Daily maintenance of e-bike – prolong life and smooth riding

Daily maintenance of e-bike - prolong life and smooth riding

If you recently bought an electric bike, you should learn how to take care of it in addition to the excitement of riding it.

The relatively high price of an electric bike means it is a significant investment, and proper care and daily maintenance of e-bike can effectively extend your experience and cycle time.

To finish the daily maintenance of e-bike, you need to know the parts of an e-bike first, such as the chain, tires, brake pads and so on, and then learn the steps of each part.

Whether you are a riding veteran or just starting out, an electric bike is still a bit different from a regular bike.

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    What makes an electric bike different?

    Electric bikes are different from regular bikes mainly in two ways: weight and power.

    Depending on the motor and battery, the weight of an electric bike can increase by 5-7kg, and the overall bike is relatively stronger.

    If we only consider wear and tear, the increased weight of the bike alone may not be a major problem because of the rider’s added weight.

    Professionals say: “The bigger problem is that because the electric bike needs to provide a natural output boost for the rider, the torque of the electric bike is 300% greater than the rider itself”, which puts more pressure on the frame and wheelset and other components.

    SAMEBIKE electric bike

    The increased torque will cause more wear and tear on the outer tire, the come-along and the traditional system.

    It will cause more wear and tear, which can be reduced by adjusting auxiliary modes, such as running in Turbo or Boost all the time, which will be more wearable than riding mainly in Eco or Touring mode.

    Daily maintenance of e-bike - got a brand new e-bike

    The wheelset and outer tire of the electric bike help offset some of the deformation caused by the weight.

    If you are carrying extra cargo, these factors must also be taken into account, but of course there is no fixed formula in this case. Check the air pressure at least once a week.

    Over time, all tires will slowly leak, and most flat tires and tire problems are due to not checking the tires properly before riding.

    When you just got a brand new electric bike

    Use special spare parts for electric bikes

    All parts of e-bike have a useful life.

    You can purchase specific versions of spare parts through regular channels to extend service life.

    Electric bike vs regular bike

    Daily maintenance of e-bike - chain

    Electric bike special chains have thicker side plates and stronger chain pins to match the stronger torque of electric bikes.

    They have a longer life cycle than ordinary bicycle chains and are less likely to break. Electric bike chains are more durable and reliable. So the daily maintenance of e-bike of bicycle chain maintenance is very important.


    Daily maintenance of e-bike - tires

    About the daily maintenance of e-bike, we can’t ignore the tires.

    Electric bicycle tires are different from regular bicycle tires in two ways.

    First, the rubber material is usually harder than regular models, which makes them last longer and less likely to wear out.

    Secondly, the rubber lay-up is also slightly different and handles better under high loads.


    Daily maintenance of e-bike - brake pads

    Not all companies that produce lining pads produce electric assistive products.

    For example, neither Shimano nor SRAM do. If you want to try a more durable product, try an electric assist specific product with greater wear resistance and better thermal management.

    Of course, the frequency of your daily maintenance of e-bike depends on the condition of use.

    Generally speaking, there are maintenance means that it has been worn, there are repair means that it has been damaged.

    Compared to maintenance, it is always cheaper and safer, be alert to the strange noise and strange feeling of riding the bike.

    Regular bike cleaning can effectively turn simple problems into costly repair problems.

    Also, it is a good opportunity to check when cleaning the bike.

    Brake pads

    How to clean electric bikes when doing daily maintenance of e-bike?

    You have been told that it is not wise to use a high-pressure water gun on a regular bike, and likewise, this behavior on an electrician.

    Experts say, “There are high-pressure water guns that say they are designed for bicycles, but we still want to avoid them on electric bikes.”

    For common motor and battery products from name-brand companies such as Shimano, Bosch and Yamaha, general rinsing under running water is not a problem;

    They are properly sealed and, of course, it is best to leave the battery in place to prevent water from entering the interface.

    How to clean electric bikes

    Industry professionals suggest that it can be cleaned well with a rag and a milder degreaser. Some old T-shirts and toothbrushes with detergent also have good results.

    In fact, when doing daily maintenance of e-bike, wiping twice with just a clean water rag can remove most of the stains.

    Just like a regular bike, a clean electric bike has less wear and tear than a dirty bike, especially on the drive-train.

    Cleaning the bike is also an inspection process, and it’s easy to find worn-out come-ons, loose spokes and even other signs of damage.

    Pay close attention to the outer tires, the connecting parts of the motor system.


    Extra tears, cuts, loose wire tubes, and exposed wire tubes on your tires mean enough to compromise your safety and you need to get to the store quickly for repairs.

    This is also a good time to check the screws, and it is essential to have a torque wrench.

    They are cheap, easy to use and intuitive, a loose screw or screw with the wrong torque will be a safety hazard.

    Find a reliable store

    An electric bike is still just a bike, and most repairs can be done by the riders themselves.

    However, the motor system itself is not recommended to be adjusted by myself.

    Today’s electric bike is very much like a car, with specialized firmware and complex internal parts that require dedicated tools and expertise.

    Most electric bike adapters on the market are best operated by going to a store and looking for faults in the motor and battery through a dedicated diagnostic system.

    This means when you do the daily maintenance of e-bike, you need to find a trustworthy store, the store where you first bought the bike is of course the first choice.

    Find a reliable electric bike manufacturer

    If your address or brand has changed, it is best to look for a brand certified store, these certifications mean that the mechanics in the store have received special training and have genuine tools to provide service.

    This also shows that the skill level of these mechanics is significantly higher than stores that do not often service electric bikes.

    There are even some stores that offer specific insurance for electric bikes.

    The electric bike industry is rapidly evolving and changing, and it is very important for stores to update their technology.

    Direct guidance from the manufacturer is essential, so your relationship with a reliable shop and mechanic will be important, and try to find a reliable shop to do the daily maintenance of e-bike and protect your safety, your vehicle, and your riding experience.

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