Electric bikes – the incredible new trend of cycling culture

Electric bikes - the new trend of cycling culture-
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    Before going into detail about the e-bike, we need to understand two issues:

    1. Is an e-bike a bike?

    They look like a lightweight bike, but on the basis of the traditional bike containing a battery as auxiliary energy, you can usually ride like a normal bike, but if you encounter uphill or a longer journey, you can use the electric power function to push forward.

    2. Is an e-bike an electric motorcycle?

    The two are not the same in the way they are assisted. The main source of power for electric motorcycles is electricity. The e-bike, on the other hand, is a combination of human power and electricity.

    Is an e-bike an electric motorcycleOverall structure and weight also differ. E-bikes are still equipped with pedals, while electric motorcycles realize electromechanical integration of motor, controller, battery and other components and display instrumentation systems.

    To sum up, e-bikes solve the problem that ordinary bicycles are too tired purely by human power, and electric motorcycles are too heavy and cumbersome for light urban riding, so e-bikes become a good choice.

    The benefits of e-bikes are obvious

    Both power-assisted and cycling functions

    E-bike, as a new type of transportation with both power-assisted and cycling functions, can not only improve people’s daily travel radius, but also avoid traffic jams and parking difficulties caused by driving cars.

    In addition, the e-bike does not lose the fun of riding in the process of medium and long-distance travel, but still allows the body to get exercise, thus strengthening its immune system.

    The e-bike is novel and special, and has many classic elements of trendy design, giving the possibility of trendy fashion for ordinary commuting as well.

    In the future, hipsters aged 20-55 may become the main users of e-bikes.

    The benefits of e-bikes are obvious

    Environmental friendliness
    With the deepening of environmental awareness, more and more people are concerned about cycling.

    As a low-carbon green way of travel, e-bikes not only have the lightness and convenience of traditional bicycles, but can also make up for the burden of bicycles uphill, upwind, when carrying things, belong to a light sport, very in line with the current situation.

    The advantages of the e-bike market are obvious

    According to data provided by CIE, CONEBI and ECF, the European e-bike market sales will maintain a compound annual growth rate of more than 20%, and the global e-bike market will reach a scale of $32.4 billion in 2027.

    At the recently concluded 2023 China Taipei International Cycle Show, it was clear from the changes in the exhibition area that the bicycle industry is moving towards electrification, with a more complete and diverse supply chain of players.

    All signs show that the global development of e-bikes is like a round and rolling snowball of wealth, and the chase of capital and the operation of brand owners keep pushing it in the direction of diversification in development.

    The advantages of the e-bike market are obviousAt the same time as the competition among the core motor brands, all bicycle brands will become more open, and the local markets in Europe and America will usher in a new breakthrough point.

    China is known as a big bicycle country

    Although not the birthplace of the bicycle, China’s bicycle market and industry is rightfully known as the “number one country in bicycle production and sales”.

    In the 60s and 70s, bicycles, sewing machines and watches were the “three major items” to prove one’s ability or family situation, and not only did they require a “large sum” of two to three hundred yuan, but they could also be purchased with a ticket.

    In fact, before 1960, China already had three major national brands, CN Forever, FLYING PIGEON and Phoenix-bicycle, but due to many problems such as production capacity, export ratio and even road development in China’s urban and rural areas, it was only in the 80s and 90s that the “one bicycle per household” was really realized.

    However, due to many problems such as production capacity, export ratio and even the development of China’s urban and rural roads, it was only in the 80s and 90s that the “one bicycle per household” production system was truly realized.

    At this time, although the price of a bicycle was still two to three hundred yuan, the income and disposable income of the Chinese people had long ago made bicycles at this price point, affordable consumer goods for the average family.

    China is known as a big bicycle country

    At present, China’s bicycle foundry production industry, with Jiangsu, Guangdong and Tianjin as the center, forming the three major bicycle foundry production bases in China.

    Jiangsu is a manufacturing base derived from the core of China’s Phoenix-bicycle, CN Forever, Giant, Japan’s SHIMANO, and the United States’ SRAM, with the main markets being Europe and the United States, and is gradually becoming the manufacturing base with the highest number of domestic bicycle grades in China.

    Guangdong is the next highest, with China’s Wuyang and Emmelle and Guangdong is the next largest manufacturing base, with Wuyang, Emmelle and MARIDA as the core bases, with the American market and Southeast Asian market as the main markets.

    Tianjin makes relatively basic bicycle products, and is a base derived from China’s FLYING PIGEON as the core enterprise, with the Japanese market as the main market.

    The natural benefits of developing an e-bike in China

    According to industry data, there will be about 7.5-8 million e-bike units shipped worldwide in 2020, of which China will export about 3 million units, accounting for one-third of the total.

    In recent years, Chinese companies have surged in the field of motors, batteries and controllers. E-bikes have improved significantly in terms of production technology, process, product quality and intelligence.

    Chinese brands have cheaper labor costs, more efficient production methods and faster logistics systems, reducing costs, while the product line is more complete, avoiding the shortcomings of the previous single, and constantly improving the core technical attributes, gaining the right to speak on an equal footing with international first-tier manufacturers.

    In 2019, Phoenix-bicycle is targeting the huge market for e-bikes, which is 100 billion in scale.

    The natural benefits of developing an e-bike in China

    By establishing a professional R&D and business team, preparing a single class factory, building an exclusive upstream supply chain and preparing a national standard laboratory, the R&D and manufacturing capacity of Phoenix-bicycle brand e-bike has been greatly improved.

    Similarly, CN Forever bicycles, in order to attract more young people’s choice, also started with e-bikes and strengthened its investment in R&D, showing its brand strength with several series of innovative vehicles.

    The evolving e-bike consumer market

    The development of e-bikes in China has a lot of help. Because its boosting method provides higher requirements for power supply, new energy sources are inseparable when developing and launching the market, and China has enough experience in discussing the flexible use of new energy sources for lithium batteries.

    Data statistics show that in 2022, China’s shopping festival, outdoor power supply brand turnover is huge, in JD and Tmall and other platforms, and has even stormed into the top ten of the large category of 3C digital accessories, with growth rates of more than 300% in all three years.

    The rapid development of the outdoor power industry from the outside to the inside has become the driving force behind the development of e-bikes.

    The international market for e-bikes is related to “green, clean and carbon neutral”, and government subsidies from various countries further stimulate market demand. Major European countries and the United States have tax credits or subsidies for e-bikes.

    The evolving e-bike consumer market

    For example, the Build Back Better Act, which is being promoted in the United States, provides subsidies of up to $900 per unit for e-bikes. Italy has even broken it down into mileage subsidies, maintenance subsidies, purchase subsidies and more.

    These benefits have stimulated the demand of young people to ride e-bikes.

    The concept of carbon neutrality in China has also gradually fallen into practical application, relying on the new energy boom, subsidy mechanism, policy benefits are expected to create a lot of opportunities.

    At ISPO Beijing 2023, e-bikes have become the focus of ISPO, various media and KOL.

    At this year’s ISPO Beijing, Michael Blast interacted with some leading brands such as Nbeer and obtained a number of media reports, many KOLs on site to beat the spread and the attention of many fans, who believe that green and low-carbon travel is an ongoing issue now and in the future.

    From the policy and regulation point of view, the implementation of the new national standard, China’s e-bike will usher in a windfall period, and products that comply with the new national standard have a very large advantage in terms of market share in the future.


    AVENTON, an American e-bike brand that participated in ISPO twice, said, “Although e-bikes are still an emerging category in China and the relevant policies are not yet perfect, with the rise of camping, outdoor sports and community culture in China, e-bikes will be more and more recognized and accepted by the public.

    Therefore, early market education, promotion and seeding of various application scenarios and lifestyles are extra important.

    We have also been continuously promoting e-bike riding culture, so that more people can experience the fun of e-bike riding, to provide users with a new, healthier and more environmentally friendly way to travel and exercise.”

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