8 of the latest and best e-cargo bike at the EuroBike Show

8 of the latest and best e-cargo bike at the EuroBike Show

More than fifteen hundred exhibitors gathered at EuroBike to present a number of unique and compelling e-cargo bikes.

Among the exhibitors were a number of unique and eye-catching e-cargo bikes.

Yes, e-cargo bikes may not be as light and robust as standard e-bikes, and they may be expensive, but they have an irresistible appeal.

Although a bit clunky and heavy, e-cargo bikes are remembered as a great alternative to the car for commuting.

This article summarizes 8 of the latest and best e-cargo bike at the EuroBike Show.

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    The latest and best e-cargo bike at the EuroBike Show in 2023

    In this EuroBike Show, e-cargo bikes became the focus.

    The future of e-cargo bikes is full of endless possibilities and expectations. It will add more color and fun to our life in its unique way.

    Here is the list of the latest and best e-cargo bike at the EuroBike Show in 2023:

    • Moustache Bikes Lundi 20.3
    • Ca Go CS 100
    • TERN GSD S10
    • Velo de Ville FR 8
    • Tern HSD7i
    • Volt Away Panamax Elegance
    • Riese & Muller Packster 70
    • Benno Remi Demi

    Let’s look forward to this awesome bike show together, and expect e-cargo bikes to bring us more surprises and touches.

    Because in this world, there is no other means of transportation, like an e-cargo bike, which is full of power and passion, and at the same time full of poetry and romance.

    Moustache Bikes Lundi 20.3

    This e-cargo bike is designed with a long tailstock.

    Both the front and rear display a superb load-bearing capacity, so that your children or valuables can travel safely and steadily together.

    The ALBERT crash bar acts as a safety barrier and ensures that your belongings are always safe and secure during the journey.

    Riese & Muller Packster 70-2

    Weight 31 kg
    Motor Bosch Cargo Line 85N.m
    Battery Bosch PowerPack 500Wh or 100Wh
    Range 106 km
    Top speed Top speed

    At the same time, the bike allows you to easily replace the various practical accessories according to your personal needs, making the whole journey even more convenient.

    The best part is that when you get on this best bike saddle, the dexterous body of the bike will allow you to maneuver through the streets and alleys of the city like a duck to water.

    Find the time to enjoy the freedom to travel in your busy life.

    Riese & Muller Packster 70-1

    Ca Go CS 100

    This unique urban utility vehicle offers versatile storage for daily cargo transport, a low center of gravity for stable and sporty handling, a small turning radius for easy maneuvering, and an optimal turning and comfort design.

    Own it and meet your daily needs stress-free and with high handling pleasure.

    The central rack not only provides storage space, but the low center of gravity between the wheels ensures extremely controllable and easier loading and unloading.

    Ca Go CS 100-2

    Weight 35.5 kg
    Motor Bosch Cargo Line 85Nm
    Battery capacity 545Wh or 725Wh
    Range 125 km
    Top speed 25 km/h

    Even at higher speeds, cable pull steering ensures natural steering behavior, easy handling and good cornering.

    Ca Go relies on double cable pullers for safety reasons, which are lightweight and easy to maintain and can be re-tightened using the center adjustment screw.

    The cables are also completely wrapped to protect them from the weather.

    The Ca Go CS 100 is powered by Bosch Freightline Intelligent System, which consists of a drive unit, PowerPack 545 Wh battery, LED remote control and e-bike Flow app. 85 Nm of torque and up to 400% more support ensure powerful propulsion.

    Auto mode automatically adjusts the support during the (approach) ride, and a practical hill grip function prevents rolling backwards or downhill when experiencing the cycling climbing.

    The motor and gearbox are decoupled at speeds above 25 km/h, ensuring a smooth riding experience even without motor support with minimal pedaling resistance.

    Ca Go CS 100-1

    The Ca Go CS 100e-cargo bike features load-optimized, city-specific components that ensure a high level of ride comfort.

    The SR Suntour Cargo Moby 34 shock forks and rugged 20-inch wheels absorb everyday bumps with ease, while the special Schwalbe Pick-Up Cargo bike tires offer superior puncture protection and high traction.

    Special Schwalbe Pick-Up Cargobike tires provide above-average puncture protection and high traction for a dynamic, safe driving experience.

    Thanks to the Magura brake system with 203 mm disc brakes, the CS can be safely stopped even when loaded, and the Supernova lighting system ensures optimal field of view and visibility in all situations.

    The battery is easy to remove and flexible to operate. The Bosch PowerPack 545 Wh battery is easily removed at the push of a button and can be installed or removed for charging.

    It can be protected against theft with an integrated lock.

    Thanks to the charging indicator in the field of view, you always know the charging status reliably. If desired, the Bosch PowerPack 725 Wh battery can also be used.

    The aluminum frame has a lot of redundancy in design strength. Reinforced seat tube supports, bulky tube profiles and integrated bracket mounts reduce vibration and ensure maximum safety.

    TERN GSD S10

    The TERN GSD is one of the best compact e-cargo bikes on the market today and is TERN’s take on the HSD with more features and better component upgrades.

    The TERN GSD and HSD models are the first e-bikes in Germany to pass the new strength standard.

    This test is designed to push bikes through their load ratings in a number of ways to ensure they can withstand peak loads beyond their rated maximum.

    TERN GSD S10-2

    Weight 33.58 kg
    Motor Bosch Cargo Line 85Nm
    Battery capacity 545Wh or 725Wh
    Range 42 to 85 km with 400Wh battery and 97 to 95 km with 900 Wh battery
    Top speed 25 km/h

    The TERN GSD is available in a number of different configurations, starting at $4,599 and selling for up to $10,000.

    Automatic electronic locks, Shimano Deore 10-speed gear shifting, and Magura MT5e four-piston hydraulic disc brakes are among the features on this e-bike that set them apart.

    The TERN GSD uses a new generation Bosch motor. It delivers smooth and steady power whether you are under heavy loads or traveling alone.

    The bike comes with hardware that holds two batteries, but users will need to purchase their own upgrades.

    TERN GSD S10-1

    The display doesn’t offer much detail, but the main features are contained in a small compact unit.

    If users compare this bike to other e-cargo bikes, the GSD is very comfortable to ride, although its shape is a bit odd.

    The rider appears to be on stilts a bit, but the center of gravity is kept low, allowing for a greater advantage when cornering and maintaining overall balance.

    Speaking of balance, this bike does a fantastic job of towing a stroller and can add tremendous value to a user’s quality of life on a bike.

    In addition, the rear of the TERN GSD is specially designed to allow access to an elevator and can be stored neatly upright in an apartment or office.

    Velo de Ville FR 8

    The Velo de Ville FR 8e-cargo bike offers many customization possibilities.

    Users simply choose their preferred colors, equipment and upgrades. This model is designed for city life.

    Velo de Ville FR 8-2

    Motor Bosch Cargo Line 85Nm
    Battery capacity 500Wh

    Elegance and power inspire riding and easy control of everyday life.

    Different frame shapes and optional components are available.

    Velo de Ville FR 8-1

    Tern HSD7i

    The Tern HSD7i is suitable for riders between 150 and 195 cm tall, and has an EFBE-tested frame and forklift with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 180 kg.

    The model is equipped with a motor that delivers up to 75Nm of torque and increases pedaling power by up to 340%.

    The Tern HSD7i has a range of up to 121 km, or 76 miles. In terms of gearing, the Tern HSD7i features a Kindernay VII internal shift hub with Onesie hydraulic shifting.

    Tern HSD7i-2

    Motor 28 kg
    Motor Bosch Performance 75Nm
    Battery capacity 545Wh
    Range 121 km
    Top speed 25 km/h

    The rear luggage rack of the Tern HSD7i weighs up to 80 kg, which translates to 176 pounds.

    This means that it can carry a medium-weight adult passenger or infant as well as a large amount of cargo.

    The Bosch ConnectModule anti-theft feature provides alarm and location tracking.

    The Kiox 300 color display automatically activates the e-bike lock when the user removes it from the bike.

    Quiet, smooth and virtually maintenance-free Gates CDX belt drive. Ultra-bright Ignis headlights with low and high beams ensure superior visibility.

    Tern HSD7i-1

    Volt Away Panamax Elegance

    Panamax Elegance is the first in a series of Volt Away e-cargo bikes that can carry up to one adult and two children.

    Volt Away Panamax Elegance-2

    Weight 44 kg
    Motor Bafang Fat Bike 80Nm
    Battery 36V 250W
    Range 55 km to 70 km

    Attention to detail is key to this model, with beautifully crafted wood and stainless steel combination conveyors on the front and rear of the bike, allowing riders to focus on enjoying the ride while safely storing the rider’s belongings.

    Volt Away Panamax Elegance-1

    Riese & Muller Packster 70

    The Riese & Muller Packster 70 impresses with its easy handling, safe driving characteristics and environmentally friendly bike frame materials.

    Thanks to the height-adjustable seat and handlebars, it can be adapted to different riders in seconds.

    The non-toxic and 100% recyclable EPP compartment can accommodate up to 3 children.

    The child seat is equipped with a 5-point harness, side-impact protection provides a high level of safety for urban traffic, and the center bar acts as a handle.

    Optional accessories, such as the four-season nursery or tarpaulin, are resource-efficient and child seats are made from 100% recycled material.

    Riese & Muller Packster 70-2

    Weight 28 kg
    Motor Bosch Cargo Line 75Nm
    Battery capacity 500Wh
    Range 121 km
    Top speed 25 km/h

    The basic version of the Riese & Muller Packster 70 offers up to 240 liters of load space thanks to the deep load design.

    The shock-absorbing and at the same time insulated EPP box is suitable for every transportation project thanks to the optional cargo handling system.

    Whether it’s flat cargo surfaces, safe transport in European standard crates or storage space for smaller items, the cargo handling system protects your transported goods with its flexible insert elements and various adjustment options.

    Up to approx. 375 Lighters can be transported using the optional high crate lid.

    Riese & Muller Packster 70-1

    Whether driving or parking, entering or exiting, or loading, the Riese & Muller Packster 70 is extremely easy to use thanks to its low center of gravity and countless details.

    Thanks to its small turning radius, it can also be driven and manoeuvred in tight spaces. Powerful headlamps combined with continuous light and evenly distributed reflectors ensure maximum visibility and visibility.

    Even under heavy loads, Hikari disc brakes allow safe braking and stopping.

    Thanks to the height-adjustable seat and risers, the seat position of the Riese & Muller Packster 70 can be immediately adjusted to different body sizes from 1.50m to 2.00m.

    This makes it the perfect companion for everyday life and a flexible alternative to the car.

    Benno Remi Demi

    Benno Remi Demi breaks all the conventions of how a bike should look and be ridden.

    The manufacturer has equipped it with small wheels and wide, grippy tires for top-notch handling agility.

    The thick, sturdy frame with low profile footpegs makes riding easier.

    Benno Remi Demi-2

    Weight 29.6 kg
    Motor Bosch Performance Sport 250W, 65Nm, GEN 3
    Battery capacity 400 or 500Wh
    Range 40 to 110 km with 400Wh battery, 50 to 130 km with 500 Wh battery
    Top speed 28 MPH in the U.S. and 45 km/h in New Zealand

    The seat has an upright design that puts the rider in complete control.

    Benno Remi Demi does heavy lifting with a powerful Bosch motor, Shimano Sora 9-speed derailleur and hydraulic disc brakes.

    It also offers a variety of useful accessories that allow riders to carry children or cargo in countless clever ways.

    Benno Remi Demi-1

    Similar to other Bennos cargo bikes, the Benno Remi Demi not only handles well and looks stylish, but also offers a wealth of practical cargo features.

    The Benno Remi Demi rear rack easily fits the Taku Yepp Maxi Easyfit child seat as well as most Racktime(R) accessories, such as baskets, crates, bags, and trays, which are also available.

    In addition, riders can easily fit Benno frame front trays and baskets, significantly increasing the vehicle’s carrying capacity.

    The future of the e-cargo bike

    The need to carry children, groceries, laptops, and even cute dogs has made electric transportation solutions with load-carrying capacity popular.

    E-cargo bikes not only offer practical solutions, but also add a unique touch to life with their unique functionality and personalized design.

    At EuroBike, these e-cargo bikes proved their uniqueness, and people are looking forward to the future development of these e-cargo bikes, expecting them to play a greater role in urban transportation and bring more convenience and fun to life.

    The future of the e-cargo bike

    Compared to road, gravel and mountain bikes, e-cargo bikes are much less restricted in appearance and design.

    Designers are not bound by tradition and have more room to show off their unique perspectives and wild imaginations.

    This often makes them quirky and crazy, and allows them to express their individuality to the fullest.

    In terms of functionality, e-cargo bikes are even more picturesque. They are not only able to carry people, but also goods, like a considerate servant, silently bearing the heavy burden of life.

    The fun of e-cargo bikes can’t be ignored. It is not only a bike, but also an attitude of life, a love of life.

    The future of this e-cargo bike is like an unfolding scroll, full of infinite possibilities and expectations.

    Final words

    Aboved are 8 of the latest and best e-cargo bike at the EuroBike Show.

    In addition to the above products, there were also a large number of concept models on the show floor that caught our attention.

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