CHILWEE Honeycomb Poly Graphene Super Battery – powerful running

CHILWEE Honeycomb Poly Graphene battery - make more powerful
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    The lithium battery is the lifeblood of the e-bike, but there are obvious shortcomings. Battery charging speed is slow, short life is easy to decline, and will be affected by high temperature.

    The weight of the battery itself is a great burden on the vehicle range, so manufacturers are looking forward to the generation of battery changes.

    Recently, at the 6th China Guangxi New Energy Vehicle and Electric Vehicle and Parts Expo, CHILWEE released a super new product – CHILWEE Honeycomb Polygraphene Super Battery, which is made of CHILWEE’s latest technology and high performance graphene material, with excellent performance and stability, and became the focus of the whole show once it was unveiled.

    As a company that has really mastered the core technology of graphene battery in the industry, the CHILWEE Honeycomb Poly Graphene Super Battery launched at this exhibition conference is a sincere work of CHILWEE that insists on innovation and continuous breakthroughs.

    CHILWEE honeycomb polyraphene super battery is a graphene power battery specially developed for mountain climbing.

    Honeycomb Poly Graphene super battery

    Using the newly upgraded honeycomb polyraphene carbon technology and graphene high temperature resistant formula paste, the battery power is stronger, more resistant to high temperatures and not easy to bulge.

    So what are the other great features of the newly upgraded CHILWEE Honeycomb Poly Graphene Super Battery?

    As an economic combat type graphene power battery developed for mountain climbing, the low temperature performance and battery energy ratio are higher than the national standard, and the cycle life is up to 300 times, achieving a 100% DOD cycle.

    The battery adopts a high power structure design and a low internal resistance cathode plate, with a 10% increase in capacity;

    The new ABS strong shell, the battery is more resistant to expansion; the use of graphene high temperature formula paste, the battery is more resistant to high temperatures, not easy to bulge.

    Chilwee honeycomb polyraphene battery, climbing more powerful, running resistance after strong, to provide users with a surge of power!

    Pros of CHILWEE True A+ Graphene Super Battery

    ① Longer life
    The CHILWEE True A+ Graphene Super Battery uses a high transmittance graphene monolayer structure and patented grade graphene negative electrode with high specific surface area characteristics to eliminate sulfation and extend battery life.

    ② More power
    High-energy composite conductive material strength escort.

    CHILWEE true A+Graphene super battery uses high-energy composite conductive material, lightweight high-energy graphene cathode, strong conductivity, high strength, helps improve the battery large battery discharge and high power performance, helps make the battery power more powerful.

    Pros of Honeycomb Poly Graphene super battery

    ③ Battery is more durable
    CHILWEE True A+ Graphene Super Battery is made of graphene-doped aluminum alloy, which effectively prevents grid corrosion during charging and discharging cycles, effectively solving the problem of battery life ending due to grid corrosion and helping the battery to be more durable.

    Compared to the traditional lithium battery, the graphene super battery can not only be quickly charged in 15 seconds, but also after hundreds of thousands of charging and discharging times, its charging effect remains unchanged and has a very incredible service life.

    In contrast, our traditional lithium batteries, usually fully charged, often take 6 to 8 hours, and after a few years of use, the charging effect of lithium batteries will be greatly reduced.

    So with the emergence of graphene super batteries, a host of new energy manufacturers seem to see the rise of hope.

    Battery is more durable

    Will graphene batteries replace lithium batteries?

    As we all know, in order to save energy and environmental protection, China is now vigorously promoting the development of electric vehicles, and the rise of electric vehicles has also promoted the rapid rise of the lithium battery industry.

    According to professional research data, the global lithium-ion battery industry reached $41.2 billion in 2018 and reached about $47.5 billion in 2019.

    The scale of China’s lithium battery industry is gradually accelerating, with very good prospects, and the relevant leading companies also have good development.

    However, the emergence of graphene super batteries is likely to break the development law of traditional lithium batteries and the pattern of today’s battery industry.

    Take CATL, the world’s leading battery manufacturer, whose development of battery technology should be considered a ceiling level.

    Will graphene batteries replace lithium batteries

    Current data published on CATL’s official website shows that its batteries can last up to 16 years or 2 million kilometers and can fill up to 80% of the SOC in 15 minutes.

    Of course, this is already a beautiful figure. But compared to the super graphene battery 15 seconds fully charged and hundreds of thousands of times charging and discharging have not reduced the life effects, there are still limitations.

    Even if the graphene super battery can only be charged and discharged up to 100,000 times, then according to the calculation of a charge per day, the graphene super battery can be used for a minimum of about 273 years, which is more than twice the life of a person.

    Obviously, although the technology and application of lithium batteries are now very mature, the distance between graphene super batteries is almost a “world of difference.”

    If graphene superatteries really become popular, they could replace the current lithium batteries and become the new “favorite” of the battery industry in the future.

    Lithium batteries still have some problems

    At present, in addition to the efficiency of lithium batteries, which has been criticized, there are other key issues that have not been resolved, and this mainly includes two aspects.

    On the one hand, ordinary lithium batteries have no small safety risks.

    Due to the limitations of lithium battery material, it is possible that if there is an overcharge, fire, extrusion, puncture, short circuit and other problems, it may make the internal heat of the battery out of control, eventually causing combustion or explosion.

    We have seen a lot of news about e-bike spontaneous combustion or explosion that is actually caused by lithium batteries.

    On the other hand, there is also a shortage of lithium battery materials. In the case of China, it is understood that if lithium batteries continue to be used.

    Lithium batteries still have some problems

    Then from 2015 to 2050, China will consume 5.11 million tons of lithium; and since 70% of China’s cobalt resources are dependent on imports, the cumulative import demand for cobalt is expected to be about 1.2 million tons by 2035; and by 2035, China’s nickel demand shortage will reach more than 20 million tons.

    It can be seen that, although the lithium battery industry is still very hot, if these two problems can not be solved, then it is difficult to overcome the popularity of electric vehicles.

    Therefore, graphene batteries are likely to be the future of new energy electric vehicles. And graphene batteries can also have excellent performance in other modes of transport, such as buses, ships and e-bikes.

    In general, although lithium batteries are widely used in our lives, they also have some “difficult problems”.

    So graphene super battery may be the best solution for the future. Even now, the super graphene battery is not completely popular, but I believe it is not far from our lives.

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