The rapid growth of the Southeast Asia electric two-wheeler market

The rapid growth of the Southeast Asia electric two-wheeler market

The implementation of oil-to-electricity conversion policies in the Southeast Asian market is spurring a major explosion in demand for electric two-wheeler mobility.

Since 2019, in order to cope with carbon emissions and environmental pollution, Southeast Asian countries represented by Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam have introduced relevant policies to restrict the use of traditional fuel motorcycles.

And by 2023, Southeast Asian countries have introduced subsidies for the purchase of electric two-wheeled vehicles to speed up the “oil-to-electric” process, and the demand for electric two-wheeled travel in the Southeast Asian market is also being released.

Travel demand in the Southeast Asian market has also been steadily released. Fuel motorcycles are gradually being replaced by electric motorcycles, electric bikes, electric cars and other electric two-wheeled products.

Southeast Asia has become another important growth market for electric two-wheelers.

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    High demand for two-wheelers in the Southeast Asian market

    Southeast Asia is the world’s third largest market for two-wheeled vehicles. Relevant data show that in 2022, the motorcycle market size of ten ASEAN countries reached 10.6 million units, ranking third in the world.

    In the first six months of this year, motorcycle sales in Southeast Asia reached 7.5 million units, one of the fastest growing regions in the world.

    Meanwhile, by 2022, the number of motorcycles in Southeast Asia has reached 200 million, of which 70 million are in Indonesia, more than 45 million in Vietnam, and more than 30 million in Thailand.

    Fuel prices continue to rise. The energy crisis caused by the Russia-Ukraine war has led to a 33%-45% increase in gasoline prices in Southeast Asia in 2023Q1 compared to 2021Q1, which has significantly increased the cost of traditional fuel motorcycles and made more and more consumers consider switching to electric two-wheeled vehicles.

    Southeast Asian governments are also eager to reduce their dependence on imported fuels through the promotion of electrified products.

    High demand for two-wheelers in the Southeast Asian market

    Since 2023, Southeast Asian countries have introduced subsidies for the purchase of electric two-wheeled vehicles, and the Philippines has proposed granting import tariff exemptions for electric motorcycles, electric two-wheeled vehicles and their parts within the next five years; What are the top 10 two-wheeler battery companies in the world?

    Indonesia and Thailand have also decided to provide subsidies of more than $412 per electric motorcycle.

    Southeast Asia is a mountainous region, backward public transportation infrastructure, and urban transportation distance of 10-20 kilometers, so the motorcycle has become the most important way of travel, in the survey of motorcycle ownership in major Asian countries, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and other Southeast Asia ranked far ahead of the high oil prices, policy catalyzed by the replacement of the oil motor will also unleash a huge demand for two-wheeled trips, Southeast Asia is expected to become the next potential market for electric two-wheeled vehicle industry.

    The Southeast Asian market is expected to become the next potential growth point for the electric two-wheeled vehicle industry.

    Electric two-wheeled penetration rate is low, the market development space is large

    As of 2022, electric motorcycles account for less than 1% of the Southeast Asian market, with huge room for future growth.

    Among them, the Vietnamese electric motorcycle market started a little earlier, the penetration rate has exceeded 10%, and other countries are less than 5%.

    Under the policy of “oil to electricity”, Southeast Asia’s electric two-wheeled vehicle market is in its infancy and has entered a stage of rapid growth, coupled with the popularization of electric two-wheeled policy measures has also landed, also attracted a lot of enterprises to join. How to test a motorcycle battery?

    Electric two-wheeled penetration rate is low, the market development space is large

    Growing demand in the B2B market

    In addition to daily travel needs, Southeast Asia’s take-out, courier and other delivery services, as well as the sharing economy , are also in a stage of rapid development.

    Many companies, through B-side cooperation, open up a wider market, such as cooperation with delivery platforms to launch electric motorcycle rental mode or directly sold to delivery platforms.

    Grab and Gojek have both launched their own electric motorcycle fleets, and Grab has partnered with Indonesian electric motorcycle brand Viar Motor and power-swapping brand SWAP, whose electric motorcycle SMOOT has launched SMOOT Tempur to meet Grab’s electric motorcycle demand.

    Gojek said this year it plans to fully electrify all cars and motorcycles on its platform by 2030.

    And it has partnerships with Indonesian electric motorcycle company Gesits, EV brand Gogoro, from Taiwan, China, and Vietnamese EV company Selex to provide drivers with electric motorcycles and electric cars. You can also check the top 5 electric motorcycle brands in Pakistan.

    Growing demand in the B2B market

    The demand for B-side electric two-wheelers in Southeast Asia will not only present an opportunity for the brand itself, but will also greatly contribute to the implementation of the use of electric two-wheelers throughout the region.

    All in all, the Southeast Asian electric two-wheeler market is still at an early stage, with a large amount of market demand still to be tapped.

    The motorcycle market in Southeast Asia is currently dominated by Japanese brands, but in the field of electric motorcycles, Chinese brands still have great potential.

    The electrification of the Southeast Asian market is in its infancy. Chinese enterprises can rely on mature supply chain systems and perfect support systems.

    In Southeast Asia, “oil to electricity” is on the trend to occupy more market share first.

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