Best top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Bulgaria

Top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Bulgaria

The electric bike market in Bulgaria is experiencing growth, driven by increasing environmental awareness and a shift towards sustainable transportation.

This trend is part of a broader European pattern where electric bikes (e-bikes) are becoming popular due to their benefits in reducing traffic congestion and pollution, as well as promoting health and fitness.

In this article, we will explore the best e-bike brands in Bulgaria.

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    Best-list of top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Bulgaria

    The top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Bulgaria in 2024 includes:

    • Maxcom
    • DRAG Bicycles
    • Econic One
    • Elesco
    • Leader 96
    • Cross Ltd.
    • Rock Machine
    • Byox
    • Neomouv
    • Sprint


    Official website:

    Maxcom, established in Bulgaria, is a prominent bicycle and e-bike manufacturer. The company prides itself on high-quality production and extensive experience in the cycling industry.

    Maxcom company

    Maxcom has a strong market presence in Europe, with advanced production facilities that allow for large-scale manufacturing. Who are the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Europe?

    Maxcom produces a variety of electric bikes, focusing on performance and durability. Their e-bikes are equipped with advanced motor systems and long-lasting batteries, catering to both urban and off-road cycling enthusiasts.

    Maxcom e bike

    DRAG Bicycles

    Official website:

    DRAG Bicycles is a well-known Bulgarian brand, established in 2000. They are recognized for their innovative designs and high-quality bicycles, including a range of electric bikes.

    DRAG Bicycles electric bike

    DRAG Bicycles has a solid reputation and a strong distribution network, serving both the local and international e-bike market.

    Their e-bikes are known for their robust design, powerful motors, and user-friendly features. They incorporate cutting-edge technology to enhance the cycling experience, including integrated battery systems and advanced control units.

    DRAG Bicycles e bike

    Econic One

    Official website:

    Econic One specializes in smart electric bikes, aiming to provide sustainable and efficient urban mobility solutions. They are dedicated to combining technology with traditional cycling.

    Econic One electric bike

    Econic One is growing rapidly, with increasing popularity in urban areas due to the rise in demand for eco-friendly transportation options.

    Their e-bikes feature smart connectivity options, GPS tracking, and mobile app integration. Econic One emphasizes battery efficiency and lightweight design, making their bikes ideal for city commuting.

    Econic One e bike


    Official website:

    Elesco is an electric vehicle manufacturer with a presence in Bulgaria. It is also one of the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Southeast Asia. They offer a wide range of electric bikes and scooters designed to provide eco-friendly and cost-effective transportation solutions.

    Elesco e bike

    Elesco has a strong focus on expanding their market reach and enhancing their product lineup to meet growing consumer demands.

    Elesco’s e-bikes are equipped with powerful lithium-ion batteries and efficient motors. They incorporate smart features like regenerative braking, USB charging ports, and anti-theft technology.

    Elesco electric bike

    Leader 96

    Official website:

    Leader 96, founded in 1996, is a Bulgarian company that manufactures a wide range of bicycles, including electric bikes. They are known for their high standards in production and design.

    Leader 96 electric bike

    Leader 96 has established a strong presence in Europe, exporting a significant portion of their production.

    Their e-bikes feature robust frames, reliable battery systems, and efficient electric motors. They focus on providing versatile e-bikes suitable for various terrains and riding styles.

    Leader 96 e bike

    Cross Ltd.

    Official website:

    Cross Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of bicycles and e-bikes in Bulgaria. They have a rich history of innovation and quality in the cycling industry.

    Cross Ltd. electric bike

    Cross Ltd. continues to expand its product range and market reach, maintaining a strong presence in both local and international markets.

    Their electric bikes are designed with performance and comfort in mind, featuring high-capacity batteries and advanced motor systems. They offer a variety of models tailored to different cycling needs.

    Cross Ltd. e bike

    Rock Machine

    Official website:

    Rock Machine is a renowned brand known for its rugged and high-performance bicycles, including a line of electric bikes designed for both urban and mountain biking.

    Rock Machine electric bike

    The company enjoys a strong reputation for durability and innovation, appealing to a broad spectrum of cyclists.

    Rock Machine’s e-bikes are equipped with powerful motors, long-lasting batteries, and advanced suspension systems, making them ideal for challenging terrains and long rides.

    Rock Machine e bike


    Official website:

    Byox is a dynamic company that offers a variety of mobility solutions, including electric bikes. They focus on creating practical and affordable products for everyday use.

    Byox e bike

    Byox is steadily growing, with a focus on innovation and meeting the needs of modern commuters.

    Their e-bikes are designed for practicality, featuring easy-to-use controls, efficient battery systems, and durable construction. Byox aims to make electric biking accessible to a wider audience.

    Byox electric bike


    Official website:

    Neomouv is a French company with a presence in Bulgaria, known for its stylish and efficient electric bikes. They focus on integrating technology with elegant design. Explore the top 10 electric bike manufactures in France for your reference.

    Neomouv electric bike

    Neomouv has a strong market presence in Europe, with a growing customer base due to the increasing popularity of e-bikes.

    Their e-bikes feature sleek designs, high-performance batteries, and user-friendly interfaces. Neomouv emphasizes comfort and style, making their bikes popular among urban riders.

    Neomouv e bike


    Official website:

    Sprint(a brand under Maxcom) is a well-established Bulgarian bicycle manufacturer that offers a range of electric bikes. They are committed to quality and innovation in their products.

    Sprint electric bike

    Sprint has a robust market presence, with a reputation for producing reliable and well-designed bicycles and e-bikes.

    Sprint’s e-bikes are known for their sturdy construction, efficient motors, and long-lasting batteries. They offer a variety of models to cater to different riding preferences, from city commuting to off-road adventures.

    Sprint e bike


    The e-bike market in Bulgaria is expanding, reflecting a wider European trend. The overall European e-bike market is projected to grow significantly in the coming years, driven by urbanization, government incentives, and increasing consumer preference for eco-friendly transportation.

    These manufacturers represent the diversity and innovation within Bulgaria’s electric bike market. Each company brings its unique strengths, from advanced technology and eco-friendly designs to high-quality manufacturing and strong market presence.

    Whether for urban commuting, off-road adventures, or leisure riding, these brands offer a wide range of electric bikes to meet the needs of different riders.


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