Top 10 best electric scooters for beginners can buy right now

Top 10 best electric scooters for beginners can buy right now

In this article, we summary the top 10 electric scooters for beginners can buy right now, join us!

Nowadays, electric scooters have gradually replaced electric bicycles and become one of the mainstream means of transportation.

It has many advantages, such as lightweight and compact, environmental protection, driving and stopping, etc., and is favored by many people.

Many people choose electric scooters as commuting tools, and no longer have to squeeze the subway and bus.

Moreover, it is convenient to carry after folding, and can also be taken into the subway and into the office, which is also a very useful means of transportation for people who are not near the subway. But what’s the difference between electric scooter vs electric bike?

It can save time, save space, save effort than bicycles, and the speed is not worse than electric bicycles, and the advantages are really very much.

But how to choose electric scooters? A lot of products on the market, each has its own characteristics, what kind of electric scooter is best for beginners?

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    Top 10 best electric scooters for beginners can buy in 2023

    Here are the top 10 best electric scooters for beginners can buy in 2023:

    • Gotrax G3 Plus
    • Segway E2 Plus
    • NIU KQ12 Pro
    • Gotrax G5
    • NIU KQi3 Max
    • Unagi Voyager
    • Fluid Mosquito
    • Uscooters GT Sport
    • Apollo Air 2023
    • Apollo Air 2022

    Gotrax G3 Plus

    The G3 Plus truly adds a better experience to your rides thanks to its redesigned frame and display.

    Utilize multiple speed modes to fine tune your commute to suit your needs while you ride.

    Gotrax G3 Plus-1

    EST. $399
    Top speed 18 MPH
    Motor 300W
    Miles per charge 18 MI
    Battery 36V/6AH/216Wh
    Charging time 4-5h
    Max rider weight 220 lbs

    This 300W motor can take you to a top speed of 18 MPH in no time. Front wheel positioning provides better control and handling for navigating.

    A crisp, clear led screen provides quick readouts on riding speed, distance, battery life and more. You can also utilize multiple speed settings to optimize your commute.

    These 10″ air filled pneumatic suspension system tires will ensure a smooth commute on those bumpy city streets.

    A bright headlight is key to your visibility for those early morning and nighttime rides.

    Gotrax G3 Plus-2

    Segway E2 Plus

    E2 Plus features an ultra-thin footboard with a low center of gravity, while the front-flared cockpit provides additional space and comfort on the handlebars.

    Additionally, the E2 Plus electric scooter features a high position for lighting, enhancing safety and ease of use.

    Segway E2 Plus-1

    EST. $399.99
    Top speed 15.5 MPH
    Motor 220W
    Max range 15.5 MI
    Battery 21.6V
    Max load 198 lbs

    The E2 Series has a larger dashboard design of 2.8 inches, which displays information such as speed and battery level at a quick glance.

    The 25 degree screen tilt angle is ergonomically designed for comfort and is easy to watch when riding.

    An excellent riding experience starts with the tires. The E2 Series comes with newly developed inner hollow tires of 8.1 inches.

    These tires are puncture-proof, maintenance free, and provide better suspension capability.

    With its lightweight and easy folding design, you can take your E2 Plus electric kick scooter anywhere: on an elevator or public transportation, stored in your workplace or at home, or tucked away in the trunk of your car.

    Segway E2 Plus-2

    NIU KQ12 Pro

    With up to 25 miles of range, the KQi2 Pro delivers great city performance at a top speed of 17.4 mph.

    The KQi2 has a minimalist lightweight design with a drum brake engineered to fit neatly inside the front wheel.

    As stylish as it is swift, the KQi2 comes equipped with 10” tubeless tires and custom NIU grip tape so you can customize your ride.

    NIU KQ12 Pro-1

    EST. $419
    Top speed 17.4 MPH
    Motor 300W
    Max range 25 MI
    Battery 48V/7.8AH
    Max charging time 7h
    Weight 40.6 lbs

    A minimalist, streamlined design that’s more ergonomic, longer-lasting, and easier on the eyes with customizable grip tape.

    The KQi2 has great uphill performance with a 300W rear wheel drive, effortlessly take on slopes with a 15% incline.

    NIU KQ12 Pro-2

    Gotrax G5

    The G5 offers a smooth and comfortable ride wherever you end up riding. Improved range, specs, and design make this one of our best e-scooters of 2023.

    This dual front wheel suspension system can handle any of the bumps, cracks, or potholes you may come across on your rides.

    Gotrax G5-1

    EST. $599
    Top speed 20 MPH
    Motor 500W
    Range 20-30 MI
    Battery 48V/9.6AH/460.8Wh
    Charging time 5-6h
    Max load 264 lbs

    These 10″ air filled pneumatic suspension system tires will ensure a smooth commute on those bumpy city streets.

    A crisp, clear led screen provides quick readouts on riding speed, distance, battery life and more. You can also utilize the digital code feature for added security.

    Instantly fold your electric scooter in half with its one-touch folding mechanism for storage and carrying convenience.

    Easily change and tune your brakes until you find the right level for you. It is important that you find a proper level so you are comfortable at all times when riding.

    Gotrax G5-2

    NIU KQi3 Max

    The NIU KQi3 Max has an unlockable top speed of 23.6 MPH and a range of more than 40 miles powered by a 450W rear wheel drive motor that easily conquers slopes of up to 25%.

    Dual disc brakes with regenerative braking and self-healing pneumatic tires ensure nothing stops your ride but you.

    NIU KQi3 Max-1

    EST. $849
    Top speed 23.6 MPH
    Motor 900W
    Range 40 MI
    Battery 48V
    Charging time 8h
    Weight 58 lbs

    The KQi3 Max has great uphill performance with a 450W rear wheel drive, effortlessly charge up slopes with a 25% incline.

    And the KQi3 Max is rated IP54 weather resistant meaning it is splash resistant.

    NIU KQi3 Max-2

    Unagi Voyager

    Powered by state-of-the-art electric batteries and an exclusive custom-designed management system, the Voyager offers exceptional energy density and the shortest charging time in its class.

    Unagi Voyager-1

    EST. $849
    Top speed 20 MPH
    Max power 1000W
    Range 12-25 MI
    Battery 42V/10AH
    Charging time 2h
    Weight 29.6 lbs

    The Voyager’s range is truly unparalleled, extending up to an incredible 25 miles, depending on ride mode, terrain, hill climb, and rider weight.

    This impressive feat sets the Model One Voyager apart, as no competitive scooter comes close to this range within its weight class. And impressively, it accomplishes this feat in half the charge time.

    Experience the freedom and convenience of longer rides and less frequent charging with the Unagi Model One Voyager, a testament to their commitment to innovation, performance, and quality.

    The magnesium alloy handlebar is a feat of structural engineering that required more than thirty prototypes to perfect.

    Integrated in the top bar are the intuitive controls of the dashboard – throttle, brake, horn, and LED headlight.

    No visible wires. No bulky console. Just a sleek, integrated command center that connects the rider to the ride.

    It’s 33% lighter than aluminum, which partially explains why the Unagi is the most portable scooter on the market.

    Unagi Voyager-2

    Fluid Mosquito

    The Mosquito can be folded down in seconds for a minimal footprint. Super lightweight at just 29 lbs, it can be easily stored away at your place of work or put into your trunk.

    The included carrying handle balances the scooter perfectly and makes for an effortless carry.

    Fluid Mosquito-2

    EST. $849
    Top speed 25 MPH
    Motor 500W
    Range 22 MI
    Battery 48V/9.6AH
    Charging time 5-6h
    Weight 29 lbs

    The integrated dual suspension system (rear under the deck and front at bottom of steering column) soaks up bumps on the road, provides for excellent road grip and superior handling and makes for a smooth riding experience.

    The cockpit features a smooth thumb throttle and a color display showing speed, mileage and battery charge.

    It allows for selection of 5 gears with different speed limits so you can, for instance, set it 16 mph top speed to comply with local laws or maximize your range.

    Cruise control and zero start can be set up if desired. The Mosquito features a bright handlebar height front light, lateral reflectors and a bright rear tail-light, which doubles as a brake light and becomes brighter when braking.

    The lighting system in combination with the loud electric horn allows for safe riding in traffic and during the night.

    With the solid tires you will never have a flat. The mechanical and electrical components are designed for this model and work in perfect harmony.

    Fluid Mosquito-1

    Uscooters GT Sport

    Uscooters is the only seller in the world currently using the upgraded battery with Samsung cells for better reliability and performance.

    It is also equipped with the newest upgraded technologically the advanced sport controller is now equipped with Bluetooth technology, 3 forms of braking including a new rear drum brake and a kickstand.

    Uscooters GT Sport-1

    EST. $1,099
    Top speed 26 MPH
    Power 700W
    Range 28 MI
    Battery 48V/10.5AH

    It has the highest torque for a scooter of its weight, so you can enjoy more speed, even on uphill roads. It’s also equipped with an improved battery that delivers a range suitable for your daily travels.

    Despite its small size, the GT Sport features a long and stable platform with a non-slip grip, that allows you to ride in a safe, comfortable and best riding position.

    The durable grip is made of rubber so it can be cleaned with ease.

    The GT Sport is compatible with a smart app which will enhance your riding experience, while also keeping you up to date with the latest news in the world of electric vehicles.

    Uscooters GT Sport-2

    Apollo Air 2023

    Embrace everyday riding like never before with Apollo Air.

    It’s heavy-duty built, packed with top-of-class speed and range, regenerative braking, front-dual suspension, and exclusive new features including self-healing tires – all in a compact profile, truly an everyday luxury.

    Apollo Air 2023-1

    EST. $849
    Top speed 21 MPH
    Motor 500W
    Max range 34 MI
    Battery 36V/15AH
    Weight 38.5 lbs

    Ride with confidence, knowing that the Apollo Air is equipped with self-healing tires.

    The gel lining inside the tires instantly seals punctures, enabling uninterrupted journeys and worry-free rides.

    Apollo Air 2023 has 10-inch tires to enhance stability, traction, and suspension system compared to smaller tires.

    It has handlebar turn signals to clear and visible signals embedded in the endings of the handlebars to be seen when making a turn.

    A complete redesign of the folding mech eliminates any unwanted movement or instability.

    The improved folding mechanism stays perfectly adjusted, eliminating the need for frequent manual adjustments.

    Apollo Air 2023-2

    Apollo Air 2022

    Upgraded 500W motor, 21700 lithium battery, larger 15Ah battery, dedicated re-gen throttle, and the best-in-class folding mechanism.

    Take a nice stroll around the block or speed through the city as fast as 21 mph with the upgraded 500W motor.

    The front dual suspension system and large 10-inch tires provide the most comfortable riding experience.

    Apollo Air 2022-1

    EST. $799
    Top speed 21 MPH
    Motor 500W
    Max range 34 MI
    Battery 36V/15AH
    Weight 38.5 lbs

    The lightest in our line-up weighing only 38 lbs. It’s easy to carry and easier to fold. Take it everywhere you go.

    Take full control of your ride with turn-by-turn navigation, post-ride analytic and customizable performance.

    Unlike Apollo Air 2023, Apollo Air 2022’s tire type is tubed, but Apollo Air 2023’s is self-healing tubeless tires. You can check the tubeless bike tyres for your reference.

    Apollo Air 2022-2


    Above are the top 10 best electric scooters for beginners can buy right now, what others do you recommend?

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