Best top 5 electric motorcycle brands in Pakistan

Best top 5 electric motorcycle brands in Pakistan.

Let’s delve into the best top 5 electric motorcycle brands in Pakistan in 2023 in this article. You can also check the top 10 bicycle manufacturers in India according to our blog.

Nowadays, green travel has become a new popular way of travel.

Many people will choose more environmentally friendly modes of transportation, and the age of electrification of transportation is exactly what we need today.

Change isn’t coming. It’s already here, and it’s happening on motorcycles. We all know that the price of gasoline is rising every day, while technology in Pakistan is advancing.

Electric motorcycles are a new trend that is gaining traction in the industry.

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    Top 5 electric motorcycle brands in Pakistan in 2023

    Here are the list of the top 5 electric motorcycle brands in Pakistan in 2023:

    • MS Jaguar Electric Motorcycle
    • Road King Electric Motorcycle
    • Crown Electric Motorcycle
    • Jolta Electric Motorcycle
    • YJ Future Electric Motorcycle

    MS Jaguar Electric Motorcycle

    Company website

    Founded in 1984 by Muhammad Hussain Zahid, MS Group of Industries is a leading company manufacturing motorcycles and components.

    Their brand MS Jaguar Motorcycles is the largest manufacturer of lithium iron phosphate battery electric motorcycles in Pakistan.

    Due to its international standards, it has been awarded ISO 9001: 2008 certificate and tries to fulfill all the needs of its customers.

    MS Jaguar Electric Motorcycle-1

    MS Group of Industries does its best to be the preferred partner in the supply chain of its customers by establishing close working relationships with them.

    Jaguar components and motorcycles are manufactured under Total Quality Management (TQM).

    In addition, the quality of its products is constantly monitored in its state-of-the-art and well-equipped quality control laboratories.

    Jaguar’s focus on research and development, complemented by state-of-the-art technology, all under the supervision of technical experts and engineers, is a key factor in its success.

    MS Jaguar Electric Motorcycle-2

    MS Group started the electric motorcycle project in 2003 and launched electric scooters in the same year.

    Due to their R&D in the field of electric batteries, they are providing the best quality electric bikes in Pakistan with their bikes covering distances of up to 200km in a single charge. Check the other top 5 long range electric bike.

    Road King Electric Motorcycle

    Company website

    Waleed Trading Company came into existence in 2019. Today, It is one of the top motorcycles and loaders manufacturer in Pakistan.

    They have a team of professionals and their network of sales, service and spare parts is covering almost the whole country.

    It is a dynamic growth oriented company through market leadership, excellence in quality and service.

    Road King Electric Motorcycle-1

    Its brand – Road King Electric Bike offers three models in its line-up in both dry gel battery and lithium-ion battery: RK-70-E, RK-100-E and RK-SCOOTY.

    These models are similar to 100cc and 70cc motorcycles. In comparison to engine bikes, the speed of these bikes is also the same.

    Road King Electric Motorcycle-2

    Crown Electric Motorcycle

    Company website

    Crown group has introduced its motorcycles in 2005 with an objective to meet a growing demand of motorcycles. Crown motorcycles are being made from CRLF products.

    The company manufactures 85,000 motorcycles per annul from their plant situated at Sadiqabad, Punjab. Crown motorcycles plant is equipped with state of the art machines.

    Crown Motorcycles is a local motorcycle manufacturer based in Karachi is known for selling its spare parts across Pakistan.

    Crown Electric Motorcycle-2

    They have a slightly different approach because initially they focused on the spare parts and made them available across the country.

    Once they were known in the local market, they launched their motorcycles. Now Crown is looking to launch its electric scooters as Electric vehicles are too much popular in Pakistan these days.

    Crown Motor Company introduced a revolutionary electric vehicle (EV) motorcycle in Pakistan, ushering in a new era of eco-friendly mobility on the country’s roads.

    This innovative offering presents a compelling alternative to conventional petrol-based motorcycles.

    Crown Electric Motorcycle-1

    Jolta Electric Motorcycle

    Company website

    Jolta Electric PVT Ltd. is Pakistan’s first EV company and is approved by government of Pakistan.

    Its vision is to electrify the automobile industry in Pakistan to contribute sustainable future for our generations.

    Being the first electric vehicle company in Pakistan, Jolta Electric held an electric motorcycle road show, that focused on showcasing the potential of electric motorcycles in Pakistan and the innovation the company has to offer promoting green environment.

    Jolta Electric Motorcycle-2

    Jolta Electric, focus towards fulfilling the requirements by electrifying the Auto-industry.

    Jolta Electric is the EV technology provider, designed key components of electric vehicle kits for two, three, and four wheeler.

    They have five years of product design, development and manufacturing experience in China with special reference to EVs.

    Jolta Electric Motorcycle creates a superior riding experience with its transformation line of electric powered motorcycles.

    Jolta Electric Motorcycle-1

    Jolta Electric Motorcycle plays a major role at committee of Ministry of Climate Change by sharing their innovative ideas that will lead Pakistan to being a green country as Mr. Malik Amin Aslam, the Honourable Minister for Climate control recognized and appreciated the efforts by Jolta Electric.

    YJ Future Electric Motorcycle

    Company website

    YJ Future is an electric vehicles company, a team of electric vehicle makers. They provide electric rickshaw, electric scooters and other electric vehicles.

    For its products, like the YJ Future electric vehicle Mehran Model, an authentic game-changer in the realm of electric bicycles.

    Feel the gust of air caressing your countenance as you traverse at an exhilarating velocity of 55 KM/h, transforming each ride into an adrenaline-pulsating odyssey.

    YJ Future Electric Motorcycle-1

    Thanks to its potent 600W motor, this electric motorcycle proffers seamless acceleration and effortless agility through bustling urban boulevards or serene rural pathways.

    Bid farewell to traffic vexations and embrace the sheer euphoria of gliding through your daily commute with unparalleled dexterity.

    The YJ Future electric vehicle Mehran Model signifies more than just thrilling speed and extended range.

    It embodies a positive impact on the environment. By opting for this eco-friendly electric bicycle, you actively contribute to a greener and cleaner future for our cherished planet.

    YJ Future Electric Motorcycle-2


    Electric motorcycles offer a great alternative to traditional petrol-powered bikes, and they’re becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan.

    They’re environmentally friendly, they’re easier and more cost-effective to operate than traditional petrol-powered bikes, and they’re smooth for your ride.

    Above are the best top 5 electric motorcycle brands in Pakistan in 2023, what others do you recommend? And you can also search the top 9 budget electric motor bike for your reference.

    Different brands focus on different product positioning, you can go to their official websites for more details and product information.

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