SAMEBIKE XWP10 electric city bike – most comprehensive review

SAMEBIKE XWP10 electric city bike - most comprehensive review

SAMEBIKE XWP10 electric city bike is a very well-integrated designed e-bike.

Today, we will delve into the review video of SAMEBIKE XWP10 electric city bike by Shiva Sapkota, was it worth purchasing?

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    Before we learn the details about SAMEBIKE XWP10 electric city bike, let’s get basic specs about it!

    Battery 36V 13Ah
    Max speed 32KM/H
    Max range 40+KM
    Motor 350W
    Charging time 4-6h
    Weight 20.5KG

    Introduction of SAMEBIKE XWP10 electric city bike

    This is the SAMEBIKE XWP10 electric city bike 700c smart electric bike from SAMEBIKE. It features intelligent design lightweight and durable frame large road tires integrated powerful battery and high performing motor.

    Today, we have the SAMEBIKE 700c special series. This is the SAMEBIKE XWP10 electric city bike model that they’re calling it.

    And if you’re aware of the company SAMEBIKE, they make a lot of best electric bikes, there are so many thousands of electric bikes in the market from this company.

    They make anywhere from entry-level electric bikes all the way to very high-end fat tire electric bike and electric city bike. This is their newest addition to the electric bike lineup.


    This one looks more of a traditional mountain bike, road bike, type of a bike, but it does have a very high capacity battery, pretty powerful motor.

    It offers a lot of spec that we’ll go over in this video, but this bike is not released yet.

    This is still in the pre-release estate, but I do have a link in the description down below where you can place a reservation for this electric bike if you want to check it out after my review here.

    Thank you so much for tuning in on today’s video, let’s get started with this review.

    Installation of SAMEBIKE XWP10

    The battery of SAMEBIKE XWP10 electric city bike comes separately on a different packaging than the bike itself. The bike comes very securely packaged with lots of foam and insulation.

    Once you make your way through all the packaging supplies which by the way will take you a while, we need to install a few components.

    I like installing the front wheel first so the bike can stand on the kickstand.

    The front is a quick release wheel, so you just have to insert it into the fork and you can just use the quick release bracket to secure it, just make sure that the disc brake rotor aligns with the brake pads.

    SAMEBIKE XWP10 boxing

    Go ahead and secure the handlebars. The headlight is secured with the front fender using the lens screw, make sure the headlight is fully secured.

    Follow the same steps for the rear fender. The pedals are clearly marked left and right and you just have to tighten them using the tools that came with the kit.

    Finally install the battery and you’re ready to go. I really like that the frame is discreet and doesn’t look like a typical e-bike but rather looks like a typical mountain bike.

    The battery is well integrated within the frame and it’s just a very minimalistic frame design. The tires are very slim yet capable and overall just feels like a normal bike.

    Specs of SAMEBIKE XWP10

    The frame of SAMEBIKE XWP10 electric city bike itself is made out of 6061 aviation grade aluminum, so it is extremely durable but amazingly lightweight.

    The entire bike just weighs 45 pounds, making it one of the lightest e-bike we have reviewed in our channel.

    This weight is actually very comparable to smaller e-bikes like the Jetson Bolt Pro we have reviewed. The lighter weight doesn’t mean it cannot take heavier cargo though.

    This bike is rated for 330 pounds of max load, the bike has a IP54 water rating, so SAMEBIKE XWP10 electric city bike can take splashes from all directions, but I would highly recommend avoid riding e-bikes in the rain at all possible.


    Powering this electric bike is a 350W brushless hub motor in the back. This motor peaks at around 560W. It has a 35Nm of torque.

    This is a pretty typical motor spec for electric bikes in these days. You don’t get an instant torque with the motor, but does get going after a few seconds.

    SAMEBIKE claims you can go 14 degree hill with this bike but that really depends on rider’s weight and other terrain factors.

    After about 8 degrees the bike slowed down significantly for me with just the throttle mode, but the paralysis did allow me to climb 10 degree hill with an ease.

    Battery of SAMEBIKE XWP10

    Powering the motor is a detachable 36V 10AH battery. This is a 375Wh battery with maximum current of 15A.

    SAMEBIKE XWP10 electric city bike takes about 4 to 6 hours to fully charge the battery. The battery does have a over discharge high temperature over current short circuit and other embedded battery management protocol.

    You can get about 35 miles per charge if you use the pedal axis mode, but just about 20 miles with full throttle. The range really depends on the rider’s weight temperature climbing angle and more.

    This is pretty average range for e-bikes on this class. This electric bike offers five different paralysis modes. The default is always zero when you first turn on the bike and you have to manually increase the level.

    Zero is full human mode no motor support and five is the highest motor support. This paralysis level also determines the throttle power. If you want the max throttle power, you have to set the pedal axis level to five.


    You can take advantage of the 7-speed Shimano system to help you propel and conserve the battery. This bike is pretty easy to propel even without the motor support and the Shimano 7-speed system really helps with that process.

    The gearing system doesn’t lag and you can easily go from one to seven gear at any time. This electric bike uses regular disc brakes on the front and rear.

    We typically see rim brakes on these road bikes, so this is definitely an upgrade but pretty common feature on modern electric bikes.

    The brakes work really well and help you come to a complete stop even from higher speeds.

    The SAMEBIKE XWP10 city electric bicycle 700c comes with a 27.5 inches by about 2 inches tires. These tires are look very skinny, a typical mountain bike feature but are made from high quality rubber.

    It has excellent threads giving you a good grip on the regular roads. Even though not rated for off-road you can easily go between paved and grass surfaces and some dirt surfaces.

    SAMEBIKE XWP10 handlebar

    Keeping you safe at night is the front integrated headlight and reflectors in the back and the wheel.

    The front headlight is very well-protected and you can clearly see the front at night.

    Honestly, this is one of the brightest headlights I have seen in a while. The seat has a very comfortable saddle and helps you comfortably ride for a long time.

    Cockpit of SAMEBIKE XWP10

    Let’s look at the cockpit of this electric bike. Here on the right side we have this very comfortable rubber handlebar grip.

    As you can see, it has this pattern right here and then the palm support makes it really easy and really ergonomic to even hold it and ride it for a long period of time.

    So really good job on that this bolt here is very flushed which is a common issue we find an electric bike where the bolt is not flush then it hurts your palm.

    This is very comfortable even for a long riding commute. You can easily rest your palm here. Then we got our brake lever for the disc brake.

    Here is our throttle. This is a thumb throttle towards the right and this is very conveniently located and I really like thumb throttles over the twist throttle that we see on electric bike these days.

    Because with the thumb throttle, I can just use the throttle I can use the brake and then I can just reach over here and use the shifter at the same time using this hand right here.


    SAMEBIKE XWP10 electric city bike has this 7-speed Shimano shifter, and if you have seen with other reviews with the electric bike here in this channel, this is a very common Shimano system and it is very common because it works really well.

    We have never had any issues with this type of Shimano shifter. I know that the newer bikes are now coming with the dial one where there is the shifter here and then you use the two levers to control.

    Very modern looking but there’s nothing wrong with this type of a system. This is very operable we have seen it with so many other electric bikes in the past, so very very good system here.

    We also have this very well integrated phone mount here. So this is already included with the bike you can adjust the angle of this phone mount, you can bring this phone mount closer here. But you can put a smaller size phone, like this one.

    This is an iphone 8, so you can just leave it like this. Or you can also put a larger size phone. This is an iphone 13 pro max and this phone mount still fits this iphone.

    So even a big iphone like this it fits right here, so this is really nice that I can just use this mount while riding my bike and get all the data.

    In addition, there is a USB port right here where you can plug in and charge your phone while riding, so that is a very unique feature.

    So, towards the left here we have this main screen and to turn the power on. Right here there is a power button, so you just press and hold and then the power turns on.

    SAMEBIKE XWP10 display

    We’ll talk about this screen here in just a second but moving towards the further left we have this very comfortable handlebar grip and brake lever.

    And then here is an electronic bell, so this is pretty unique. Because typically we see a mechanical bell that is right here where you have to use your index finger to control that.

    But this one is very easy to use because I can just easily reach using my thumb right here.

    So I really like that and then with this display there is the plus and minus right here and what it does is it changes the paralysis level. So if we hit plus that is mode one, two, three, four, five.

    So it goes to five different mode. Right here you can see the battery level, so this is a battery indicator which shows that the battery is pretty full right now.

    This is the current speed and if you want to change the settings.

    For example, if your bike came with kilometer per hour speed and you want to change it to miles per hour, all you have to do is press and hold on this plus and minus bond and then what you enter is the P settings and refer to the booklet that came with your kit.

    SAMEBIKE XWP10 battery

    And I’m going to try to put this in the description below what each of this means but you can change various settings up to five different settings here with the P settings and then to get out of that either, just leave it there for a few seconds and then it will come back to the main display or you can just press and hold on the plus and minus again.

    And then you go back to the main display. Towards the bottom right here. There is your headlight, so if you press this one, the headlight turns on, you just have to press and hold on it.

    Overall a very ergonomic shaped handlebar, very wide handlebar, so that it is easy to control this electric bike and you know the cockpit looks pretty clean, very standard type of a cockpit that we see on a typical mountain bike or road bike these days.

    Pricing of SAMEBIKE XWP10

    The current pricing as communicated to me is 1,599 for one bike and 1,938 for one bike and two batteries.

    That seems pretty average for the bike in this class but perhaps a tad bit higher given that it only has a 36V battery instead of a 48V battery and a 350W motor with instead of like a 500W motor on the typical class for this e-bike.

    For a limited time their link shows you can get this bike for under 1,000 if you put a reservation.

    Final words

    Here’s my verdict after thoroughly testing this electric bike. I really like the design choice, SAMEBIKE XWP10 electric city bike is a very well-integrated design.

    The frame is very seamless, it’s a very minimalist design. The battery doesn’t stick out from anywhere. At the same time, you are easily able to remove the battery and it just looks like it’s a part of the frame.

    SAMEBIKE XWP10 electric city bike adds the flexibility that you can just take the battery inside of your house. You can charge it and just bring the battery outside and go on a ride.

    So, I really like that design choice it has a very ergonomic shape design. This one looks more like a regular mountain bike or a road bike, it doesn’t look like an e-bike and a first glance.

    But at the same time, you’re able to customize it and make it stand out from other electric bikes by choosing a different color.

    SAMEBIKE XWP10-colorful

    I really like this blue this bright blue and pamphlet that they sent me it has a lot of other color options. So, I got really excited that for the first time there is a company that allows me to customize the color.

    Because most of the time whenever these companies reach out to me for a review of the electric bike, they just offer me the black choice or they have the white color.

    There’s not a lot of color options out there. So, I got really excited that they had other colors. So, I picked this bright blue and you’re able to choose you know multiple different color options with this electric bike.

    I also like that they included this phone mount with the bike that is not very common and this allows me to just mount my phone even bigger size phone.

    Maybe it’s a small thing but i really like the heavy duty kickstand and you know you might wonder like that should be a common thing with all electric bikes.

    But so many electric bike and scooter that we have reviewed in our channel they come with a very flimsy kickstand and you just put the kickstand and the bike tips over, even in my garage where I was storing these bikes they just tip over then they create a dominant effect where they you know tip over other electric bikes.


    So I’m tired of that and this electric bike just has a very heavy duty kickstand and it just stays, so I appreciate the SAMEBIKE for including that heavy duty kickstand with this electric bike.

    Everything is really great with this electric bike. Definitely on one of the top list for a regular size electric bike.

    This is nothing fancy. It doesn’t go off-roading, but at the same time it’s it’s great commuting electric bike.

    A couple of shortcomings for this electric bike.

    First of all, I wish this handlebar height was adjustable. This doesn’t include the adjustability here where you know I have seen other electric bikes in the past which has that tipping handlebar going this way where you can loosen some screw and then you’re able to twist it, so that it kind of becomes up.

    Right now for taller people you’re going to have to bend it quite a bit to reach there. For me this is perfectly fine for me but if you’re taller maybe like towards a six foot range you might have to bend a little bit more than normal to reach this electric bike’s handlebar.

    I also wish they included an integrated tail light with this electric bike.

    This is pretty common on electric bike of this class where they don’t include a integrated tail light they only have the headlight and then you have to just either purchase a tail light separately or just rely on the reflectors.

    SAMEBIKE XWP10 view

    Don’t get me wrong there are enough reflectors in this bike at night and with the bright headlight you are safe.

    At the same time, I would have loved to have an integrated tail light that blinks when I’m braking, so that’s one of the missing fixers I recognize with this electric bike.

    This bike uses some plastic parts and they are very noticeable. First of all, the fenders. I can easily notice that they are plastic the chain ring guard also has a plastic part.

    So some some of those things I mean I get it right like they’re trying to make this electric bike very lightweight, but at the same time I would have liked to have a metallic fenders and more of a metal parts in here.

    And finally this electric bike as I said in the beginning is a pre-release electric bike.

    Contact SAMEBIKE

    Having said that just keep in mind the SAMEBIKE is a really reliable company. It’s a big company they make so many electric bikes they have a great following base.

    So, I wouldn’t think that SAMEBIKE would you know fall out this bike would fall out from indiegogo’s crowdsourcing platform, but just keep that in mind I want to make it very clear that you can’t just purchase this electric bike outright, you can sign up for it, you can place your reservation through there but it’s still a kickstarter campaign at the moment.

    That will wrap up today’s review. Not only the SAMEBIKE XWP10 electric city bike, you can also find your best electric bike on SAMEBIKE and contact us.

    Hi, I'm an experienced writer about mechanic and an expert on bike and e-bike tech who appreciates practical, beautifully-engineered things. And of course, I love cycling.
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