The incredible benefits of riding an electric bike

The incredible benefits of riding an electric bike

Today, e-bikes have become more and more popular.

Whether you are new to e-bikes or a seasoned rider, knowing the benefits they bring makes it easy to understand why they are so easily loved.

This article will analyze the social and individual aspects, read on to learn more about the benefits of riding an electric bike.

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    Benefits of riding an electric bike on social aspect

    E-bike can improve the economy

    The energy, economic, climate and health crises have affected everyone in the world, and the large-scale promotion of new energy e-bike can greatly improve these crises.

    Over-consumption of fossil energy damages the economy, causes health and climate pollution, which in turn damages the economy and health, and public health damages the economy, etc., in a vicious circle and correlation.

    E-bike can improve the economy

    Of course, ordinary, purely human-powered bicycles can improve this situation, but e-bikes can be used in more diverse environments and can replace transportation such as cars to some extent.

    Bicycles and e-bikes can have a very beneficial impact on the economy, with the Netherlands alone saving €5 billion a year.

    If you put this in the context of public health and climate change (such as crop damage and natural disasters), we realize how important they are.

    In general, an e-bike requires an average of 100 watts of power to travel 10 kilometers, while a car requires an average of 1 liter of fuel to travel the same distance, plus increasing maintenance costs.


    Not only that, but if more people ride bikes, traffic will likely flow more smoothly.

    In short, less traffic congestion means less fuel consumption and costs, less health damage, and less pollution from climate change.

    Riding an e-bike can mitigate climate change

    Exhaust emissions significantly change the Earth’s climate.

    According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), transportation is the most fossil fuel-dependent industry of all, with its associated industries accounting for 37% of global CO2 emissions by 2021.

    While it is unlikely that everyone would use an e-bike instead of a car to commute to work, if only 20% of the population did so, we could reduce global CO2 emissions by about 7%. Such a reduction seems feasible.

    Riding an e-bike can mitigate climate change

    Benefits of riding an electric bike on individual aspect

    Easy to get started

    According to Forbes author Jessica Bourne, a PhD student at the University of Bristol’s Centre for Nutritional Biomedical Research, her research found that the benefits of riding an electric bike cycling provides at least moderate physical activity, less intense than riding a regular bike but more intense than simply walking.

    Although riding an electric bike may seem easy, with little to no sweating, the fact remains that exercise is still more intense than walking, and the benefits of riding an electric bike are also great.

    Especially for people who have not ridden bicycles often in the past, an electric bike is an easier way to start and can improve the cardio-respiratory health of those who lack exercise.

    Easy to get started

    Healthy wellness

    One of the benefits of riding an electric bike is that riding an e-bike can significantly improve everyone’s health.

    The number of people with diabetes is rising dramatically worldwide, with the actual 360 million cases becoming 450 million by the end of this decade.

    Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the United States and many other developed countries, not to mention emissions-related diseases such as lung disease and cancer.

    Regular benefits of riding an electric bike show that they can help prevent these health problems and help maintain exercise habits.

    Although electric-assisted pedaling requires less force than non-assisted bicycles, it still requires energy expenditure.

    According to research, the level of cardiac work on an electric assist may exceed the level of non-assisted bicycle users.

    Riding an e-bike is healthy wellness

    A better riding experience

    Electric bicycles are the ultimate versatile vehicles.

    With 3 types of riding – pedal-only, pedal-assisted and throttle-only – and a variety of compatible accessories, you can customize your riding experience to suit your needs.

    Compared to traditional bicycles, e-bikes can increase your average speed due to their inherently equipped motors and other devices.

    Not only is speed likely to be faster, with the help of the motor, riders can travel longer distances and tackle hills and headwinds with ease.

    In addition, if you want to give your legs a break, you can also ride SAMEBIKE e-bike in pure throttle mode and drive without pedaling at all.

    A better riding experience

    A more convenient commute

    The benefits of riding an electric bike is that with an e-bike, you can effectively avoid crowded public transportation, avoid congested traffic, relieve travel anxiety and enjoy your time on the road more freely and comfortably.

    Compared to traditional bikes, you can go further and faster on an e-bike, allowing you to cover more distance and shorten your commute, whether you’re going to work or to parties and races.

    Not only that, but you don’t have to search for space in a busy neighborhood just to park.

    A more convenient commute

    Easier climbing the hills

    Many cyclists are afraid of climbing, even if you are a climbing king.

    When you encounter a steep hill, the speed may drop to less than 10 km / h. And with electric power assisted by the motor, you just control the car.

    SAMEBIKE best electric bike can give you an extraordinary experience.

    The 7 speed gear can offer you enough speed and never worry about how far you have to go or how many times you will pass in busy traffic and always enjoy the smooth riding experience even at 35 degrees uphill.

    Easier climbing the hills


    E-bikes are a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles for short-distance travel, and the benefits of riding an electric bike allow you to use an e-bike can help reduce your environmental impact.

    They are more energy efficient than traditional modes of transportation such as gas cars or trains, and are effective in reducing congestion in urban areas.

    The high-performance lithium-ion batteries on each SAMEBIKE e-bike are long-lasting and also have the same battery configuration as those normally used in electric cars.

    Sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative

    Reduce muscle strains

    One of the most important benefits of riding an electric bike is that it can reduce muscle strains.

    Having the help of electric power means less strain on your muscles and joints, especially because the motor will provide maximum support when starting out or climbing hills, and when accelerating.

    The benefits of riding an electric bike help a lot if you are just starting out on your bike.

    Reduce muscle strains

    Explore new places

    The benefits of riding an electric bike is that a good electric assist will allow you to ride farther.

    With the addition of an electric assist, and the fact that many brands can be retrofitted with extended-range batteries, many places you’ve never been before will now want to explore and discover some fun new routes.

    Explore new places

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