Best top 7 electric dirt bikes – specs and details explained

Best top 7 electric dirt bikes - specs and details explained.

In this article, we will take you on a high-octane journey through the top 7 electric dirt bikes for cyclists can buy and all the details about them available today.

In recent years, the growing buzz around electric transportation has extended its reach into the realm of dirt biking.

Electric dirt bikes are a perfectly unique blend of adrenaline-pumping performance and green energy efficiency.

They are capturing the attention of motocross enthusiasts and environmentalists alike.

Today, we’ll be exploring all about electric dirt bikes, the science behind these innovative machines, and providing you with insights about how businesses are leveraging these trendy machines to shape the future of off-road adventure.

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    Pros of choosing the electric dirt bikes

    It’s not just the innovative technology that’s driving the popularity of electric dirt bikes.

    These bikes bring numerous advantages that set them apart from their gas-powered counterparts.

    • Environmental impact: Electric dirt bikes offer a greener alternative, producing zero direct emissions. By choosing electric bikes, businesses can cater to an increasingly eco-conscious consumer base and contribute to a sustainable future.
    • Maintenance: With fewer moving parts than traditional bikes, electric dirt bikes require less maintenance. This means lower long-term costs and less downtime, factors that can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    Pros of choosing the electric dirt bikes

    • Performance: Despite being quieter than gas-powered bikes, electric dirt bikes don’t compromise on power or performance. They deliver instant torque for quick acceleration, making them perfect for dirt biking.
    • Noise pollution: Electric dirt bikes operate quietly, reducing noise pollution. This is particularly beneficial for businesses operating in urban areas or regions with noise restrictions.

    Top 7 electric dirt bikes for cyclists can buy in 2023

    The best list of the top 7 electric dirt bikes for cyclists can buy in 2023 are as follow:

    1. Zero FX ZF
    2. Trevor DTRE Stella
    3. Cake Kalk INk
    4. E-raser Rugged Mark II
    5. Segway Dirt Ebike X260
    6. Light Bee Sur-Ron X
    7. KTM Freeride EXE

    Zero FX ZF

    Locked and loaded for your favorite trails, shortcuts or rocketing away when traffic lights flash green, the Zero FX’s punchy Z-Force powertrain, long legged suspension and dual sport equipment tackles virtually anything thrown its way.

    Zero FX ZF-1

    Top speed 85 MPH
    Peak torque 78 FT-LB
    Power system 7.2 kWh(max capacity)
    City range 91 miles
    Optimal charge time 1.3 hours
    Curb weight 289 lbs(131 kg)
    Carrying capacity 341 lbs(155 kg)
    Price $11,995

    The Zero FX powerplant produces up to 106 Nm of torque.

    The air-cooled Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) motor delivers impressive performance and fierce acceleration, which works in conjunction with regenerative braking to channel energy back into the battery.

    Also, Zero Motorcycles’Z-Force battery is the most power and energy dense in the EV industry.

    Zero FX ZF-2

    The Zero FX’s advanced battery features life-of-motorcycle cell technology that’s covered by a five-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

    The Zero FX’s optional hot-swappable batteries allow you to go from empty to full in seconds.

    Easily recharge drained modules using off-board charging accessories for a never-ending ride.

    Trevor DTRE Stella

    Trevor DTRE Stella is street legal (EU) and has a reach of up to 100 km (62 miles) and a charging time (0 to 100%) of 70 minutes with a 3kW Charger.

    Trevor DTRE Stella-1

    Speed 90 km/u - 56 MPH
    Power system 11 kWh
    City range 102 KM
    Optimal charge time +1 hours full charge(3kW Charger)
    Weight 223 lbs(101 kg)
    Price $15,886

    It offers one version of the DTRe Stella.

    The SL, this model is EU-type approved and is fitted with all corresponding parts (blinkers, brake lights, license plate holder and so on) in order to tackle paved and unpaved roads worldwide.

    This model comes standard with a CDQS white body and a 1kW charger, head to our parts section if you wish to add custom parts to your purchase.

    Trevor DTRE Stella-2

    Cake Kalk INk

    The Kalk platform is not just an assortment of electric off-road motorcycles.

    It’s an embodiment of our commitment to purpose, performance, quality, and innovative design.

    It stands as a testament to CAKE’s revolutionary approach to electric midsize off-road motorcycling, heralding an era of emission-free, high-performance, and sustainable mobility solutions.

    Trevor DTRE Stella-1

    Top speed 90+ MPH
    Torque(wheel) 280 / 252 N.m
    Power system 10/11 kWh
    City range 53 miles
    Charging time 3 hours
    Weight 152-183 lbs
    Price $8,970

    The CAKE Kalk provides an array of models to match your riding lifestyle.

    From high-torque models for off-road adventures, to versatile designs for both city streets and backcountry trails, and race-ready options for competitive spirits.

    Choose your perfect ride with Kalk, aligning with your mission, your terrain, and your unique riding style.

    Trevor DTRE Stella-2

    E-raser Rugged Mark II

    The E-Racer team built the RUGGED Mark II special based on Zero FXS. The E-Racer RUGGED is a special bodywork for the Zero FXS model.

    The RUGGED Mark II supports a dual Poliessoidal headlight with LED daylight stripes by Highsider.

    The 360° lighting system is composed of 12 additional eagle eye LED lights, this equipment will let you know where to put your feet and see everything around you during the night sessions.

    E-raser Rugged Mark II-1

    Top speed 85 MPH
    Peak torque 78 FT-LB(106 N.m)
    Power system 7.2 kWh
    City range 100 miles
    Charge time 1.8 hours
    Weight 298 lbs(136 kg)

    The auxiliary bike frame materials in aluminum or composite fiber of the RUGGED encloses 5 rings, so you can hoist the bike easily, either on a pickup, on a boat or perhaps to recover it from a cliff.

    This product will provide you with unimaginable driving comfort and response.

    The LineX military coating will make you forget any fear about the possibility of scratching or damaging the bodywork.

    E-raser Rugged Mark II-2

    Segway Dirt Ebike X260

    Segway Dirt Ebike X260 is a high-powered off-road ride for everyone.

    Compact, fast, eco-friendly and low-maintenance, the Segway Dirt Ebike X260 makes it possible for more people than ever before to participate in exciting off-road adventures that they could previously only dream of.

    Segway Dirt Ebike X260-1

    Top speed 46.6 MPH
    Peak torque 184.3 FT-LB
    Power system 5 kWh
    City range 74.6 miles
    Charge time 3-4 hours
    Weight 121.3 lbs(55 kg)
    Price $6,499

    With a top speed of 46.6 mph, the e-bike features extreme stability.

    Plus, by partnering with Panasonic, the battery provider of Tesla, Segway Dirt e-bike secures an optimal level of battery power, delivering 74.6 miles on a single charge.

    The Segway Dirt Ebike’s premium design features a sturdy, lightweight aluminum-alloy frame.

    Segway Dirt Ebike X260-2

    In contrast to your traditional dirt bike, Segway Dirt Ebike X260 clocks in at a feathery light 121.3 lbs, making it the perfect accompaniment for fearless riders to power through virtually endless terrains.

    The Segway Dirt Ebike X260’s battery is swappable and can be exchanged for a new fully-charged battery within seconds.

    Light Bee Sur-Ron X

    The Electric Light Bee SUR-RON X packs a ton of fun for all terrain riding.

    60V and more of peak power from a removable Panasonic Lithium ion battery pack.

    Forged light weight alloy frame combined with hi-spec components. 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes front and rear. LCD dash with USB charger point.

    Light Bee Sur-Ron X-1

    Max climb 45°
    Peak torque 39 N.m
    Seat height 84 to 88 cm
    Charge time 2.5-3.5 hours
    Weight 47 kg
    Max load 100 kg
    Price $4,400

    Powerful yet nimble and with a climbing ability of over 45°, it offers hours of near silent fun with a range of 20 to 60 miles per charge (depending on Eco or Sport Mode).

    Usually charges in about 3 hours with a powerful 10A charger.

    Light Bee Sur-Ron X-2

    KTM Freeride EXE

    The KTM FREERIDE E-XC represents the latest generation of KTM electric bikes.

    It features a brushless 18 kW synchronous motor in a modern FREERIDE chassis with WP XPLOR suspension front and rear, making it outstandingly agile, as well as highly dynamic with great offroad mobility.

    The KTM FREERIDE E-XC is a true all-rounder for pure fun on every terrain.

    KTM Freeride EXE-1

    Rated output 9 kW
    Torque 42 N.m
    Power system 3.9 kWh
    Max. power 18kW
    Charge time 1.3 hours
    Weight 121.3 lbs(55 kg)
    Price $11,299

    The external charger can be connected to any regular 230V socket fused at 10A or 13A and can be easily connected to the KTM PowerPack by flipping up the seat.

    Charging time is about 110 minutes for a full charge, or about 75 minutes for an 80% charge.

    The state-of-the-art control unit is an advanced set of electronics delivering an important contribution toward the responsive yet highly tractable power delivery of the KTM FREERIDE EXC.

    It is water cooled in order to ensure reliable function under any conditions.

    KTM Freeride EXE-2

    FAQ about the electric dirt bikes

    Torque is a measure of the force that can cause an object to rotate about an axis. Higher torque means the bike can easily navigate steep and challenging terrains - a feature particularly important in dirt bikes. This performance aspect can differentiate businesses in a competitive marketplace.

    Yes. Rider weight can impact speed, acceleration, and battery life, different e-bikes show different performance across various weights.

    Yes, electric dirt bikes are used in professional races, offering instant torque and silent operation.

    While electric dirt bikes may have higher initial costs, their lower daily maintenance of e-bike and refuelling costs make them cost-effective over time.

    FAQ about the electric dirt bikes


    Aboved are the best top 7 electric dirt bikes for cyclists can buy right now.

    Electric dirt bikes are revolutionizing the biking industry.

    These modern marvels of engineering are not only growing in popularity amongst riders of all ages but also opening up new, lucrative avenues for businesses.

    For anyone involved in the biking industry or looking to invest in this burgeoning market, understanding the science and technology behind electric dirt bikes is crucial.

    Moreover, these bikes offer more than just an adrenaline rush – they’re a significant stride towards more environmentally friendly transportation options.

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