Who are the best top 10 electric bike brands in USA

Who are the best top 10 electric bike brands in USA

E-bikes are a dealer-led industry. With the exception of pure D2C brands like Canyon, the brand reputation and sales of most bike companies depend on the strength of their dealer networks.

The overall success of a brand does not come from advertising, fleet, network, or even solely from the competitiveness of the product.

Ultimately, it’s the dealer who makes the difference between a best-selling brand and an obscure one. Over time, get more dealers and the brand will strengthen.

Losing dealers weakens the brand. Therefore, the size of the dealer network is an important indicator of the overall health of a brand.

This article summarizes the best top 10 electric bike brands in USA, join and check the details!

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    Best top 10 electric bike brands in USA in 2024

    Here is the best-list of the top 10 electric bike brands in USA in 2024:

    1 Trek
    2 Specialized
    3 Giant
    4 Cannondale
    5 Marin
    6 Scott
    7 Santa Cruz
    8 Kona
    9 Cervélo
    10 Felt


    Established date 1976
    Global headquarters Waterloo, USA
    Company website https://www.trekbikes.com/us/en_US/
    office of Trek

    Company profile

    TREK, one of the top 5 electric bike manufacturers in USA, originated in a rural barn and, after more than 40 years of development, is now the world’s leading bicycle company with the largest dealer network in the world.

    TREK is able to produce top-of-the-line racing bikes, but also develops a number of models for the general public to buy, each of which influences technological trends in cycling.

    Trek Domane+ SLR 6-1

    Leading products and technologies

    The TREK naming rule is model+ number, the larger the number, the higher the configuration. TREK’s core technology is OCLV carbon fiber technology.

    OCLV Mountain is a carbon fiber built specifically for mountain bikes. Carbon fiber has high tensile strength, but low shear strength, and is not even close to aluminum alloy when a crash occurs.

    Trek has introduced a line of electric bikes that meet the needs of many cyclists.

    Their e-bikes use advanced battery technology to provide riders with longer e-bike range and more power to make riding easier and more enjoyable.


    Established date 1974
    Global headquarters California, USA
    Company website https://www.specialized.com/us/en
    Specialized Turbo Vado SL-1

    Company profile

    Specialized is one of the leading American bicycle brands, and the bikes that can be seen at major cycling events with the S-Work logo are Specialized bikes, meaning “professional work”, and are the dream bikes of many people.

    In the Tour de France, Specialized has won the most stages for many years, and in 2021, it won seven stages, accounting for one-third of the total. Specialized has been doing a lot of research and development.


    Leading products and technologies

    Aerodynamics is an important feature of road bikes and requires a lot of wind tunnel testing to improve, and Specialized has made a famous innovation in the industry – building a wind tunnel directly, which allows Specialized to improve the wind breaking performance of the bikes much faster.

    In addition to this, Specialized uses state-of-the-art aerodynamic technologies such as CFD and DAQ (Data Acquisition on Board).

    In terms of products, Specialized has FACT carbon fiber technology and “Rider First” technology.

    FACT carbon fiber and Rider First technology

    FACT carbon fiber technology means that the frame does not use the same material, but changes the modulus and stacking of the material according to the different stresses to achieve the most rigidity and comfort;

    The “Rider First” is to rearrange the carbon fiber according to different frame sizes, which will bring exponential design difficulties, but Specialized from design to mass production, the length and thickness of each tube type, often with several years of time to repeatedly polish.


    Established date 1972
    Global headquarters Taiwan, China
    Company website https://www.giant-bicycles.com/global
    Giant race

    Company profile

    In 2004, Giant became the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer, and a complete industrial chain has long been formed around each factory.

    To date, Giant has self-built tens of thousands of stores around the world, thousands of stores to join. The product line is very complete, and each category is a complete series.

    And gradually developed out of four independent brands, GIANT, LIV, Momentum, CAEDX.

    1997 Giant began to sponsor the Tour de France, with excellent products and eye-catching results, proving itself in the stage of the top cycling events.

    Witnessed the changes in cycling and also witnessed the development of bicycle design.

    Giant Explore E+-1

    Leading products and technologies

    Giant’s composite carbon fiber products are made from aerospace grade T-700 fiber, which combines incredible lightness with increased strength, making it the best material for bicycles.

    Giant’s composite carbon fiber products use unidirectional stacking technology to maximize strength and stiffness at the lowest possible weight.

    Giant applies the latest air balloon technology to carbon fiber bike frames to produce a stronger and more stylized monocoque design.


    Established date 1971
    Global headquarters Connecticut, USA
    Company website https://www.cannondale.com/en-us

    Company profile

    Cannondale’s product line encompasses everything from kids’ bikes to commuter bikes to top professional bikes, as well as personal equipment and vehicle accessories.

    Cannondale was the first to develop and implement the concept of making lightweight bikes out of aluminum alloy at a time when all brands were still making bikes out of steel tubing.

    Cannondale Synapse Neo SE-1

    Leading products and technologies

    Cannondale’s ultra-light aluminum frames were used to win a series of Tour de France races.

    Today, when carbon fiber is widely used, Cannondale offers versions such as Hi-Mod (high modulus) carbon fiber and Hi-mod Black Inc., which is made of bulletproof carbon fiber for the military.

    In the MTB world, the Cannondale Lefty front impact system is the most unique shock system in the world.

    Inspired by the front landing gear of a fighter jet, this shock design has made the world remember Cannondale.


    Established date 1986
    Global headquarters Marin County, California, USA
    Company website https://www.marinbikes.com/
    Marin Bikes-2

    Company profile

    Marin is well known in the American cycling world for its mountain bikes, and has captured a large number of enthusiasts by excelling in the field of softtail mountain biking.

    MARIN is a major player and promoter of cycling development. MARIN insists on design and performance.

    It is interesting to note that not only does MARIN Bike’s brand name derive from the name of the place where it was founded, but many of its bike models are named after the areas surrounding Marin County.

    Marin Bikes-1

    Leading products and technologies

    When it comes to mountain bike technology, Marin has long been a pioneer in full suspension design, with the 1993 Marin Titanium FRS featuring an early Manitou shock system that weighed just 25 pounds.

    Hydroforming, monocoque technology and a growing number of full suspension models as well as QUAD-link design, coupled with a greater focus on road bikes, have made Marin one of the key influencers in the cycling industry.


    Established date 1958
    Global headquarters Switzerland
    Company website https://www.scott-sports.com/us/en/
    Scott office

    Company profile

    Founded in 1958, Scott is a brand that specializes in high-quality bicycles and sports equipment. Scott’s bikes are widely acclaimed for their high-tech, lightweight and innovative design.

    Scott’s bikes excel in the global cycling market, with bikes that are characterized by high quality, high performance, and lightweight, and excel in the mountain bike market, making them one of the leading brands in the global bicycle market.

    Scott product

    Leading products and technologies

    Scott, who made his fortune skiing, has a passion for speed and has been committed from the beginning to creating the lightest and most efficient mountain bikes in the world.

    Their mountain bikes have helped many riders win many World Cup mountain bike championships and races around the world.

    In the early days before carbon fiber was commonplace, Scott created the world’s lightest mountain bike frame, breaking world records in the process.

    Santa Cruz

    Established date 1994
    Global headquarters California, USA
    Company website https://www.santacruzbicycles.com/en-US
    Santa Cruz bike

    Company profile

    Founded in 1994, Santa Cruz is one of the top mountain bike brands, and one of Santa Cruz’s core values is to give customers more choices.

    Santa Cruz offers a wide range of models, multiple suspension platforms, and groupset packages that include a variety of forks and a variety of rear shocks, giving users the possibility to customize their bikes with different combinations of any kind.

    This allows users to build their favorite bikes in different combinations.

    Santa Cruz bikes

    Leading products and technologies

    Santa Cruz has been building a wide range of high-performance bikes for true cyclists, from carbon fiber to aluminum, covering everything from hardtails to speedos, with components and suspensions freely available.

    Advanced VPP (Virtual Turning Point) technology is used on all suspension models, and also creates its sister brand, Juliana, exclusively for women.


    Established date 1988
    Global headquarters Utah, USA
    Company website https://www.konaworld.com/

    Company profile

    Since its introduction to the United States in 1988, the Kona brand has always sought the sense of freedom that a bicycle provides. Kona Bicycles builds high-performance off-road bikes. 

    Its tradition of thoughtful manufacturing, consistent performance and weight-balanced mountain bikes is an achievement of the Kona way of doing things, and a cornerstone of the Kona way of doing things.


    Leading products and technologies

    Kona bikes are made of carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum and steel and are sold in 60 countries worldwide.

    Its mountain bike range is known for its durability and ability to adapt to the terrain.


    Established date 1995
    Global headquarters Canada
    Company website https://www.cervelo.com/en-US

    Company profile

    The Cervélo brand name comes from a combination of the Italian word for mind, ‘cervello’, and the French word for bicycle, ‘velo’, which means thinking bike. 

    Cervélo believes that the bikes he builds are meant for professional riders, so that they can have less wind resistance and ride faster.


    Leading products and technologies

    In 2002, one of Cervélo’s most important bike designs, the Soloist team, was born, the progenitor of the aerodynamic bikes we have since come to know as the S series.

    While the first Soloist was still made of aluminum, a carbon fiber version was soon available, and Cervélo has been using carbon fiber to build their top-of-the-line racers ever since.

    From carbon fiber, they went on to develop the iconic round square tube they call SQUOVAL.

    Cervélo has responsive and flexible racing geometry and disc brakes, as well as a square carbon fiber frame for added aerodynamics.


    Established date 1991
    Global headquarters California, USA
    Company website https://www.feltbicycles.com/en-us.html
    Felt bikes

    Company profile

    “At Felt, from the beginning, our mission has always been the same: to design, develop and produce the best bikes in the world.” So says Felt.

    And they have done just that, always creating high- quality bikes through constant innovative design.

    Felt bike

    Leading products and technologies

    Felt manufactures road bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes, small wheels, cross country bikes, and cruiser bikes, and has a reputation for climbing and triathlon bikes.

    Felt’s full suspension trail mountain bikes are probably one of the most popular mountain bikes around.

    Felt cares more about mountain bike performance, aiming to create fast and durable mountain bikes.

    Your electric bike expert - SAMEBIKE


    Since its establishment in 2004, Sameway Group has been committed to the research and development, manufacturing and global marketing of lithium electric bicycles and related products for 18 years.

    SAMEBIKE is our factory-owned brand, and SAMEBIKE electric bikes have been sold all over the world, now it is a global brand.

    Sameway has R&D engineers with more than 10 years of experience, who strongly support OEM/ODM production, and expand Sameway’s production lines.

    We understand the relationship between recreation and healthy living, and we firmly believe that energetic sports are a fashionable necessity.

    We understand that sports is not a competition, but an attitude to life, and SAMEBIKE electric bikes are willing to face the challenges of life with the honesty of cycling.

    You can also visit our SAMEBIKE store to get the best price.

    SAMEBIKE XD26 Hybrid Electric Bike-2


    These are the top top 10 electric bike brands in USA.

    The dealer base accurately reflects the growing (or waning) stickiness of a brand.

    It’s a two-way process, and the two go hand in hand: by increasing your brand stickiness through innovative product design, marketing, or other measures, you attract more dealers.

    Attract more dealers and the stickiness of your brand in the market will increase. Either way, dealers are key.

    Hi, I'm an experienced writer about mechanic and an expert on bike and e-bike tech who appreciates practical, beautifully-engineered things. And of course, I love cycling.
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