Best solid foldable electric bike – SAMEBIKE XWXL09 review

Best solid foldable electric bike - SAMEBIKE XWXL09 review

Today, we will delve into the review video of SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike, was it worth purchasing?

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    Before we learn the details about SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike, let’s get more specs about it!

    Battery 48V/10Ah
    Max speed 25km/h (Europe), 32km/h (USA)
    Range 25-50 MI
    Motor 750W
    Weight 750W
    SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike-9

    Overview of SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike

    So, this is going to be a quick overview, maybe slash mini review of the SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike.

    That’s the model of number of the bike. Now, there’s a little bit of a discrepancy right off the bat, as you can see on the bike it says XWXL09.

    Let’s just do a quick overview. So, this is a fat tire and mini foldable electric bike as you can see.

    The reason it says fat tires because you have these 20 inch tires, the rims are 20 inches and they’re by 4 inches, so they’re kind of like designed to be an off-road tire.

    But they perform great on the street as well. When you get the bike, you have to assemble it.

    You have to assemble the front tire and the headlight and the pedals have to be assembled and of course the seat. And that’s about it. It’s a very simple process.

    They have a video on their on the SAMEBIKE YouTube page, so it’s an easy process, really good easy to get done.

    SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike-1

    So, let’s see here. You have a front headlight here and the front headlight is a bright headlight, so let me test that headlight.

    Turn it on for you guys here and then see how it looks. So I mean it doesn’t look that bright from here but at night time it’s really really bright.

    I’m really happy with the night time performance of the bike. And then we’ll test a little, this yellow one here is for the horn.

    [testing]So, I’ll test the horn. Really, really loud horn. So, great performance there, you might want to consider maybe getting a little bell, because it’s so loud that on bike paths.

    It really causes people to jump. So the bike has a front and rear suspension. So here’s the front suspension. The front suspension can be locked.

    Of course you can lock it out or you can give it more springy. It has a rear suspension that I’ll be covering a little bit later. Rear suspension is not that great but I’ll have some comments about that later.

    This is just a quick overview so you have a 7-speed Shimano and the rear seven gears there and then of course one there.

    SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike-2

    So, you know that gives you your performance. The motor is 750W motor in the rear there, so that gives you performance.

    I’ll talk about the performance a little bit later. It has a rear rack, of course built in. The bike basically, the overall feel of the bike is very premium.

    The bike – SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike feels very solid, everything’s metal on the bike. There’s no cheap plastics on here, the only plastic really is the fenders and that’s about it.

    Everything else is solid. Obviously, the display. This is going to be plastic of course. Quick through of the display. You have “M” here. So, this is your different modes. That’s your odometer. You press it.

    You go to your trip meter and on your volt and you have your current. And then this is the time. The number, the amount of time that the bike has been on.

    When you turn the bike off, everything resets, the trip meter and the time resets. And then of course you have your pedal assist here, up and down, three or four pedal assist and that gets you through that.

    And then of course your throttle is right here on the right hand side which is the side that it should be on. So, right here in the center here, this is the battery.

    SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike-3

    So, like I said it folds here, the mechanism opens up and the bike folds in half. Inside you have a 10AH, 48V battery, so it’s 480 Watt hours and it gives you range and your performance and all that I’ll cover that a little bit later as well.

    The bike weighs 74 pounds, so it’s a little bit heavy but you get a little handle here in the middle.

    So, that’s just a pretty much, a quick overview of SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike. Let’s see here, you have these cool kind of mag rims there.

    You think those are really heavy but they’re actually reasonably light, you can pick those wheels up.

    It’s actually detachable, so you’ll notice here. You can actually just there’s a quick release and you can just flick that off and you can take the front tire off.

    You have your brakes. The brakes are mechanical, they’re not hydraulic, so you have mechanical brakes. And they perform all right.

    SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike-4

    There’s no rear light on the bike, so by default you don’t get a rear light, you just have this little reflector here. So I’d probably recommend getting a rear light, brake light if you can.

    And you have this nice little cable ties. It’s the SAMEBIKE branded. This comes with it here so that keeps all your cables neat, looking neat. I get compliments on the bike, it looks really stylish and people seem to like it.

    And you have your little connectors here so pretty much everything from the screen to all the little, the electronics and stuff can be just easily hot swapped right here.

    You just plug them out and you can replace them easily. So, the stem folds and the handlebar folds down. This is also retractable here and overall that’s just a quick overview of the SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike.

    Likes of SAMEBIKE XWXL09

    So I’m just going to quickly talk about some of the things that I like about the bike.

    So, what I really like about the bike of course is the quality, the fit and finished, everything on the bike is solid, has a great,you know, everything is tight and there’s no issues.

    Feels solid, everything is solid. I love the quality and the construction of everything. I also like the seating position.

    I love these high handle bars, it really has a really kind of a great and a cruiser feel to it. So I really enjoy that. It really adds to the comfort of SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike and city electric bike.

    The comfort of the bike also is made better by the tires. So the tires are these 20 inch by 4 inch tires like I mentioned but they’re actually really comfortable.

    SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike-5

    They soak up a lot of the bumps and that has to do with the rear suspension. So I’ll talk about the rear suspension in a bit.

    But the tires are designed for kind of kind of like an off-road tire but they’re actually great on rotors as well.

    As you can see here, I’m kind of out in like the woods, kind of area, so I went off road to get out here and the tires performed excellently.

    Another one of the things about the bike that I really like are the brakes. The brakes are mechanical disc brakes and they’ve functioned pretty well.

    I’ve put several hundred kilometers on this thing now and I’ve had no issues with the brakes at all except for a little bit of squeaking on the rear brake.

    The brakes are have been great they’ve held up and I’ve had no issues with those at all. Something else I’d like to also mention that I like about the bike.

    Range of SAMEBIKE XWXL09

    I would say is the range. Let’s take a quick look here see. If we can get on the bike, get this thing moving. So, the range of the bike I would say is pretty solid.

    I’m able to get about 40 to 50 kilometers of range with my normal riding style, so, now you can get more or less than that.

    If you were using pedal assist one exclusively, which has a top speed of about eight kilometers per hour, you can probably get way more than that, maybe 60 or 70, maybe even 80 kilometers of total range.

    SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike-6

    Like I said, I’m averaging about 40 to 50 and that’s usually because I keep it in pedal assist three pedal assist, four and of course five.

    If you are in pedal assist five and exclusively using throttle you will probably only get maybe 20 kilometers of range if you’re lucky.

    So, keep that in mind I would say your range will go from throttle only of 20 kilometers or so up to if you stay in pedal assist one you can probably get maybe 70 maybe even as high as 80.

    You know, I was able to see well over 50 kilometers and that was just you know keeping it at about pedal assist two and you know that was using the throttle every hour.

    The range has been pretty decent. Honesty, I wish it came with a bigger battery like I said it’s a 480 watt hour battery, so I wish it had a bigger battery, but you know what can you do.

    The bike also has a feature called walk mode. Now, let me show you how walk mode works. I’m just going to pull over here.

    Walk mode basically allows you to walk the bike at about five kilometers per hour. So what you have to do is you simply hold the down button here and you’ll see it will switch into walk mode. Let me see if I can get into the shade here.

    SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike-7

    Okay, so you press and hold down, I’m holding it now there, see the little walking icon, okay, so, now we’re in walk mode.

    So, as you can see, I’m just walking along, no throttle and the bike is basically just pulling itself along at about five kilometers per hour.

    So this is great when you need to walk uphill or if you just are tired of riding and you just want to walk.

    You can just put it in walk mode, you pull the brake here and that turns off walk mode. So that’s an excellent feature.

    The bike also has a cruise control feature. I’m going to show you that now. So, cruise control is very easy to activate.

    All you have to do is just like walk mode, you press and you hold the down key as you are riding along. So let’s go ahead and do it. I’m going to press and hold down now, I won’t be able to show it.

    So now we’re in cruise control and as you can see there’s a little icon there and the little icon indicates we’re in cruise control, so I’m not pedaling and I’m not using the throttle, but we’re just cruising along at 15 kilometers per hour.

    SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike-8

    So this is an awesome feature if you just don’t feel like pedaling. I don’t use it that often but it’s definitely very convenient sometimes on a long ride when you’re coming back you don’t want to pedal anymore.

    You have the option for going into cruise control and just doing it like that. So as you can see we’re kind of going a little bit off-road here and we’re just still no more pedaling no throttle we’re just in cruise control and cruising along.

    This is great to turn cruise control off. All you have to do is pull the brake and that’s it. It disables cruise control and we come to a stop. Great feature.

    One other feature that I really love about SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike is the folding mechanism.

    Now I’m not going to do it for you, because you know there’s literally a thousand videos of these things folding on the internet, so I’m not going to do it for you but it’s the same as all the other ones.

    SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike-10

    It’s very simple. You just simply lift this latch up here, pull that out and then the bike folds in half. It’s really simple and then this folds in half.

    And then of course the handlebars also fold down, as this little simple latch there that goes down the handles fold down. Really easy.

    It’s such a convenient feature for me and it’s really come in handy for me with the bike because I’ve had to take the bike on maybe some different trips and things where I’ve had to store it in vehicles and it has come in so handy.

    So the folding is great, I have to definitely recommend that. If you need a bike that can fold up into a small space, a folding bike is a great idea.

    Top speed of SAMEBIKE XWXL09

    So, now I’m going to try and do a top speed test. Throttle only. So, I’m not going to pedal. I’m just going to use the throttle. I have 100% battery, so let’s see if we can do it.

    I hope you can get this on the camera. [Riding]Full throttle now. Full throttle 32.2, but traffic here, going to slow down 32.5.

    Okay, slowly, that’s a downhill there. Let me open it up again. I’m opening it up, we have a slight downhill, so this might not be fair. But 30, 31, 32.0, 32.2, this is a very slight downhill, so this might not be accurate.

    This is essentially where it talks out here. Okay, we got a stop sign there. So that’s kind of what you can expect from the top speed.

    It’s 31, 32 kilometers per hour even though I had a slight downhill there. You’re only hitting 32. So I’m gonna go back. We’ll try it one more time and see actually, you know it’ll be worse this time because it’s a slight uphill.

    So we’ll most likely get an even slower top speed. So let’s try it. Still at 100% battery. Top speed test. Turn around here, no pedaling this time.

    SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike-15

    A very slight uphill. Here we go. Throttle now 20. The 20 really fast. I’m reading it out just in case you can’t actually see the pizzas. This is it. Slight uphill. 30.2.

    I mean this is as fast as you can expect on the bike – 29. So we’re uphill now. The battery plunges really quickly, that’s it. I mean I’m just gonna stop in there.

    Let’s slow it down here. Like I said it’s not a fast bike at all. 20 miles an hour is what you can expect – full throttle, pedal assist five with no pedaling.

    So what I’m also going to do now is a top speed test in pedal assist five, pedaling as fast as I can pedal. Okay, see how fast I can get this thing up to.

    This is the best area that I could find. There’s a slight downhill than an uphill, but you know we’ll see what we can do.

    We already know the top speed of SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike is 32 kilometers an hour, so we’ll see how fast I can get it with pedaling as fast as I can pedal.

    SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike-11

    Let’s do it. I’m just starting off with throttle only just to get myself moving. Okay, now I’m pedaling as you can see. Using the throttle now to get myself at the speed.

    Now I’m pedaling as hard as I can pedal. It’s a slight uphill here. We’re going uphill now. 34 still. Going uphill – 34.

    That’s about it. That was a really steep slope, so I’m not going to bother pedaling with this. And what I’m going to do is there’s a little bit of a downhill ahead.

    So what I’ll do is I’m going to continue pedaling as hard as I can pedal on this downhill and then we’ll see how fast we can get it up to.

    All right, here we go. I’m using the throttle, pedaling frantically now. Here’s the downhill. Oh man! Okay, all right, that’s it. I think I saw 40 there I hope the camera picked that up.

    SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike-12

    Let’s pull over here. So, there you have it. Going downhill, pedaling as hard as I could pedal, it’s a slight downhill there.

    I was able to get it up to I think it was 40 and I was still some resistance there but you know, that’s what you can expect from the bike.

    Uphill test of SAMEBIKE XWXL09

    Okay, what I’m going to do now is a uphill test. That’s an extremely steep hill here.

    This test is probably not fair for SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike, because I think that this hill is much steeper than what SAMEBIKE says the bike can do.

    But I’m in pedal assist five, I’m gonna see I’m in gear one, gonna see how if I can make it up to the top of this hill. Extremely steep.

    So let’s try it. I’m pedaling now so it’s getting a little bit difficult. Let’s keep going. I might throttle a little bit. The current is showing five, slowing down.

    Now pedaling, oh man, it’s hard. Okay, I’m gonna use the throttle now. I have the throttle on. It’s showing nine. It’s showing 10 on the current. I’m doing it, it’s happening.

    Oh, I did it. So, I climbed that hill and the motor was struggling for sure. You could hear the motor struggling, it was kind of bogging down but the pedaling along helped it. But you know, we did it.

    SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike-13

    Unlock top speed of SAMEBIKE XWXL09

    I’m going to show you something the bike comes from the factory locked at 25 kilometers per hour.

    So for the first couple of days I couldn’t figure out exactly why I was not able to go beyond 25 kilometers per hour.

    So I’ll show you how to unlock that. It needs to be unlocked first. So to unlock it, you have to go into the P settings.

    You press the up and the down key at the same time and hold them. I’m going to do it now.

    Now you’re at P01, so you have to go to P08, so you just press the middle key, keep pressing it. You see it says a hundred.

    When I got this from the factory, it was actually set to 25. I’ll show it to you right now.

    That’s what it looked like from the factory and that’s why I couldn’t figure out why can’t the bike go faster than 25. So, all you have to do is just change it, you press up and you can change it to whatever you want.

    So whatever the top speed of the bike you want, you can change it. You can make it 10 kilometers per hour if that’s how you wanna.

    You can unlock the top speed. Just leave it. Don’t press anything. wait for it to time out. This takes a couple of seconds.

    So now the performance of the bike the top speed is unlocked and you’ll be able to go the top speed which is 32 kilometers per hour one.

    SAMEBIKE XWXL09 foldable electric bike-14


    The SAMEBIKE XWXL09 is a solid and comfortable electric foldable bike that can give you the feel of a cruiser.

    Overall I think the bike is solid, it’s well-built, haven’t had any issues with it yet. I haven’t had any other problems with it.

    Now obviously I can’t speak for the long-term reliability of the bike because you know I’ve only had it for about a month now.

    So, at least I can say for a month have had no problems. Basically, if you’re considering buying an e-bike and you’re considering SAMEBIKE, you can’t really go wrong with this.

    I think it’s overall a decent bike. For now, everything’s running smooth and it’s great. If you’re considering buying it would I recommend you buy this bike, I could say so.

    If you’re okay with the performance, if you’re okay with a top speed of 20 miles per hour, 32 kilometers per hour, if you’re okay with that, then I would say sure, why not?

    Not only the SAMEBIKE XWXL09, you can also find your best electric bike on SAMEBIKE. Contact us to get more e-bike details.

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