Top 12 best bike helmets for cyclists can buy right now

Top 12 best bike helmets for cyclists can buy right now

When choosing the best bike helmets, we should put safety first, but attributes such as comfort, weight, aerodynamics, ventilation, and even aesthetics should not be overlooked.

Every helmet sold by a reputable brand meets the safety standards of the region in which it is sold.

Whether you ‘re buying the best cheap road bikes or commuter bikes helmets or a top-of-the-line race helmet used by professionals, you’ll be adequately protected.

That doesn’t mean they’re all the same product. For example, road bike helmets tend to be lighter in weight compared to commuter bike helmets and often offer more ventilation holes to better vent heat when riding at full power.

Pneumatic models of helmets usually compromise on some aspects to focus on speed.

More money usually comes with more features, and most of today’s top 12 best bike helmets for cyclists can buy right now are equipped with rotational impact protection technology, represented by MIPS.

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    Best list of top 12 best bike helmets for cyclists can buy in 2023

    Here are the top 12 best bike helmets for cyclists can buy in 2023:

    • Specialized S-Works PREVAIL 3
    • Giro Aether MIPS
    • MET Rivale MIPS
    • POC Ventral SPIN
    • Lazer Vento KinetiCore
    • POC Omne Air Spin
    • Kask Protone Icon
    • MET Trenta 3K Carbon
    • Limar Air Atlas
    • Specialized S-Works Evade 3
    • Abus Airbreaker
    • POC Ventral Tempus Spin

    Buying guide of the best bike helmets

    Safety & 4 techniques to reduce rotational forces

    In recent years, scientific studies and experiments have shown that by reducing the rotational forces on the head during a crash, the risk of brain injury or concussion can also be reduced.

    • MIPS: MIPS was first designed in the mid-1990s. It is a multi-directional impact protection system that sits in a thin layer between the foam and liner inside a bicycle helmet to reduce rotational forces during a crash when subjected to a freezing impact.
    • Kineticore: KinetiCore promotes impact absorption: integrated rotational impact protection built on controlled pleat zones that protect cyclists from direct and rotational impacts, allowing them to enjoy their ride to the fullest.

    Safety & 4 Techniques to Reduce Rotational Forces

    • SPIN: This technology gives the helmet the ability to withstand multi-directional impacts. The core of this technology is fully integrated into the helmet’s special silicone liner, which slides with the head position to reduce the rotational forces caused by lateral impacts.
    • WaveCel: WaveCel is a foldable honeycomb structure lined on the inside of Bontrager helmets. It provides greater head protection from certain bicycle accidents than traditional foam helmets.

    Kineticore, SPIN, and WaveCel are patented for Lazer, POC, and Bontrager helmets, respectively, but MIPS is used in a range of helmets, and all helmets on this list are marked for whether they use this technology.

    Virginia Tech rating

    Virginia Tech’s is a laboratory that does excellent job testing helmet safety for a variety of sports, so riders like us can make informed decisions about which helmets offer the most protection in the event of a crash.

    A full explanation of the rating system can be found on Virginia Tech’s website, but simply put, a lower score means better protection.

    Any score below 14.00 is considered a five-star performance, and the best score tested so far is 8.40.

    How can I find the best bike helmets?

    Getting the right size helmet and one that is easy to adjust is of the utmost importance.

    Fortunately, most helmets have a proper adjustment with a rear mount that moves up and down to fit the back of your head well, and usually a dial adjuster to fine tune the helmet to your head circumference, although other systems are available, such as Lazer’s Scrollsys.

    Usually, there are three helmet sizes to choose from, so you can choose the right helmet for your head circumference.

    However, some helmets come in only two sizes, while others come in four sizes, which may include Asian sizes.

    How can I find the best road bike helmet

    Different helmet manufacturers produce different helmet shapes, so some designs may fit your front and back and left and right better than others.

    There is no substitute for trying on a helmet, and if you buy a helmet online and find it doesn’t fit you, the brand is obligated to let you send it back.

    While there is no substitute for trying it on before you buy, you can check the size of your head by using the manufacturer’s size guide and fabric measuring tape.

    It is also worth checking the padding, how much and where it is placed, although even the smallest amount of padding may be enough and too much may limit airflow through the shell.

    What kind of helmet is best for you?

    There are different performance orientations for road bike helmets on the market.

    Some prioritize ventilation, while others put aerodynamics at the top of the list.

    The answer to this question depends a lot on what kind of riding you do and what you think is most important.

    If you primarily riding in hot conditions, then a highly ventilated helmet is more appropriate, so look for a helmet with lots of large vents in the front.

    If you prefer to ride faster, or if you live in a cooler area, then the benefits of an aerodynamic helmet will outweigh the cost of reduced ventilation.

    If you are such a rider, look for helmets with more closed front and sleeker, more aerodynamic shapes.

    Top 12 best bike helmets for cyclists can buy in 2023

    Specialized S-Works PREVAIL 3

    Specialized S-Works PREVAIL 3 is an upgrade to the base model to improve ventilation and safety protection.

    In the new design, it uses carbon fiber side panels connected to an aramid fiber skeleton to replace some of the EPS foam.

    This greatly increases the airflow in front of the helmet, making the PREVAIL 3 a very breathable cycling helmet.

    Specialized S-Works PREVAIL 3-1

    Weight 227g (medium size)
    Technology MIPS Node Air
    Pneumatic design No
    Virginia Tech Rating 8.64
    Pros ① Excellent ventilation ② Light weight ③ MIPS and ANGi security technology
    Cons "Air Node" version of Mips lining with low protection

    The PREVAIL 3 uses an “Air Node” version of the Mips liner that focuses on ventilation and breathability, with a rotating protective sliding layer integrated directly into the helmet’s padding.

    Specialized S-Works PREVAIL 3-2

    Excellent results were achieved in safety tests conducted at Virginia Tech.

    Like all Lightning helmets, PREVAIL 3 is compatible with Lightning’s ANGi crash detection device.

    Once installed, it will alert a designated contact if you are involved in an accident.

    Giro Aether MIPS

    The Giro Aether MIPS helmet is the brand’s leading-edge model, featuring MIPS SPHERICAL technology, which claims to provide a balance of comfort, performance, ventilation and safety.

    One of the outstanding features of Giro Aether MIPS is ventilation.

    The helmet offers 11 vents, which is ideal for hot summer rides.

    But even for cold winter riding, the helmet can regulate a constant temperature very well.

    Giro Aether MIPS-2

    Weight 266g(medium size)
    Technology MIPS SPHERICAL
    Pneumatic design No
    Virginia Tech Rating 12.51
    Pros ① Excellent ventilation ② Light weight ③ Variety of colors
    Cons ① Large appearance ② Not aerodynamic enough

    Its double-layer EPS foam structure, two layers of foam can move independently and can protect the head from all kinds of impact energy.

    This design not only improves fit, but also helps improve ventilation performance as there is no additional MIPS liner.

    Giro Aether MIPS-1

    For the style conscious rider, Giro Aether MIPS is available in eleven colors.

    Unlike other models in the Giro helmet line, the Giro Aether MIPS forgoes the use of decals in favor of a three-dimensional beveled logo – all of which is very sophisticated and textured.

    MET Rivale MIPS

    It’s a lightweight, aerodynamically designed helmet that can be used on both road and mountain bike paths – and the MIPS and protections work very well.

    MET Rivale MIPS-1

    Weight 240g(medium size)
    Technology MIPS
    Pneumatic design Yes
    Virginia Tech Rating 12.70
    Pros ① Good head coverage ② The great balance of weight, size and price ③ Lightweight construction ④ Attractive and sculptural aesthetics in appearance ⑤ Good comfort and adaptability ⑥ Impressive all-round head cover ⑦ MIPS anti-slip padding with rotational impact protection
    Cons Limited color options

    With 18 vents, there is plenty of ventilation and, in terms of the holding system, you will feel comfortable thanks to the progressive 360 degree headband adjustment.

    The harness management is very good and there are no excess harnesses flapping in the wind after setup.

    MET Rivale MIPS-2

    The helmet provides a comfortable feel thanks to the combination of mesh padding around the brow and skull.

    POC Ventral SPIN

    The POC Ventral SPIN helmet proves that an aerodynamic helmet does not have to come at the expense of ventilation.

    The Ventral draws in a lot of air even at slow speeds, ensuring that the head temperature is always well regulated.

    Even at slow speeds or climbing hills, the heat seems to escape freely.

    POC Ventral SPIN-2

    Weight 248g(medium size)
    Technology SPIN
    Pneumatic design Yes
    Pros ① Very comfortable ② Good pneumatic performance ③ Good ventilation properties ④ SPIN technology provides protection against rotational forces ⑤ Light weight
    Cons ① Oversized housing ② Smooth surface is prone to scratching ③ Expensive

    The helmet also comes with the new Eye Garage design, with small clips on the inside of the vents to help tighten the grip on the eyewear legs.

    Easy storage of the rider’s best cycling glasses.

    POC Ventral SPIN-1

    The Ventral is available in a number of colors, including black and white as well as red, matte green and POC’s iconic orange.

    Lazer Vento KinetiCore

    In terms of body design, the Lazer Vento KinetiCore has a typically aerodynamic lateral profile.

    At the front, two large central vents handle most of the air intake.

    These two vents are connected by two smaller external vents that also serve as eyeglass holders for riding glasses, with six small recesses located between the brow pad and EPS foam to draw in more air.

    Lazer Vento KinetiCore-1

    Weight 286g(medium size)
    Technology KinetiCore
    Pneumatic design Yes
    Virginia Tech Rating 13.70
    Pros ① New fixing system Scrollsys ② Integrated rear lampholder ③ Easy to clean matte finish
    Cons ① Excessive spacing of the slots for placing riding glasses ② Optional rear lights pointing too far skyward ③ Helmet adjustment system may prevent the use of riding glasses

    The central vent at the top is designed to take advantage of the Venturi effect, lowering the air pressure inside the helmet to accelerate airflow and push hot air out more efficiently.

    The eight vents at the back allow quick exhaust of internal air.

    Lazer Vento KinetiCore-2

    Scrollsys fixation system around the whole head, the pressure is evenly distributed, the helmet is worn very tightly.

    KinetiCore technology will create a helmet EPS foam structure designed to deform and break in the event of a collision, reducing the impact force on the head and brain.

    POC Omne Air Spin

    The POC Omne Air SPIN helmet is cheap and is a good quality, safe and stylish road bike helmet.

    The POC Omne Air SPIN helmet is very comfortable to wear, has great ventilation and is equipped with POC’s SPIN Spin safety technology.

    POC Omne Air Spin-2

    Weight 305g
    Technology Spin
    Pros ① Simple and effective adjustment of the fixation system ② Available in two different widths to fit perfectly, regardless of your head shape ③ Stunning colors ④ Quite lightweight ⑤ Good ventilation
    Cons No padding under the strap connector

    The POC Omne Air Spin has multiple vents to direct air to the head.

    The ventilation system may seem exaggerated, but you won’t feel a chill on your scalp whether you’re riding in warmer or cooler weather.

    POC Omne Air Spin-1

    In addition to the standard Omne Air Spin and Omne Eternal Spin helmets, the Rapha version is available in three new colorways such as beige, carbon grey and navy.

    The helmet body forms the color with a small black Rapha logo on each side, while the back part of the helmet is black with the center part showing the POC logo in plain unpainted plastic.

    Kask Protone Icon

    The new Kask Protone Icon is the latest take on the classic “semi-aero” road bike helmet.

    Kask Protone Icon-2

    Weight 215g(medium size)
    Technology No
    Pneumatic design Yes
    Pros ① Semi-pneumatic design providing ample ventilation and speed advantages ② Excellent quality chin harness
    Cons ① No rotational impact protection technology ② No place to insert cycling glasses

    The Kask Protone is also quite competitive in terms of weight, weighing 215 grams for a mid-dock helmet.

    Kask Protone Icon-1

    Although not equipped with a separate rotational impact protection liner, the Protone passes the brand’s internal KASK WG11 rotational impact test.

    MET Trenta 3K Carbon

    As we all known that carbon fiber is the great bike frame materials, and Trenta 3K Carbon features a carbon fiber construction.

    It is said to reduce the amount of EPS foam without “compromising the helmet’s ability to absorb energy,” and the size reduction helps improve helmet aerodynamics.

    Compared to the conventional version, the MET Trenta 3K Carbon offers greater safety, reduced weight and improved road performance.

    MET Trenta 3K Carbon-1

    Weight 228g(medium size)
    Technology No
    Pneumatic design Yes
    Virginia Tech Rating 13.97
    Pros ① Excellent ventilation ② Safe and uniform head fixation ③ Use of carbon fiber skeleton to improve safety
    Cons ① No MIPS version available ② Expensive

    The MET Trenta 3K Carbon features the Safe-T Orbital retention system.

    The ratchet knob can be easily fine-tuned. Further adjustments can be made by modifying the positioning options for the four vertical positions and the two occipital pads.

    The fixation system is also friendly to ponytails as well as long hair.

    The spoon vents on the top of the helmet are said to have been developed by NACA, and their placement creates a venturi effect that draws hot air out of the back of the helmet, cooling the head without adding resistance.

    MET Trenta 3K Carbon-2

    The MET Trenta 3K Carbon also offers a very comfortable fit.

    The Saf-T Orbital retention system tightens very evenly around the head, providing a secure fit.

    The head pad sits at the back of the head and feels just right, with the option of different positions for fine tuning.

    Limar Air Atlas

    The Limar Air Atlas was designed in collaboration with the Astana cycling team, and Limar molded what are essentially twin carbon fiber wings into the helmet that run horizontally through the shell.

    This serves the dual purpose of adding structure and strength as well as clearing airflow through the helmet.

    The helmet has 20 vents and internal channels that run the length of the helmet.

    The helmet uses the brand’s Air Fit retention system, which features a micro-adjustment dial and three height adjustment positions.

    Limar Air Atlas-2

    Weight 268g(medium size)
    Technology Available in MIPS-equipped and MIPS-free versions
    Pneumatic design Yes
    Pros ① Well ventilated ② Comfortable
    Cons ① High price ② Oval head shape may not be suitable for everyone

    Visually, the Limar Air Atlas is a slick-looking helmet.

    While many of Limar’s other helmets have a jagged, futuristic aesthetic, the Limar Air Atlas looks smooth and comes in up to 10 colors and three sizes.

    Limar Air Atlas-1

    As carbon fiber wings form the structure of the helmet, longitudinal EPS foam ribs form the rest of the shell, creating deep channels that run the entire length.

    Most of these channels have an unobstructed path that pulls large amounts of air through the helmet at high and low speeds.

    Specialized S-Works Evade 3

    Specialized S-Works Evade 3 is upgraded to the third generation with 10 percent more ventilation than the previous generation, and Lightning says there is no loss in aerodynamics thanks to the rear diffuser.

    Specialized S-Works Evade 3-1

    Weight 303g(large size)
    Technology MIPS Node Air
    Pneumatic design Yes
    Virginia Tech Rating 10.93
    Pros ① With good ventilation ② MIPS and additional security through ANGi
    Cons ① Heavier compared to the rivals in this article ② Too few colors to choose from

    There are easy to operate adjusters and compatibility with ANGi crash detection devices.

    Specialized S-Works Evade 3-2

    For better ventilation, Lightning’s new helmet features an “Air Node” version of the Mips liner.

    Abus Airbreaker

    The Abus Airbreaker is a lightweight, well-ventilated helmet that combines road performance with comfort and style, and is available in ten different colors.

    The Abus Airbreaker has some great design details.

    When you first put the helmet on, you’ll notice a large liner attached to the semi-rigid memory liner, which moves independently of the shell for better comfort.

    It is also removable for easy cleaning.

    Abus Airbreaker-2

    Weight 220g(medium size)
    Technology No
    Pneumatic design No
    Pros ① Well ventilated ② Available in a choice of colors ③ Light weight ④ Comfortable to use
    Cons ① Counter-intuitive when using liner screws ② No rotational impact protection

    One edge of the harness has a neatly sewn seam to reduce resonance and wind noise.

    The Abus Airbreaker helmet features Abus ActiCage safety technology, a structural reinforcement integrated into the helmet’s EPS foam.

    Abus Airbreaker-1

    The Abus Airbreaker also accommodates cycling glasses well, whether you choose to insert them in the front or back. You can also check the top 10 cycling sunglasses for your reference.

    With the glasses inserted, the helmet remains comfortable and secure.

    If you’re looking for a well-ventilated, small, lightweight helmet.

    Look no further than the Abus Airbreaker to add to your cart.

    POC Ventral Tempus Spin

    In the UCI rules on road cycling helmets, it is required that “no detachable hoods are allowed to be added to the helmet during the race and no materials (tape, finishes, etc.) may be added”.

    This is why POC Ventral Tempus Spin was born.

    The POC Ventral Tempus Spin is a fairly light helmet, weighing 265 grams in the medium size. Inside the POC Ventral Tempus Spin is a lightweight holding system with replaceable padding and POC’s rotational impact protection.

    The retention system loops around the bottom edge of the EPS foam.

    At the back, you will find a knob that can be tightened horizontally and vertically.

    At the top of the plastic bracket is a comfortable light blue padding system.

    POC Ventral Tempus Spin-1

    Weight 265g(medium size)
    Technology SPIN
    Pneumatic design Yes
    Pros ① Optional "AVIP Orange" for increased visibility in dim conditions ② Replaceable padding ③ Easy to clean
    Cons ① Heavy weight compared to other products in this article ② Very single function

    Moving to the outside of the helmet, you can choose from the eye-catching AVIP Zinc Orange.

    AVIP stands for “Attention, Visibility, Interaction and Protection” and is a product line that is guided by these core principles.

    Orange is one of the core features of the POC AVIP product, and considering this is a rain helmet, low light conditions are possible, so the orange zinc color should help.

    There is also a strip of reflective material at the front of the helmet on the brow and at the back under the exhaust port.

    POC Ventral Tempus Spin-2

    Although the front and upper parts are completely closed, the amount of air flowing through them is significant.

    When the air touches your face or glasses, it flows up and through the helmet.

    Large rear vents also help create a low pressure area that pulls air out of the helmet.

    If riding long distances in the rain every day is not a scenario you’re dealing with, this solution may not make sense for you, but if you ‘re riding in the rain a lot, you may have a different perspective.


    These are the top 12 best bike helmets for cyclists can buy right now, and what other helmets do you recommend?

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