Best wonderful dirt ebike – SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX review

Best wonderful dirt ebike - SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX review

Today, we will delve into the review video of SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX dirt ebike by Jersey Style, was it worth purchasing?

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    Before we learn the details about SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX, let’s get more specs about it!

    Battery 48V/36Ah(total) dual batteries
    Top speed 34 MPH
    Range 120-128 MI
    Motor 1200W/90Nm
    Ebike class Class 2
    Weight 86 lbs
    SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX electric dirt bike-7

    Overview of SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX dirt ebike

    Okay, everyone. This is the SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX dirt ebike. Very, very nice bike here. First impressions of the seat – probably one of the best e-bike seats I’ve had so far.

    Because all the other ones I had to buy a seat for it not the non-traditional motorcycle look, like the side rush or the one I had. I had to buy a seat for it because it wasn’t comfortable.

    But this is a very comfortable seat. It really is. It’s soft. The screen, the display is very cool.

    The grips could be a little better. I’m probably gonna get different grips for this. I like the ergonomic grips because I have arthritis in my hands.

    So it helps me guys with the ergonomic grips. You know the ones that come out here, the real thick ones.

    But the display is very nice, the front shocks are awesome. You got the air valve here, you can put air in it. Compression adjustments here.

    The rear shock has adjustments as well. SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX dirt ebike is all out guys. I’m telling you 1200W motor, dual battery, very cool look.

    SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX electric dirt bike-6

    I even like the little touches they did with the red derailleur here. Look at that. The little red touch and they got the silver chain, really really sharp.

    The frame is nice. The engineers did a great job. The headlight is very nice. Everything’s cool with SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX dirt ebike.

    It’s a long frame. Perfect. Everything looks flows together nicely. The lines on this bike are beautiful and I love the motorcycle. Look at the rotors. Throw motorcycle quality.

    Tell me when’s the last time you’ve seen those on the e-bike that thick like that. Very nice style. They did a very good job with this bike.

    I haven’t done a range test yet. But I did a speed test. I’m only topping out at 27 miles an hour and I heard this bike can go for 34 miles an hour or something like that, so we’ll see.

    But all I got so far is 27 miles top speed, so we’ll see.

    SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX electric dirt bike-1

    But so far guys, I love the fit and fitness of this bike. I chose the black. I really haven’t bought a black bike for a while so I said why not? I like their gray version as well.

    I originally wanted the SAMEBIKE Pilot SR that one has dual motors but they’re thousand watt motors. This one has the 1200W motor. But I like this bike – SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX dirt ebike.

    I think it’s a great deal. The engineering is here guys. They did a great job with this bike. I love the gas tank inspired battery. Very very cool. So far, I’m liking what I’m seeing it’s beautiful.

    Range test and quality test of SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX dirt ebike

    This is the SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX. This is a thousand mile review. This bike so far guys no problem, I have to recommend SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX dirt ebike I’m telling you.

    I’ve been through a lot of them, check this bike out. No problems guys. I mean every bike you got to maintain within that thousand miles, I might have tightened.

    I think one bolt on the front was a hair loose not much but that’s a lot of miles, you got to keep up with the bike, you gotta check all the nuts and bolts.

    [Modified version]There’s the screen. I put this windscreen in the front. But like I said this is the SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX guys.

    Beautiful bike. I recommend this by far. Great bike, great suspension. I put these stickers on. I just want to dress up myself. There’s the SAMEBIKE logo. There’s the website right there you guys. This is the Pilot.

    SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX electric dirt bike-3

    Dual battery e-bike, dual suspension, I added this as well guys. Just be seen a little better on the road. I like to be seen. And also blinks.

    The seat right out of the box is very comfortable. I recommend this bike I’m telling you. I’ve been through a lot of e-bikes. I’m not just saying it. I bought this bike guys, keep that in mind.

    I don’t want you to think I got this bike for free. I did not get this bike for free. so I’m not saying it. I don’t lie about a video to get a free bike. I paid for this bike.

    This review comes from me. I’m not influenced by anybody no one gave me money to say what I’m saying. I’ve been through another bike, but they’re charging an arm and a leg for specs that are lower than this.

    That’s my point you can’t go wrong with this bike for the price. And I’ve been through like I said probably about two dozen different e-bikes. I did a lot of reviews.

    SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX dirt ebike holds up very well. Try to show you guys everything close. It’s just a great bike man for the price you cannot go wrong with this bike.

    SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX electric dirt bike-5

    And I know a lot of e-bike companies are coming out with bikes hand over fist. There’s a lot of options out there guys. I’ve been riding this thing almost a thousand miles whatever.

    I think the odometer reset because I was trying to get into piece settings. I reset it. But I have over a thousand miles on this bike, so that’s why you might see the odometer saying only 103.

    I went over a thousand. But I did something I reset it. I don’t know what the hell I did wrong.

    But anyway, I rode that bike and the guy says oh no no you can’t judge the bike by the loose loose headlight, in the loose something was rattling in the back.

    He said it’s a demo bike. It’s been ridden a lot. But wouldn’t that mean that the bike is not holding up, because if the bike’s been ridden a lot you would think all that stuff would not be rattling like it was in a headlight almost ready to fall off.

    Think about that for a second. You want a bike that’s going to last whether you ride it or not.

    That’s what the intended purpose is of electric bike to be ridden. The guy said a lot of people wrote it, that shouldn’t dismiss the fact that everything was coming loose on the bike and I’m not knocking the company.

    SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX electric dirt bike-2

    It’s a very good looking bike but I’m saying for the money. This is definitely the bike to have.

    Full suspension, dual battery, they even make a dual motor version guys.

    This comes in three different versions. It has a single battery – SAMEBIKE M20 Electric Motorcycle, there’s one with double battery and a 1200W motor and the other one has a dual motor 1000W each – SAMEBIKE Pilot SR.

    This one has a 1200W motor and it’s still a very good deal for the money. So, consider buying this guys.

    The front forks, they’re very good suspension, but they could be better. But a lot of e-bikes can be improved on, but you know what, that’s when the money goes up.

    If you put better parts on here, then what’s on it already, then the price has to go up.

    But this is perfect I’ve been on and off-road with this, not intentionally off-road, but I rode some trails and I went over some bumps, no complaints so far.

    Nothing, I have nothing bad to say about this bike. I’m telling you and remember keep in mind, I did not get this bike for free.

    SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX electric dirt bike-4

    I bought it with my own cash. I paid for this bike. So I’m not telling you that because I got this bike for free. I just want you to know. And look at this guys, go on Amazon and get this it fits perfect right here.

    Look, eclipse on there and it holds my phone that way long ways. I can’t show you now because I don’t have the GoPro camera, but it fits perfect.

    It locks into place. It’s awesome. I said nothing bad to say SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX. SAMEBIKE, they did a great job with this and I like the gas tank inspired battery.

    I think they did a good job with that. All right, guys, thank you for watching. I appreciate it.


    The SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX is a perfect motorcycle-look electric dirt bike with full suspension and dual battery that can conquer any terrain.

    SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX ensures ride safety. Not only the SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX, you can also find your best electric bike on SAMEBIKE. Contact us!

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