New York plans to open larger electric four-wheelers for deliveries

New York plans to open larger electric four-wheelers for deliveries

The New York City Department of Transportation announced on August 14 that it will propose a law change to open larger four-wheeled cargo bikes to the road.

The proposed rule would allow pedal-assist bikes up to 48 inches wide with four wheels, whereas previous New York regulations did not allow four-wheeled bikes and placed restrictions on the width of bicycles and their cargo using bike lanes. You can also check the top 10 electric bike brands in the world.

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    New York City's micro-distribution hubs

    For reasons of safety and road use, the government has restricted the width of cargo bikes, limiting the types of delivery vehicles to three-wheeled box, two-wheeled front-box and compact cargo bikes, and standard pallet-size 48-inch wide cargo bike models typically used by international carriers such as DHL and UPS, as well as restricting the movement of more types of cargo products by regular cargo vehicles, and the ability to liberalize restrictions on cargo.

    The ability to liberalize restrictions on cargo bikes would allow more manufacturers and carriers to enter the market, and since New York is a large market for cargo e-bikes, lowering barriers to entry would also provide a huge opportunity for more cargo bike startups. Check the best e-cargo bike for your reference.

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    New York City is densely populated. Before COVID-19, 40% of New York’s courier deliveries to the door, today it is 80%, but about 90% of the goods are transported by trucks, squeezing the city’s space and adding pollution, so there is a growing call for changes to regulations on restrictions on cargo bikes.

    In order to improve the city’s transportation environment, New York City has chosen to use cargo bikes instead of large trucks.

    In April of this year, New York City announced the use of “micro-hubs,” New York City’s micro-distribution hubs are planned to be located in designated on- or off-street locations to make it easier for trucks to unload items onto lower-emission modes of transportation, such as electric carts or cargo bikes, and then complete the “last mile” of delivery.

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    New York launched a commercial cargo bike pilot program for parcel carriers in late 2019, and this amendment to the cargo bike rules will further expand the commercial freight sector, with New York City’s dense population providing a huge potential market for electric cargo bikes.

    The growth of the U.S. freight market has been fueled by the growth of online shopping, and since NYC DOT launched its Commercial Cargo Bike Pilot Program in 2019, New York City has seen a significant increase in cargo bike deliveries.

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    In 2022, more than 130,000 trips were made by cargo bikes, delivering more than 5 million packages, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 650,000 metric tons, demonstrating that e-cargo products have become an important part of the last mile of the journey.

    This demonstrates that electric freight products have become an efficient delivery mode in the last mile logistics relay race, and have unparalleled advantages in reducing carbon emissions for other modes of transportation, which has led to growth in the U.S. e-bike freight delivery market.

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    Electric cargo bikes in New York

    In the United States, cargo bikes are widely used in food delivery services and small parcel delivery.

    The quality of service and efficiency have been improved, the application of cargo bikes is a perfect solution to the problem of the last kilometer of commercial freight, and its utilization rate is also increasing.

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    The Department of Transportation launched its own electric pedal-assisted four-wheeled cargo bike in May, called the “Cargi B”, which looks like a minivan with pedals.

    Just two cargo e-bikes can replace a traditional delivery truck, which is equivalent to a 30,872-mile reduction in passenger vehicle mileage.

    The Mayor of New York said: “Cargo bikes have always been an important tool for our government to move goods around the city while prioritizing street safety and our environment, and these pedal-assisted cargo bikes will help New Yorkers get the things they need while reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion, and keeping dangerous trucks off our streets! “

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    Electric cargo bikes are already a mature market in Europe, but the U.S. market is starting to catch up with Europe, and the potential of the U.S. cargo bike market is poised to be realized as demand for cargo bikes grows and relevant legislation improves.

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