SAMEBIKE Fat Tire Electric Bike

Why choose SAMEBIKE fat tire electric bike

Sameway Group is one of the influential and integrated manufacturers of intelligent manufacturing equipment and intelligent transportation in China and the Asia-Pacific region. SAMEBIKE is our factory-owned brand, and SAMEBIKE electric bike have been sold all over the world, now it is a global brand.

SAMEBIKE fat tire electric bikes feature 4-inch wide all-terrain and full suspension that will absorb all bumps in your path. Moreover, the all-terrain fat wheels of SAMEBIKE fat tire electric bikes have more surface area contact. Whether you are riding on paved roads, gravel and rutted trails, or through snow or sand, you can ride fat tire electric bikes freely. For more details, you can refer to SAMEBIKE electric bike video.

Through a direct-to-consumer distribution model, SAMEBIKE empowers more and more people to live a more fun and healthier life. More than 3 million people worldwide have chosen SAMEBIKE electric bike, with more than 350,000 active riders.


SAMEBIKE electric bike company sells various types of electric bicycle products, fat tire electric bike, mountain electric bike, city electric bike, folding electric bike, road electric bike. Contact us for the best factory price and OEM/ODM service.

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