Who are the top 10 electric bike brands in the world

Top 10 electric bike brands in the world

The author of this article has compiled top 10 electric bike brands in the world.

The top 10 electric bike brands in the world are Giant, XDS, MARIDA, BATTLE, Specialized, Trek, GT, SCOTT, NORCO, KONA.(in no ranking order) Let’s explore the details.

With the world becoming more and more focused on green travel and healthy living, bike riding has become very popular.

However, ordinary bicycles are still not popular for some people, such as those who feel tired more easily.

But in recent years with the rise and development of electric bikes, it has gradually become a mainstream way for people to go out.

Nowadays, there are more and more brands of electric bicycles, do you already don’t know how to choose?

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    Top 10 electric bike brands in the world in 2023


    Giant logo
    Established date August 8,1992
    Global headquarters Taiwan, China
    Registered capital USD 37.5 million
    Company website http://www.giant.com.cn

    Company profile: Giant is one of the largest Chinese companies in the world in terms of bike production and marketing.

    Also, as one of the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in China, its sales network spans five continents and more than 50 countries, and the company is present all over the world, holding more than 10,000 sales channels.


    Leading products and technologies: Giant has many core manufacturing technologies, such as GCT technology, etc.

    Its product range includes the design and production of power-assisted bicycles, electric bikes and their parts, etc.


    As one of the top 10 electric bike brands in the world, its product types cover a comprehensive range, including mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, touring bikes, etc.



    XDS logo
    Established date September 14,1995
    Global headquarters Guangdong, China
    Registered capital RMB 20 million
    Company website http://www.xidesheng.com/

    Company profile: Founded in 1995, XDS is a bicycle company that specializes in the integration of R&D, manufacturing, sales and services.

    As one of the top 10 electric bike brands in the world, XDS has an international production base for ultra-light bicycles, and is the largest manufacturer of carbon-fiber bicycles in the world.


    Leading products and technologies: XDS products are mainly divided into five categories, such as power-assisted & lithium-ion bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes and youth series, as well as product-related ancillary products, etc.


    XDS has ultra-light technology, using ULC (Ultra light Carbon) carbon fiber frame, X6 aluminum alloy frame, multi-link chain shock system and other technologies to bring riders a better riding experience.



    MARIDA logo
    Established date September 29,1972
    Global headquarters Taiwan, China
    Registered capital USD 12.28 million
    Company website www.merida.cn

    Company profile: Founded in 1972, MARIDA has been listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange for over 50 years.

    And it was the first company in the Chinese cycling industry to co-sponsor the famous Italian Lampre team in 2013, becoming the first company in the Chinese cycling industry to sponsor a world class professional road team.


    Leading products and technologies: As one of the top 10 electric bike brands in the world, MARIDA’s products are mainly divided into six categories: road bikes, mountain bikes, urban recreational bikes, touring bikes, youth bikes and folding bikes.


    In terms of technology, MARIDA is the first company in the world to have mass-produced magnesium alloy bicycle technology, and now has the core technology in frame, aluminum alloy process and carbon fiber process.



    BATTLE logo
    Established date August 18,1994
    Global headquarters Tianjin, China
    Registered capital RMB 80 million
    Company website https://www.fuji-ta.com/

    Company profile: BATTLE Group is a large limited liability company integrated with R&D, production and marketing of various bicycles and electric bikes.


    For many years, it has been in a leading position in the bicycle industry of China.

    Leading products and technologies: As one of the top 10 electric bike brands in the world, BATTLE’s products are mainly divided into six categories: e-bike, mountain bike, road bike, folding bike, Children’s bike, Trekking bicycle and so on.


    In terms of technology, it have core technologies such as Ti-alloy frame, spraying & labeling.



    Specialized logo
    Established date 1974
    Global headquarters California, USA
    Company website https://www.specialized.com

    Company profile: Specialized is an American cycling brand founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard, a hardcore cyclist.

    For nearly 40 years, it has been committed to providing riders with the most professional cycling products and services.


    Leading products and technologies: Specialized has many models in the bicycle category, such as TARMAC and VENGE series of road bikes, STUMPJUMPERh and EPIC series of mountain bikes are very popular.


    As one of the top 10 electric bike brands in the world, not only that, Specialized also has many professional technologies, such as FACT (Functional advanced composites technology), Smoother is faster, BG Fit (body geometry fit), FSR (FSR suspension ), etc.



    Trek logo
    Established date 1975
    Global headquarters Waterloo, USA
    Company website https://www.trekbikes.com

    Company profile: Trek is a bicycle and cycling product manufacturer and distributor under brand.

    With its headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin, Trek bicycles are marketed through 1,700 independently owned bicycle shops across North America, subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, South Africa, as well as distributors in 90 countries worldwide.


    Most Trek bicycles are manufactured outside the United States, in countries including the Netherlands, Germany, and China.


    Leading products and technologies: Trek’s product line includes several series of road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, e-bikes, strollers and accessories.

    As one of the top 10 electric bike brands in the world, its products are widely used in recreational, sports, competitive and professional fields.

    In addition to bicycle products, Trek is also actively involved in environmental protection and social responsibility, and is committed to promoting low-carbon life and cycling culture.



    GT logo
    Established date 1979
    Global headquarters California, USA
    Company website https://www.gtbicycles.com/

    Company profile: As one of the top 10 electric bike brands in the world, GT Bicycles inspires a passion for riding by celebrating the brand’s roots in dirt and street culture.

    Since building GT’s first BMX bike in 1972, GT has remained true to sharing the stoke on two wheels which the brand was founded on.


    Leading products and technologies: GT is known for its BMX bikes and triangle hardtail designs, with nine categories of products including electric, BMX, mountain full, suspension, mountain hardtail, women’s road bikes, road, kids, dirtjump and life+style.


    Not only that, there are many components of bicycles for sale with high product coverage.



    SCOTT logo
    Established date 1958
    Global headquarters Givisiez, Switzerland
    Company website https://www.scott-sports.com/

    Company profile: As a manufacturer with a history of over 60 years, SCOTT today has a mature and extensive line of bicycles.

    SCOTT is an international sports brand with a global approach that develops, markets, and sells bike, winter sports, running, and outdoor products.


    In close collaboration with the electronic giant Bosch, SCOTT is the first company who offer a stylistically oriented and easy to operate e-bike system.


    Leading products and technologies: Whether you want full support or just a little assistance, SCOTT has a bike that fits your needs. SCOTT e-bikes are available in an extended range for MTB, road, gravel or urban bikes.



    NORCO logo
    Established date 1964
    Global headquarters Coquitlam, Canada
    Company website https://www.norco.com/

    Company profile: NORCO is a Canadian bicycle brand. In 1964, Bert Lewis founded the NORCO brand, which has an international distribution network throughout the world, selling more than 140 NORCO bicycle products.


    Leading products and technologies: As one of the top 10 electric bike brands in the world, NORCO has a wide range of products, including bikes in five categories: mountain, road, city, youth and kids, and e-bikes in three categories: e-MTB, e-urban and VLT accessories.


    Not only that, it also has A.R.T advanced cycling technology, 360 turning point locking and other core technologies.



    KONA logo
    Established date 1988
    Global headquarters USA
    Company website https://konaworld.com/

    Company profile: Since its introduction in the United States in 1988, KONA has been pursuing the sense of freedom that bicycles bring to people.


    As one of the top 10 electric bike brands in the world, its most distinctive feature is scandium alloy, and its products are popular for mountain bikes and road bikes.


    Leading products and technologies: KONA’s products mainly include electric, mountain, drop bar or gravel and urban four categories, of which electric bike includes electric MTB, electric gravel or commuter two categories.



    These are the top 10 electric bike brands in the world.

    There are many good electric bike brands in China, and each manufacturer has its main products, so if you are interested, you can check the details through their official websites.

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