Who are the top 10 kids bikes brands in the world

The top 10 kids bikes brands in the world

Here are the top 10 kids bikes brands in the world: Goodbaby, RoyalBaby, Decathlon, XDS, Segway-Ninebot, CN Forever, Phoenix-bicycle, FLYING PIGEON, Dino Bikes and Giant.

Kids’ bike is a small bike specially designed for children between the ages of 3 and 12. Children’s bikes are a great companion for outdoor activities. You can ride it in the park, school or neighborhood and have a good time with your friends.

Kids’ bikes are small in size for children. This makes it easier and safer for children to control the balance of the bike.

Secondly, children’s bicycles have been professionally designed and manufactured to ensure their stability and load-bearing capacity, so that children can ride them with more stability and peace of mind.

In addition, children’s bikes are equipped with safety devices such as front and rear brakes, solid frames and comfortable seats to provide better protection and riding experience for children.

How to choose a suitable kids’ bike? It is recommended to prioritize those with high brand awareness and top sales rankings.

Let’s explore the details about the top 10 kids’ bikes brands in the world in this article.

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    Top 10 kids bikes brands in the world in 2023


    Company website https://www.gbinternational.com.hk/

    Founded in 1989, GB Group, adhering to the philosophy of “Health, Wisdom and Love” and the motto of “Caring for Children and Serving Families”, specializes in the research and development, manufacturing, distribution and retailing of children’s products, including strollers, cribs and safety seats, as well as clothing and accessories.

    Goodbaby Bike is an exclusive bike designed for children aged 4-7 years. This 16-inch bike is ideal for both boys and girls, for mountain or city riding.


    The design is sophisticated and delicate, with a stylish palette of black and gold colors for an attractive look. The bike has a strong frame to ensure a safe ride.

    At the same time, its comfortable saddle and adjustable handlebars provide an ideal riding position. The child will enjoy a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

    As one of the top 10 kids bikes brands in the world, in addition, the Goodbaby bike is equipped with strong and durable wheels and a reliable brake system to ensure stability and safety during travel.

    Children can ride with confidence and enjoy the feeling of taking off happily.



    Company website https://www.royalbabyglobal.com/

    RoyalBaby is a well-known Chinese kids’ bike brand, dedicated to providing the best children’s bicycles for children and parents all over the world, specializing in the design, production and marketing of children’s bicycles.

    In 2009, the first RoyalBaby kids’ bike was born. It is also the No.1 selling bicycle brand in America.


    Each bike not only meets the national 3C quality certification, but also passes the European CE certification, which meets the European safety and environmental protection requirements, including lead-free paint, plastic and rubber parts that are free of toxic chemicals, etc., which are very safe, and has been rated as Amazon’s Choice and Kids bike No.1 best seller.

    Not only that, RoyalBaby kids’ bikes have flexible steering that conforms to the movements of small children when turning, making it easier for them to control the direction.

    As one of the top 10 kids bikes brands in the world, the frame is also ergonomically designed to make it easier for children to ride.



    Company website https://www.decathlon.com/

    Founded in 1976, Decathlon is a French company that manufactures and distributes sporting goods worldwide.

    Ranked in Europe, Decathlon is not only a designer and producer of sporting goods, but also a retailer with 351 specialty sporting goods stores worldwide.

    Decathlon has previously introduced a 16-inch children’s bike for babes in the 4-6 year age group (110-125CM) in a vibrant orange color.

    Decathlon product

    Manufactured from high quality materials and processed with rigorous craftsmanship, this bike focuses on balancing comfort with athletic performance while ensuring safety.

    The orange body is stylish and bright, allowing kids to ride with more confidence and flair. It is equipped with practical brakes, allowing children to stop quickly in case of an emergency.

    And the Decathlon bike has a very good frame firmness, which can ensure the safety of the riding process, and it can also be freely lifted and lowered, which is very humanized in design.

    Decathlon office


    Company website http://www.xidesheng.com/

    Founded in 1995, XDS is a well-known brand of bicycles, especially mountain bikes as well as electric bicycles, and was also the designated bicycle for the Chinese delegation to the Asian Extreme Sports in 2004.

    As one of the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in China, it has now become an industry leader, a high-tech bicycle brand integrating R&D, production, sales and service, and one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in China, focusing on lightweight research of aluminum alloy frames.

    XDS kids' bike

    Its Chinese style children’s bike adopts classic Chinese design elements, bringing a unique riding experience for children. Its children’s bicycle design is simple and stylish.

    Not only attractive in appearance, but also with excellent performance, the sturdy frame and stable structure allow children to ride with peace of mind.

    Moreover, the bike is of high quality, beautiful appearance, silky smooth, flexible and easy to shift, and the child’s operation is stress-free, and customer service patiently guides the installation and sends the installation video, so it is easy to assemble.

    XDS office


    Company website https://www.segway.com/

    Segway-Ninebot focuses on innovative short-haul transportation and robotics, and owns two brands, Ninebot and Segway.

    With an international vision based on the global market, and with the mission of simplifying the movement of people and things and making life more convenient and interesting.

    Segway-Ninebot focuses on promoting innovation and change in intelligent short-distance transportation and robotics products.


    Ninebot is a world-renowned electric balance bike brand, with products in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and its kids’ bikes are deeply loved by everyone.

    One of its children’s mountain bikes is equipped with large 40mm travel suspension forks, which can effectively reduce the vibration caused by road bumps.

    The front and rear wheels are equipped with disc brakes, which are fast braking in seconds, greatly improving braking safety.

    The seat cushion is made of PU foam with high elasticity, vacuum molding, the arc of the seat cushion is soft and round, shock absorption and comfortable.

    Selected Perrin hub axle, smooth idling and low resistance, lighter riding.


    CN Forever

    Company website www.cnforever.com

    CN Forever is a well-known brand of kids’ bikes, which began in 1940, an early manufacturer of complete bicycles, a developer of bicycle calibration vehicles, and a listed company with diversified industries, diversified products and an intensive economy.

    Its children’s bicycles are deeply loved by everyone and lead the trend of the bicycle industry.

    CN Forever kids' bike

    Many of CN Forever’s children’s bikes have a triangular engineering design for the frame, which is very strong and the load-bearing capacity has been significantly improved.

    The tires have also been thickened and thickened to be particularly wear-resistant, and the braking system is sensitive, with a comprehensive design and good balance.

    The seat height is adjustable for multiple age groups, allowing the baby to ride for two more years.

    CN Forever shop


    Company website http://www.phoenix-bicycle.com/en/

    Phoenix-bicycle has a hundred years of experience in bicycle manufacturing, with high quality to win the broad market, household name, highly respected, and contributed to the development of China’s bicycle industry.

    Phoenix children’s bicycles magnesium alloy single-piece frame, zero welding points can take you to experience a spaceship brought about by shock.

    Phoenix-bicycle kids' bike

    Other styles have a reinforced carbon steel frame to withstand strength to be stable and not easy to deform, the strength of rubber pneumatic tires to adapt to a variety of terrain suspension systems full, which makes the bike very lightweight, easy to operate, and can provide a smooth riding experience.

    The bike is also equipped with basic safety equipment such as brakes, bells and lights to ensure that kids can stay safe while riding.

    The bike’s wider and thicker tires are suitable for a wide range of surfaces, are non-slip and wear-resistant, and are able to pop up on the ground, making it easy to conquer uphill, downhill or grassy areas on the lightweight Phoenix mountain bike.

    Phoenix-bicycle products


    Company website https://www.flyingpigeon-bicycle.com/

    Founded in 1950, FLYING PIGEON is a Chinese brand.

    Its children’s bicycle series will be specially designed and developed according to different stages of children, so it will be more convenient and comfortable under its banner.

    Bikes are also beneficial in terms of safety performance, and the cost-effective advantage makes them a leader in the field of bicycles.

    FLYING PIGEON kids' bike

    PIGEON’s folding children’s bike series is designed for beginners ages 4-8. The bikes are designed in pink, which gives them a warm and cute look.

    With a size of 14 inches, the bike is suitable for kids to satisfy their desire for free riding while ensuring the safety of children.

    The bike also has a folding function, easy and convenient to store and carry, perfect for family trips and travel.


    Dino Bikes

    Company website https://dinobikes.com/

    Dino Bikes has been manufacturing and selling children’s and adult’s bicycles (Aurelia series) since 1920.

    Over the years the company has invested its resources in improving its products, always focusing on safety and quality.

    Dino Bikes is distinguished by its reliability and commercial fairness, qualities that have made a great contribution to the growth and development of the company, which is now recognised as the industry leader worldwide.

    Dino Bikes-1

    The company’s mission is to invest in hi-tech and innovative products.

    With its constant commitment Dino Bikes represents the true excellence of Italian-made goods.

    Dino Bikes’ range begins with the Dino Bikes line that covers all child bike sizes from 10″ to 16″.

    A vast range of bikes designed for children firstly to help them learn and later on for fun.

    Dino Bikes-2


    Company website https://www.giant-bicycles.com/global

    Giant is a world-renowned bicycle brand and it is one of the top 10 electric bike brands in the world. With more than 40 years of professional experience in the manufacture of all kinds of bicycles, Giant makes every consumer feel the company’s humanistic service.

    Giant is creating a new century of Chinese bicycle culture and sharing the joy of life with everyone. Since its establishment in 1972, it has maintained the attitude of sustainable management and the management philosophy of intensive development in the new century.

    With the marketing philosophy of “Global Brand, Local Roots”, Giant has become synonymous with international fashion and cutting-edge technology through its self-creativity and humanistic technology.

    Giant kids' bike

    Due to the wide distribution of Giant stores, it is relatively easy to get a hold of its children’s and teenager’s models.

    For example, the 20 and 24-inch ATX and XTC models are available in two levels, and there are even road bikes.

    16-inch AMPLIFY has a very special shape, and the use of a retractable frame design, which can be well adapted to the growth of the child’s body.

    20-inch rigid fork mountain bike MTX 20, whether it’s in the colorful paintings or the humanized design shows extraordinary advantages, and the visual effect is quite powerful.

    Giant products

    MTX 20 can easily enjoy the fun of free riding when facing complicated roads. kids’ bikes such as Blossom series have a great sense of design and are very much in keeping with the style of little girls.

    Of course, these bikes are not only beautiful, but also of excellent quality, with good stability and excellent shock resistance.

    FAQs about kids' bike

    • See if there is a protective device
    • See if the distance between the brake and the handlebar is too large
    • Whether the small removable parts are easy to enter
    • Whether the protruding objects are easy to hurt the child
    • See whether the car is suitable for the physiological characteristics of the child
    • See whether the packaging is qualified.

    Kids' bikes usually come in wheel diameter sizes ranging from 12 inches to 24 inches.

    Smaller wheel diameters offer greater stability and control for beginners, while larger wheel diameters allow smoother rides over obstacles and a more comfortable ride for more experienced riders.

    • 12-inch wheel size: 2-4 years old, height 76-99 cm

    • 14-inch wheel size: 3-5 years old, height 91-112 cm

    • 16-inch wheel size: 4-6 years old, height 104-122 cm

    • 18-inch wheel size: 5-8 years old, height 114-132 cm

    • 20-inch wheel size: 6-10 years old, height 124-145 cm

    • 24-inch wheel size: 8-12 years old, height 137-158 cm


    These are the top 10 kids bikes brands in the world.

    Each manufacturer has its own focus on the development of the part, the choice will be diversified.

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