Everything you need to know about e-bike maintenance tips

know about e-bike maintenance tips

Compared to ordinary bicycles, e-bikes have a “heart” like a motor, and electric power adds a lot of novelty and fun to riding, but there are still few maintenance topics in the e-bike market.

Whether you are a novice or veteran rider, if you just got an e-bike, or ready to understand the purchase of an e-bike, but difficult to find the relevant e-bike maintenance tips or measures on the network, then we suggest you start with this article.

We will explore the e-bike maintenance tips, such as battery, tire pressure, chain, pedal maintenance and cleaning tips.

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    E-bike maintenance tips - battery

    When it comes to batteries, the first thing about e-bike maintenance tips to focus on is charging.

    We recommend completing a charge before the new bike hits the road for the first time, remembering to keep the battery fully charged.

    The next few rides can also use the deep charge and deep discharge mode, the principle of which is similar to the maintenance of computer batteries.

    The purpose is to cater to the memory effect of the battery, so that battery power statistics are more accurate (there are also many different statements on this point, to be discussed, welcome comments).

    Any electrical appliance battery completely empty power will make the battery produce a great load, e-bike is also the same reason, so all electric booster manufacturers will recommend not to completely consume power during the ride.

    E-bike maintenance tips-battery

    After the ride is completed for their car a charge, and not used for a long time to keep the power in a certain range (about the power of different statements, generally keep it at 60% or more).

    Secondly, you need to pay attention to the pedaling frequency of the bike and booster gear correspondence.

    Anyone who has ever ridden a bicycle knows that pedaling frequency is the number of revolutions per minute of pedals while riding, and it is also the basic guarantee of riding efficiency.

    For e-bikes, different booster modes have different requirements for pedaling frequency. Do not choose the maximum booster gear in order to pursue speed.

    Then, if you can’t keep up with the pedaling speed, torque will rise, and then pedaling also becomes laborious, not only to bring difficulty to your ride, but also empty battery power, which has a certain impact on battery life.

    E-bike maintenance tips - tire pressure

    Bicycle tires are always in contact with the ground and are bound to wear and tear. It’s very important to know about some e-bike maintenance tips about tires.

    Therefore, choosing the right tire pressure according to the weight of the person, the width of the outer tire and the road conditions will not only extend the life of the tire and reduce damage, but also allow the rider to feel more comfortable riding.

    Reducing the tire pressure properly on uphill roads can increase the contact area between the tire and the ground, but too low a tire pressure will also make turning difficult and increase the possibility of tire breakage.

    Increasing the tire pressure properly can improve the stability of riding, but too high a tire pressure can cause the body to skid.

    E-bike maintenance tips-tire pressure

    When it comes to shocks, professors also recommend making and deflating adjustments according to your own weight plus the weight of your travel backpack.

    And you can adjust the air pressure of the front fork according to your personal preferences, setting the pre-pressure to 15%-20% if you like a hard style, 20%-25% if you like a soft and hard style, and 26%-35% if you like a soft style.

    The adjustment of the rear air pressure valve is also the same, while the adjustment of the rear spring valve needs to change the spring pressure, pre-pressure setting trouble, it is recommended that non-professionals quickly retreat.

    E-bike maintenance tips - chain & pedals

    The chain plays an extremely important role in the bicycle’s transmission system. Generally, before riding, we need to check whether the chain is worn or broken to avoid accidents and know something about bicycle chain maintenance.

    As the name implies, dry lubricants are suitable for dry environments and wet lubricants are suitable for wet environments, both of which can be absorbed into the bicycle chain to reduce friction and the possibility of rusting.

    Pedals should also be considered for lubricants, but since pedal maintenance also requires the assistance of professional disassembly tools.

    E-bike maintenance tips-chain & pedals

    If you are new to bikes, or have never paid attention to pedal maintenance, then you don’t need to focus too much attention on pedals.

    After all, as long as you don’t ride in extreme conditions, your pedals won’t suffer too much damage.

    E-bike maintenance tips - cleaning

    Unlike traditional bicycles, e-bikes require attention to battery maintenance as well as motor and battery cleaning when cleaning the body.

    Although most e-bikes are built to be waterproof (like the best electric bike manufacturer SAMEBIKE), the battery base is not waterproof at the base.

    Therefore, we still do not recommend direct contact between the motor battery and water, or even rainy days riding and wading in water with extra care and keep the e-bike maintenance tips in mind.

    Some users suggest removing the battery before cleaning, while others suggest alternating between brushes, dry rags and wet rags, as long as the dirt is removed while keeping it dry.

    E-bike maintenance tips-cleaning

    In addition to the motor and battery part of the body cleaning, just treat it like a normal bike, first clean the drive train, then use the cleaner to rinse the stains, and finally wipe the body with a dry rag to keep the car dry and lubricated.

    Some Reddit users also suggest taking your bike out for a couple of rides after cleaning to let the body dry naturally in the wind, which is also a great way to save energy.

    E-bike maintenance tips - storage

    E-bike maintenance tips should more focus on the time when it’s the  coldest time of the year.

    Many riders are ready to collect their bikes for the winter, to keep the bikes in the best condition, then you need to find a dry and clean space for your new bike in advance, try to stay away from extreme high or low temperatures.

    The temperature is kept between -10 degrees and 40 degrees, away from wind and rain and open fire.

    It is best not to remove the battery from the body for storage, otherwise the battery interface is prone to corrosion.

    There are also some riders who are ready to burn fat in winter riding. If you also have this idea, don’t worry that your new bike is too delicate and soft, just the opposite.

    E-bike maintenance tips-storage

    Use the motor in cold weather. Self-generated heat from the motor will keep the battery warm. No need to worry about battery loss.

    The SAMEBIKE brand focuses on quality sports e-bike manufacturing, sales and service, first-class configuration and perfect assembly, so that you do not have to worry too much about e-bike maintenance tips, strong range and impact performance, to help your perfect ride.

    We always listen to the voices of the majority of riders. If you have more ideas about e-bike maintenance tips, please leave your message in the comments section~

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