How to choose the best cycling glasses in the hot summer

choose the best cycling glasses in the hot summer

Everyone who wants to protect our eyes. Choosing the best cycling glasses is a must. Let’s take a look at how to choose the best cycling glasses to protect our eyes in summer cycling.

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    Generally speaking, riding in the hot sun is easy to hurt your eyes due to reflected light from the road or excessive ultraviolet rays, causing punctiform rupture of the cornea, inflammation and pain, resulting in symptoms such as watery eyes, feeling of foreign bodies, burning sensation, severe eye pain and inability to open your eyes.

    And then choose the best cycling glasses is an important thing that riders need to do.

    Lack of proper protective measures can easily lead to eye diseases, especially on long rides when the wind is strong, and there may even be serious consequences due to flying insects or foreign objects flying into the eyes.

    In addition to small flying insects or foreign objects flying into the eyes during a ride, the strong sunlight and powerful ultraviolet rays of summer are also very likely to cause damage to our eyes.

    Why wear cycling glasses?

    windproof, dustproof and sandproof

    Because when riding on the road, the speed will be more than 30km/h, or even reach more than 50km/h, if the eyes are exposed at this time, for the eyes it is a great harm;

    Encounter a lot of sandy roads, eyes easily get sand.

    If you ride without glasses for a long time, it is likely to cause trachoma, and your eyes will become red and congested.

    So when riding, you need to wear windproof glasses that fit your face.

    Why wear cycling glasses

    Block bright light and ultraviolet rays

    Summer is hot and sunny to dizzy times, bright blind sunlight will shine.

    People’s eyes do not want to open, this feeling must have everyone’s.

    The most effective way to avoid eye damage from glare is to wear glasses and not look directly at the glare.

    Prevent visual fatigue

    We will wear sunglasses because the sun’s rays are too strong, but general sunglasses blocking light will also reduce the surrounding light, to a certain extent, increasing the burden on the eyes, so that the eyes are overstressed, causing visual fatigue.

    Some polarized glasses can make up for this shortcoming, blocking light while enhancing the resolution of surrounding buildings and reducing the visual burden on the eyes.

    How to choose the best cycling glasses?

    Since cycling glasses are so important, we should choose the best cycling glasses that are fully functional and most suitable for ourselves.

    What aspects do we need to consider when choosing the best cycling glasses?

    Structural strength

    When we ride fast, sometimes foreign objects such as stones or insects flying in front of us are likely to hit the glasses.

    If you wear the strength of the glasses, it is quite important. If the strength is not enough, it is likely to cause damage to the glasses.

    For example, if the cornea (the transparent layer outside the black eye) is damaged, it will not fully recover and will leave scars.

    Therefore, it is very important to choose the best cycling glasses.

    Covering degree

    Cycling is an outdoor sport. Natural sunlight and wind will come from all directions.

    If the eyeglasses cover is not good enough, it will produce some dead space, unable to better protect the eyes.

    So while choosing the best cycling glasses, it is best to try them on yourself and experience the overall coverage of the glasses before buying.

    How to choose the best cycling glasses


    Hot summer riding, especially after rain riding, glasses will not appear on the vapor attached to the lens above, so in the choice of best cycling glasses at the same time, the anti-fog lens also needs to be considered aspects.

    If the heat inside the glasses emits, it will also produce fog, which is also not okay.

    Fixed degree

    When riding fast, the stability of wearing glasses must also be considered.

    When riding fast, if the glasses often fall off, you need to keep holding the frame with your hands, which is a very dangerous thing.

    Maybe the size of your frame is too big and not stable enough to fix on the bridge of your nose, how good the glasses are, they are useless. Choose the best cycling glasses is very important.

    Partial rotational light

    Cycloptic is the ability of glasses to filter sunlight from the object and then reflect the resulting cluttered light waves.

    It can filter out a lot of polarized light in diffuse reflection, thus reducing the intensity of light in the sky.

    For this function, some professionals, there are many people who will be confused with the color of the lens. The two are actually not the same meaning.

    Partial rotational light

    Lens color

    Cycling glasses with different lens colors will be different in efficacy.

    We need to choose different colors of lenses in a particular environment when choosing the best cycling glasses.

    The darker the lens color, the darker the light becomes, different environments wear different lens colors, but can also increase the contrast of light, so that we see the object more clearly, or choosing the wrong color will be counterproductive, causing unnecessary harm.

    Depending on your needs, go for different colored lenses or color-changing lenses, or choose the best cycling glasses that already come with multiple colored lenses.

    Tips: ① Usually black lenses, usually in a strong sunlight environment;

    ② Blue lenses, usually in foggy days or low visibility environments;

    ③ Yellow lenses, usually in the evening when riding, can help us increase the contrast of light to improve the clarity of things;

    ④ Chrome lenses, usually in snow or highland areas with strong ultraviolet rays;

    ⑤ Clear lenses, usually mainly used to block the riding wind and sandy weather of various foreign objects.

    The eyes are the window to the human soul, protecting your eyes is a very important thing.

    When cycling, you need to start with many details to protect your eyes, remember when preparing your travel equipment, be sure not to forget to wear a pair of cycling glasses suitable for you.

    Do you choose to wear glasses during the ride?

    Did you wear cool glasses, or did you choose them carefully?

    And now do you know how to choose the best cycling glasses for yourself?

    Talk about it in the comment section!

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