Differentiation – rat race in the two-wheeled vehicle industry

Differentiation - rat race in the two-wheeled vehicle industry.

Differentiation is the only effective way to resist the rat race of the two-wheeled vehicle industry.

Two-wheeled vehicles, especially e-bikes, have been the most aggressive industry in the past three years, attracting too many people to enter regardless.

Rise, how arrogant, how depressed, how clean. After the end of the China cycle in May, overall market orders still did not rebound on a large scale.

In June, Eurobike seemed to let practitioners see that the market was beginning to recover, but where the recovery was, no one could say.

Although the end of the European and American markets, inventory is still high, and general sales are not growing, but there is still a steady flow of orders to some Chinese OEMs.

Looking at these OEMs with orders, they have a common feature, which is differentiation.

From parts to vehicles, from the market to customers, from internal control to operation, they are just “off the beaten track”, so they can laugh alone when the market is in recession.

Today, we will look at these manufacturers who are taking the differentiation route and making a difference!

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    Product differentiation

    Once, an industry insider said that the threshold for two-wheeled vehicles is actually very low. Anyone can come in and get a piece of the pie.

    Which two-wheeled vehicle industry has the most innovation? The core is just one word: copy.

    The space for innovation in two-wheeled vehicles is actually very limited. Partial frame change is called innovation?The bike frame materials changed, it is called an innovation again?

    If there is any innovation, it is only the leftovers of other industries, and then grafted into the two-wheeled vehicle industry, it becomes an innovation.

    Like IoT, NFC, gyroscope, etc., many are ideas that have been adopted by other industries.

    In fact, there is not much room for innovation in overall vehicle design. But the configuration of accessories, in fact, there is still a lot of room for innovation.

    ADO Air 20

    The ADO Air20 is a folding bike. The difference is evident in the configuration.

    A folding bike, they used pulleys, intelligent color screen instrumentation, but also used the complementary soil process.

    I have to say that they have the ultimate pursuit of the product. It has been a long time in the two wheeled vehicle industry.

    It is unbelievable. It is said that the ADO team came from another industry, so their product ideas are unlimited, without too much experience, and they are able to innovate boldly and make products that will amaze the market.

    There are also some manufacturers who make products with dual batteries and dual motors, which also have a high product premium on the market.

    Customer differentiation

    Customers are the most important foundation for the survival of two-wheeled vehicle manufacturers.

    Two-wheeled vehicles, especially e-bikes, are oriented towards foreign trade, so the dependence on customers is extremely high.

    But today, end customers have high inventories and few orders to place. How to differentiate between top clients?

    For e-bike practitioners, customer differentiation is a new direction and a new proposition.

    The traditional way of thinking is to look for directly related traders or whole bike brands, or terminal retailers, but this trick is no longer very effective in the current market.

    Due to the low market orders, the above types of customers will go to the inquiry more often, expecting to find a cheaper manufacturer.

    So even if OEMs get orders, they won’t make good profits.

    However, when you adjust the direction and thinking of customers, you will be able to avoid the fierce market melee and the market situation of involution.


    BESV, a subsidiary of Darfon Group, which focuses on the e-bike business.

    BESV is owned by Darfon, a listed company in Taiwan, China.

    In order to deeply promote the concept of e-bike, BESV has cooperated with many famous movie and TV singers, Bentley, NIO, BMW and other famous car brands across the border in the past ten years, in addition to the regular customers of the industry, to promote the more environmentally friendly and healthy way.

    The concept of cycling has been extended to a wider range of people.


    That is, BESV’s customers are cross-border organizations whose customers also sell products, but BESV sells the products to its customers, who finally package them as a lifestyle and sell them to the end customers.

    There are at least two outstanding features of this approach:

    First, the brand premium is high, and together with top luxury cars like Bentley and BMW, it invariably has an obvious effect on its brand.

    Second, the product premium is high, and tied to these luxury cars, its end market selling price will not be low, because Bentley and BMW customers will definitely desensitize to BESV’s product price.

    Compared to Bentley and BMW, the price of an e-bike is much lower.

    Channel differentiation

    Channels have always been the lifeline for OEMs of two-wheeled vehicles.

    As a few leaders in China’s package bike business, YADEA, Aima and other manufacturers, a big reason for their large sales volume and sales volume is actually that they have many channels, wide channels and full coverage, so they can be invincible in the market.

    Although the e-bike is for the European and American markets, in fact, after landing, it still relies on local sales channels, whether offline stores or online sales configuration of local warehouses.

    This is the practice of most two-wheeled vehicle manufacturers.

    Today, the international market is weak and Chinese consumption is low. Is there a new channel to sell two-wheeled vehicles that can boost market confidence?

    Recently, we are pleased to see that many bicycle factory owners and brand owners are racking their brains to think about the market and develop it.

    Although China does not have the consumer culture and history of e-bike, this can not stop these ambitious bosses from developing the ambition and determination of the Chinese market.

    Is there a market for e-bikes in China? Many in the industry are pessimistic about this.

    An offline partner store of an electric bicycle brand in China

    But we’re already seeing some brands testing the waters in China (not the low-cost online variety).

    Some brands in China’s Zhejiang province are already working with other types of offline stores to expand the market and sales of e-bikes.

    These offline stores are mainly focused on products with a middle-class petty lifestyle mood.

    The stores mainly display products, supplemented by various types of party activities to attract people in specific circles, and use the activities to drive product sales.

    These customers who participate in the activities have a certain economic strength, are more sophisticated about life, like to try new things, so basically open-minded to e-bike products, in addition to the price is not too sensitive.

    So these kinds of stores can more or less promote the sales of products. If the number of cooperative stores is sufficient, in fact, annual sales will be very significant.

    Product positioning differentiation

    The main function of two-wheeled vehicles is commuting, short-distance travel.

    Some manufacturers actually know the current situation of the Chinese market, but they have resigned to the fact that China has such a large population and such a large market that it cannot support an electric bike manufacturer.

    They are also constantly innovating ideas.

    “A small gift can be a token of a profound friendship,” people used to popularize such a gift concept.

    Nowadays, with the development of the economy, the abundance of material and the diversification of people’s ideas, it is out of date to place more importance on politeness than affection.

    There is such a manufacturer in Zhejiang, China, positioning the e-bike as a gift and testing water sales in China.

    Rad Power Bikes Gift card

    The object of the gift can be a leader, it can be a customer, it can also be between lovers. In short, there are many gifts.

    The e-bike packaging as a gift is also a unique positioning to enhance its sales.

    Both sides have tacit understanding, and everyone is happy. The manufacturer’s team is quite creative.

    These small differentiations above will allow these vendors to live better than their peers in the current market downturn.

    Over time, they can become their core competencies and be so far ahead in the market that they can stand invincible.

    This is an effective way for them to resist peer competition and resist the rat race of this industry.

    Hi, I'm an experienced writer about mechanic and an expert on bike and e-bike tech who appreciates practical, beautifully-engineered things. And of course, I love cycling.
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