularity through successful racing events.

    Today, they are making high-quality bikes that can conquer all types of terrain.

    They sell a wide variety of bikes including road bikes, gravel bikes, time trial bikes, mountain bikes, cargo bikes, e-bikes, kids bikes and more.

    Trek Rail E-Mountain Bike-1


    Cannondale manufactures mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, gravel bikes, cyclocross bikes, city bikes, fitness bikes, kids bikes, and e-bikes.


    Cannondale is one of the world’s most popular bicycle brands, founded in 1971 in Connecticut, USA, and one of the first to use carbon fiber frames in bicycle production, a favorite among riders, with a reputation among the professional owner community through the production of professional-grade bikes and gear.

    Cannondale produces every type of bike you can imagine, including models for beginners, avid cyclists and professional riders.

    Cannondale Moterra Neo 4-2


    Canyon is the largest direct-to-consumer bike brand that makes road bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and e-bikes. What’s the differences between XC bike vs. Gravel bike?

    Canyon bikes are favored by experienced cyclists or anyone looking for a bike with lots of engineering.


    Their bikes mainly use Shimano components and are produced in a variety of models.

    Canyon takes a different approach to manufacturing and marketing, focusing on making affordable, long-lasting bikes.



    Cervelo builds high-performance bikes for cycling enthusiasts and was founded in 1995 to build road, gravel, CX, TT, triathlon bikes and e-bikes.

    By 2023, Cervelo had become one of the most recognizable bicycle brands in the world, supplying Jonas Vingegaard with the Tour de France S5.


    While Cervelo is a relative newcomer to the road bike scene, it is the market leader, offering a unique line of bikes across five models.

    Their bikes are available in specifications ranging from entry level to elite.

    Cervelo is undoubtedly an industry leader in the design and innovation of high-performance bikes and technology.


    Santa Cruz

    Santa Cruz manufactures mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and electric mountain bikes.

    Santa Cruz Bicycles got off to a very successful start in 1993 with the introduction of their first bike called the Tazmon.

    Santa Cruz Heckler MX XO1 AXS RSV-2

    It was powered by a single pivot point dual suspension technology that shook the industry and pushed the boundaries of mountain bike production.

    Santa Cruz Bikes is most proud of its full-suspension mountain bikes, which feature aluminum and carbon fiber frames with its proprietary Virtual Pivot Point technology.

    Santa Cruz bikes


    Scott builds mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel bikes, cyclocross bikes, and e-bikes.

    For many years, Scott bikes have been a staple of professional World Cup cycling classes and mountain bike courses.

    The company was founded in 1958 by Ed Scott, who initially produced ski poles and later moved into bicycle production.

    Scott office

    They have been at the forefront of the development of bicycle technology since the 1980s when they began making aerodynamic handlebars for Greg LeMond.

    They currently produce a wide range of high-performance road, mountain and triathlon bikes, as well as bikes for recreational cyclists, e-cyclists and children.

    Scott Solace eRide-2


    Founded in 1885, Bianchi produces road bikes, XC mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, fitness bikes, children’s bikes, e-road bikes, and e-city bikes.

    Italian brand Bianchi is one of the oldest surviving bicycle brands in the world, famous for its turquoise blue paint called “Celeste #227”.


    Bianchi’s road bikes have a racing pedigree, winning many Grand Tours and supplying some of the peloton’s most successful teams.

    In addition to road bikes, they also produce high-quality mountain bikes, e-bikes and hybrids.

    Bianchi Aria E-Road-1


    Orbea is a Spanish-made mid- to high-end bike company founded in 1930 that builds roads, mountains, triathlon, city, and electric bikes.

    Orbea Bikes is one of the oldest bicycle companies in the industry.


    Founded in Spain nearly 100 years ago, Orbea began as a company that made military products and later moved on to make bicycles.

    By the 1930s, they were featured on the Tour de France and have been popular ever since.

    Today, they are known for their top-of-the-line road bikes, but they also produce mountain bikes, gravel bikes, triathlon bikes, city bikes and even electric bikes.



    Colnago manufactures road bikes, gravel bikes, time trial bikes and e-bikes.

    Colnago is an Italian brand founded in 1952.

    They are known for their pioneering manufacturing, such as being one of the first brands to produce carbon fiber road bikes.


    Their bikes have helped many professional racers to victory, dating back to Eddy Merckx and most recently the bike that won the 2020 Tour de France. 

    Colnago is known for making beautifully crafted road bikes, but they have also recently ventured into gravel bikes and e-bikes.



    Yeti Cycles is a company founded in 1985 in southern Colorado to meet the growing market demand for high-quality mountain bikes, primarily manufacturing mountain bikes and electric mountain bikes.

    Yeti bikes are a popular choice for performance-oriented mountain bikers and professional cyclists, but they also have models for recreational riders.

    Yeti 1

    Their high-end carbon mountain bikes are equipped with Infinity’s proprietary switch suspension and are priced from $4,000 to over $10,000.

    Best-selling models include the SB Series, Yeti ARC, and SB 160E electric mountain bikes.

    Yeti 2


    Ibis Bikes is a Northern California-based bike brand founded in 1981 that builds mountain bikes and gravel bikes, but outsources much of its production to other manufacturers. 

    Ibis is known for its carbon fiber frames and “Moron” tubing.

    Ibis 1

    It’s a clever pun that means “more at the ends” because their frames are heavier at the ends than in the middle.

    Their flagship models are Ripmo, Mojo and Ripley, all of which are high-performance, fully suspended mountain bikes that can be ridden by professional cyclists and avid amateurs alike.

    Ibis 2


    Pivot Cycles is a high-end niche mountain bike brand founded in 2007, perfect for competitive or professional mountain bikers.

    Their product line includes well-designed and manufactured mountain bikes in eight different categories: XC, Trail, Enduro, E-MTB, Fat, Dirt Jump and Gravel bikes.

    Pivot 1

    Founded in 2007, this American brand is known for its durability, innovative bike manufacturing and mountain bike pedigree.

    Although a bit expensive, these carbon fiber frame bikes are designed for racing and will satisfy even the most adrenaline-fueled athlete.

    Pivot 2


    Surly is one of the most iconic bike brands producing steel frame bikes, founded in 1998, making fat tires, mountains, roads, touring, cargo, and electric bikes. 

    Their approach to cycling is considered quite alternative to the mainstream, as the Surly team specializes in making eco-friendly bikes for exploring the outdoors.


    Surly produces a wide range of high quality bikes for bike backpackers, bike touring enthusiasts, mountain bikers, and families looking for a powerful cargo bike.


    Riese & Müller

    Riese&Müller is a German high-end manufacturer of innovative products for the future.

    Riese & Müller office

    Founded in 1993 by mechanical engineer Markus Riese and his friend Heiko Müller, Riese&Müller has been operating successfully for 30 years, with a focus on e-bikes, e-cargo bikes, and folding bikes, with its fully shock-absorbent folding bike, the Birdy, being awarded the Hessian Prize for Innovation.

    Riese & Müller e-bike

    Juiced Bikes

    Juiced Bikes, a California-based company specializing in the sale of electric bicycles, was founded in 2009 by Olympic athlete and Princeton graduate Tora Harris and is known for producing high-speed, high-powered electric bicycles.

    Juiced Bikes has been a majorstay in the e-bike space since 2009, and with significant manufacturing capabilities and portfolio expansion over the past decade or so, Juiced Bikes bikes are now often considered a recognizable brand in the fast-growing e-bike and micro-mobile market.

    staff of Juiced Bikes

    As a leader in the U.S. e-bike market, Juiced Bikes consistently exceeds performance expectations by offering quality, upgraded e-bikes at affordable prices.

    The Juiced Bikes bicycle brand has truly set a new standard in delivering e-bike performance that riders dream of most: speed, mileage, power and reliability.

    product of Juiced Bikes


    Founded in 1972, Merida Group has been the first listed company in Taiwan’s bicycle industry for more than 50 years, and established Merida Bicycle Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, China in 1990 to promote low-carbon and environmental protection campaigns.


    Merida has always focused on the research and development of high-end bicycles, and its R&D center is located in Stuttgart, Germany, with the intention of recruiting cutting-edge talents and receiving the latest information to develop world-class bicycles.



    Aventon, founded in 2012 in the United States, is a well-known brand of electric bicycles in the United States.

    Although founded in the United States, the founder is a native of Zhejiang, China. In his hometown Yongkang, not only has the title of China’s hardware manufacturing capital, but also China’s bicycle industry chain town.

    products of Aventon

    At present, Aventon mainly has five main types of electric bicycles, including commuter bike commuters, off-road bike off-road, fat tire bike Fat Tire, folding bike folding and cargo bike cargo.

    Aventon Aventure.2-2


    As one of the best electric bike manufacturers, SAMEBIKE has consistently focused on manufacturing different kinds of e-bikes for 18 years.

    As China’s top electric bike manufacturer and electric bicycle factory, the China plant of the SAMEBIKE electric bike has a scale of more than 9,000 square meters,with an annual production capacity of 80,000 units.

    SAMEBIKE at the Canton Fair-2

    It provides e-bike retail custom, e-bike wholesale OEM, etc. We have rich experience in e-bike production, and a professional team who can help dealers choose the best ideal products.

    SAMEBIKE XD26 Hybrid Electric Bike-2


    These are top 20 electric bike manufacturers in the world.

    Each manufacturer has its own focus on the development of the part, the choice will be diversified.

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