Top 10 electric bike manufacturers in France

Top 10 electric bike manufactures in France

In France, the e-bike market has experienced significant growth, reflecting a broader trend towards eco-friendly and efficient urban mobility solutions.

French manufacturers are at the forefront of this shift, driving innovations in e-bike technology. Their contributions range from advanced battery systems and motor integration to user-friendly designs catered to various lifestyles.

This article will showcase the top 10 e-bike manufacturers in France, highlighting their unique approaches and technological advancements.

Sustainability window into the dynamic world of French e-biking, where tradition meets modernity, and sustainability is a key driver of innovation.

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    Best-list of top 10 electric bike manufactures in France in 2024

    The top 10 electric bike manufactures in France includes:

    • Rossignol
    • T-bird
    • Ultima
    • Velobecane
    • Vepli
    • Voltaire
    • Wayscral
    • Zoov
    • O2feel
    • Eovolt


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    In 2017, Rossignol, a brand synonymous with outdoor sports, expanded its expertise into the e-bike sector. This move marked a significant step for the company, known for its ski equipment, as it ventured into a new realm of adventure sports.

    Rossignol’s entry into the e-bike market is characterized by a focus on mountain electric bike (eMTBs) and trail bikes. These bikes are designed to handle rugged terrains and challenging trails, reflecting the brand’s commitment to high-performance and durability in outdoor sports equipment.

    Rossignol 1

    Rossignol’s eMTBs and trail bikes are a testament to the company’s innovative spirit, blending traditional outdoor sports knowledge with modern e-bike technology.

    With their entry into the e-bike market, Rossignol has broadened its horizons, offering outdoor enthusiasts new ways to explore and enjoy the wilderness.

    Rossignol 2


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    T-bird, established in 2017, represents a relatively new yet dynamic force in the e-bike industry. Originating from a family-owned business, T-bird has quickly adapted to the evolving needs of e-bike enthusiasts.

    T-bird’s range encompasses urban, hybrid, and mountain electric bikes, catering to various cycling preferences and requirements.

    T bird 1

    Their urban electric bikes are designed for the practicalities of city commuting, while the hybrid models offer versatility for both city roads and light off-road use.

    The mountain e-bikes are tailored for adventure seekers, equipped to handle challenging terrains. This diverse range reflects T-bird’s commitment to providing e-bike solutions for a wide audience.

    T-bird’s rapid establishment and diverse product range underline its ambition to be a versatile and accessible e-bike brand for different types of riders.

    T bird 2


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    Ultima, founded by a trio of environmentally conscious friends, emerged as a brand deeply committed to sustainability. Their inception was driven by a shared vision to create e-bikes that are not only efficient but also have a minimal environmental footprint.

    At the heart of Ultima’s product line are eco-friendly and affordable e-bikes. These bikes are crafted with a focus on utilizing recycled materials, showcasing the company’s dedication to ecological responsibility.

    Ultima 1

    Ultima strives to make e-biking accessible to a broader audience, balancing eco-conscious practices with cost-effectiveness. Their approach to e-bike manufacturing reflects a commitment to environmental sustainability without sacrificing quality or performance.

    Ultima’s unique blend of affordability, eco-friendliness, and quality has positioned it as a forward-thinking player in the e-bike market, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers seeking sustainable transport options.

    Ultima 2


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    Velobecane has established itself as a key player in the electric bike industry, focusing on making e-biking accessible and affordable.

    Since its inception, Velobecane has been committed to democratizing e-bike technology, ensuring it’s within reach for a broad consumer base.

    Velobecane’s product range is diverse, including folding, city, mountain, and fat tire electric bike, designed to cater to different riding preferences and needs.

    Velobecane 1

    They emphasize cost-effectiveness without compromising quality, sourcing components globally to keep prices competitive.

    Velobecane’s technological approach integrates reliable and efficient systems into their e-bikes, making them suitable for various environments, from urban streets to rugged terrains.

    With its focus on affordability and wide-ranging models, Velobecane continues to play a significant role in expanding the reach of e-bikes to a larger audience.

    Velobecane 2


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    Vepli, a relatively young brand in the electric bike industry, has quickly carved out a niche for itself with its unique focus. The company has gained a solid presence in the French market, particularly for its folding electric bike.

    Vepli’s folding e-bikes are celebrated for their blend of comfort, practicality, and contemporary aesthetics. These bikes are designed with a focus on portability and urban commuting, making them a popular choice in bustling city environments.

    Vepli 1

    Their innovative design, which includes features like low drop bars and adjustable handlebars, caters to the modern commuter’s need for convenience and style.

    Vepli’s dedication to creating folding e-bikes that meet the specific needs of urban cyclists has established them as a go-to brand for portable and stylish e-biking solutions.

    Vepli 2


    Official website:

    Voltaire has quickly established itself in the e-bike industry with a focus on merging elegance and practicality.

    Founded with the aim of transforming urban mobility, Voltaire has become known for its stylish approach to e-bike design.

    Voltaire 1

    Voltaire specializes in city e-bikes that stand out for their sleek and modern aesthetics. These e-bikes are tailored for urban riders who seek both style and functionality.

    Incorporating contemporary electrical systems, Voltaire’s bikes offer a seamless blend of traditional charm and modern technology, making them not just practical but also a fashion statement on the streets.

    The popularity of Voltaire’s city models, especially their step-through designs, highlights their appeal to urban commuters looking for efficient, eco-friendly, and stylish transportation alternatives.

    Voltaire 2


    Official website:

    Wayscral stands as a versatile player in the e-bike industry, offering a range of electric two-wheelers. Their commitment to encompassing various e-biking needs has made them a notable brand.

    Wayscral’s product line is diverse, including folding, city, and mountain e-bikes. This variety ensures that they cater to a wide range of preferences, from urban commuters to off-road enthusiasts.

    Wayscral 1

    Their focus on combining top-end design with functionality is evident in their product range, making them a reliable choice for various e-biking requirements.

    Wayscral’s approach to offering a broad spectrum of e-bikes underlines their dedication to meeting the evolving needs of modern cyclists, making them a key player in the e-bike market.

    Wayscral 2


    Official website:

    Zoov has distinguished itself in the electric bike market with a focus on bike-sharing solutions. This approach positions Zoov uniquely in the e-bike industry, especially in urban environments.

    Zoov’s primary offering is a turnkey, self-service electric bike solution that addresses the needs of urban mobility.

    Zoov 1

    Their bikes are designed for ease of use, reliability, and durability, making them well-suited for the demands of bike-sharing systems.

    Zoov’s innovation lies in creating bikes that are not only efficient for individual use but also integrate seamlessly into a larger network for communal access.

    Through their bike-sharing solutions, Zoov plays a vital role in promoting sustainable urban transport, offering a practical and eco-friendly alternative for city commuting.

    Zoov 2


    Official website:

    O2feel has emerged as an influential brand in the electric bike market, known for its diverse range of e-bikes. Their commitment to addressing various cycling needs has established them as a versatile and innovative company.

    O2feel 1

    O2feel’s product line is extensive, covering urban bikes, folding bikes, road bikes, trekking bikes, mountain bikes (MTB), and cargo bikes. This wide range ensures that there’s an O2feel e-bike for almost every type of rider, from city commuters to adventure seekers.

    Their focus on variety demonstrates O2feel’s dedication to providing comprehensive e-biking solutions. With a broad spectrum of e-bikes, O2feel caters to a diverse clientele, reinforcing its position as a key player in the e-bike industry.

    O2feel 2


    Official website:

    Eovolt has carved a niche in the e-bike market with its specialization in folding electric bikes. Founded with a vision to cater to urban commuters, Eovolt stands out for its innovative approach to e-bike design.

    Eovolt’s folding e-bikes are designed for urban riders who value convenience, efficiency, and portability.

    Eovolt 1

    Their bikes can be folded quickly and easily, making them ideal for those who combine cycling with public transport or have limited storage space.

    This focus on foldability without compromising performance or style makes Eovolt’s bikes a preferred choice for modern city life.

    Eovolt’s dedication to creating compact, user-friendly, and efficient folding e-bikes highlights their commitment to enhancing urban mobility and offering practical solutions for everyday commuting.

    Eovolt 2

    Let’s wrap things up

    These are the top 10 electric bike manufactures in France.

    The French e-bike market, led by these top manufacturers, showcases a remarkable blend of innovation and diversity.

    Each company brings its unique approach to e-biking, from Rossignol’s robust trail bikes to Eovolt’s compact folding models. This variety not only enriches consumer choices but also pushes the industry forward.

    Looking ahead, the future of e-biking in France appears bright, with these manufacturers continuing to evolve and adapt, potentially leading to even more advanced and tailored e-bike solutions for various needs and preferences.

    This progress signifies a strong move towards more sustainable and efficient urban mobility in France.

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