Samebike 20LVXD30 II – best wholesale folding e-bike

Samebike 20LVXD30 II - best wholesale folding e-bike

Looking to elevate your business with the latest in e-bike technology? With the e-bike market rapidly expanding, businesses are uniquely positioned to tap into this green and efficient mode of transportation.

Enter the Samebike 20LVXD30 II – a game-changer in the realm of folding electric bike.

Merging cutting-edge technology with unparalleled efficiency, this e-bike is more than just a mode of transport; it’s a versatile solution for businesses keen on diversifying and enhancing their e-bike offerings.

Whether for fleet use, wholesale, or retail, the Samebike 20LVXD30 II stands out as an innovative and reliable choice, with its heart lies a robust 350W motor, offering the strength and reliability your business needs.

Let’s dive into why this e-bike could be the next big addition to your business portfolio.

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    Key features of the Samebike 20LVXD30 II

    Battery 48V/10.4Ah
    Max speed 32km/h
    Range Pure electric mode: 35-40km Moped mode: 70-80km
    Motor 350W
    Payload capacity 120kg

    Robust motor

    The Samebike 20LVXD30 II isn’t just another e-bike; it’s a powerhouse on two wheels. Its 350W motor offers the strength and reliability your business needs.

    This motor is not just about raw power; it’s about delivering a smooth, consistent ride – crucial for businesses that rely on e-bikes for daily operations.

    Whether it’s for deliveries or rentals, this motor ensures that the bike can handle the demands of business use, day in and day out.

    Key features of the Samebike 20LVXD30 II

    Long-lasting battery

    What truly sets the Samebike 20LVXD30 II apart is its impressive 48V 10.4Ah lithium battery. It’s designed for longevity, ensuring that your bikes can go distance without frequent stops for recharging.

    This long-lasting battery means more uptime and less downtime for your fleet, translating directly into efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    Imagine offering your customers an e-bike that doesn’t just promise but delivers extended e-bike range and reliability.

    Reliability meets performance

    In business, reliability is everything. The Samebike 20LVXD30 II shines here with its exceptional performance reliability.

    It’s not just about getting from point A to B; it’s about providing a consistently high-quality experience to your customers.

    This bike’s ability to maintain performance over time means fewer maintenance headaches and a better return on investment.

    Plus, with a top speed and range tailored for urban environments, it’s the perfect fit for the fast-paced needs of your business.

    Samebike 20LVXD30 II brings together power, endurance, and reliability – a trio that can make a significant difference in how your business operates and thrives in the competitive world of folding e-bike.

    SAMEBIKE 20LVXD30-II Folding Electric Mini-Bike-1

    Durable design: built to last

    When it comes to business, every asset needs to be a worthy investment, and the Samebike 20LVXD30 II is built with this in mind.

    Its frame isn’t just about sleek looks; it’s crafted from high-grade 6061 aluminum, known for its strength and durability.

    This material choice ensures the bike can withstand the rigors of daily use, whether it’s part of a rental fleet or used for deliveries.

    Durability here means fewer repairs, less maintenance, and more time on the road – all critical factors for business efficiency.

    Versatile payload capacity: for every user

    The Samebike 20LVXD30 II isn’t just strong; it’s versatile. With a payload capacity of up to 150 kg, it’s ready to accommodate a wide range of users and users.

    This high payload capacity is particularly beneficial for businesses, as it broadens the bike’s appeal and usability.

    Whether it’s for heavier riders, carrying additional cargo, or fitted with equipment for specific business needs, this bike handles it with ease.

    Durable design built to last

    This versatility makes it an ideal choice for businesses that cater to a diverse clientele or have varied operational needs.

    The combination of durable design and a versatile payload capacity makes the Samebike 20LVXD30 II a smart, dependable choice for any business looking to add e-bikes to its arsenal.

    It’s not just a bike; it’s a robust, versatile tool that’s ready to take on the challenges of a dynamic business environment.

    Advanced cutting-edge technology

    In today’s market, integrating advanced technology is key to staying ahead, and the Samebike 20LVXD30 II is a testament to this.

    For businesses, this e-bike’s tech features are not just about sophistication; they’re about enhancing the user experience, which in turn can lead to better customer satisfaction and repeat business.

    Smart LCD display: information at your fingertips

    Central to its tech prowess is the smart LCD display. This feature provides riders with real-time data like speed, battery life, and distance traveled.

    For a business, this means offering customers a bike that keeps them informed and engaged.

    Whether it’s for a leisurely ride or a busy delivery schedule, having this data easily accessible makes for a more controlled and enjoyable riding experience.

    Advanced cutting-edge technology

    Connectivity and convenience

    The Samebike 20LVXD30 II steps up the game with connectivity features.

    These tech integrations offer convenience and safety, elements highly valued in the business world.

    Imagine a fleet of e-bikes that can be easily monitored and managed, enhancing operational efficiency and customer trust.

    Reliable and efficient performance

    Lastly, the technology in the Samebike 20LVXD30 II ensures reliable and efficient performance.

    For businesses, this translates to less downtime and more productivity. A bike that performs well consistently is a bike that businesses can rely on, which is essential in building a strong, loyal customer base.

    SAMEBIKE 20LVXD30-II Folding Electric Mini-Bike-2

    By integrating these advanced technologies, the Samebike 20LVXD30 II stands out as a smart choice for businesses looking to offer a top-tier e-bike experience.

    It’s not just about the ride; it’s about providing a seamless, tech-enabled journey that meets the high expectations of today’s consumers.

    Riding experience: catering to every need

    The Samebike 20LVXD30 II offers a riding experience that is as diverse as your customer base.

    With its various operational modes – pedal mode, moped mode, and pure electric mode – it can cater to a wide range of user needs.

    For the leisure rider who wants gentle exercise complemented by occasional electric assistance, the pedal mode is perfect.

    Moped mode offers a balance of pedal and electric power, ideal for those who need a bit more help on their journey.

    And for the customer who wants a fully effortless ride, the pure electric mode is the answer.

    This adaptability is a key advantage for businesses, as it allows them to cater to everyone from the fitness enthusiast to the commuter who’s looking for an easy ride to work.

    Offering a bike that can adapt to various needs and preferences means attracting and satisfying a broader customer base.

    Riding experience catering to every need

    Environmental impact and sustainability

    In an era where sustainability is not just a choice but a necessity, the Samebike 20LVXD30 II aligns perfectly with modern business ethics and consumer demand.

    Its eco-friendly nature, characterized by zero emissions and efficient use of energy, is a significant selling point.

    For businesses, promoting a product that contributes to environmental sustainability can enhance their brand image and appeal to a growing segment of eco-conscious consumers.

    The use of sustainable materials in its construction also speaks to a commitment to reducing environmental impact.

    By choosing the Samebike 20LVXD30 II, businesses are not just investing in a product; they’re investing in a greener future, resonating with customers who are increasingly making purchase decisions based on environmental impact.

    Environmental impact and sustainability

    Maintenance and warranty: hassle-free and secure

    For businesses, the ease of maintenance and a comprehensive warranty are crucial factors.

    The Samebike 20LVXD30 II shines in these areas. Its design simplifies maintenance, meaning less downtime and more riding time for your customers.

    Regular upkeep is straightforward, ensuring that the bikes are always in top condition.

    Moreover, the comprehensive warranty that comes with the Samebike 20LVXD30 II offers peace of mind, covering key components and ensuring that any issues are swiftly dealt with.

    This combination of easy maintenance and a strong warranty is a significant advantage for businesses, providing assurance of the bike’s reliability and longevity.

    Maintenance and warranty hassle-free and secure

    Adaptability for different users: versatility at its best

    The Samebike 20LVXD30 II stands out for its adaptability, making it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to cater to a diverse clientele.

    Its design accommodates a wide range of user demographics, from casual riders to more serious cyclists.

    The adjustable heights of the saddle and handlebar ensure that it can comfortably fit riders of various sizes, enhancing the user experience.

    This versatility extends to its operational modes, catering to different riding preferences and needs.

    Whether for commuting, leisure, or fitness, the Samebike 20LVXD30 II offers something for every type of user, making it a valuable addition to any business that seeks to appeal to a broad customer base.

    Adaptability for different users versatility at its best

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The Samebike 20LVXD30 II is designed with features that make it easy to integrate into any fleet management system. Its robust build, long-lasting battery, and adaptable riding modes suit various business operations, whether it’s for deliveries, rentals, or corporate use.

    Absolutely, the Samebike 20LVXD30 II offers customization options. Its versatile design allows for additions like cargo racks or branded elements, making it adaptable to specific business requirements and branding needs.

    Businesses can benefit from comprehensive after-sales support, including a dedicated service team for maintenance and repairs, and a warranty that covers crucial components, ensuring minimal downtime and consistent performance.


    The Samebike 20LVXD30 II emerges as a standout choice in the e-bike sector for businesses.

    With its robust motor, long-lasting battery, versatile design, and advanced technological integrations, it offers a blend of reliability, efficiency, and adaptability.

    This e-bike is not just a transportation tool but a versatile asset that can cater to various business models and customer needs.

    For businesses seeking to explore this opportunity further, don’t forget to visit

    SAMEBIKE electric bike

    Discover more about the Samebike 20LVXD30 II, dive deeper into its specifications, and explore partnership opportunities.

    This is a step towards future-proofing your business in the rapidly evolving world of urban mobility.

    Visit the best electric bike manufacturer in China – SAMEBIKE’s website today to learn more and take the first step towards an innovative and sustainable business solution.

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