Comprehensive maintenance guide for electric bike batteries

Maintenance guide for electric bike batteries-

The battery is an important part of the electric bike, and it is also a key indicator of how far to ride, which will directly affect our riding experience.

SAMEBIKE uses a high-quality lithium battery as the power core to drive the entire electric operation of the bike.

How to properly use and maintain the lithium battery to extend electric bike batteries life and minimize the risk of loss? We need to understand the following points.

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    Nowadays, electric bikes are more and more popular, and electric bikes such as LO26-II, 20LVXD30-II, RS-A08 launched by SAMEBIKE electric bike suppliers are also sought after and praised by many riders.

    How to properly charge the electric bike batteries, what kind of battery, what kind of electric bike batteries cells are used, etc. have become hot topics of concern for riders who like SAMEBIKE.

    RS-A08 Mountain Electric Bike

    The advantages of lithium batteries

    SAMEBIKE chooses lithium batteries with higher safety performance with EVE and other well-known brands of high-quality electric bike batteries, compared with lead-acid batteries that are starting to be more powerful.

    The weight of the same capacity specifications is about 1/2-1/3 of lead-acid batteries; the life of the number of charge and discharge cycles is about 2-3 times that of lead-acid batteries.

    Lithium battery temperature performance is good, can be used at a relatively low temperature, but also at high temperature.

    The advantages of lithium batteries

    Therefore, the life of lithium electric bike batteries is longer than that of lead-acid batteries. Usually the service life of lithium batteries can reach more than 6 years, which is 3 times that of lead-acid batteries.

    More importantly, there are no heavy metals harmful to the human body in lithium batteries, which are more friendly to the human living environment and more environmentally friendly.

    Electric bike batteries care and maintenance

    New batteries are recommended to charge deeply several times.

    If you recently bought a new SAMEBIKE electric bike, don’t rush to the road first!

    SAMEBIKE electric bike batteries adopts removable and concealed design, and is equipped with a battery charging port.

    New bike for transport safety. The battery is in a semi-charged state when it leaves the plant.

    You are advised to fully charge the battery before riding.

    SAMEBIKE electric bike

    Low battery means charging on time

    When the SAMEBIKE electric bicycle driving process meter shows a low battery, you should charge the lithium electric bike batteries as soon as possible and on time.

    Many domestic users may contact SAMEBIKE electric bike for the first time, and will focus on its range.

    In fact, SAMEBIKE electric bike in full power, using pedal power mode riding up to about 100 km, and pure electric (throttle) riding mode, can also last about 50 km.

    But some people may continue to ride on electricity when the power is about to run out (it is recommended that after the power is below 20%, power off switch to pure pedal power mode or recharge in time).

    Low battery means charging on time

    In fact, such use will cause a certain load on the inside of the lithium battery, and cell phone power situations, under normal circumstances, try to avoid completely exhausting power in daily riding.

    Because the lithium battery has no memory effect, it can be charged at any time.

    So when you get into the good habit of charging in time after use, the right way to use it can make your battery life several times longer.

    Charge it once every three months for a long time

    If you don’t use your electric bike batteries for a long time, don’t forget to fully charge the battery, check the power level every once in a while, and keep the battery level above 60% of the rated capacity as much as possible.

    The interval depends on the battery’s self-discharge rate, usually 1 to 3 months, so as not to cause power loss and affect the travel experience.


    Charger needs to be adjusted

    The charger used should be perfectly matched with the lithium electric bike batteries.

    Especially in the choice of fast charging charger, the charging current will be too large to break the lithium battery protection system, causing a short circuit, resulting in a lithium battery safety accident.

    The charger voltage is too low, making the charging efficiency low and consuming too much time, which will also erode the service life of our battery in the long run.

    Charger needs to be adjusted

    Battery storage environment

    SAMEBIKE’s electric bike batteries storage environment temperature is -20℃ to 40℃.

    Normally SAMEBIKE electric bike lithium battery is more suitable for storage temperature between 0 to 40 ℃, below -20 ℃ discharge capacity will be reduced, in -20 ℃ battery capacity will drop about 10-15%.

    Electric bike batteries storage should be away from high temperature heat sources, high temperature season is strictly prohibited in direct sunlight (summer storage vehicles pay particular attention to), charging to pay attention to the surrounding environment, good ventilation.

    Keep in mind that the high temperature of the battery storage environment is likely to cause battery damage and safety hazards.

    Battery storage environment

    The charging temperature of the battery is 0-45℃, and the working temperature of the battery during riding is -20℃ to 60℃.

    Correct use of power gear

    Each battery of an electric bike has a useful life, which is usually calculated by the number of charging and discharging cycles.

    That is, the smaller the frequency of charging and discharging, the longer the service life.

    Therefore, we need to use the power gear efficiently every time we ride.

    Take SAMEBIKE LO26-II Pro Folding Electric Bike an example.

    LO26-II Pro 21 Speed Alloy Wheel Folding Mountain Electric Bike
    SAMEBIKE LO26-II Pro 21 Speed Alloy Wheel Folding Mountain Electric Bike (click the pic to details)

    It has 3 modes: pure pedaling, electric power assist and pure electric gate drive, which correspond to flat roads, light off-road roads and complex climbing roads respectively.

    When riding on a flat road, we try to keep the pedaling frequency above 50 times per minute.

    For off-road and climbing roads, we change to a smaller gear ratio to increase the pedaling frequency, and try to avoid letting the low pedaling frequency correspond to the high power auxiliary gear, when the motor needs to exert maximum power to enhance torque and the battery loss is relatively large.

    If you want to use an electric bike for a long time, only good electric bike batteries maintenance.

    In order to make the best performance of the bike, SAMEBIKE main platform online has professional technical advisors, specifically want to know more information, you can also go to the “website”.

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