Top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Belgium

Top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Belgium

The Belgian bicycle market continues to grow steadily, despite the overall decline in sales in the cycling industry due to the general environment.

According to a Traxio survey of 2,000 Belgian respondents at the end of 2023, nearly half (47%) of respondents would be willing to buy a new bike.

E-bikes are more popular, with the share of all types reaching 46% for pure e-bikes and 18% for mechanical and electric bikes.

Belgium still has a huge demand for bicycles and consumers have a strong desire to buy them, with many stating that they will have the intention to buy a new vehicle in the next 2 years.

In this article, we will explore the best e-bike brands in Belgium(top 20 electric bike manufacturers in the world). The top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Belgium are Achielle, Ridley, L’Avenir, Cowboy, Ellio, Granville, Oxford, Ahooga, Belgocycle and Venilu.

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    Best-list of top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Belgium in 2024

    The top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Belgium includes:

    • Achielle
    • Ridley
    • L’Avenir
    • Cowboy
    • Ellio
    • Granville
    • Oxford
    • Ahooga
    • Belgocycle
    • Venilu


    Official website:

    Achielle is a Belgian electric bike manufacturer with a rich heritage dating back to 1946. Based in Pittem, Belgium, Achielle combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to create stylish and high-quality electric bicycles.

    Achielle electric bike

    Achielle has established itself as a reputable brand in the electric bike industry, known for its attention to detail and customization options. The company focuses on creating timeless designs that prioritize both functionality and aesthetics.

    Achielle offers a range of electric bicycles designed for urban commuting and leisure riding. Their bikes feature robust frames, reliable electric motors, and high-quality components.

    Achielle’s commitment to customization allows customers to personalize their bikes according to their preferences, including frame colors, handlebars, and accessories.

    Achielle ebike


    Official website:

    Ridley is a renowned Belgian bicycle manufacturer established in 1997. Headquartered in Beringen, Belgium, Ridley is known for its innovative designs and cutting-edge technology, catering to both professional cyclists and recreational riders.

    Ridley ebike

    Ridley has a strong presence in the global bicycle market, with a focus on performance-oriented bikes for road, mountain, and electric biking. The company’s commitment to research and development has led to numerous advancements in bike design and technology.

    Ridley offers a range of electric bicycles designed for various riding disciplines, including road, gravel, and urban commuting.

    Their electric bikes feature lightweight frames, powerful motors, and advanced battery systems for extended range. Ridley’s integration of electronic shifting systems and smart connectivity options enhances the riding experience for users.

    Ridley electric bikes


    Official website:

    L’Avenir holds the title of Belgium’s oldest bicycle manufacturer and stands as one of the country’s most enduring family enterprises.

    Originating in 1898 near Lierre, in Antwerp province, this brand boasts a rich heritage. Its innovative spirit was evident as early as 1999 when it introduced the “Prescoot,” marking the inception of electric bikes in its lineup.

    LAvenir e bike

    Since 2010, L’Avenir has pivoted its entire business focus towards designing electric bicycles. L’Avenir’s electric bicycles feature sleek designs, lightweight frames, and efficient electric motors. You can also explore the best lightest electric bike for your reference.

    The company prioritizes user-friendly features such as intuitive controls, integrated lighting systems, and ergonomic seating options. L’Avenir’s dedication to sustainability is evident in their use of eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient components.

    LAvenir ebike


    Official website:

    Cowboy is a Belgian electric bike startup founded in 2017 with a mission to revolutionize urban mobility. Based in Brussels, Belgium, Cowboy designs minimalist electric bicycles that combine cutting-edge technology with elegant aesthetics.

    Cowboy e bike

    Cowboy has experienced rapid growth since its inception, attracting attention for its innovative approach to electric bike design and user experience. The company’s direct-to-consumer model and focus on urban mobility have resonated with consumers seeking convenient and stylish transportation solutions.

    Cowboy’s electric bicycles feature lightweight aluminum frames, integrated batteries, and powerful motors for effortless urban commuting.

    The bikes are equipped with smart connectivity features, including a companion smartphone app for navigation, ride tracking, and theft prevention. Cowboy’s commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in its regular software updates and firmware upgrades.

    Cowboy ebike


    Official website:

    Located in Kampenhout, Belgium, near Leuven, in the Flemish Region, the Ellio electric bike brand was founded by Tomas Keppens and Jorrit Heidbuchel. Their vision is to pioneer the top-speed EAB in the market, shaping the landscape of future mobility.

    Ellio e bike

    Ellio specializes in crafting high-speed bikes, or speed pedelecs, which can achieve speeds of up to 45 km/h, unlike regular electric bikes restricted to 25 km/h. Ellio offers a range of electric bicycles designed for urban commuting and leisure riding.

    Their bikes feature durable frames, powerful motors, and long-lasting batteries for extended range. Ellio’s emphasis on comfort is evident in their ergonomic designs, adjustable components, and smooth riding experience.

    Ellio ebike


    Official website:

    Belgian bikes are synonymous with Granville! Situated just a stone’s throw away from Brussels, this brand is a dominant force in the electric bike industry.

    Established in 1928, initially crafting conventional bicycles, Granville now specializes in top-notch Dutch quality EABs, perfect for urban commuting. Their bikes are celebrated for their durability, dependability, and performance. You can also explore the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Netherlands for your reference.

    Granville e bike

    Granville offers a diverse range of electric bicycles designed for urban commuting, off-road adventures, and leisure riding.Their bikes feature rugged frames, responsive motors, and advanced suspension systems for optimal performance in various terrain conditions.

    Granville’s integration of smart technology enhances the riding experience, providing users with real-time feedback, navigation assistance, and connectivity options.

    Granville ebike


    Official website:

    Oxford is a Belgian bicycle manufacturer specializing in electric bikes and accessories. Based in Ghent, Belgium, Oxford aims to provide reliable and affordable transportation solutions for urban commuters and recreational cyclists.

    Oxford e bike

    Oxford has built a strong reputation for its wide range of electric bikes, accessories, and aftermarket parts. The company’s focus on quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction has contributed to its success in the competitive bicycle market.

    Oxford offers a diverse lineup of electric bicycles tailored to different riding needs and preferences. Their bikes feature sturdy frames, efficient motors, and long-lasting batteries for extended range.

    Oxford’s commitment to user convenience is evident in their practical design features, including adjustable components, integrated cargo racks, and intuitive controls.

    Oxford ebike


    Official website:

    Ahooga, a Belgian electric bike brand, emerged in 2015 through the vision of three friends determined to infuse urban life with joy by promoting the adoption of sleek and functional electric bikes.

    Ahooga e bike

    The brand’s name, mimicking the sound of excitement, encapsulates its ethos. Situated in Ixelles, the company operates its headquarters, while its electric bikes are meticulously crafted by Belgian engineers and undergo partial assembly at its Brussels facility.

    Ahooga has gained recognition for its unique approach to electric bike design, focusing on portability, performance, and style. The company’s foldable electric bikes offer a convenient solution for urban dwellers seeking compact and versatile transportation options.

    Ahooga ebike


    Official website:

    Belgocycle presents a variety of top-notch electric bicycles crafted with Belgian ingenuity. Their EABs, born from Belgian design prowess, are meticulously crafted in collaboration with Bizbike, renowned specialists in electric bicycles and urban mobility.

    Belgocycle e bike

    Assembled in Cruyshautem, East Flanders, each Belgocycle ebike boasts a 36V, 13Ah, or 486Wh intelligent battery, ensuring a range spanning from 50 to 100 kilometers. Tailored primarily for urban environments, Belgocycle ebikes redefine urban commuting.

    Belgocycle has established itself as a leading player in the e-bike market, known for its premium-quality bikes and commitment to customer satisfaction.

    The company’s focus on research and development has led to continuous advancements in bike design, technology, and performance.

    Belgocycle ebike


    Official website:

    Venilu, a Belgian electric bicycle brand established in 2017, aims to streamline urban transportation in an eco-conscious manner. Situated in Nivelles, Walloon Brabant, the company crafts and manufactures its ebikes locally.

    Venilu e bike

    Venilu provides three distinct lines of ebikes: the Citana series, catering to both leisurely countryside rides and urban commuting with its ultra-comfortable design; the Urbana series, boasting one of the most lightweight folding electric bikes available; and the Vida series, showcasing innovative design in compact folding EABs.

    Venilu has gained recognition for its innovative approach to electric bike design, focusing on user-friendly features, ergonomic design, and affordable pricing.

    The company’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction has contributed to its growing popularity in the electric bike market.

    Venilu ebike


    These are the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Belgium.

    Overall the Belgian e-bike market has shown steady growth.

    Sales of e-bikes in Belgium continue to climb and have overtaken mechanical bicycles as the main growth driver in this market, while sales of other types of vehicles are also gradually increasing, also demonstrating consumer demand for diversified cycling.

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