European electric cargo bike standards to be updated soon

European electric cargo bike standards to be updated soon

Electric cargo bikes are favored by European households and businesses for their flexibility, speed and sustainability benefits. You can also check the best e-cargo bike for your reference.

This recognition is now spreading and the global market for electric cargo bikes is expected to grow significantly, from $2.01 billion in 2024 to $2.92 billion in 2029, with the European market expected to grow from $1.05 billion to $1.6 billion.

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    Security issue

    Chih-Hao Lien stresses that the safety of electric cargo bikes is a priority for manufacturers. Currently, there is only one standard that manufacturers can refer to and it is only applicable in Germany – DIN 79010:2020. Explore the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in German.

    The standard was developed in 2019 and covers the requirements and test methods for single- and multi-lane transport for transporting goods and people, as well as cargo bikes, including e-cargo bikes.

    However, this standard does not apply to other types of bikes, such as those complying with ISO 4210, ISO 8098, EN 16054 and EN 15194.

    Security issue

    For manufacturers selling electric cargo bikes in other EU countries, they must rely on EN 15194 to certify city bikes and trekking bikes equipped with electric motors.

    However, this standard does not take into account the specific needs of e-cargo bikes, especially in terms of increased load capacity.

    This may be one of the reasons Babboe recalled some of its cargo bikes due to frame cracks. In addition, the conventional e-bike standard does not take into account passenger/cargo safety and hybrid bike requirements without chains or toothed belts.

    What's new in EN 17860?

    Originally announced in September 2017 and developed by the CEN/TC 333/WG 9 working group, the EN 17860 series of standards takes into account the current realities of the cargo bike market.

    As such, they will cover single-track cargo bikes (up to 300 kg), multi-track bikes (up to 300 kg), heavy cargo bikes (up to 650 kg) and bike trailers with their own electric drive.

    The new content of EN 17860 focuses on the expansion of the DIN 79010:2020 standard, introducing more stringent requirements and test method descriptions.

    Whats new in EN 17860

    It distinguishes between commercial and private use and adds requirements for electric trailers.

    The electrical requirements are similar to the current EN 15194 standard with the addition of an optional test method for cargo bikes.

    There are significant differences between commercial and private use testing.

    For example, the dynamic pedaling force test for commercial use has been doubled – from 100,000 cycles in the private use test to 200,000 cycles. Ergonomics-related rules are also enforced if electric cargo bikes are used as work equipment.

    Electrical requirements in EN 17860-5

    EN 17860-5 covers the electrical aspects of electric cargo bicycles, including functional and electrical safety requirements. You can also explore how to test an e-bike battery for your reference.

    The standard also sets out requirements for batteries and chargers used in Electric Powered Assisted Cycle Trailers (EPACT) and Cargo Cycles covered by EN 17860-7. It should be noted that the standard does not apply to charging stations.

    In addition, EN 17860-5 specifies requirements and test methods for Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) systems with a maximum operating voltage of up to 60 Vdc (excluding transients).

    Electrical requirements in EN 17860 5

    Electric cargo bikes must have a means of protection against unauthorized use, such as keys, locks or electronic controls. Batteries are required to comply with EN 50604-1:2016 and Amendment A1:2021, which is a specific standard for batteries in light-duty electric vehicles.

    All electrical components must be tested for mechanical strength:

    Function-related shock test – 100 shocks in each direction for a total of more than 600 shocks according to EN 60068-2-27. The acceleration must be 150 m/s² in 6 milliseconds.

    Shock-related impact test – five drops on the left and right side.

    Anticipated launch date of the new standard

    The EN 17860 series of standards is still under development. Voting on Parts 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 is expected in 2024, with Part 4 likely to follow in 2025.

    Manufacturers should start preparing for the adoption of the new standards now.

    The number of products on the market requiring compliance testing is expected to increase, especially electric trailers, and this will mean a greater demand for testing services.

    Anticipated launch date of the new standard

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