Could Reuleaux triangle tire be applied to bicycle tires

Could Reuleaux triangle tire be applied to bicycle tires-

When we talk about a tire, our first thought is that it has a circular cross-sectional shape; when we mention a triangle or Reuleaux triangle tire, we easily associate it with the stability of a triangle and its sharp angles.

Combining these two properties, we get a new shape – the Reuleaux triangle, also known as the arc triangle. Could Reuleaux triangle tire be applied to bicycle tires?

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    What is the Reuleaux triangle?

    The Reuleaux triangle was first discovered in the 19th century by Franz Reuleaux, a German mechanic and mathematician.

    To obtain a Reuleaux triangle, you first need to draw an equilateral triangle, with the three vertices of the equilateral triangle as the center of the circle, the length of the triangle sides as the radius of the circle, the part of the three circles overlapping is a Reuleaux triangle.What is the Reuleaux triangle

    Properties of Reuleaux triangle

    Reuleaux triangle is possible to make as Reuleaux triangle tire because it is a curve of constant width.

    Constant width means that a curved figure is placed in the middle of two parallel lines so that the sides of the figure are tangent to the parallel lines.

    No matter how this curved figure moves, as long as it remains within these two parallel lines, then the figure will always be tangent to these two parallel lines.

    This means that when the Reuleaux triangle tire is used as a wheel, the base on top does not go up and down, but moves forward smoothly like a normal wheel.

    In addition to the Reuleaux triangle, there are also Reuleaux pentagons, Reuleaux heptagons, etc.

    Properties of Reuleaux triangle

    Only when the number of sides of a positive polygon is odd, is there a corresponding fixed-width figure.

    When the polygon has an even number of sides, such as a square or hexahedron, the corresponding fixed-width figure is not available.

    In addition, we are most familiar with the circle, which is also a fixed-width figure.

    When these shapes have the same fixed width, the circle has the largest area of all shapes of equal width, and the Reuleaux triangle has the smallest area.

    Application of the Reuleaux triangle - Reuleaux triangle tire

    In industrial production, round holes are easy to drill and can be made with any shape of drill by rotating on a fixed axis.

    But how do you make a square hole? This is where the Reuleaux triangle drill comes in.

    This type of drill has a rotation axis that is slightly off the geometric center and moves in circular motion, so that the sides of the drill are approximately square, making it very easy to make square holes.

    In life, we often use pencils, which also have the shadow of the Reuleaux triangle.

    When holding a pencil to write, we usually hold it with three fingers, while the arc of each side of the Reuleaux triangle tire touches one finger closely, allowing better control of the pen.

    Based on this mechanism of better grip, the Reuleaux triangle was mostly used when designing the cross-section of pencils for young children.

    It is also interesting to note that the Reuleaux triangle has been tested on bicycle tires, known as Reuleaux triangle tire.

    In life, we usually see tires that are round, but why is the triangle shape not applied to tires that we known Reuleaux triangle tire when it is so solid? Is the Reuleaux triangle tire real?

    Application of the Reuleaux triangle

    Since the Reuleaux triangle is a special shape, can it be used in bicycle tires?

    The Reuleaux triangle tire has three rounded sides, and its biggest feature is that it has the same width in any direction.

    It can still be tangent to the top and bottom lines after a certain angle of rotation.

    The graph with this characteristic, we call it “equal-width curve”, the circle is the most typical equal-width curve.

    See here, some friends may have questions: why there are so many kinds of equal width curves, do we see the shape of the wheel or just a round one just like Reuleaux triangle tire?

    This brings us to another element of the wheel: the axle.

    Because the tire is not just a disk that rolls along its edge, it also needs the rotation of the axle to drive it to roll. When driving a round wheel to roll, the axle is smooth.

    The Reuleaux triangle tire, on the other hand, has an undulating shaft, and the Reuleaux triangle tire has a square rotation path, so its primary use is not as a wheel, but as a square hole drill.

    If the Reuleaux triangle tire is used as a bicycle wheel, the bike ride will feel very bumpy.

    In the video, the designers added rectangular baffles in front of the tires, also to ease such a riding experience, but it still can’t be completely avoided.

    And such a bike is really hard to ride. If the general person is not skilled in riding, it is not stable, and the speed is relatively slow, riding has not walked fast.

    What are the characteristics of good bicycle tires?

    ① Rolling resistance

    When the tires starts to roll, you want it to keep rolling and not slow down, which of course is not possible because of wind and other resistance.

    In terms of the resistance of the bicycle itself, a small part of the reason is the resistance of the flower hub, and the other main part is the “rolling resistance” of the tires.

    The lower the rolling resistance, the easier it is to maintain your speed, in other words, you will increase your speed with the same amount of effort. Needless to say, the less rolling resistance, the better.

    For more details about this, you can refer to how to choose a bicycle tire tread pattern to get.

    ② Grip

    The last thing you want to happen when you are turning or braking is to skid, where the “grip” of the tyres is a key.

    Even if you’re accelerating in a straight line, you need a grip when you’re pushing hard. The bigger the grip, the better.

    ③ Road sense

    Encounter uneven road surface, some tires will make you feel very bumpy, shock the whole body uncomfortable, some tires are stuffy no feeling, and some tires are let you feel the changes in road conditions but do not feel bumpy.

    These feelings are collectively referred to as “road sense,” and you want to have a comfortable road sense, not a bumpy road sense.

    ④ Wear resistance

    Bicycle tires are generally expensive, and the amount of rubber required per unit is calculated to be how many times more expensive than car tires.

    So of course you will hope that such an expensive thing can last a little longer, which is the responsibility of the tire wear resistance.

    The better the wear resistance, the longer the mileage can be used. 

    ⑤ Explosion-proof

    Broken tires can be said to be the most common failure encountered in bicycle leisure sports, and in order to lightweight tire skin is often only a thin layer, not easy to withstand the puncture of stones, glass, and branches.

    Most tires for outdoor use have an “explosion-proof” design to prevent foreign matter from piercing the mesh cover.

    After knowing these, do you think the Reuleaux triangle tire can be applied to bike tires?

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