Best top 5 e-bike battery manufacturers in China

Best top 5 e-bike battery manufacturers in China

Electric bikes have become one of the most popular ways to cover the daily commute and explore the countryside.

The e-bike market is vast enough, and China is a leading contributor. China not only manufactures e-bikes but also produces spare parts like electric bike batteries.

Several companies are there that produce long-lasting and good-capacity batteries.

The list of manufacturers is large enough, so we curated a list of the best top 5 e-bike battery manufacturers in China.

So, let’s look at these brands and learn about their specifications to choose one of the best options for your e-bike.

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    Top 5 e-bike battery manufacturers in China in 2024

    Here is the list of the top 5 e-bike battery manufacturers in China in 2024:

    1 KIJO Group
    2 TLH Battery
    3 Tritek Battery
    4 BENZO Energy
    5 TCS Battery

    KIJO Group

    Company website

    KIJO battery group is one of the most popular brands founded in 1993.

    They have served the e-bike market for a long, and their history is rich in reputable comments for their e-bike battery manufacturing.

    One of the great things about KIJO Group is its impressive production capacity. Their production capacity is up to 30 million units, and the output value exceeds 750 million dollars.

    The company offers various electric bike batteries, including OPzV, AGM, Deep Cycle, GEL, Lithium, and Lead Carbon batteries.

    KIJO Group office

    They have a global presence and export their batteries to various countries. KIJO has four production bases in Xinyu, Nanchang, Bangladesh, and Jiujiang.

    The company is catering to the multiple aspects of battery production.

    The batteries by KIJO come in different ranges and capacities depending on the battery type and material.

    So, you may need to choose according to your preferences and the compatibility of your e-bike. Their mission is to satisfy their customers and offer excellent customer care services.

    KIJO Group battery

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    TLH Battery

    Company website

    Shenzen Tianlihe Technology Co., Ltd is an experienced company that manufactures the best battery for bike.

    Their company is located in Shenzhen city and was founded in 2005.

    The 17 years of experience is evident in their products. They aim to offer their customers quality durability so that their dreams of exploring the countryside with a strong power pack come true.

    The company excels in different departments, but its professional R&D team for hardware development is the main highlight.

    TLH Battery office

    They offer excellent communication between lithium-ion battery packs and interfaces, including SMBus, UART, and CANbus.

    The best part is that they have solutions for international customers seeking the best services for their e-bike batteries.

    Tianlihe has customer service centers in America, the UK, and Germany, offering technical assistance. They ensure that technical support is provided without delay.

    TLH Battery battery

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    Tritek Battery

    Company website

    Tritek Battery is the leading manufacturer of e-bike batteries in China. They have over 12 years of experience facilitating e-bike riders with a strong power pack to meet their needs.

    Their lithium-ion batteries are best used in various electric mobility options such as e-bikes, e-scooters, golf caddies, etc.

    Tritek has established three automated assembly lines since 2013 to meet the larger-scale production of lev packs. The capacity is more than 3,000,000 units.

    Tritek Battery office

    Tritek is one of the world’s leading brands for battery production for electric vehicles and provides the perfect product according to your needs.

    The company focuses on quality, safety, lightweight, and ergonomic design for e-bike battery packs. They have expertise in R&D and sales.

    One of the best things about this company is that it offers a comprehensive range of batteries, chargers, and other electric bike accessories to streamline their customer’s e-bike riding experience.

    Global certification is another plus point for the group of industries, and they are partnered with TUV to ensure that their products meet the standard criteria. They have service centers in Spain, USA, and Germany.

    Tritek Battery battery

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    BENZO Energy

    Company website

    Benzo Energy is another reliable and famous manufacturer in China. The company is known for its professionalism in providing their customers according to their needs.

    They produce lithium batteries for e-bikes but focus on creating and selling battery packs and cells for different markets.

    The manufacture has been researching and producing polymer lithium batteries for a long time and feels proud of their innovation. They offer batteries with high capacity.

    BENZO Energy office

    BENZO energy manufacturer batterie compact in size, ultra-thin, and flexible in design.

    It is essential to know that all of their electric bike batteries meet the criteria of UL, ROHS, CE, and UN.

    The company leads the e-bike battery with its two factories in Guangdong Province, one in Jiangmen City and the second in Shenzhen City. They have enough capacity to meet the user’s needs on a larger scale.

    BENZO Energy battery

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    TCS Battery

    Company website

    TCS battery is a famous brand in China known for its quality lithium battery production.

    The company was founded in 1995, and the decade of experience is something you can see in their innovative products. TCS battery is one of the earliest battery brands in China.

    They are known for their e-bike battery production and other needs, including UPS and solar batteries.
    They produce batteries for industrial purposes.

    TCS Battery office

    One of the best things about this company is that they offer a wide range of batteries for more than two hundred specifications and varieties.

    Their different types of lead acid batteries meet the customized requirements of individuals.

    TCS owns a production workshop with an area of about 400,000 square meters, and its monthly production capacity is over 4,000,000 units of batteries.

    They offer affordable options to enthusiasts to enjoy their ride without worrying about the battery capacity and price e-bike range.

    TCS Battery battery

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    China is one of the leading countries in e-bike production and manufacturing quality accessories like e-bike batteries.

    The market is full of famous brands for e-bike battery manufacturers in China. They offer diverse power solutions for your e-bike to enhance your riding experience.

    Each brand provides innovative features, quality, power strength, battery capacity, etc.

    It is up to you which company’s products can meet your needs to power up your ride throughout the countryside or cover the daily commute.

    Visit our website or contact our experts – SAMEBIKE electric bike for personalized advice and to explore our range of high-quality e-bike batteries perfect for your next upgrade.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    China has a massive market for e-bikes, and it also dominates the world of e-bike batteries by manufacturing high-quality lithium-ion. In recent years, China has manufactured up to 97% of lithium-ion batteries to facilitate the global e-bike market.

    China remains a step forward in the introduction of new technology. They also stay ahead in producing sodium-ion batteries for electric bikes. These sodium-ion batteries are the best energy storage solution and are set to replace the unadventurous lithium-ion models.

    Yes, e-bikes are legal worldwide, and China has no exceptions. However, the rules and regulations for riding an e-bike in China may vary according to the province. In some provinces, riders may need to register their e-bikes to prevent mishaps.

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