Electric two-wheelers save energy far more than electric cars?

Electric two-wheelers save energy far more than electric cars

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, more than 280 million electric bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, electric scooters, electric motorcycles and electric tricycles were on the world’s roads last year, reducing oil demand by 1 million barrels per day, or about 1% of global oil demand, The Conversation magazine reported.

And the total number of electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers far exceeds the more than 20 million electric cars and 1.3 million commercial electric vehicles, such as buses, delivery vans and trucks, that were on the road last year. You can also check who are the top 10 two-wheeler battery companies in the world for your reference.

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    Why are electric two-wheelers cleaner than electric cars?

    Electric vehicles have been touted as a “panacea” for vehicle emissions and urban air pollution because they have zero tailpipe emissions.

    They become even more environmentally friendly if they can be charged with renewable energy.

    But it’s a mistake to see electric cars as indisputably good. Although they are cleaner cars, they are still essentially cars, taking up road space and requiring a lot of electricity to power them.

    Why are electric two-wheelers cleaner than electric cars

    Their batteries are heavier than conventional cars and require a lot of mining for rare earth elements.

    So while electric cars are generally much more environmentally friendly than internal combustion engine cars, the battery manufacturing process can reduce their environmental friendliness somewhat.

    What are the advantages of electric two-wheelers?

    The e-mobility revolution offers a great opportunity to rethink how we navigate our cities and whether we need cars at all.

    And according to survey data, cars usually have only one occupant, the driver, but still consume a lot of energy.

    Electric mopeds and bicycles have been able to meet this need in the same circumstances, and are much cheaper to buy and run than electric cars.

    What are the advantages of electric two-wheelers

    In Australia, e-bikes are rapidly moving from amateur pursuits to an important form of urban transportation. Last year, more than 100,000 e-bikes were sold in Australia. What are the best electric bikes in Australia you can buy?

    Of course, the real value of electric two-wheelers lies in short trips – to school, to buy milk and bread, or even to commute – which take roughly the same time or less than a car.

    Why is the overall e-bikes market in China small?

    E-bike, if we are more rigorous, we should translate it as “electrically assisted bicycle” instead of “electric bicycle”.

    The reason for this is that the former retains the original form of the bicycle with the three-electric system installed, and the pedals and gears can still be the main tools of human power, while the latter is infinitely weaker in terms of human power, and may keep the pedals, but very few people will actually use them in the case of powerful battery power.

    To explain it more clearly, both e-bikes and pure electric bikes are powered by electricity, differing only in the proportion of their power sources: electric assisted bicycles are partially powered by electricity, and pure electric bicycles are fully powered by electricity. This is the root cause of the polarization between the two.

    Why is the overall e-bikes market in China small

    If it weren’t for the fact that e-bikes have become so popular in Europe and the United States, many people wouldn’t be aware of their existence.

    In China, for the convenience of traveling and avoiding the use of manpower, as well as the relatively disordered and chaotic market of e-bikes in the early days, people in the streets and alleys almost always ride e-bikes or even e-motorcycles.

    The rise of e-bikes and e-motorcycles can be traced back to the period 2005-2010, and the main reason for this boom was China’s massive urban motorcycle ban campaign at the beginning of this century.

    Major provincial capitals introduced measures around 2000-2005, either suspending licenses or restricting driving in different areas, such as Hangzhou and Wuhan, which both banned motorcycles in 2002.

    SAMEBIKE YY26 fat tire electric mountain bike-1

    At the end of 2002, the Ministry of Transport and Communications introduced a new rule requiring a driver’s license to drive a motorcycle on the road, which undoubtedly limited motorcycle sales.

    Another important factor was that China’s cities were only just beginning to transform their old towns, and large-scale infrastructure had not yet begun in many places.

    Even the roads in the cities were in relatively poor condition, not to mention the potholed and muddy roads in the rural areas.

    Riding a bicycle is not only laborious, but also durable, so the emergence of electric vehicles greatly alleviates the pain of people in short-distance travel.

    All the changes in the external environment have prompted the electric bikes market to explode in China.

    Moreover, electric bikes are easier to use than motorcycles, and anyone who can ride a bike can basically ride electric bikes.

    SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX electric dirt bike-5

    Although China introduced the old national standard for electric vehicles in 1999, due to the rapid development of the market, the relevant provisions of the old national standard did not conform to the actual situation, and at the same time did not have the mandatory legal effect, the traffic police lacked the corresponding existing legal basis for law enforcement.

    As a result, for a long time, China’s local management of electric bikes is basically in a laissez-faire and disorganized state.

    For example, some years ago, in many third- and fourth-tier cities and even first- and second-tier cities, people rode electric bikes on the road. Basically, no one will check wearing a helmet, not to mention that no one cares about speeding or not. What are the best bike helmets you can choose?

    Therefore, over the years, the electric vehicle industry in the development process has formed a lot of unwritten rules.


    For example, in order to range and speed, many dealers will give customers private battery modification or decoding acceleration services, the former is too risky, and more and more long range version of the model, so it has been gradually extinct;

    The latter in the past two years after the implementation of the new national standard is still very common, for example, the provisions of the speed limit of 25km / h below the pedal e-bike can actually unlocked to reach 30-35km / h.

    In terms of price, the price of electric bikes is much cheaper than motorcycles, which often cost ten thousand dollars. There are ultra-low prices of less than a thousand dollars, as well as the basic market price of two or three thousand dollars in general.

    In the era when most families did not have cars more than a decade ago, electric bikes were the main means of transportation.

    SAMEBIKE XWP10 view

    In summary, it is easy to understand that the main reason why Chinese residents are not impressed with electric bicycles comes from the strong demand for daily short-distance travel.

    The attributes of e-bikes for recreation and exercise are more obvious, coupled with China’s road management for electric bicycles is much more lenient, resulting in the overall market for e-bikes is now small and sluggish in terms of categories, while electric bicycles and electric mopeds dominate the situation. E-bikes and e-mopeds dominate the market.

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