Top 5 economical folding electric bike for cyclists can buy right now

Top 5 economical folding electric bike for cyclists can buy right now.

Nowadays, folding e-bikes aren’t just for commuting and taking on and off public transport.

Riders who have limited storage space, or who live in apartments or who want to take their bike with them when they go shopping are also finding folding e-bikes are their e-bike of choice.

This article concludes the top 5 economical folding electric bike for cyclists can buy right now.

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    Top 5 economical folding electric bike for cyclists can buy right now

    Here are the best top 5 economical folding electric bike for cyclists can buy in 2023:

    • ADO Air 20
    • Estarli e20.7 Original
    • Estarli e16.1 Original
    • HonBike HF01
    • Alba E-Bike Fold X

    ADO Air 20

    The aptly-named ADO Air 20 is an ultra lightweight economical folding electric bike designed for the multi-modal commuter.

    Weighing only 16kg-18kg with battery, it can be lifted with just one hand. It’s easy to take it home, take it to work, put it in the car, or take it to the subway.

    Samsung battery, maximum assist range of 100km. You can also check the top 5 long range electric bike for your reference.

    ADO Air is ready to take you to every destination and enjoy the journey with your loved ones.

    The IPX7 waterproof and IPS color display on the bike that you can still see clearly under the sunshine.

    ADO Air 20-1

    EST. $1,541
    Motor 250W, 42N.m
    Speed 25 KM/H
    Range 100 KM(max)
    Battery 36V/9.6AH
    Max load 120 KG

    ADO Air 20 has a single gear. However, you can choose to use 3 levels of electrical power to assist your ride.

    Besides, ADO Air 20 is equipped with a smart torque sensor system that provides you immediate power assistance according to terrain.

    In this case, even if you ride or start the ride on an incline, you will get the assistance you need immediately even with a single gear.

    In addition to being very practical, ADO Air 20 rides smoothly and strongly, making it the perfect companion for an urban rider.

    ADO Air 20-2

    Estarli e20.7 Original

    Experience total freedom with the versatile, foldable and discreet e20 now with more power than ever.

    This daily bike will replace your car when it’s not folded up in the boot. It really is the e-bike for everywhere and the beauty is, it doesn’t even look electric.

    Estarli e20.7 Original-1

    EST. $1,629
    Motor 250W/40 N.m
    Range 50 KM
    Battery 36V/7.2AH
    Weight 18 KG

    The Estarli e20.7 has 7 gears with 5 levels of assistance from the motor, you’ll get a smooth and comfortable ride from the wide 20″ wheels and tyres, stopping power comes from the front and rear disc brakes.

    In addition to being very practical, this electric bike rides smoothly and strongly, making it the perfect companion for an urban rider.

    Estarli e20.7 Original-2

    Estarli e16.1 Original

    Bolt around town without breaking a sweat. The e16 is your lightweight passport to the city. Ride in style on an e-bike that doesn’t look like an e-bike.

    Ride effortlessly with five power modes and no gears. Ride safely with a robust aluminium frame, disc brakes and chunky tyres.

    Estarli e16.1 Original-1

    EST. $1,377
    Motor 250W/40N.m
    Top speed 28 MPH
    Range 50 MI
    Battery 36V/6.4AH
    Weight 14.5 KG

    The estarli e16.1 foldable e-bike is about as lightweight as you can get for a foldable e-bike.

    With the unique design of combining the seatpost with the battery you wouldn’t notice that the estarli e16 is in fact an electric bike.

    Available in a number of colours with options such as mudguards, puncture protection tyres and rear pannier rack there is an estarli e16 for everyone.

    Estarli e16.1 Original-2

    HonBike HF01

    The Honbike HF01 is the urban e-bike of the future.

    Its unquestionable quality, excellent design and the company’s courageous and innovative commitment to improvement will no doubt serve as a blueprint for rethinking the solutions traditionally applied by bicycle manufacturers.

    HonBike HF01-1

    EST. $2,373
    Motor 250W
    Top speed 25 MPH
    Range 40 KM
    Battery 36V/6AH
    Weight 20.8 KG

    Comparing with normal e-bikes of > 250 parts, Honbike has only 57 parts, easy to assembly, easy to replace , and saved a lot of energy from production to transportation.

    HonBike HF01 has hill-start assist technology. This can detects terrains/slopes automatically and helps you smooth out starts on hills.

    Torque sensor detection to give you enough torque in uphill scenarios. A safer and quicker uphill start assist helps you changing pedals easily and properly.

    HonBike HF01’s safety alert sensor helps determining the speed and torque of your turning wheels.

    And the angle alert sensor cuts off motor power when your e-bike tilt angle >30° to prevent from falling when making a turn.

    Gyroscope sensor helps steer effortlessly and balanced-well in the dynamics of your e-bike.

    The smallest and lightest 250W hub motor merged the absolute best power, torque and efficiency output. What is a 250W e-bike?

    HonBike HF01-2

    Alba E-Bike Fold X

    Thanks to standard 346Wh LG Li-ion batteries, Alba Fold X provides longer riding range and extra comfort.

    State-of-the-art design offers easy fold and carry capability as part of your journey, on private or public transport.

    New Alba Fold X arrives ready-to-ride and does not require further assembly.

    Alba E-Bike Fold X-1

    EST. $1,885
    Motor 250W/32N.m
    Top speed 15 MPH
    Range 50-70 KM
    Battery 36V/9.6AH/346Wh
    Weight 23 KG

    The Alba Fold X is a wonderfully versatile machine straight out of the box.

    It’s super low step through design makes it easy to get on and off giving greater confidence for those with limited mobility.

    The low slung design also keeps the centre of gravity very low making, keeping things very balanced and sure footed.

    The high-torque motor will surprise you, this thing is nippy! With 5 power assist settings at your disposal you choose how much effort you want to put in to take you to15mph.

    With its easy fold and carry capability Alba Fold X is specially designed for easy commute.

    Its step-through frame makes it super easy to mount, its frame-integrated battery provides additional security and peace of mind.

    The 32Nm torque Bafang Gear Hub motor makes it easier to go uphill. And Bafang is one of the top 10 e-bike conversion kits brands in the world.

    The best part is Alba Fold X easily fits under your desk and into your life.

    Alba E-Bike Fold X-2


    Above are the best top 5 economical folding electric bike for cyclists can buy right now, what other models do you recommend?

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