Electric scooter vs electric bike – which one should I choose

Electric scooter vs electric bike-which one should I choose

In this article, we will explore electric scooter vs electric bike, what are the differences between them?

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    What are electric bikes?

    An electric bike is a two-wheeled bicycle driven by an electric motor with additional pedaling assistance.

    A rechargeable battery mounted on the bike’s frame is the power source for the electric motor.

    Electric bikes are classified according to speed, throttle control, and pedal assistance. 

    What are electric bikes

    What are electric scooters?

    Electric scooters consist of a footboard mounted on two wheels and a steering handle.

    The scooter is powered by batteries and is equipped with electric motors to propel itself without pedaling.

    Their compact size and lightweight offers easy maneuverability in crowded areas.

    What are electric scooters

    Electric scooter vs electric bike: what are the similarities?

    There are some similarities between electric scooter vs electric bike:

    ① Battery-operated

    Electric bikes and scooters are powered by rechargeable batteries such as lithium-ion batteries. The battery size can vary depending on the model and usage.

    ② Minor maintenance

    Electric bikes and scooters need minimum maintenance and facilitate the reduction of costs.

    ③ Lightweight

    Electric scooters are more compact and easy to maneuver than electric bikes, making them ideal for commuting in urban areas.

    What are the similarities between an electric bike and an electric scooter

    ④ Eco-friendly

    Electric bikes and scooters are a green mobility solution as they produce zero carbon dioxide emissions.

    ⑤ Noiseless operation

    Electric bikes and scooters produce negligible noise ad contribute to reducing noise pollution.

    ⑥ Convenient parking

    Parking electric bikes and scooters in small spaces is convenient and easy. They don’t take up much space and are easy to maneuver.

    Electric scooter vs electric bike: what are the differences?

    There are some differences between electric scooter vs electric bike:

    ① Speed
    Speed is a prominent differentiating feature of electric bikes, as they offer much higher speeds than electric scooters.

    However, their speed rate varies depending on the manufactured model and battery power.

    Electric bikes can speed up to 30 mph or more. In contrast, the maximum speed of an electric scooter is usually around 22 mph. 

    ② Range

    Electric bikes outperform the eclectic scooters, providing longer range due to the more powerful battery.

    Electric bikes can offer a range of up to 70 miles on a single charge. On the other hand, electric scooters have a lower range around 25 miles. 

    What are the differences between an electric bike and an electric scooter

    ③ Battery capacity

    Lithium-ion batteries are the primary power source in electric bikes and electric scooters.

    Lithium-ion battery capacity can vary depending on the manufacturer and model of the bike or scooter.

    Electric bikes usually have detachable batteries, while electric scooters have inbuilt batteries and are less powerful than electric bikes. 

    ④ Motor output

    Electric bikes typically have motors that provide pedal assistance rather than full electric propulsion.

    The motor output of electric bikes ranges from 250 watts to 750 watts.

    In contrast, electric scooters usually have motors that provide full electric propulsion with typical outputs ranging from 200 to 600 watts.

    ⑤ Safety & brakes

    Electric bikes are relatively safer because electric scooters have low ground clearance making them less visible to moving vehicles from a distance.

    Scooter wheels are usually small, so they cannot handle road bumps well. Because e-bikes have larger wheels, they are capable of handling rough roads.

    Electric scooters and electric bikes are quite similar and usually employ the same mechanical, hydraulic, or drum brakes mechanism.

    ⑥ Comfort

    In terms of comfort, electric bike outperforms electric scooters because it offers a seat for the rider.

    Moreover, electric bikes are typically more stable and more convenient to balance than electric scooters due to their larger wheels and solid frames. 

    ⑦ Portability

    Electric scooters are compact, lightweight, and can be folded, enhancing their portability.

    On the other hand, an electric bike is heavier due to the weight of different electrical components, large wheels, and frames.

    Electric scooter vs. electric bike

    ⑧ Price
    Electric bikes tend to be more expensive than electric scooters because of their more functions and overall materials.

    ⑨ Durability

    Electric bikes and electric scooters are tough and durable because both are usually made out of industrial-grade aluminum alloy.

    However, electric bikes require more maintenance and the e-bike maintenance tips due to more moving parts than electric scooters. 

    ⑩ Exercise
    Unlike electric scooters, electric bikes are equipped with peddles, making them a great workout during the daily commute. 

    ⑪ Riding style

    The electric scooter user has to stand while riding, whereas the user can sit on the seat of an electric bike.

    Electric scooter vs electric bike: when is the electric scooter the better option?

    Electric scooter vs electric bike: The electric scooter can be a better option depending on the riding conditions and individual preference.

    ① Urban commute

    If a user has to travel a short distance and through a crowded area, then an electric scooter is a good choice.

    The compact size of the electric scooter will give outstanding maneuverability, especially traveling on the sidewalks. 

    When is the electric scooter the better option

    ② Cost-effective

    Electric scooters are less expensive and offer low maintenance costs than other e-mobility vehicles.

    The running cost of electric scooters is about $0.0022 per mile.

    Electric scooters are preferred by people who care about the environment and want a budget e-mobility.

    Electric scooter vs electric bike: when is the electric bike the better option?

    Electric scooter vs electric bike: Electric bikes offer exclusive benefits for users looking for more than a commute ride.

    ① Multivariant mode

    Electric bikes have three classes based on speed, throttle control, and pedal assistance. The user can select the appropriate class that serves their needs.

    The electric bike has a powerful battery that provides more range.

    If the user has to travel on hilly terrain, rough roads, and long distance, then electric bikes are the suitable choice.

    The solid frame and large wheels of electric bikes can provide a stable ride, especially for goods delivery service.

    When is the electric bike the better option

    Moreover, pedal assistance is another feature to consider because it gives independence to electric bike riders to continue the journey with low battery power.

    The electric mountain bikes like SAMEBIKE LO26 can bring you more freedom and fun. 

    ② Health benefits

    Regular bikes are often used as workout equipment.

    Electric bikes have a peddling feature for the health-conscious individual, which is a great way to accomplish cardio exercise.  

    Electric scooter vs electric bike: things to know before you purchase

    Apart from considering the differences mentioned above between electric scooter vs electric bike, there are two things to check before purchasing either.

    Firstly, find the local laws and regulations on riding electric two-wheeled electric vehicles in urban areas.

    Secondly, ensure the availability of workshops for maintenance and the local cost of replacing the parts. 

    Things to know before you purchase either

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