How to improve cycling climbing by improving physical fitness

improve cycling climbing by improving physical fitness

Why is it that when cycling climbing a hill, others are always as fast as on a flat road and seem so easy?

But when you climb a hill, it is like hanging a ton of stones on your body, your legs can’t use power, even if you use a lot of force to pedal, you still go at a tortoise speed, you feel that your whole body has nowhere to go and even feel better than to push?

These problems plague many riders. Today we will focus on how to improve physical fitness to improve cycling climbing.

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    Cycling climbing - improve muscular endurance (ME)

    The key factor affecting cycling climbing should be your ability to cope with long-term and high-intensity power output.

    The ability to maintain a long, high output of force and keep your heart rate from exceeding the threshold too much requires practice and training, and it is the most difficult.

    Maintaining high speed for three minutes requires tremendous self-control, as well as physical adaptability and ME, which must be practiced regularly.

    Excellent cycling climbing ability is worth a lot of sweat for any good runner, and for that you have to master several different levels of ME.

    improve muscular endurance (ME)

    Basic ME ability is built into simple repetitive training, mastering different types of hill conditions, lengths to improve our performance, such as 3 minutes of high output and 15 minutes of upper-middle output, with a focus on maintaining pedaling frequency and staying at your threshold.

    Add to this, flat climbs and sprints that are done in 90 seconds using large gear ratios and long 15-minute climbs using light gears and high frequencies.

    Forming two different MEs, the goal is to control the frequency and keep the heart rate at or slightly above the threshold, seeking higher frequencies and pushing yourself upwards in training to an HR (instant heart rate) of 4-10 above the threshold.

    Cycling climbing - increase back strength endurance and flexibility

    In power cycling climbing and controlled upper body movements, if your back strength is not working, the whole body will not make it and collapse on the climb.

    The ability of the lower back determines our long-term development, but back strength, endurance, etc. are the result of the interaction of other muscles.

    The strength of the back needs to be well balanced. So what can be done to improve it?

    ① Keep the back tendons soft. Back muscles are painful not necessarily because they are weak, but because the tendons are too tight, especially in cycling, where repetitive movement can easily tighten the tendons and you need a full, organized stretch to open them up and make them strong and easy to recover.

    Balance the strength, endurance and flexibility of all core muscles to avoid the barrel effect, which is as important as the muscles at the front and back of the body.

    ③ To train and use your lower back regularly, devote a lot of attention to it. The recommendation is once a week, 15 minutes of strength exercises and 15 minutes of flexibility exercises.

    The ability of the lower back section determines our long-term development, but the strength and endurance of the back is the result of the interaction of other muscles.

    increase back strength endurance and flexibility

    Cycling climbing - learn to control frequency

    How to take control?

    ① Add 1-2 exercises to your ME training program to increase the frequency by 1-3%, don’t suddenly change the frequency, it takes time and training to get used to it, add a few 3-5 minutes of high frequency hill cycling climbing to your 75-90 minute workout – lighten the gears and increase RPM.

    ② Power yoga training allows you to master balance, control output and learn to relax, learn to combine pedaling and pulling, which is called the ability to simultaneously motivate opposing muscle groups.

    ③ When training, use a frequency 5-10 higher than the target frequency you want to achieve.

    For example, if you want to achieve 85, then you should add 3-10 minutes of 90-95RPM training, with lighter gear, 4-6 times a week.

    Tip: The ability to walk for long periods of time, with greater power output, and keep your heart rate from exceeding the threshold too much needs to be practiced and trained, and this is the most difficult.

    learn to control frequency

    Cycling climbing - improve weight/strength ratio

    Cycling climbing is all about overcoming gravity. The heavier the object, the more work it will have to do to climb.

    If you are not too heavy and there is nothing to reduce, then increasing the output force at the same weight is the only way you can improve your performance.

    There are two types of force worthy of attention: long-term force output (i.e. ME-related force) and explosive force, which is the ability to send out large forces for a short time. Adding explosive force training to ME training allows you to switch freely between the two types of force output.

    Weight loss. This is a very wise way to reduce weight and car weight is desirable, but do not go too far.

    While reducing weight, you must ensure that your strength can not be reduced, but dieting and excessive training can not bring you good results.

    It will only reduce your metabolic capacity, damage muscle tissue, and reduce power output.

    The best advice is to consume foods that are high in energy and low in fat, such as lamb, fish, beans and high-fiber.

    improve weight or strength ratio

    Tip: Cycling climbing is to overcome gravity, the heavier the object, the more work you do, the power to weight ratio is a factor that directly affects climbing.

    Your goal should be to reduce weight and increase output power.

    Cycling climbing - build confidence and focus on breathing

    Looking at good athletes climbing, you can find that they have calm faces, rhythmic breathing and can effectively control the movement of the upper body, so that no energy is lost to places other than the legs, which requires the use of physical and mental control, even if you are not born to be a master climber.

    If you learn how to control and squeeze more out of your body that you have not yet discovered, you can become a good runner.” We need to practice and build a good mindset to learn to endure suffering.

    build confidence and focus on breathing

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