Best top 5 road bike helmets for riders can buy right now

Top 5 road bike helmets for riders can buy right now

Although riders are as careful as possible when riding, accidents can happen at any time, and a quality road bike helmet can save your life at a critical moment.

Modern road bike helmets are more advanced than ever and can comfortably protect our heads.

Today, there are a wide variety of road car helmets to choose from, and choosing the perfect fit can be difficult.

To help riders choose the right helmet, this article presents the top 5 road bike helmets for riders can buy right now. You can also check the best electric road bike for your reference.

All of them have been compared and reviewed, each undergoing months and hundreds of miles of testing.

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    Best list of the top 5 road bike helmets for riders can buy right now

    Here is the best list of the top 5 road bike helmets for riders can buy in 2023.

    1 Giro Aries Spherical
    2 POC Omne Air MIPS
    3 Trek Velocis MIPS
    4 Giro Agilis MIPS
    5 Specialized S-Works Evade 3

    Let’s explore more details about them!

    Top 5 road bike helmets for riders can buy in 2023

    Giro Aries Spherical

    The beautiful design aesthetic of the Giro helmet dates back to the 1990s.

    According to Giro, the Aries Spherical helmet is a big performance breakthrough, with some small changes while retaining the traditional Giro helmet aesthetic.

    Aries Spherical’s helmet is made up of several sturdy crossbeams interwoven over the top.

    The overall appearance is very simple, and most of the helmet is in a matte color design, which is very low-key.

    Giro Aries Spherical-1

    Weight 271g (M size)
    Technology MIPS
    Price $300
    Virginia Tech helmet safety rating 5 stars
    Number of vents 24
    Pros ① Excellent ventilation ② Excellent wrapping ③ Light weight ④ Convenient clip-on riding glasses ⑤ Very comfortable to wear
    Cons Expensive

    This helmet is ultra-compact. L size helmet makes people wonder if it is the wrong size.

    On the front of the helmet, there is a large central air vent, creating a lively and muscular visual effect for the helmet.

    At the back of the helmet, the Giro carefully cuts the material, with a streamlined tail that perfectly balances the look and feel of the front and back of the main body.

    Aries Spherical helmet has a very sharp aperture edge.

    Combined with a large matte color and embellished bright colors, the helmet looks full of texture and improves the sense of class.

    This helmet is full of comfort.

    Giro has years of experience in ergonomic design and development, analyzing and collecting large amounts of human head data to adjust the shape of its products to accommodate as many people as possible.

    Giro Aries Spherical-2

    In terms of look and feel, Aries Spherical Helmet is significantly more luxurious and comfortable than Giro’s previous offerings.

    The inside of the helmet uses very little padding, replacing it with a large number of carefully “carved” channels.

    In the actual road test, whether it is gusty, bumpy or rocking the bike sprint, the Aries Spherical helmet is “solid” on the head.

    Due to excellent stability, the driver can loosen the tightness when wearing, so that the wearing feeling is lighter and more comfortable.

    Giro claims that the helmet is 2.3 percent more breathable than its predecessor.

    Although it is difficult to verify this statement in the test, in actual riding, riders do feel that it has a “sense of existence” breathable effect.

    But this benefit can be a good thing all the time. When riding in cold weather, this helmet may make you feel cold in your head. And of course, you have to check the other winter cycling equipment.

    In addition to the excellent sweat absorption performance of the lining, this helmet is also designed with a hidden silicone strip on the front of the forehead.

    Giro Aries Spherical-3

    According to Giro, the silicone strip is effective at preventing sweat from dripping into your eyes.

    In the actual test process, its role is indeed very obvious, in the long-distance test ride, the driver’s forehead to keep a long time dry.

    The helmet received a 5-star rating in the Virginia Tech Helmet Safety test. The test results also demonstrate the effectiveness of MIPS.

    But even with so many reviews, the price of Aries Spherical helmet is still a little expensive.

    But if you just want top performance, don’t care about the price, then you will never regret choosing Aries Spherical helmet.

    POC Omne Air MIPS

    The Omne Air MIPS is POC’s classic entry-level helmet, and while the weight is not light, it uses technology that is basically in line with high-end products.

    This helmet has an excellent and recognizable exterior design, excellent breathability and a wide range of color options.

    POC helmets have always been talked about with bright colors, but do not underestimate the color of the helmet.

    A well-designed color scheme can not only make your helmet more beautiful, but also improve the visibility of road riding and protect the safety of riders.

    Of course, the helmet is also available in several low-key colors.

    POC Omne Air MIPS-1

    Weight 350g (L size)
    Technology MIPS
    Price $170
    Virginia Tech helmet safety rating 4 stars
    Number of vents 10
    Pros ① Smooth and recognizable shape ② Excellent wrapping performance ③ Comfortable adjustment system
    Cons Slightly heavy

    The Omne Air MIPS helmet has five air holes in the front, three air holes in the rear, and one air hole in the left and right of the upper part of the rear.

    The vents are designed to be wide and deep, a simple yet efficient ventilation arrangement that allows hot air to flow out of the helmet quickly.

    The Omne Air MIPS helmet looks very “showy”, but its price is much lower than some of the competitors.

    POC Omne Air MIPS-2

    Compared to POC’s other products, Omne Air MIPS helmet marketing efforts are significantly weaker.

    The helmet also has an MIPS to protect the rider’s brain in the event of an impact.

    In the Virginia Tech Helmet Safety Test, the helmet received a 4 star rating.

    During riding tests, the Omne Air MIPS helmet remained comfortable and breathable in a wide range of environments.

    In a hot riding environment, the rider’s head is always cool and dry. And it’s very important when we facing how to prevent and deal with heat stroke when riding in Summer.

    POC Omne Air MIPS-3

    There is also no pressure on the head when wearing it, and the inner padding and fastening frame perfectly match, so that the helmet is firmly fixed to the head.

    The Omne Air MIPS helmet is a great choice for drivers who want to be stylish.

    It allows you to get comfortable wear and breathability at a reasonable price, and of course a lot of attention.

    Trek Velocis MIPS

    The Trek Velocis MIPS is a small, lightweight, air permeable helmet with a thin layer of carbon fiber and 18 air holes interlaced between the rounded case.

    The M size helmet weighs just 240 grams, making it ideal for competitive and everyday use.

    It also has MIPS, which is used, but the helmet’s weight and air permeability are still very significant.

    The Velocis MIPS helmet has a removable pad design that allows you to clean it at any time.

    However, you should always be careful when disassembling, because the liner and helmet shell are directly connected, and it is easy to damage if you do not pay attention to it.

    Trek Velocis MIPS-2

    Weight 240g (M size)
    Technology MIPS
    Price $300
    Virginia Tech helmet safety rating 5 stars
    Number of vents 18
    Pros ① Amazing air permeability ② Compact exterior design ③ Use carbon fiber materials to reduce weight ④ Perfect comfort experience ⑤ Easy to wear glasses
    Cons ① Expensive ② The BOA knob that didn't work so well

    In Virginia Tech’s helmet safety rating test, Velocis MIPS received a perfect rating of 5 stars.

    It’s surprising that such a small helmet could get a perfect score.

    The overall feel of this helmet is comfortable, the internal frame is strong and secure, and there is no obvious pressure when wearing it.

    Unlike the Giro Aries Spherical helmet, the Velocis MIPS helmet is designed for both competitive and recreational riding environments.

    And the rear three-point mounting bracket is lightweight and attractive, and supports personal customization.

    Trek Velocis MIPS-1

    Thanks to the brace, even a head with a circumference of 60 cm can fit into this helmet.

    But strangely, the BOA knob doesn’t seem to work well with this helmet.

    BOA knob used in lock shoes, riding bags are very convenient, but its single adjustment and experience is not suitable for this expensive helmet.

    The BOA knob dedicated to the helmet needs to be re-optimized for the internal structure, rather than taking over directly.

    In the riding test, the experience of wearing it is still pleasant.

    Trek carefully crafted the Velocis MIPS helmet’s leading edge to minimize visual interference and help riders maintain a more aggressive riding posture and practice the riding skills.

    Riding glasses can easily get stuck on the helmet, and the wind noise of the helmet is obviously lower than that of the same level helmet, which is related to its smooth and small shape.

    Trek Velocis MIPS-3

    Many professional drivers have praised Velocis MIPS for its unique carbon fiber shell.

    Overall Trek Velocis MIPS has the performance it deserves for the price, not only with a range of technological features, but also with a weight and styling that is hard to beat in its class.

    It cleverly balances multiple factors such as weight, pneumatics, and heat dissipation, making it an excellent choice for championship drivers.

    Giro Agilis MIPS

    The Giro Agilis MIPS helmet is relatively affordable, and has good performance in terms of head fit, safety and air permeability.

    It has a sturdy helmet with a carefully designed lining under dense air vents.

    The helmet has an MIPS and can be fitted with Roc Loc 5 LED riding lights on the back of the helmet to make riding safer.

    Giro Agilis MIPS-1.1

    Weight 300g (M size)
    Technology MIPS
    Price $100
    Number of vents 32
    Pros ① Lighter than many more expensive helmets ② Excellent head fit ③ comfortable fit
    Cons Air permeability is slightly insufficient

    Surprisingly, the comfort of this helmet is basically the same as the expensive Aries Spherical helmet.

    In actual riding, despite a large number of air vent layouts, the Agilis MIPS helmet’s ventilation performance is still weak.

    In addition to a nice styling, this helmet’s adjustment system is very simple to use. The rider can adjust the helmet tightness very easily.

    Giro Agilis MIPS-1.2

    Regardless of speed and road conditions, the helmet can be firmly fixed to the head.

    At this price, the weight of this helmet is still too heavy, and the details of the edge of the vent are a bit rough, but the low price is very close to people.

    If your budget is limited, this Agilis MIPS helmet is a good choice.

    Giro Agilis MIPS-1.3

    Specialized S-Works Evade 3

    The Specialized S-Works Evade 3 is the third generation pneumatic helmet, which holds an unshakable position in all pneumatic helmets.

    Specialized claims that the helmet has improved air permeability and comfort compared to the previous generation, with a 10% increase in air permeability, which effectively dissipates the heat generated by the driver during intense exercise.

    The S-Works Evade 3 helmet gives the first impression of “high-end”.

    The overall workmanship of the helmet is very good, all kinds of details are smooth and delicate, the surface does not have any bare foam, revealing luxury and modernity everywhere.

    Specialized S-Works Evade 3-1.2

    Weight 350g (L size)
    Technology MIPS
    Price $300
    Virginia Tech helmet safety rating 5 stars
    Number of vents 9
    Pros ① Strong aerodynamic performance ② Compatible with ANGi intelligent collision sensor ③ Riding alone is more assured ④ Well-made
    Cons ① Magnetic buckle is cumbersome to use ② Expensive

    The shape of the helmet is still relatively unique. The whole thing is like a completely closed “square box.”

    Not everyone is a fan of the look, but design aesthetics and aerodynamic performance are often incompatible. Speaking of aesthetics, you can also check the top 10 women’s electric bike with special design and aesthetics.

    The S-Works Evade 3 helmet is compatible with ANGi Smart Collision Sensor, a sensor that monitors impact and rotation.

    When you’re in an accident, ANGi will automatically connect to the pairing app on your smartphone, sound an alarm and start a countdown.

    Specialized S-Works Evade 3-1.3

    If you can’t turn off the alarm before the countdown ends, the app will contact your emergency contact and tell you where you are.

    And speaking of safety, the helmet also scored 5 out of 5 stars in Virginia Tech’s helmet safety test, which isn’t surprising considering its hefty price tag.

    S-Works Evade 3 helmet with MIPS multi-directional impact protection system, very comfortable to wear, excellent air permeability.

    However, while every detail of this helmet is very delicate, the magnetic buckle used to hold it in place is a bit cumbersome to operate, and it can be replaced in a simpler way.

    However, when the S-Works Evade 3 helmet is adjusted, it can be found that it fits the head so well that riders even ignore the helmet.

    Specialized S-Works Evade 3-1.1

    Despite its semi-enclosed design, the S-Works Evade 3 helmet breathes much better in hot conditions than many non-pneumatic helmets, not to mention other pneumatic helmets.

    Although the surface of this helmet is not the smoothest, nor the lightest, it can provide an excellent cooling experience for riders in long-distance riding events.

    These performances make the S-Works Evade 3 helmet “stand out” from a large number of pneumatic helmets, making it a great choice for competition.


    Aboved are the top 5 road bike helmets for riders can buy right now, what’s your recommendation?

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