Top 10 best electric bikes in Australia – all around $2,000-$2,500

Top 10 best electric bikes in Australia - all around $2,000-$2,500

Due to high oil prices in Australia, Australia’s e-bike market continues to grow.

This article conclude the top 10 best electric bikes in Australia – all around $2,000-$2,500(AU$3000-AU$4000). Let’s get more details about them!

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    Top 10 best electric bikes in Australia in 2023

    Here is the list of the top 10 best electric bikes in Australia in 2023 – all around AU$3000-AU$4000:

    1 Ordica Swift: AU$2,677
    2 Rilu Cruze: AU$3,786
    3 Rilu Cruze: AU$3,786
    4 Wildsyde Roam: AU$3,160
    5 Rilu Onyx: AUD3,944
    6 NCM Moscow Plus: AU$3,483
    7 NCM Paris Plus: AU$3,483
    8 Rilu Nomad: AU$3,786
    9 SAMEBIKE RS-A08: AU$3,334
    10 SAMEBIKE XWLX09: AU$1,815

    Ordica Swift

    Ordica Swift Hybrid electric bicycle will impress with its powerful responsive rear drive motor, giving you maximum performance in every ride.

    Compact, durable yet lightweight, Ordica Swift hybrid city electric bike is now better balanced with its center mount battery.

    Ordica Swift-1

    EST. $1,690
    Motor 200W with throttle
    Top speed 20 MPH
    Range 25-37MI
    Battery 36V/10.4AH
    Weight 50.48 lbs

    Ordica lithium-ion battery pack is easy to remove, so you can charge it anywhere anytime.

    Wide 2.0 puncture resistance CST tires for a more comfortable ride and maximum speed. Quality branded components Li-ion battery pack, Shimano gear sets and Tektro Disc Brakes for a maximum stop.

    Experience maximum comfort and performance while taking on the urban landscape with Ordica Swift hybrid electric bike. You can also check the top 5 hybrid electric bike for your reference.

    Ordica Swift-2

    Rilu Cruze

    Designed for comfort, Cruze is an ergonomic adventure machine. The ultra-wide handlebars measure 64cm from grip to grip and are curved with a 55°back sweep for maximum comfort.

    Riders can adjust to suit their ideal riding position thanks to the tool-free quick adjustable stem.

    Engineered to perfection with an industry leading frame geometry that enables unparalleled comfort and handling.

    Rilu Cruze-1

    EST. $2,390
    Motor 250W/50Nm
    Range 31-43MI
    Battery 36V/14AH/504Wh

    Experience the difference with the only cruiser bike on the market to come equipped with a front suspension fork. What other best beach cruiser bike can you buy now?

    With the press of your thumb unlock up to 6km/h of motor assistance before you start pedaling. Once going you can select from up to 5 different PAS power level for up to 25km/h of assistance.

    Being comfortable means riding further and the 504Wh integrated battery with Samsung lithium-ion cells, give your Cruze up to 70Km of motor assisted range.

    The battery can easily be unlocked and removed to charge anywhere with our silent, smart charger to full capacity in 7 hours.

    Rilu Cruze-2

    Earth Rex

    Earth Rex is an electric trekking hybrid bike for all occasions. REX electric bike is designed and built for riders and commuters who want a modern stylish, sturdy e-bike.

    The Earth Rex will help you get out and ride more from your daily commute and leisure rides.

    Earth Rex-1

    EST. $2,890
    Motor 250W/60Nm
    Top speed 15.5MPH
    Range 25-43MI
    Battery 48V/10.4AH

    The REX is pedal-assisted with our new high torque rear hub motor system that will provide you will a continuous speed.

    Plus the REX bike is equipped with quality branded parts like Shimano, Selle Royal, Tektro, CST that provide you comfort and safety with the added road-smoothing benefits of a suspension fork and 27.5×2.4” wide tires.

    Earth Rex-2

    Wildsyde Roam

    The classic city inspired Roam is a cool, sophisticated way to travel with its stunning color-coordinated styling, ergonomic frame and our unique stand-out color matching battery casing completing the look.

    Full length metal fenders, a rear rack and a host of other great components all come as standard.

    Wildsyde Roam-1

    EST. $1,995
    Motor 500W/81Nm
    Top speed 20 MPH
    Range 40+ MI
    Battery 48V/13.5Ah
    Weight 60 lbs

    The Roam features a lighter frame through the use of narrow gauge tubing and a lighter front end.

    The redesigned shortened and upright geometry brings the handlebars closer to the saddle thus ensuring an easy reach for all, improving comfort and maneuverability, whilst keeping the upper body in an ergonomic, relaxed position.

    With a hard wired headlight and taillight with brake light, the Roam becomes a work horse during the day and your very own Uber at night.

    Equip it with a set of baskets or saddlebags and you have plenty of room for market day, game day or party day.

    Young or old, active or not, if you are looking for a lighter, less expensive electric cruiser bike but with state of the art components and performance the Roam will fit the bill.

    Long range, quick acceleration and great top speed, the Roam will deliver you at your destination quickly and efficiently. It really is the only way to travel!

    Wildsyde Roam-2

    Rilu Onyx

    Featuring a 504Wh downtube integrated battery with Samsung lithium-ion cells the Rilu Onyx provides the average rider with a up to 70Km of motor assisted range.

    The battery can easily be unlocked and removed to charge with our silent, smart charger to full capacity in 7 hours.

    Rilu Onyx-1

    EST. $2,490
    Motor 250W/50Nm
    Range 31-43 MI
    Battery 36V/14AH

    Both frame and motor are rated to 125Kg, ensuring to flatten the steepest of hills, with the assistance of the 50Nm of torque from the rear hub motor.

    With the press of a button, riders enjoy bright front and rear LED lighting featuring optical beam management. Experience the path ahead in perfect illumination without blinding oncoming riders.

    Comfort is a must; a long-range battery means long rides. The Rilu Onyx has not only a front suspension fork but also a hidden adjustable suspension seat post that adds the feel of floating over bumps, and potholes.

    Rilu Onyx-2

    NCM Moscow Plus

    Rugged and capable, the NCM Moscow Plus is hugely versatile.

    Focusing on usability and capability, this e-bike is designed with a tough aluminium frame, and a strong rigid handlebar and saddle for improved ergonomics and performance.

    NCM Moscow Plus-1

    EST. $2,199
    Motor 500W
    Speed 20MPH
    Range 93 MI
    Battery 48V/16AH/768Wh
    Weight 57 lbs

    The high top tube, while makes the bike sturdy and strong allowing the power you put down to be effectively transferred to the road.

    The Moscow Plus continues to be a performance and value home-run, but most of all, this is a performance packed cycling machine at an unbeatable value.

    NCM Moscow Plus-2

    NCM Paris Plus

    The NCM Paris + is NCMs, curvy foldable e-bike series. With a lower tube design and a large rear mounted battery for extra range.

    NCM foldable electric bikes are designed to be compact and light weight, whilst also providing high quality strength and reliability.

    The folding frame allows for quick and easy storage (without the use of tools) in the smallest of spaces, or packing into a car or bike case to take with you on vacation.

    NCM Paris Plus-1

    EST. $2,199
    Motor 250W
    Range 80MI
    Battery 36V/19AH/684Wh
    Weight 55 lbs

    The step-through frame takes away the chore of mounting and dismounting repeatedly when you’re running errands or need to pick the bike up over small obstacles or sidewalks.

    The Paris’ motor also has a unique function that allows it to run at 4MPH without the need for pedaling, allowing you to navigate through heavy foot traffic or ride casually alongside someone who is walking.

    NCM Paris Plus-2

    Rilu Nomad

    Powered by a 504Wh long-range, Samsung battery, the Nomad offers up to 40km of comfortable rides between charges when ridden as a sit-down e-scooter using its 20km/h thumb throttle.

    With its easy removeable, but lockable 504Wh long-range, Samsung battery, the Nomad, ridden as a sit-down e-scooter, by using its 20km/h thumb throttle, offers 40km+ of comfortable rides between battery charges.

    This distance can be extended to 60km+, when riding it in the pedal-assist mode.

    Rilu Nomad-1

    EST. $2,390
    Motor 200W/40Nm
    Range 25-37MI
    Battery 36V/14AH/504Wh

    Both frame and motor are rated to 120Kg, ensuring to flatten the steepest of hills, with the assistance of the 40Nm of torque from the rear hub motor.

    The folding frame of the Nomad folding e-bike makes it convenient to store and transport.

    Its is easy and safe riding the Nomad in the dark. With the press of a button, both integrated front and rear LED lights are turned on.

    The front light has optical beam management to illuminate the path ahead without blinding oncoming riders.

    Rilu Nomad-2


    Get ready for an exhilarating ride with our 750W brushless motor, providing a max speed of up to 45km/h, perfect for satisfying your joyous riding needs in the wild.

    With a 30° max gradient, you can easily tackle steep hills and rough terrain, making it the perfect choice for outdoor adventures.

    Whether you’re exploring new trails or hitting the open road, SAMEBIKE electric bike is sure to deliver an unforgettable experience.

    Click the pic to get more details about SAMEBIKE RS-A08
    EST. $2,104
    Motor 750W/70Nm
    Top speed 35MPH
    Range 37-75 MI
    Battery 48V/17AH
    Weight 73.8 lbs

    With its large-capacity design, this battery provides long-lasting power for extended riding time and maximum distance coverage.

    The high-performance design delivers exceptional power and efficiency, providing a smooth and effortless ride every time.

    Experience ultimate control and safety with our RS-A08 electric bike equipped with 2 piston hydraulic disc brakes.

    Whether you’re cruising through city streets or tackling rough trails, our brakes deliver unmatched control and stopping power, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride every time.



    4″ fat tires and full suspension will absorb all the bumps in your path and ensure that you’ll be comfortable whether you choose the pavement or the trail.

    With a powerful 750W motor and 48V 10AH battery, you will ride faster and go further, while having more fun than ever before.

    Click the pic to get more details about SAMEBIKE XWLX09
    EST. $1,146
    Motor 750W
    Top speed 19.8MPH
    Range 25-50 MI
    Battery 48V/10AH
    Payload 331 lbs

    Permanent magnet synchronous high-speed motor adopts a brushless power system with an output of 70 torque and strong power.

    Power your life with max speed 25~35km/h. Whenever you use it, enjoy effortless riding experience even at 40 degrees uphill.

    You might like to town quickly without sitting in traffic or needing a parking space. Or simply have fun in the evening or weekend.

    Take your e-bike anywhere, without the need for a bike rack. The electric folding bike will fold up and fit in your car, in your closet, and even under your desk.



    Above are the top 10 best electric bikes in Australia – all around $2,000-$2,500. What other models do you recommend?

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