Top 10 mountain electric bike manufacturers in China

Top 10 mountain electric bike manufacturers in China

China is among the most powerful influencers in the electric bike industry, with many notable manufacturers.

They offer quality products that are not only innovative in design but also in features.

The e-bike manufacturers in China focus on performance and versatility. Due to this, they gained popularity in this industry. Who are the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in China?

With this huge variety and availability of the best mountain e-bike manufacturers in China, choosing the best is challenging.

But don’t worry! We are here with the top 10 mountain electric bike manufacturers in China.

So, fasten your gears to start the adventurous journey to go through the huge industry of e-bikes in China.

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    Top 10 mountain electric bike manufacturers in China in 2023

    Each manufacturer offers versatility and solid build quality.

    Here is the list of the top 10 mountain electric bike manufacturers in China in 2023:

    1 FitRider
    2 Sunra
    3 Chirrey
    5 Tianjin Fuji-ta
    6 Xiaomi
    7 Yadea
    8 Guewer
    9 DYU
    10 Giant


    Company website
    FitRider product

    Company profile

    FitRider or Hangzhou RiDi Vehicle Co., Ltd is one of the most famous companies in China located in Hangzhou.

    It is known for its high-tech products, such as scooters, two-wheel, three-wheel, and electric bikes.

    Leading products and technologies

    One of the best things about these electric bikes is that they come with swappable batteries with a great combination of built-in lock and optional intelligent lock.

    FitRider e-bikes come with an LED display that provides comprehensive information about the distance you covered, battery time, and other important things you may need to know while riding.

    The manufacturer utilizes brushless motors that offer better acceleration. Moreover, the material and build quality are amazing, making these electric mountain bike durable.

    FitRider products


    Company website
    Sunra office

    Company profile

    If you are looking for something with an ergonomic structure, then Sunra is one of the best two-wheel options in e-bikes.

    It has brilliant features to become a reliable travel partner with speed, aesthetics, and technology.

    The detachable battery, lightweight frame, ease of charge, and handling make it the best brand focusing on the riders’ convenience and comfort.

    Manufacturers emphasize quality and safety and ensure that every feature fulfills international standards and regulations.

    Leading products and technologies

    These e-bikes are efficient as they provide a long-riding range. The availability of headlights and rear lights makes your bike visible in the dark.

    The smart key system makes it a distinct bike with your exclusive identity authentication.

    Sunra has a strong presence in the Chinese e-bike industry and is known for its affordable and durable electric bikes.

    Sunra product


    Company website
    Chirrey office

    Company profile

    Chirrey is another popular brand that produces electric bikes from Shenzhen in China.

    The manufacturers are known for their quality products with outstanding features to satisfy their riders.

    Before manufacturing its advanced and smart electric bike, the brand focused on design, performance, and research.

    These bikes are not only best in performance but also aesthetically appealing, and this innovation makes them popular worldwide.

    Leading products and technologies

    Their e-bike network has extended to over 40 countries.

    Chirrey equipped their bikes with powerful motors and durable batteries that offer a good range and speed to cover your daily commute and explore the mountains.

    The best thing about these manufacturers is that they keep things innovative, and their last update came with quick charge technology with 10AH electric bike batteries.

    These bikes last longer and have more efficient batteries than the other e-bikes.

    Chirrey product


    SAMEBIKE factory

    Company profile

    SAMEBIIKE is a popular brand in China known for its best bikes, including daily commute bikes, mountain bikes, folding e-bikes, and city commute e-bikes.

    All of these bikes are equipped with powerful motors and reliable batteries. When it comes to the special designs for trail riding, their mountain e-bikes perform great.

    The powerful features make them one of the best traditional mountain bike ride options.

    Leading products and technologies

    Their mountain bike comes with a motor of 500W to 750W and a detachable battery. The speed, good range, and enough battery power help riders conquer hilly terrains.

    The efficient brake system, LED lights, LCD, and dual riding mode make it a great choice for your adventurous journey.

    One of the best things about this brand is that they are concerned about the comfort of their riders.

    That’s why they offer adjustability in different components in most e-bike models. These adjustments make your ride more comfortable.

    SAMEBIKE mountain bike

    Tianjin Fuji-ta

    Company website
    Tianjin Fuji-ta office

    Company profile

    Tianjin Fuji-ta is another large group of e-bike manufacturers. One of the most amazing things about this brand is that they build their own R&D worldwide.

    They also have their own production, supply chain, and marketing strategy.

    Tianjin produces many bicycles and electric vehicles to comfort its users.

    It was founded in 1992 and has its headquarters in Tianjin but has stations for overseas productions in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.

    Leading products and technologies

    The best thing about Fuji-ta is that they offer a diverse range of e-bikes for mountain riding, so you may have a good range to choose from according to your preferences and riding style.

    These bikes are known for their speed and endurance in different riding conditions to provide user-friendly commuting.

    Another important thing to know is that the brand offers customization facilities so you can choose different features, colors, and components according to your need and preferences.

    Tianjin Fuji-ta mountain bike


    Company website
    Xiaomi office

    Company profile

    Xiaomi is one of the most popular electronics brands worldwide. It is known for its quality products like mobiles, tablets, etc., but it has gained popularity in e-bike manufacturing.

    Their high-quality electric bike features a powerful electric motor to assist riders in pedaling.

    The user-friendly design makes it a good choice for challenging terrains like mountains.

    The efficient components of Xiaomi e-bikes are powered by a rechargeable battery, which provides enough power to complete your journey to explore the mountains.

    Leading products and technologies

    Like most other e-bikes, they also provide a double assist mode to switch between electric assistance and manual pedaling, which is very helpful in challenging terrains.

    The smart features like tracking, performance monitoring, and smartphone integration for navigation also make it a worthy option for riding.

    The manufacturers didn’t make any compromises on build quality and comfort. The sturdy design and frame are suitable for difficult road conditions.

    The suspension system also ensures your ride is smooth on bumpy terrains. Xiaomi’s mountain e-bike has an improved suspension system.

    Xiaomi bike


    Company website
    Yadea office

    Company profile

    Yadea is a well-known brand in China that specializes in manufacturing electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, and electric scooters.

    The company came into being in 2001 and has its headquarters in Wuxi.

    The brand is popular worldwide as the largest producer of electric two-wheelers. They gain popularity due to their strong innovation, sustainability, and quality.

    The best thing is that they offer a wide range of e-bikes for mountain riding that you can also use for short-distance travel.

    Leading products and technologies

    One of the most important things is that the brand emphasizes safety. Their products undergo vigorous testing so that users can get reliable products.

    They meet international standards of safety and quality to satisfy their riders.

    The powerful motor, reliable battery, and excellent components make it the best option for exploring challenging terrains like mountains and trails.

    According to models, these bikes have different speeds, motor power, and battery capacity.

    Yadea bikes


    Company website
    Guewer office

    Company profile

    Guewer is a Chinese brand located in Hangzhou Bay New Zone. The company is committed to manufacturing advanced and latest two-wheel vehicles to facilitate enthusiasts.

    They manufacture scooters, one-wheeled vehicles, and electric bikes for different ridings.

    The company has been in the business for over ten years and is recognized for its excellent quality and products.

    Leading products and technologies

    They offer bikes of high-end bike frame materials with aluminum alloy, which is naturally strong and durable.

    Moreover, excellent artistry makes it more than usual e-bike to ride on challenging trails and mountains.

    The brand ensures to delivery of quality products with sustainable performance.

    The powerful motor with the excellent combination of a long-lasting battery makes your journey more exciting.

    The e-bikes also come with bright lights with high saturations so that your way may remain visible in any condition.

    Guewer bike


    Company website
    DYU office

    Company profile

    DYU is also a Chinese brand specializing in producing e-bikes and scooters since 2012.

    The scooters and bikes of this brand are known for their compact size, user-friendly features, and lightweight design.

    The lightweight and compact design makes them portable and easy to store. So, you may no need for extra space.

    DYU ensures convenient and environmentally friendly transportation facilities for riders and enthusiasts.

    Leading products and technologies

    The company offers many mountain e-bikes and other e-bikes for different riding purposes.

    Their product usually has a clear vision of efficiency and durability.

    They offer powerful motors, ergonomic design, durable material, reliable batteries, and efficient controls.

    Other special features of these amazing bikes include GPS tracking, an anti-theft system, and connectivity.

    These features are excellent as they ensure more convenience and security with performance.

    DYU bike


    Company website
    Giant shop

    Company profile

    The Gaint is one of the top brands of e-bikes, possessing 1000 channels and 50 countries of sales, and due to this, the brand is known as a dominating force.

    This quality becomes more important when distributing these two-wheeled vehicles worldwide.

    Leading products and technologies

    One of the best things about Gaint e-bikes for mountain riding is that they offer long-lasting batteries to complete your adventure.

    The battery life of these amazing bikes allows its riders to conquer the cross country without worrying about the battery.

    Powerful motor, LED lights, LCD, and other features make your ride convenient.

    The shock absorption power and ergonomic handling are other things you may look for in your e-bike.

    The design of Gaint e-bikes is a great combination of technology that assures sustainability, strength, and durability.

    Giant bike


    China has a huge industry of electric bikes, and most of their manufacturers make quality and cost-effective products to facilitate their riders.

    There are so many options for mountain e-bikes, but it is important to choose a budget-friendly and high-quality bike to explore the trails and mountains.

    So, we curated a list of the top 10 mountain electric bike manufacturers in China to buy something nice and cost-effective.

    We hope this guide may help you make an informed decision while buying an e-bike for mountain riding.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can trust Chinese electric mountain bikes. They are on par with the other e-bike manufacturers around the globe. It's up to you to select the best mountain bikes depending on your needs, as they all come in high and low quality.

    The speed restriction in China for mountain bikes is almost 10 MPH. But most manufacturers offer e-bikes with a maximum speed of over 15 MPH. You should keep an eye on legal speed restrictions to avoid any inconvenience.

    The adoption rates of electric mountain bikes are higher and growing with a steady curve. This rapid adoption is mainly due to increasing living standards and better income resources. The rising cost of gasoline is another factor responsible for the popularity of these bikes in China.

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