Top 10 best e-bike locks 2023 for ultimate security

Top 10 best e-bike locks 2023 for ultimate security

A high-quality bike lock is like a reliable bodyguard that can stop or prevent your bike from being stolen.

Professionals have handpicked ten best bike locks from top brands like Kryptonite, Litelok, OnGuard, Hiplok, and more to put to the test, designed to help you secure your bike.

To help you make a better choice, this article helps you summarize the hottest top 10 best e-bike locks 2023.

Reviewers spent weeks securing each of these locks to bike racks, benches, street lights, and trailer bike racks in a series of rigorous destructive tests.

While no lock is 100% guaranteed to be unbreakable, specific recommendations for U-locks, chain locks, and folding locks were given based on test results that took into account safety, portability, and ease of use.

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    Top 10 best e-bike locks 2023 for your references

    Here is the quick list of the top 10 best e-bike locks of 2023:

    U-lock Folding lock Chain lock
    Litelok X1 Seatylock Foldylock Forever OnGuard Mastiff 8019L
    OnGuard Brute 8001 STD Kryptonite KryptoLok 610 S Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain 1410
    ABUS Bordo Granit 6500K Hiplok Gold Wearable Chain
    ABUS Combiflex Travelguard
    ABUS Goose 6206K


    Litelok X1: All-round U-lock


    Material: Hardened steel with anti-sawing material

    Weight: 1711 g (3.8 lbs)

    Locking dimensions: 10.1cm x 19.6cm.

    Litelok X1-1


    Reflective coating

    Resistant to vandalism from angle grinders

    Easy to install, can be mounted on a water bottle cage

    Automatically covers the keyhole with a rubber gasket



    The crossbar needs to be inserted very perpendicular to the end of the locking chain, otherwise it can be a bit wonky when closed

    Only two keys are provided and there are no LED lights on the keys

    Taking top honors at this year’s bike lock awards was the Litelok X1 Armoured Barronium, which, despite its $180 price tag, was an expensive choice, but it won over reviewers with its excellent security features.

    This lock has a large locking area and is equipped with a reflective coating, giving it a visual impression of solidity and stability. The key design is even more original, with an automatic keyhole override for added peace of mind.

    Litelok’s “Twist and Go” frame mount design is one of the most stable and easy-to-use designs seen in testing. It also has a Sold Secure rating, which is rated “Highest” in Litelok’s own safety rating system.

    What makes the Litelok X1 so safe is its unique “Barenum” composite material. This material is fused to a hardened steel core and is strong enough to withstand a crack from an angle grinder.

    Litelok X1 2

    In destructive testing, a thief would need to change the grinding wheel at least twice to break the lock. This is because it takes 1 minute and 38 seconds to cut about 2/3 of the lock chain with a 4.5-inch metal grinding wheel, and the wheel is completely damaged in the process.

    In addition, due to its anti-rotation feature, both sides of the U-lock need to be cut to remove it from the bike. To destroy this lock, replacing the grinding wheel would significantly increase the time required, and would also require preparation and additional tools.

    Also, this lock emits a pungent odor when cutting, and the coating becomes very sticky during the cutting process, which can clog the grinding wheel.

    Overall, the Litelok X1 Armored Barronium exemplifies the best U-lock for 2023 with its excellent security and consistent experience. Whether you are on a busy city street or a remote country road, it offers you the most comprehensive protection for your bike from theft.

    OnGuard Brute 8001 STD: Most cost-effective U-lock


    Material: Hardened steel

    Weight: 1643 g (3.6 lbs)

    Locking dimensions: 11.5cm x 20.2cm

    OnGuard Brute 8001 STD-2


    Sturdy construction

    Good key feel

    Good price/performance ratio

    Offers a fairly large locking area

    Offers $5001 bicycle anti-theft insurance


    The locking frame comes with Phillips screws

    The locking frame is not compatible with externally wired frames

    Complimentary bike theft insurance is not available outside of the US

    Priced at $90, the OnGuard Brute 8001 STD is undoubtedly the king of price/performance in this review and also wins the runner-up honor for the best U-lock.

    With a Sold Secure rating, a square appearance, a rather spacious locking area, and a whopping $5,001 bike theft insurance policy that unfortunately is only available to those in the U.S., the OnGuard Brute not only stands out in terms of security, but also outperforms other U-locks in terms of locking flexibility.

    The OnGuard Brute isn’t too far from other U-locks in terms of size and features, but its square latch allows for a more spacious locking area.

    Like other U-locks, it easily locks frames, bike tires, and bars, and the extra space in the locking area adds to its user-friendliness.

    OnGuard Brute 8001 STD 1

    Its hardened steel latch with a non-marking rubber coating is strong enough to earn a Diamond rating from Sold Secure and tops OnGuard’s own safety rating scale with a high score of 95/100.

    To break it, you must cut it twice with an angle grinder, each time taking 38 seconds, which is the second longest of the U-locks tested.

    Because of its special design, you have to cut on both sides to break it. The grinding wheel wears out about 2/3 of the way through the process, and no other lock can match it, except the Litelok X1, which is more than twice as expensive.

    With the ZCylinder key system, even if you’re a veteran, you’ll have to take your skin off to crack this lock.

    Folding locks

    Seatylock Foldylock Forever


    Material: Hardened steel with rubber coating

    Weight: 1632 g (3.6 lbs)

    Diameter of locking area: 90 cm

    Storage size: 6.9 x 20.5 cm

    Seatylock Foldylock Forever-2


    Good key feel with clear open/close position

    Like folding electric bike, it’s easy to use and carry

    Large diameter round pin makes it more difficult to drill for damage

    Can be mounted on the included lock holder or water bottle holder


    Like all folding locks, requires only one cut to open

    Locking slots do not rotate fully, and in some cases the insertion angle may need to be adjusted

    Seatylock produces Foldylock Forever, which has a Gold Sold Secure rating, a 90cm locking length, and a 9.5 x 25.4mm thick hardened steel bar to add to the mix.

    Granted, Foldylock is slightly less secure than U-locks and chain locks . After all, it can be broken with just one cut. However, its portability is an advantage that cannot be ignored.

    Whether it is placed on the bike or in a bag, it is very easy to use and brings a lot of convenience. And this, in turn, is one of of Foldylock Forever’s major benefits.

    In fact, its sturdiness and safety have been proven in a series of tests, and it really does outperform other folding locks.

    The Foldylock Forever is a standout in Seatylock’s line of folding locks. Its rubber-coated steel rods are heavy and strong, and are attached by “ultra-protective rivets” that are resistant to sawing and prying.

    Seatylock Foldylock Forever 1

    However, like most locks, it is not resistant to cracking with an angle grinder, but it’s worth noting that it took 40 seconds to cut with an angle grinder, more than 10 seconds longer than any other folding lock tested.

    The key feels great in your hand, runs smoothly, and the open and close positions are well defined.

    Although we would have preferred to close the lock slot with full rotation, the 90cm perimeter length of the lock allows you to attach to larger obstacles than most U-locks.

    Even with a large locking area, Foldylock Forever is still quite lightweight and folds up quite small to fit nicely into the included frame mounting bracket.

    This bracket is super stable and virtually noiseless during the ride, and comes with its own mounting strap that also mounts directly to your water bottle cage screw holes.

    Kryptonite KryptoLok 610 S


    Material: Hardened steel

    Weight: 1160 g (2.5 lbs)

    Locking diameter: 100 cm

    Kryptonite KryptoLok 610 S-2


    Easy to mount on your bike or carry in your bag.

    Can be mounted at the water bottle cage or on the bike frame

    Easy to use

    Feels good in the hand

    Lightest folding lock in this test


    Only provides two keys, no LED lights on it

    Security is average

    Comes with screws that are cheap, deformable plastic

    Kryptonite is one of the most recognized brands in the bike lock market. From heavy-duty chain locks and classic U-locks to nimble and convenient folding locks such as the KryptoLok 610 S, the brand’s wide reach is evident.

    The beauty of the KryptoLok 610 S is its 100cm locking circumference, which is just the right size, as if it were made for every need. Its rubber-coated, hardened steel bar is flexible and tough, as if it has the ability to bypass all obstacles.

    The full rotation of the locking mechanism is what makes this lock stand out in terms of user-friendliness.

    Kryptonite KryptoLok 610 S 1

    The design of mounting on the bike rack takes full account of the user’s scenario on the bike, making everything easy and simple for the lock.

    The rotatable design of the entrance is what makes it adaptable to all kinds of small spaces, and keeps it safe and stable for both transportation and installation.

    As with other folding locks, convenience, ease of use and portability are what the KryptoLok 610 S is best known for and where it really shines in the market.

    ABUS Bordo Granit 6500K


    Material: hardened steel with integrated rivets

    Weight: 1767 g (3.9 lbs)

    Length: 90 cm

    ABUS Bordo Granit 6500K-2


    Rounded rivet face is not easy to break

    Easy to mount on a bike or carry in a bag.


    Heaviest folding lock

    Slightly more difficult to use than other folding locks tested in this article

    The ABUS Bordo Granit 6500K is one of the few folding locks to receive a Gold safety rating.

    This portable folding lock has a 90cm locking length, eight 30mm hardened steel bars and drill-proof rivets, features that earned it a 15/15 rating on ABUS’ own security rating system.

    The locking circumference is 90 cm, much like any other folding lock, and it all fits easily through the frame and wheels of the bike, as well as around fixed objects.

    What’s more, the steel bar has a soft rubber coating, which means you don’t have to worry about scratching your bike’s frame.

    However, the lock does take a bit more effort to use, but once it’s locked, it’s pretty strong and secure.

    ABUS Bordo Granit 6500K 1

    When it comes to folding locks, it’s important to mention their compact size and portability when folded. This Bordo Granit 6500K is no exception; it easily folds down to a smaller size and fits into a crossbody bag or backpack without a problem.

    What’s even better is that it comes with a stand, making it even easier to carry on the go.

    As for the weight, at 1,767 grams, it’s not exactly lightweight, but it’s not the heaviest of the folding locks tested. At this weight, it’s not too much to deal with.

    Overall, this ABUS Bordo Granit 6500K Folding Lock, while a bit heavier and more expensive than the others, offers a pretty excellent level of security while being portable, making it a great choice for those looking for gold level security and needing to carry it with them at all times.

    Chain lockS

    OnGuard Mastiff 8019L


    Material: Titanium reinforced steel with fabric chain guards

    Weight: 4876 grams (10.75 lbs)

    Length: 180cm

    OnGuard Mastiff 8019L-2


    Longest chain lock we’ve ever tested

    Can lock two bikes to a trailer, including wheels and frame

    Fabric/fabric cover has Velcro strips on both ends to keep it from sliding along the chain

    Provides insurance against bike theft


    Very heavy

    Difficult to carry around and takes up a lot of space in your bag

    Complimentary bike theft insurance is not available outside of the United States

    OnGuard, a brand that is famous for producing a wide range of bike locks, always manages to bring us pretty good products at a more affordable price.

    This OnGuard Mastiff 8019L, a chain lock known for its sturdiness. With a whopping 180cm length, a 10mm gauge chain, a fabric-covered titanium-reinforced hardened steel outer layer for protection, and a small but sturdy U-lock, it gives you the feeling of dependability!

    While it weighs a whopping 4,876 grams (10.75 lbs.) and you probably won’t want to carry it around, its length makes it a great choice for car bike racks or multi-bike locks.

    When it comes to the security of this OnGuard Mastiff 8019L, while it’s not infallible, it’s by no means easy to break.

    OnGuard Mastiff 8019L 1

    The compact U-lock that secures the ends of the chain has a 14mm diameter latch, which requires two cuts with an angle grinder, each of which takes 43 seconds to break.

    The chain itself, although relatively easy to break, requires a 36-second cut to penetrate both sides. Therefore, power tools are essential to break this lock.

    Although it is not the most secure chain lock on the market, it still requires a lot of effort to break it. It also has a Gold Sold Secure rating and a 90/100 score on OnGuard’s own security rating scale.

    It does, however, make it less convenient to carry around due to its weight and size. But for those who want a relatively secure, long chain lock, this OnGuard Mastiff 8019L is certainly a good choice.

    Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain 1410


    Material: Hardened manganese steel with fabric jacket

    Weight: 5034 grams (11.1 lbs)

    Length: 100cm

    Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain 1410-2


    Very secure.

    Pompous look helps deter thieves

    Compatible with most frames

    Offers $5000 anti-theft protection


    Very heavy, heaviest lock in the test

    Difficult to carry

    Length is too short

    Key feels average and a bit loose

    This lock is equipped with the New York Disc Lock, and the chain length is just 100 cm.

    That 14mm 3t hardened manganese steel chain is like a long, indestructible steel dragon, held securely in place by the sturdy and compact New York Disc U-Lock.

    However, all this security comes at a price: its weight. 5034 grams (11 pounds) makes it the heaviest lock in our test.

    While this isn’t very convenient for long rides, if you need a sturdy chain lock that will deter thieves and take them a long time to cut, then this is certainly the one for you.

    It’s amazing how much Kryptonite takes bike security seriously. Just take a look at their Diamond Sold Secure rating and their 10/10 security rating for Fahgettaboudit Chain and you’ll see how dedicated they are to bike security.

    Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain 1410 1

    Not only does this lock look super safe, but its 14mm manganese steel chain is even harder to cut – it took us an amazing 1 minute and 17 seconds to cut a chain with an angle grinder.

    The latch is even more daunting, requiring two separate cuts, each taking 48 seconds to open.

    However, everything in the world has its flaws. The Kryptonite chain lock has a 100cm chain length, which is enough to easily secure a bike to a parking rack, but it’s a bit of a stretch for those who want to lock two wheels and frames, or even two bikes together, to the same parking rack.

    Hiplok Gold Wearable Chain


    Material: Hardened steel with fabric sheath

    Weight: 2315g (5.1lbs)

    Length: 85cm

    Hiplok Gold Wearable Chain-1


    Carries quite comfortably around the waist over short distances

    Keys feel good in your hand

    Lighter than other chain locks

    Easier to carry than other chain locks


    Not very comfortable for long distances

    Too fat or too skinny for riders to wear it

    No LED lights on it, although three keys are provided

    The end of the “belt” can get stuck when locked

    Short length

    When it comes to chain locks, the weight and size can be a real headache, and transporting them is much more of a hassle than with other locks.

    The Hiplok Gold Wearable Chain Lock is an exception. This lock, the only one tested that can be worn on the body, has a special webbing shoulder strap that turns it into a belt, which makes transportation much easier.

    Although Hiplok Gold has a locking length of 85cm, a chain size of 10mm, and a robust 12mm latch diameter, it weighs less than half as much as the other chain locks tested, making it extremely portable.

    What’s more, the lock’s Sold Secure Gold rating is impressive, making Hiplok Gold an undeniably good choice for anyone needing a portable chain lock in a medium-risk area.

    The wearable nature of Hiplok Gold is arguably its own unique feature. It is cleverly equipped with a small webbing “belt” that holds the ends of the lock securely in place.

    What’s more, this “belt” can be adjusted to fit a wide range of waist sizes, from 30 to 44 inches. When riding short distances, we found the lock to be comfortable and easy to wear, making it a personal bodyguard that other chain locks can’t match.

    Hiplok Gold Wearable Chain 2

    However, even though it’s much lighter than the other chain locks tested, the Hiplok Gold still weighs 2,315 grams.

    It can be a bit overwhelming to wear for long periods of time, or under a backpack or crossbody bag. The lock is actually portable, but this needs to be taken into account.

    Also, while the webbing “belt” is an ingenious design, it can get in the way of the padlock when locked. This is a minor flaw that needs to be taken into account when using the product.

    If you’re looking for a quality chain lock that’s easy to carry, the Hiplok Gold Wearable Chain is definitely worth considering. This lock has a gold security rating, meaning it can withstand most acts of vandalism unless the other side offers a heavy weapon such as an angle grinder.

    And, regardless of the application scenario, it offers enough security to give you peace of mind.

    ABUS Combiflex Travelguard


    Material: solid steel core and flexible steel cable

    Weight: 80 grams (0.17 lbs)

    Length: 45cm

    ABUS Combiflex Travelguard-2


    Lightweight and easy to carry


    Low security

    Easily cut off

    Password is only 3 digits, easy to crack

    The variety of bike locks on the market is like a colorful canvas.

    From bulky, heavy, almost indestructible chain locks and U-locks to lighter, less secure options like the ABUS Combiflex Travelguard, they all have their place.

    You don’t always need a high-security lock, so in situations where the risk of theft is low, a small, lightweight model like this becomes a convenient choice to add a touch of security to your bike.

    ABUS Combiflex Travelguard 1

    The ABUS Combiflex Travelguard is the lightest, most affordable, and least secure option of the models tested. It retails for $35 and weighs just 80 grams.

    While it looks a lot like a large zipper tie with a combination lock on the end, it hides a flexible steel core inside. It has a locking length of 45cm, which is quite short but can still be easily wrapped around bike frames and secured to objects.

    It can also be used for other purposes, such as securing your helmet to your bike when you stop for an espresso on your bike ride.

    ABUS Goose 6206K


    Material: 6mm chain surrounded by sturdy fabric with 8mm steel rings

    Weight: 1133g (2.5lbs)

    Length: 85cm

    ABUS Goose 6206K-2


    Quiet, fabric sheath with good padding

    When the lock is closed, the key automatically ejects into the closed position, avoiding the risk of forgetting to lock the lock

    Relatively lightweight

    Can be folded to a reasonable carrying size

    Very easy to fit through the frame and use

    Requires a different tool to cut the fabric sheath and chain/coiled cable when vandalized


    Locking length is short at 85cm

    Can be broken with hand tools

    The ABUS Goose 6206K lock is the most innovative product tested. It features a thick layer of padding and robust webbing protection around a 6mm diameter chain and an interwoven 8mm steel cable, an interesting combination of designs that made it unique in the test.

    At 1133 grams, it is relatively light, making it easy to carry and use. In addition, its straight forward locking mechanism and automatic locking key position design make this lock excellent in terms of ease of use.

    In real-world use, we found this lock to fit easily through frames, wheels and anchor points, and the locking mechanism automatically snaps into the locked position when the loose end is in place.

    These features make it one of our top choices for quick stops in relatively safe places.

    While we couldn’t find the perfect way to secure it to the frame or our bodies, the 85mm length is a bit too short to hang from our waists or slung over our shoulders, twisting the lock into a figure eight shape makes it easy to carry in a bag.

    As long as you have a bag to carry, it remains an easy lock to transport.

    ABUS Goose 6206K 1

    It is worth noting that the Goose lock has yet to be rated by Sold Secure, but has earned a 7/15 security rating on ABUS’ own rating system.

    Although it wasn’t the most secure lock of the products tested, its unique design and tampering methods are still noteworthy.

    Testers found that they were able to break it using only hand tools, but that took some time and several different tools.

    Specifically, the chain and cable were cut with 24-inch steel shears, but it was impossible to cut the webbing and padding until they were cut with scissors, a knife, or a sharp blade.

    When the bedding and webbing are intact, it is impossible to cut the chain/steel cable because there is too much bedding.

    Moreover, while the chain and cable are easy to cut with a 24″ steel shear, three separate cuts are required because they are so close together that it is difficult to cut them all at the same time.

    Buying guide: how to pick a e-bike lock?

    The bike lock market is constantly changing, with new models, materials and designs emerging to provide more security than ever before.

    With so many options to choose from, finding a bike lock that meets your needs, budget and security requirements can be a challenging task.

    To clear up your confusion, we’ve written this buying advice to help you make an informed bike lock buying decision.

    Buying guide how to pick a e bike lock

    Types of bike locks

    Like there are different types of bikes,  the main types of bike locks on the market include: U-locks, chain locks, folding locks and wire locks.

    Below is a description of each type, as well as their advantages and disadvantages:


    The U-Lock is widely considered to be the most secure locking device available.

    Their construction consists of a high-strength locking body and a compact crossbar that allows the rider to fit them through the frame and wheels of a bicycle, and then secure them to a bike rack, post, or similar object.

    Although U-locks may be less user-friendly when secured to structures with a larger cross-section, they will fit tightly to the frame when in use, making it difficult for thieves to cut them without damaging the frame.

    While U-locks can be damaged by professional bike thieves armed with power tools (or large steel cutters that may be armed with less secure or smaller U-locks), a high-quality, high-security U-lock should deter most less determined criminals.


    Chain lock

    As the name suggests, a chain lock consists mainly of a thick and hardened steel chain that can be locked together at both ends.

    When choosing a chain lock, it is important to consider its security, which depends on its locking mechanism.

    In addition, the chains themselves have varying cross-sectional thicknesses, and since they can be broken by applying a twisting force, it is vital to choose a chain lock with a small gap.

    As with U-locks, even the largest and thickest chain locks can be damaged by a cordless angle grinder. To avoid scratching your bike, most chain locks come with a fabric sheath.

    In addition, chain locks are available in a wide range of lengths and link sizes. Ideal for locking large obstacles, around multiple bikes, and using bike racks on cars.

    However, due to their weight and size, they are better suited for use in the garage or carrying in the car than as a locking option for commuting.

    Ultra-lightweight locks(Wearable chain bike lock)

    Folding lock

    The Folding Lock consists of an articulated rod that locks together at both ends and folds into a compact form when not in use, while its expandability allows for a more flexible locking method than a U-lock.

    Due to their moderate weight and small folding size, folding locks can be easily mounted on a frame or carried in a bag.

    Despite their portability, the articulating joint is a weak point in design, so folding locks are often considered less secure than many U-locks or chain locks.

    Folding locks

    Steel wire lock

    Wire locks are inexpensive, readily available, lightweight, easy to use and carry, and available in virtually every length to choose from.

    They can be secured with a combination key, padlock, U-lock, or almost any other locking mechanism you can imagine (or buy at the hardware store).

    However, wire locks are also the least secure locking option; smaller flexible cables can be easily cut with hand tools, while larger cables can be severed in just a pair of larger steel shears or in less than 15 seconds with a Dremel tool or cordless angle grinder.

    While we do not recommend relying solely on wire locks to secure your bike, we do recommend using them in conjunction with other locking devices, especially with U-locks as an aid to securing the front wheel.

    Using wire locks won’t stop a determined thief, but they are easy to carry and it’s always better to use them than to leave your bike unlocked when parked in a relatively safe place.

    Steel cable locks

    Locking mechanism

    According to the different styles of locks, there are also different locking mechanisms. Two of the most common locking mechanisms are key locks and combination locks.

    Other factors to consider

    Security, portability/weight, ease of use and size are recommended as the main considerations when choosing the best bike lock for you.


    When choosing your electric bike lock, the level of security you need to consider depends on where and when you park. In general, you should choose the most secure lock you can afford and carry with you.

    If you live near a college campus, in a big city, or in an area with a high crime or bike theft rate, you should always buy a high-quality U-lock, chain lock, or both.

    If you are a commuter who often carries a lock with you or secures it to your frame, a folding lock may provide a good security/portability balance.

    SAMEBIKE RS-A01 Electric Bike-2

    Sold Secure Rating

    Sold Secure is an organization dedicated to evaluating security products to reduce the risk of crime. They test a variety of security products, including safes, car locks, and bike locks, and rate them on the following four levels:

    1. Basic anti-theft capabilities and can withstand attacks with basic tools (primarily for crimes of opportunity).
    2. Have enhanced anti-theft capabilities and is able to withstand attacks with more powerful tools (mainly for determined cracking behavior).
    3. Advanced anti-theft capabilities, able to withstand attacks by specialized tools (mainly for professional cracking behavior)
    4. The highest level of anti-theft capability, able to resist attacks by professional tools, including angle grinders (mainly for the most destructive cracking behavior).

    SAMEBIKE YY26 fat tire electric mountain bike-3


    In general, folding and U-locks are the easiest to carry because of their smaller size and lighter weight. Most of these two types of locks come with frame mounts to secure them for your bike during transportation.

    Even if you don’t secure them for your bike, they are usually very easy and convenient to carry in your bag while riding. Of the two styles, folding locks are the most portable because they fold down to a compact size when not in use.

    In contrast, chain locks are larger, heavier and more difficult to carry around. Hiplok Gold is an exception to the chain locks we tested because it has a unique design that allows it to be worn as a belt for carrying.

    Some of the other shorter chain locks can also be slung over the shoulder for short carryings, although their weight and size can be cumbersome and uncomfortable.

    SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX electric dirt bike-5


    Locks with smaller areas, especially U-locks, can limit where you can lock your bike and what objects you can lock it to.

    And inflexible designs can make paths around curves difficult. In contrast, folding locks offer a surprisingly large locking area, from 90cm to 100cm in the models we tested, and are able to pass through the frame, a wheel and around a stationary object.

    Whereas chain locks and wire locks are available in a wide range of lengths.

    SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX electric dirt bike-1


    Whenever your bike is parked unattended outside your own home, or only temporarily, after all, not all places are equipped to have a bike in sight at all times, that's when it's time to lock it up. Bike theft is also a quick, easy and quiet act, and you can never predict when you will encounter an enterprising thief.
    When you lock your bike to an object, the lock is only as secure as the object to which it is locked. Wooden fences or small trees can be easily broken, and it's best to look for specialized bike racks and tall poles. When locking your bike, you should look for a strong anchor point that can't be broken. Small stop sign poles may seem like a good option, but they are easy to remove from the ground or may lift the locked bike up, giving thieves the option to take the locked bike and remove the lock at their convenience in a secluded location.

    It is important to make sure you can prove ownership of your bike before it is stolen. Keep receipts for your bike purchase and major upgrades, record and photograph the bike's serial number, register your bike with the manufacturer's app, and take regular photos of your bike. This evidence will play a key role when you need to prove ownership of your stolen property.
    Once your bike has been stolen, the first thing you should do is report it to your local police. Although the chances of recovering a stolen bike are slim, it does happen. Next, report the theft to your landlord, family, or bike insurance company. If your bike has been stolen from a secure location (such as a certain parking lot) or your workplace, find out if they have any policies covering stolen property.
    While this doesn't guarantee you'll get your bike back, you may also want to consider reporting thefts to local bike stores, pawn shops, and bike groups. Strong cycling communities can sometimes help return stolen bikes to their owners, so you might want to try posting information on local cyclists' social media pages.
    Also, you may want to consider using technology to protect your bike. For example, using an Apple Airtag can help you track your bike anywhere. There are also companies that make brackets for securing airpods inside seatposts, headtubes, or water bottle cage mounts, so they are out of sight and easily removed. If you use this technology, please work with your local police to ensure safety when retrieving your bike.

    Bicycle theft is widespread, but it is particularly serious in certain areas. In areas with high theft rates, you can see signs such as bikes missing wheels or seat tubes, the use of heavy-duty locks, and expensive bikes that are not visible locked up in the street. This is particularly prevalent in high-risk areas such as metropolitan areas and college campuses. In these areas, using the strongest and most secure locks will be the best anti-theft measure, and it is best to store bicycles indoors if possible.
    While bike theft may be less common in neighborhoods and rural areas, there are thieves who go for the ride wherever they are. Therefore, security should be the most important consideration when purchasing a lock. Even in quiet, "safe" mountain towns, bike theft can still happen. Protecting your bike with a reliable lock is the best way to minimize the risk of theft, no matter where you are.

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    Complete control over product allows usto ensure our customers receive the bestquality prices and service. We take greatpride in everything that we do.