How to choose the best electric bike – most compresive guide

How to choose your best electric bike-

If you’re new to it and want to buy the best electric bike or if you already have an electric bike and plan to buy a new one, this article might be inspiring for you too.

Easier electric assistance allows more people to enjoy riding for commuting and recreational sports.

Unhealthy and environmentally friendly electric bicycles are becoming the preferred choice for people to travel to.

What should you know before buying the best electric bike?

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    Choose the best electric bike - motor

    First of all, we need to understand the types of electric bicycles. e-bikes have different classification results according to different classification standards.

    If we divide them by motors, there are three main categories: front-motor, mid-motor and rear-motor;

    If we divide them according to style, then they are mainly divided into electric mountain bikes, electric road/commuter bikes, electric fat-tire bikes, folding electric bicycles, electric cargo bikes, etc.

    According to the use of scenarios, there are more choices, such as urban commuting, road sports, mountain and forest off-road, snow and beach, etc.

    Faced with so many classifications, how do you choose the best electric bike for your specific needs?

    front-motor vs mid-motor vs rear-motor

    Electric mountain bikes

    Electric mountain bikes are the best electric bike for mountain riding and off-road, but other electric mountain bikes are more suitable for the street.

    While electric mountain bikes in the lower price range can be excellent commuter electric-assist bike options, these are usually hardtail bikes, meaning they lack rear suspension.

    However, while they usually only have a front suspension fork and the suspension may not be suitable for hardcore trail riding, it’s usually good enough to handle some potholes on the way to work.

    If you want to do some challenging downhill riding, you might want to look at a professional  SAMEBIKE mountain electric bike.

    SAMEBIKE LO26-II-FT 750W mountain e-bike

    These bikes are built to a much higher standard and are designed to withstand years of intense use.

    Like SAMEBIKE LO26-II series, the 750W motor is powerful and quiet, with enormous torque.

    You can ride up to 40km/h with ease on flat terrain.

    The 7 speed gear can offer you enough speed and never worry about how far you have to go and always enjoy the smooth riding experience, even at 35 degrees uphill.

    Electric road/commuter bikes

    Electric road, commuter or city bikes are a very broad category that includes many different types, from road racers to recreational vehicles and even all-terrain road bikes.

    Most share some common characteristics, including narrower tires, a more forward-sloping ride triangle, narrower saddles, a lack of suspension, and an emphasis on lightweight design.

    If you ride bikes as a hobby and you primarily on the road , then electric road bikes are the best electric bike choice.

    These e-assist road/commuter bikes have the most efficient pedaling design and are also the lightest option, making it easy to ride even when the e-assist is dead.

    SAMEBIKE RS-A01 commuter electric bike

    The electric drive system is more about helping the rider get around unhindered when there are hills.

    If you plan to ride an electric bike for everyday commuting rather than enjoying the ride, you may want to look at an all-terrain or even off-road style bike to be your best electric bike.

    The SAMEBIKE RS-A01 is a pretty good city electric bike with light off-road capability, with a solid steel frame and enough motor power to ensure you can easily get home after an exhausting day at work.

    Electric fat tire bikes

    Fat tire electric bike are the most interesting category of electric-assisted bikes.

    They can perform well in conditions such as loose soil, sand, and even snow.

    Their chunky tires are usually 4 inches or larger and can help fat bikes ride up and over almost any surface.

    Of course, they can also be ridden on the street, but they also have the ability to ride directly over the roads in the middle of the park.

    Most of them do not have suspension, although some are equipped with front suspension.

    SAMEBIKE XWXL09 750W fat tire electric bike

    But with such wide tires, suspension seems less important – fat tires can absorb most of the bumps from the ground and trip over most potholes.

    SAMEBIKE XWXL09 750W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike would be the best electric bike for you. 4″Fat tires and full suspension will absorb all bumps in your path and ensure that you will.”

    With a powerful 750W motor and 48V 10AH battery, you will ride faster and farther, while having more fun than ever before.

    Electric folding bikes

    Electric folding bikes are exactly what they say they are, electric bikes that can be folded.

    Creating a folding electric bike simply means that more e-bikes are designed to easily fold and unfold, store and Plus.

    If they are equipped with fat tires or a suspension fork, these types of electric folding bikes offer even more versatility for riders to find their comfort and roll into the horizon.

    SAMEBIKE 20LVXD30-II 350W folding electric bike

    SAMEBIKE 20LVXD30-II 350W Folding Mini Electric Bike will be the best electric bike for you, you can enjoy an effortless ride even at 15 degrees uphill whenever you use it.

    You can enjoy an effortless ride even at 15 degrees uphill whenever you use it and explore your city with reliable power and ultimate comfort.

    Electric cargo bike

    Electric cargo bikes are minivans of electric bicycles.

    They don’t have a cool design and aren’t built for sports, but they are the most capable of carrying cargo.

    Electric cargo bikes are designed to carry as much cargo as possible. To do this, designers have put their heads together and used a few different approaches.

    Electric cargo bike

    To stay closer to the size of a standard bike, some electric cargo bikes use a frame that extends to the rear to provide a stand or cargo platform on either side of the rear wheel.

    They also offer a number of different cargo accessories, such as racks, bags and children’s carts. If your needs are more than that, then this type of bike will be the best electric bike for you.


    In fact, you will find that many models have not only a single feature, but also a combination of folding and fat tires or folding and mountain bikes, which also bring better riding experience to riders.

    Which will be the best electric bike for you?

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