Top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Europe of 2024

Top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Europe

Electric bikes have gained popularity across Europe, emerging as a smart solution for urban transportation. Their appeal lies not only in their convenience but also in their significant environmental benefits.

E-bikes offer a cleaner, greener alternative to traditional motor vehicles, reducing carbon emissions and contributing to improved air quality in our cities.

Technological advancements have made e-bikes more accessible and efficient, with improvements in battery life, motor efficiency, and overall design.

This article aims to explore the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Europe in 2024, showcasing the leaders in this innovative field who are shaping the future of urban mobility. Therefore, without further due, let’s straight dive in.

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    Best-list of top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Europe in 2024

    The top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Europe in 2024 includes:

    • Gazelle
    • Geero
    • Gocycle
    • Haibike
    • Kalkhoff
    • Lekker
    • Moustache
    • Pure
    • Riese & Müller
    • Engwe


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    Founded in 1892, Gazelle has established itself as a venerable institution in the world of cycling, with its roots deeply embedded in the Netherlands.

    With over a century of experience, Gazelle has evolved to adapt to changing times, embracing the electric bike revolution with enthusiasm and expertise. 

    Gazelle office

    Gazelle’s product line is a testament to its commitment to combining comfort and efficiency. They offer a diverse range of e-bikes suitable for various riders, including city commuters, leisure cyclists, and those seeking a blend of performance and utility. 

    At the forefront of Gazelle’s technological innovation is their focus on integrating seamless pedal-assist systems, ensuring a natural and effortless riding experience.

    Their e-bikes are equipped with state-of-the-art motors and batteries that not only offer extended range but also maintain the bike’s aesthetic appeal.

    Gazelle e-bike


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    Geero, a relatively new entrant in the e-bike industry, was established in 2016 in Germany. Despite its recent inception, Geero has quickly made a name for itself, carving out a unique niche in the e-bike market.

    The brand is synonymous with blending modern e-bike technology with a classic, timeless aesthetic. Geero’s focus on retro and commuter e-bikes sets it apart from its competitors.

    Geero 1

    Their bikes are designed for those who appreciate the nostalgia of traditional cycling but desire the convenience of modern technology.

    Geero’s commitment to combining retro charm with contemporary technology is evident in its product designs. Their e-bikes are equipped with efficient motors and batteries, subtly integrated to maintain a classic look.

    Geero 2


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    Founded in 2002 in the United Kingdom, Gocycle has been at the forefront of e-bike innovation. The company was started with a vision to create the world’s best urban electric bikes(city electric bike).

    Gocycle’s journey began with an emphasis on design, technological innovation, and a keen focus on the needs of urban commuters.

    applications of GoCycle

    Gocycle’s signature contribution to the e-bike market is its line of folding and commuter electric bikes. These bikes are a blend of convenience, style, and advanced technology.

    Designed for the urban environment, they are perfect for commuters who need a compact, efficient, and easy-to-store transportation solution.

    The innovation in Gocycle’s e-bikes is evident in their lightweight frames, powerful electric motors, and advanced battery technology. Their folding mechanism is a marvel of engineering, allowing for easy transport and storage.

    product of GoCycle


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    Haibike, established in 1995 in Germany, has emerged as a prominent name in the world of electric bicycles.

    Renowned for its innovation and quality, Haibike has played a pivotal role in shaping the e-bike industry, particularly in the realm of performance-oriented models.

    Haibike shop

    Haibike’s range covers a broad spectrum of e-bikes, including mountain electric bike, e-trekking, and e-commuter models.

    Each category is designed with a specific user in mind, ensuring that whether you’re traversing rugged trails, embarking on long-distance treks, or navigating city streets, there’s a Haibike to suit your needs.

    Haibike is synonymous with cutting-edge technology and robust designs. Their e-mountain bikes are especially noteworthy, equipped with powerful motors and durable frames to handle challenging terrains.

    Haibike e-bike


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    Kalkhoff Bikes, with its rich history dating back to 1919 in Germany, stands as a testament to enduring quality and innovation in the cycling world.

    For over a century, Kalkhoff has been a name synonymous with high-quality bicycles, adapting over the decades to meet the evolving needs of cyclists.

    Kalkhoff office

    Kalkhoff’s current lineup includes a variety of e-bikes tailored for different aspects of modern cycling needs. Their e-trekking bikes are designed for those who crave adventure and long-distance cycling, offering both performance and comfort.

    The e-city bikes cater to urban cyclists, combining sleek design with practical features for city commuting. Meanwhile, their e-commuter bikes represent a blend of efficiency and convenience, ideal for daily commutes and urban mobility.

    Kalkhoff Bikes are renowned for their exceptional build quality, innovative design, and advanced technology. They consistently integrate the latest in e-bike technology, ensuring that each model offers a smooth, efficient, and enjoyable riding experience.

    Kalkhoff e-bike


    Official website:

    Founded in 2009 in the Netherlands, Lekker Bikes represents a modern approach to bicycle manufacturing.

    Born from a desire to bring Dutch cycling heritage to the global stage, Lekker has quickly established itself as a brand synonymous with style and quality.


    Lekker’s specialization in e-city bikes sets it apart in the e-bike market. Their bikes are crafted for the urban rider who values aesthetics as much as functionality.

    With sleek designs and a keen eye for detail, Lekker e-bikes are not just transportation means but also fashion statements.

    What makes Lekker Bikes unique is their ability to blend elegant design with practical features. These bikes are equipped with advanced electric systems that provide a smooth and efficient ride, making them ideal for city commuting.

    The focus on comfort, ease of use, and urban elegance makes Lekker a standout brand in the e-bike world.



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    Moustache, founded in 2011 in France, has swiftly risen to prominence in the e-bike industry.

    With a commitment to quality and innovation, Moustache has carved out a significant niche for itself, standing out for its distinctive designs and comprehensive range of e-bikes.

    Moustache offers a diverse range of e-bikes, catering to various cycling preferences.

    Moustache Bikes-1

    Their collection includes e-mountain bikes designed for off-road adventures, e-road bikes for the speed enthusiasts, and e-city bikes for the urban commuter. Each category is carefully crafted to meet specific user needs, ensuring a high-quality riding experience. 

    Moustache stands out for its unique approach to e-bike design, combining functional excellence with aesthetic appeal. Their bikes are known for their ergonomic design, ensuring rider comfort and safety.

    Moustache Bikes-2


    Official website:

    Established in 2018 in the UK, Pure has rapidly made its mark in the e-bike industry. You can also check the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in the UK for your reference.

    Despite being a newer player, Pure has gained recognition for offering affordable and practical solutions in urban e-biking, making it a popular choice for city dwellers.

    Pure 1

    At the core of Pure’s philosophy is the goal to make e-bikes accessible to a wider audience. Their range of urban e-bikes is designed to be budget-friendly without compromising on quality or performance.

    These bikes cater to the daily commuter, offering a reliable and efficient mode of transportation in urban settings.

    Pure’s e-bikes are characterized by their practicality. They focus on essential features that enhance the urban riding experience, such as robust build, efficient battery life, and user-friendly design.

    Pure 2

    Riese & Müller

    Official website:

    Since its inception in 1993 in Germany, Riese & Müller has established itself as a leader in the e-bike industry.

    Known for its high-quality manufacturing and innovative design, the company has been at the forefront of e-bike technology for nearly three decades.

    Riese & Müller office

    Riese & Müller’s range includes high-quality e-mountain bikes, e-cargo bikes, and e-city bikes. Each category is engineered to offer the best in its class, catering to different needs – from rugged off-road adventures to practical urban transport solutions.

    The brand is renowned for its attention to detail and commitment to innovation. Their e-mountain bikes are built for performance and durability, offering a thrilling ride on varied terrains.

    The e-cargo bikes are designed for functionality and ease, proving to be a reliable solution for transporting goods.

    Riese & Müller e-bike


    Official website:

    Engwe has emerged as a notable brand in the European e-bike market, renowned for its commitment to offering affordable, high-quality electric bicycles.

    With a product range designed to cater to various cycling needs, from urban commuting to off-road adventures, Engwe ensures that every rider finds the perfect match for their lifestyle.

    Engwe 1

    The Engwe EP-2 Pro stands out as a versatile folding e-bike, equipped with fat tires and adjustable suspension, making it a top choice for those looking for a blend of performance and convenience.

    Engwe’s diverse range of e-bikes reflects its mission to democratize electric biking, offering models that combine affordability with advanced features.

    By focusing on accessibility, range, and user-friendly designs, Engwe caters to a wide spectrum of riders, from seasoned cyclists seeking adventure to commuters aiming for a greener mode of transport.

    Engwe’s approach to e-bike manufacturing, with an emphasis on innovation, affordability, and rider satisfaction, highlights the dynamic and evolving nature of the e-biking industry.

    Engwe 2


    These are the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Europe.

    The top e-bike manufacturers in Europe demonstrate the dynamic and innovative landscape of the European e-bike market.

    These companies, each with their unique history, design philosophy, and technological advancements, have significantly contributed to shaping the e-biking experience.

    Their diverse range – from sleek urban commuters to rugged e-mountain bikes – highlights the versatility and adaptability of e-bikes to various lifestyles and needs.

    The future of e-biking in Europe looks promising, driven by a growing awareness of environmental concerns and a shift towards sustainable transportation.

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