Best top 5 folding electric bike manufacturers in the world

Best top 5 folding electric bike manufacturers in the world

Are you looking for a folding electric bike that really stands out? You can also check the top 5 economical folding electric bike for your reference.

In this article, we put together a list of the top 5 folding electric bike manufacturers in the world – brands that really know their stuff when it comes to making bikes that are easy to fold and great to ride.

We will break down what makes them special and why their bikes are worth your money if you want a ride that’s both practical and fun. Let’s get right to it!

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    Best top 5 folding electric bike manufacturers in the world

    Here is the best-list of the top 5 folding electric bike manufacturers in the world:

    1 Brompton
    2 Lectric E-bikes
    3 Rad Power Bikes
    4 Gocycle
    5 Tern Bicycles


    Company website

    Company profile

    Brompton Bicycle is a British company known for making folding bicycles.

    They’re located in Greenford, London. The company was started in 1976 by Andrew Ritchie.

    Currently, they make all their bikes in London and produce over 45,000 bikes each year, making them the largest bike manufacturer in the UK.

    Their main product is the folding bicycle, which is special because it can be folded up to a small size for easy storage.

    All their bikes have a similar design with a frame that can be folded and 16-inch tires.

    Brompton shop

    They make different models by changing some parts, sometimes using titanium for variety.

    The basic design of these bikes hasn’t changed much since Andrew Ritchie first designed them in 1979, but they keep improving them in small ways.

    Brompton also makes electric bikes, with nine different models available.

    These electric bikes are known for their smart design, high-quality parts, and great performance.

    Product highlight: Brompton Electric e-bike

    Brompton’s Electric e-bike is a folding bike designed for city use.

    It features a compact 250-kWh hub motor and offers a range of up to 44 miles.

    The bike is also compatible with a range of electric bike accessories, including a front rack, small basket, large basket, and more.

    Brompton product

    Lectric E-bikes

    Company website

    Company profile

    Lectric e-bikes came to life thanks to two best friends, Levi Conlow and Robby Deziel.

    In a humble garage in Phoenix, Arizona, Levi with his background in business entrepreneurship, and Robby, a mechanical engineer, got an idea from Levi’s dad, Brent.

    He suggested they should try making a top-notch electric bike that wouldn’t break the bank.

    Their first trial, with the Lectric LX model, was not well received in the market.

    But Levi and Robby didn’t throw in the towel. They used the customer feedback to create something better.

    Their next project, the Lectric XP series, was a game-changer. It hit the right spot with its mix of being easy on the wallet, easy to fold, and super comfortable to ride.

    Lectric E-bikes shop

    It quickly rose to the top, becoming the most popular e-bike model in the country.

    Today, Lectric e-bikes have a whole range of e-bikes, cool accessories, custom parts, and even their own branded gear for riders all over.

    Their goal? To change how people get around in a fun, memorable, and green way.

    They’re all about creating a ride that’s accessible to everyone, making sure it’s something that anyone can afford and enjoy.

    Product highlight: Lectric XP 3.0

    This e-bike is produced by Lectric and features a powerful 500-watt motor and an extended-range battery.

    It also includes hydraulic brakes and an upgraded rear hub motor (1000W Peak) with 55nm of torque.

    The bike is designed with commuters and city dwellers in mind, though its easy-fold design makes it perfect for anyone who wants a bike for their car, camper, or boat.

    Lectric E-bikes product

    Rad Power Bike

    Company website

    Company profile

    Rad Power Bikes, established in 2007 by Mike Radenbaugh, began as a personal project to simplify his high school commute.

    Mike’s initial venture into building e-bikes marked the inception of a journey driven by passion and innovation.

    He customized traditional bicycles into electric bikes, catering to the unique needs of local customers.

    Mike gained recognition in his community for his electric bike conversions, leveraging word-of-mouth, local craft fairs, and newspaper advertising to expand his reach.

    This grassroots approach laid the foundation for Rad Power Bikes’ future growth.

    To create a high-quality, durable, and performance-oriented e-bike capable of replacing everyday car trips, Mike collaborated with Ty Collins, a childhood friend, to embark on a new venture.

    They turned to crowdfunding to support the development of their first flagship product.

    office of Rad Power

    This initiative successfully raised $320,000 in just 30 days, leading to the creation of the RadRover, an electric fat tire bike that would later become a transformative force in the industry.

    Following RadRover’s success, Mike continued to explore innovative designs.

    The introduction of step-thru models further enhanced Rad Power Bikes’ commitment to accessibility and inclusivity in cycling.

    As the company’s product range grew, so did its engineering team, fostering a culture of continual improvement and innovation.

    This led to advancements in battery technology, refined frame designs, and a growing community of enthusiastic riders.

    Today, Rad Power Bikes stands at the forefront of the cycling industry, with a global community of over 550,000 riders.

    More than just a manufacturer of award-winning e-bikes, the company is dedicated to redefining transportation and promoting a more sustainable, accessible mode of travel.

    Product highlight: RadExpand 5

    Manufactured by Rad Power Bikes, the RadExpand 5 is a folding e-bike that features a 500W hub motor with a 1,000W peak power and 55 Nm of torque.

    It offers a range of up to 45+ miles per charge and can carry up to 275 lb.

    The bike also features a new upgraded 1000W peak rear hub motor with 55nm of torque.



    Company website

    Company profile

    Gocycle, the electric bicycle we know today, is the brainchild of Karbon Kinetics Limited, founded in 2002 by Richard Thorpe.

    Gocycle stood out with its sleek design and discreetly integrated motor and battery, quickly making a name for itself as a potential leader in the industry.

    applications of GoCycle

    In 2012, the Gocycle G2 rolled out, becoming the first production electric bike with Bluetooth connectivity.

    This innovation was followed by the launch of the Gocycle G3 in 2016, which introduced an automotive-inspired Daytime Running Light (DRL) – another first in the industry.

    The Gocycle lineup continued to grow with the introduction of the Gocycle GS in 2017, and then in 2019, the fast-folding GX and GXi models.

    Fast forward to 2021, the company unveiled the Generation Four (G4) models: G4, G4i & G4i+.

    These were touted as the most rider-focused folding e-bikes yet, showcasing the company’s continuous innovation and commitment to quality.

    Product highlight: Gocycle G4

    This e-bike is designed by Gocycle and is known for its lightweight design and excellent overall quality.

    It features a proprietary front hub motor, G4drive with traction control, and offers multiple riding modes that can be programmed via the GocycleConnect app.

    The bike has an approximate weight starting from 17.6kg (38.8 lbs.) and offers a range of up to 80km (50 miles), depending on pedal input.

    product of GoCycle

    Tern Bicycles

    Company website

    Company profile

    Tern Bicycles is a privately held company that designs, manufactures, markets and sells bicycles for everyday use.

    The company was founded in 2011 by Florence Shen and Joshua Hon, wife and son of David T. Hon, founder of the established Dahon brand of folding bicycles.

    The company’s primary products include folding bicycles, electric bicycles, and cycling accessories which are currently sold in 65 countries.

    Tern Bicycles shop

    Tern’s public debut was at Eurobike 2011. The company’s debut product range comprised 22 models based on five frame platforms.

    Today, Tern continues to innovate and expand its product line, offering a variety of e-bikes and folding e-bikes to cater to different riding needs.

    Product highlight: Tern Link D8

    The Link D8 is a folding e-bike from Tern that’s designed for urban riding.

    It features an 8-speed drivetrain, Andros handlebar stem for tool-free riding position adjustments on the fly, Shimano Claris rear derailleur for quick and responsive gear shifting, and Schwalbe Big Apple tires with Kevlar puncture protection.

    Tern Bicycles product

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    And that completes our list of the top 5 folding electric bike manufacturers in the world.

    Each of these companies brings something great to the table, making bikes that are not just easy to store and carry around, but also a joy to ride.

    Whether you need a bike for your daily commute or just want something that won’t take up too much space at home, these brands have got you covered.

    They’re all about making bikes that fit into your life and make getting around a whole lot easier.

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