Best SAMEBIKE LO26-II electric mountain bike – test ride review

Best SAMEBIKE LO26-II electric mountain bike - test ride review

The SAMEBIKE LO26-II is a folding electric mountain bike with a wonderful appearance that can be easily carried anywhere.

Today, we will delve into the review video of SAMEBIKE LO26-II folding electric mountain bike by Rob The Rover, was it worth purchasing?

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    Before we learn the details about SAMEBIKE LO26-II electric mountain bike, let’s get more specs about it!

    Battery 48V/10Ah/480Wh
    Speed EU 25 KM/h, other countries 30 KM/h
    Range 35-80KM
    Motor 500W
    Charging time 4-6h
    Weight 30 KG

    Introduction of SAMEBIKE LO26-II folding electric mountain bike

    I’ve bitten the bullet and bought myself an e-bike – SAMEBIKE LO26-II folding electric mountain bike.

    I’m just gonna have a little ride around Beach area and I’ll bring you back in a minute. I just had to go off-road, then this bike is good for going off-road. SAMEBIKE LO26-II is a road bike and a mountain bike and the thing I love about it, like the best electric bike.

    You can fold it away. How cool is that! Put it in the car, I could drive miles away. And get it out, go on a nice track somewhere. I’ll go around the car park at the moment.

    So, I’ll find a nice spot and I’ll turn you around and show you the bike.

    Detailed folding steps

    I’ve come down to see common and show you this SAMEBIKE LO26-II folding electric mountain bike. It’s a wonderful machine. I love it.

    And I really like the fact: you can fold it in half, put it in your car, you have to put the seats down on you, but you know, it’s not a problem.

    It has 21 Shimano gears. Very effortless to ride. I mean it’s quite windy today, but I haven’t really broke a sweat, and it’s more or less just the weight of my legs. It’s power and it’s amazing.

    I’m going to do lots and lots of traveled on this. I think I might go to the New Forest check it in the boot in the car, unfold it and put it together. That’d be amazing.


    You can lock the whole suspension if you want to. I don’t know why you would want to. It’s got a mirror one there. I’ve ridden it about it a week. I thought I’d give it a ride before take it out and do a video with it.

    But yeah, it’s a lovely machine. It’s got a key under there, you turn the key’s locked in place, so it can’t come out. What I’ll do is to show you it folded enough, bring it back.

    So, what you have to do it to catch up from that and it all just folds enough. The fact that it can do that was a that was the selling point for me.

    So, it means I can go miles and then still ride miles because it’s got quite a good range on it. I haven’t properly tested that yet, but it’s going to be good. Got there in the end. It’s a nice feature.

    Test ride

    I’m going to switch it on now, so you hold that button at the bottom there. Comes on. I’ve got that sit on the lowest screen and also I’ve got it in miles per hour rather than kilometers per hour, because I’m old.

    And I remember miles better. But you got a Shimano, I’m keeping the wrappers on them as well the covers and keep the cover on it for a while. I’m gonna take off through these trees.

    You’ve got the what pedal assist you’re in, so I’ll take it up to two. It’s got five levels, but you know, for pedaling, I’ll find two or three is perfectly okay.

    I suppose if you’re going to go up hills and you’d have it higher, but and it has got a throttle there, but I’m not going to use that. My main intention. Because I want to get fit as well you do have to put in a bit of exercise on these things, but it does make life a lot easier.


    So let’s take off. Through the trees and then then the pedal assist kicks in after a couple of turns. This electric mountain bike is amazingly effortless to ride. One thing I have noticed and I’ll try to fix it the brakes slightly rub, might be aware of it.

    It’s not too bad, but I’m going to take it because I try to do the bit where you loosen the caliper and pull the brake and do it up again that didn’t fix it.

    So I am going to take it and get it done properly, because I couldn’t actually undo the Allen key to actually move the pad so that’s a job. But I’m going to go down there.

    It’s a total going against the wind, nice steady, eight miles an hour, effortless. It’s a revelation. Let’s go around the car park. I’ve done something you can ride bikes down it.

    Just coming up to Garrison’s Church. Also, I have noticed it’s the rear suspension does tend to squeak a bit and I’ve not been watching videos on this bike.

    And the main one I’ll show it out to bubbles way he’s done loads of videos on it, and on the SAMEBIKE. I’m gonna have to go down there that tunnel. Nelson’s Bridge. Let’s go and film. So, let’s go down that tunnel.

    I’m gonna walk it through here. I think it only right. I’ve got to bend down. You can hear that squeaking actually where the brakes slightly rubbing. Obviously this is a rebuilt Bridge.


    I would have come through this alleyway up here. I do want to do eventually obviously change the tires. Put better tires on there and I want to get a bigger stem on there.

    Because you know, I’m six foot five and I mean every bike looks small to me even my Marin Bolinas Ridge one looks small on me. But you know it’s just lift that stem up a bit. I love it.

    I’m gonna go back through the tunnel that Nelson came through you’ve got the mug behind me, inside of me. And I gotta bend down this will give you an idea.

    Let’s get around on this pavement. I’m gonna do an experiment. Because there’s a cobbled road down there and I’ll do it in one of my videos.

    So, I’m going to take this bike down there and see how it fares. Probably here it’s really windy, but I want to go this is that cobbled street I did a video about all these cobbled streets.

    So, what you want to do go and have a look at those videos, you must get these brakes sorted. I’m gonna take it down there see how it fares.

    So, you’ve got cobbled streets down here as well. This is old Portsmouth by the way. Obviously the Spinnaker Tower.

    So, I’ve got it on pedal assist two and it was really windy just a minute ago, didn’t do anything.


    Here we go. You can hear that suspension, the back suspension squeaking a bit, but you know what, oh, it’s still a comfortable ride. This electric mountain bike is effortless.

    I mean look you see that balloon blowing over there, see how windy it is. There we go. All the way to the end. I’m only using one break at the moment because I’m holding the camera.

    I want to go by that now, that’s cobbled Stone too. It’s for any bike. I want to turn off here to the round Tower. I think my buff deserves it. There you go. Smooth bit.

    Suspension Works. I think suspension works really well. I want to go and get something to eat. I’ve got a noodle pot or a tuna pot thing and there’s cup of tea coffee sandwich.

    This is a great day for me because I was riding by and call came from nowhere robbed the Rover. I’m just actually got this bike that’s what I’m doing. Testing it out. Because this electric mountain bike is a foldaway.

    And I can chuck it in the boot of the car, so I can travel. I’m going to avoid this bike out there. Let’s go for pedal assist to see how easy it is to get out that hill.

    Here we go. And it’s kicked in. Might take it up to three. That was relatively effortless over to the Bandstand. So, it’s quite a steep slope, see what I’m gonna do. I’ll step to that to three. I think three was a good thing.


    So what I will do – I want to try it in four. Easy! See that slope there. Going out the side of Southsea Castle. Try that one. I think I might have to put it in five for that, because that is pretty steep.

    We go. Up that slope over there. I think filming or something. I’m going to put it switch it into five, that is really steep. I’m going to be doing it one-handed, no cycling or skateboarding, sorry but I gotta test it.

    [Riding]Oh my God! Look at this! That was a doddle! Oh God, I’m so happy with this bike – SAMEBIKE LO26-II folding electric mountain bike. I mean I’m not peddling now as soon as you turn the pedal.

    I think it’s one complete rotation of what you know. It’s really blowing up here and it’s so effortless. It’s a dream come true. I will walk down that hill because it says no cycling.

    But I just had to test this on that and doing it one-handed as well. This electric mountain bike is amazing. See me trying to slow this bike down as I’m walking down this slope.

    I’m gonna reward across the common. Take it off-road a little bit. I’m on number two at the moment. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. That’s just on number two as well.


    You know, when you only kept this on two, I mean the battery’s hardly dropped. I’ve ridden quite a while and try the gravel over there.

    Here we go. Across the gravel. Sounds the Esplanade is very windy. But very easy at the same time. Do I sound out of breath? I wouldn’t have been.

    That’s for sure. It’s rather effortless. Makes the biking experience so much better, just leisurely ride. Only thing I’ll get sorted is that bike. And I’m going to take this to the bike shop as soon as I finished here.

    Final words

    So what do I think about the SAMEBIKE LO26-II folding electric mountain bike?

    SAMEBIKE LO26-II folding electric mountain bike is a dream come true really because I’m gonna be able to go so many places with this. the fact that you can fold it away.

    That’s the charging port there and it’s the same charger that I use for my scooter. It’s amazing. I’m gonna ride home.

    It looks like it is going to rain. I can feel it in the air. And obviously, the bike’s waterproof, but I forgot to bring in any waterproof with me.

    So, I’m gonna head off. I’ll leave the video here. Good test for the bike. I think I loved it SAMEBIKE LO26-II folding electric mountain bike.

    I’ll see you next time what I’m raving about wherever.



    The SAMEBIKE LO26-II is a folding electric mountain bike with a nice and gorgeous appearance that can be easily carried anywhere.

    It has lightweight aluminum frame and is an amazing and ideal one to conquer rough terrain. SAMEBIKE LO26-II folding electric mountain bike ensures ride safety.

    Not only the SAMEBIKE LO26-II folding electric mountain bike, you can also find your best electric bike, like SAMEBIKE XWP10 electric city bike on SAMEBIKE, contact us.

    Hi, I'm an experienced writer about mechanic and an expert on bike and e-bike tech who appreciates practical, beautifully-engineered things. And of course, I love cycling.
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