Top 10 e-bike conversion kits brands in the world

Top 10 e-bike conversion kits brands in the world

One of the best e-bike conversion kits that can convert your existing bike into a special effects model of your previous self, and it’s cheaper than buying a new e-bike.

Whether you’re looking for an e-bike conversion kits on a commuter bike, mountain bike or on a fat tire bike, there’s something for everyone on this list.

This article summarize the top 10 e-bike conversion kits brands in the world, join and check the details!

Here are the top 10 e-bike conversion kits brands in the world in 2023: Bafang, Swytch, Ebikeling, Cytronex, Rubbee, E-bike Shuangye, Shimano, Pendix, TongSheng and The ebike motor.

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    Top 10 e-bike conversion kits brands in the world in 2023


    Established date 2003
    Global headquarters Jiangsu, China
    Company website

    Company profile: Bafang, one of the leading manufacturers of e-mobility components and complete e-drive systems, has been developing solutions for electric vehicles since 2003.

    The company focuses on all global e-mobility trends of the future: whether for individual e-bikes, e-scooters or for public bike-sharing schemes.


    Leading products and technologies: Bafang has now become a globally successful supplier of complete systems.

    Apart from high-quality motors, it offers a complete product range of components for e-bikes and electric scooters.

    Bafang’s portfolio also includes user-friendly HMIs (human machine interface), reliable storage batteries and sensors for a natural driving feel, either as individual components or as a complete system.

    Connectors and motor control units (controllers) complement its product range.



    Established date 2017
    Global headquarters London, UK
    Company website

    Company profile: Founded by engineers Oliver Montague and Dmitro Khroma in 2017, Swytch is a London-based startup with an industry-leading product and global recognition.

    There are over 60,000 Swytchers across 100+ countries, who’ve collectively ridden over 10 million miles!


    Leading products and technologies: It has universal kit and folding bike kit for you to choose the best.

    With the Swytch kit, you can turn the bike you love electric at a fraction of the cost of an e-bike.

    Taking huge strides forward in R&D, and with all the feedback from their first product in mind, the second generation Swytch kit was launched with new features and a compact design.

    Also, it has the world’s first pocketable electric bike batteries.



    Established date 2013
    Company website

    Company profile: Founded in 2013, Ebikeling is dedicated to providing the highest quality electric bike conversion kits on the market, making it easy and affordable for customers to transform their beloved bike into an e-bike.


    Leading products and technologies: Ebikeling has different kinds of e-bike conversion kits for different shopping needs.

    For example, the 36V 500W/750W geared e-bike conversion kits, 48V 1200W/1500W direct-drive e-bike conversion kits, etc.

    Engineered with the highest quality materials, Ebikeling is designed to handle any adventure, whether you’re cruising through the city streets or exploring the great outdoors.



    Global headquarters England
    Company website

    Company profile: When Cytronex launched the first Cytronex bikes back in 2008, Cytronex was the first disguised electric bicycle system.

    It is also the first water bottle battery and the lightest electric assistance system in the world with bikes like Cytronex Cannondale Capo, Cytronex Cannondale Super Six and Cytronex Trek FX models.

    Mark Searles, the Cytronex designer has dedicated 8 years to developing Cytronex C1.

    Mark is passionate about getting people to cycle instead of drive, and recognised a key way of achieving this was with the ultimate mass production, retro fit power assistance kit.


    Leading products and technologies: The famous e-bike conversion kits of Cytronex is Cytronex C1.

    C1 went though many iterations before Cytronex finally achieved something no other product can do – easy fit, ultra-lightweight power assistance that can convert almost any bike to provide powerful and refined electric assistance on demand.

    For those who want an electric bike to ride like a normal bike, there really is no equal. Check what are the differences between electric bike vs. normal bike.



    Established date 2012
    Global headquarters UK
    Company website

    Company profile: Development of Rubbee e-bike kit started in 2012. Rubbee sets out to engineer the ultimate all-in-one e bike kit with the easiest installation process.


    Leading products and technologies: As the first commercial batch of Rubbee X e-bike conversion kits was built, it opened their e-store to the first customers.

    Rubbee is currently selling the latest Rubbee X version on their e-store.


    E-bike Shuangye

    Global headquarters Guangdong, China
    Company website

    Company profile: Shuangye has a wealth of experience in the field of development, design, and manufacturing of electric bike that is a professional electric bike manufacturer to produce electric bike conversion kits and accessories.

    E-bike Shuangye-2

    Leading products and technologies: The products reached more than 10 series, cover hot sale electric bike, electric bike parts and electric bike battery.

    Furthermore, the company can handle all business that under the consumers’ sample or drawing (ODM) and OEM service.

    E-bike Shuangye-1


    Established date 1921
    Global headquarters Osaka Prefecture, Japan
    Company website

    Company profile: Established in 1921, Shimano today globally operates three key businesses, with sales offices and factories all over the world. It is also one of the top 10 bike brakes brands in the world.

    Shimano has boldly adopted a dynamic design approach that aims at functional parts and the comprehensive function of the bicycle system, establishing its unique idea of functional system design and creating many revolutionary products.

    Shimano-cycling world

    Leading products and technologies: Shimano’s level of technology and innovation in bike parts is excellent.For bicycle brake parts, they use advanced technologies such as professional cooling technologies.

    It can prevent the fade phenomenon, caused by friction between the disc brake rotor and pads, and ensure stable performance.

    In addition to high heat dissipation, the pad’s durability, as well as the brake’s quietness has been improved.



    Established date 2013
    Global headquarters Germany
    Company website

    Company profile: Based on a project with a well-known bicycle manufacturer and the experience, Pendix founded Pendix GmbH in 2013, developed the Pendix eDrive and launched their first series product on the market in summer 2015.

    Since then Pendix has concentrated on the further development and marketing of the Pendix products both in Germany and internationally.

    With 40 employees, Pendix has a strong and highly motivated team of specialists in product development, marketing and production.


    Leading products and technologies: Pendix GmbH and VSC Bike GmbH form the Pendix Group.

    Pendix offers drive technologies for existing bicycles and new vehicles. The new eDrive is an improved motor powerhouse of the new generation.

    With 65 Nm torque the new motor is stronger but also smarter. In order to achieve these innovations, the mechanics and firmware in the motor have been significantly enhanced.



    Established date 1998
    Global headquarters Jiangsu, China
    Company website

    Company profile: Founded in 1998, Suzhou Tongsheng is the first professional manufacturer of electronic control systems for electric bicycles in China.


    Leading products and technologies: Tongsheng Electric is determined to forge ahead and innovate continuously, and can provide complete drive system components.

    This includes mid-drive motor, hub motor, controller, display, torque sensors/speed sensors, accelerators, brake levers and so on.


    The ebike motor

    Global headquarters Guangdong, China
    Company website

    Company profile: Theebikemotorkit is a supplier of electric hub motor kits, electric bikes, electric scooters and electric wheelchairs attachment.

    The ebike motor-1

    Leading products and technologies: Theebikemotorkit is well positioned as a supplier of personal electric vehicles(PEV) products, including the e-bike hub motor kit, electric bikes, power wheel for wheelchairs, matched controllers, electric battery packs and accessories.

    By using current available materials and latest technology, it is dedicated to developing environmental-friendly, energy-saving products in the field of personal electric transportation and industrial applications.

    The ebike motor-2


    Above are the top 10 e-bike conversion kits brands in the world, you can check the details on their official webside.

    FAQs about e-bike conversion kits

    Yes. Perhaps you've owned a bike (or other two wheeler) before, and you might consider trying an electric motor, which will undoubtedly give you great up-front value.


    There are e-bike conversion kits that are easier to install than others, especially if you have some early motorcycle expertise. But don't fret for those who aren't mechanically inclined, as most conversion device enthusiasts can do it without a worry during the setup process.

    Yes. You will be able to convert many types of bikes to electric bikes. Hub conversion kits are generally the most widely available and affordable e-bike conversion kits.

    You don't need to splurge on the most expensive e-bike conversion kits, as the most effective e-bike conversion kit largely depends on your bike, driving habits and the number of drives you are likely to have to make.


    For example, for those who normally use the bike for short rides, they may escape with less energy and efficiency.

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