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We are an electric bike manufacturer with a comprehensive trading company, mainly specialized in R&D and manufacturing high-quality electric bicycles and electric scooters.

UL 2272 and UL 2849 are electrical system safety standards for personal electric transportation devices, including electrical system safety standard UL 3030, which together support the rapid transformation of personal electric transportation device technology around the world.
UL 2849 certification is the gold standard for e-bike systems.
The UL2849 standard involves product safety, battery management system (BMS), software evaluation, and functional safety evaluation requirements. It also has safety standards for controllers, motors and chargers. It is very important that the entire e-bike system is certified. The certification mark for our complete e-bike systems can be found on the battery pack.

A good e-bike manufacturer possesses the processing technology to manufacture high-quality products, sufficient production capacity, and the ability to provide competitive products while making a profit, which requires in-depth expertise in product types and target markets. And a direct and positive service attitude.

The most basic way to judge is to know directly, that is, the number of people and the overall size of the manufacturers, whether they have their own factories and the size of these factories. A certificate of honor issued by the manufacturer is a good sign.
As an excellent electric bike manufacturer, the most important thing is to be able to mass produce products and the products need to meet all relevant regulations.
For a good electric bike manufacturer, it is very important to have a concept that conforms to the development trend of the entire industry and market, and even the world.

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① The applications of electric bicycles are as follows:
② They are used for long distance travel.
③ They are the future of transportation and can even replace other pollution causing mobility systems such as gasoline engine bicycles and diesel engine cars.
④ Electric bicycles are suitable for a wide range of people due to their wide choice of riding modes.
⑤ They are used in large industries and manufacturing, traveling throughout the industry sector.

Professionals from electric bikes manufacturers advise you that you need to provide the following information when buying an electric bike. You need to provide the following information:
① The model of your e-bike The functionality of your e-bike depends on the model of the bike. Make sure you choose an e-bike that fits your needs and lifestyle. For example, consider a model with a comfortable seat. Some models also have added features such as anti-theft and space for luggage
② Make sure the bike has gears Some customers prioritize speed when deciding which e-bike to buy. E-bikes are equipped with a chain toggle system that allows the rider to switch the bike's gears to meet the needs of these customers.
③ Location of the bike motor The most important part of an electric bike is its motor. With advances in technology, some newer models are even equipped with built-in sensors that measure the speed, pressure and rotation of the bike. When deciding on a model, check to see if the location of the motor will completely hinder your trip.
④ Quality of the battery When choosing a model, check the range of the battery, as this will determine how long it can run before it needs to be recharged. The type of battery that e-bikes are equipped with is usually a lithium battery. This is because they are very stable when it comes to providing power.
⑤ The weight of an e-bike If you plan to use your bike in or around the city, consider buying a lighter model. Also consider the body weight when choosing an e-bike, and choose a model that can comfortably support the weight without falling over.

We have established 2 e-bike factories,4 global overseas warehouses in Poland, UK, USA and Canada and 2 overseas service centers in New York and Warsaw, Poland.

We have a complete QC system. Firstly, we test all the components purchased before use; secondly, we have quality control during every step in the production process; last but not least, we’ll check all the performance features of our products after they are fully assembled, including road testing before packing.

The most basic way to judge is to know directly, that is, the number of people and overall size of the manufacturer, whether it has its own factories and the size of these factories. A certificate of honor from the manufacturer would be a good indication.
As a good electric bicycle manufacturer, the most important thing is the ability to mass produce products and products need to meet all relevant regulations.
It is very important for a good e-bike manufacturer to have a concept that is in line with the whole industry and market, and even with the development trend of the world.

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