Best top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Africa

Top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Africa

The electric bike (e-bike) market in Africa is emerging and showing significant potential for growth.

E-bikes provide a cost-effective mode of transportation compared to traditional vehicles, especially in regions where fuel prices are high and public transportation infrastructure is underdeveloped.

Some African governments are beginning to support the adoption of electric vehicles, including e-bikes, through policies and incentives aimed at reducing emissions and promoting green transportation.

While the e-bike market in Africa is still in its early stages, it holds promise for addressing transportation challenges, promoting sustainability, and fostering economic growth.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Africa.

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    Best-list of top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Africa

    The top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Africa in 2024 includes:

    • Ampersand
    • eWAKA
    • eBee
    • Moja Ride
    • Mobility for Africa
    • Green Scooter
    • Solar E-Cycles
    • Giant
    • Trek
    • TIER Mobility


    Official website:

    Ampersand is a leading electric vehicle company in East Africa, focusing on creating affordable electric motorcycles. Their mission is to make electric vehicles more accessible and sustainable in the region.

    Ampersand e motorbike

    The company has rapidly expanded in Rwanda, with plans to extend its services to other African countries. They are backed by significant funding, enabling the production of high-quality electric motorcycles.

    Ampersand’s flagship product is the electric bike/motorcycle designed for local conditions. They use swappable battery technology, reducing downtime for riders and enhancing the efficiency of their transportation solutions.

    Ampersand electric bike


    Official website:

    eWAKA offers innovative e-bike solutions aimed at transforming urban mobility in Africa. The company focuses on fleet management and delivery solutions, catering to businesses and individuals.

    eWAKA e bike

    Based in Nairobi, Kenya, eWAKA is expanding its reach across East Africa. They have established a solid presence in the local market with increasing adoption of their services.

    eWAKA provides electric bicycles and scooters designed for urban logistics and personal commuting. Their platform integrates IoT technology for real-time fleet management and optimization.

    eWAKA electric bike


    Official website:

    eBee is dedicated to providing sustainable e-bicycles for urban and rural areas in Kenya. The company aims to reduce carbon emissions and offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional motorbikes.

    eBee e bike

    eBee has been successful in establishing a customer base in Kenya, focusing on both individual and business clients. Their efforts are supported by local partnerships and community engagement.

    eBee’s electric bicycles are equipped with robust batteries and are designed for the diverse terrains of Kenya. Their technology emphasizes durability and efficiency, suitable for both short and long-distance travel(top 5 long range electric bike).

    eBee electric bike

    Moja Ride

    Official website:

    Moja Ride is a mobility-as-a-service provider in Côte d’Ivoire, offering electric vehicles and a ride-hailing platform to improve urban transportation.

    Moja Ride company

    Moja Ride has seen significant growth in Abidjan, with plans to expand to other West African cities. The company is leveraging technology to streamline urban mobility and reduce traffic congestion.

    Moja Ride’s platform includes electric cars and bikes integrated with a ride-hailing app. Their focus on technology enables efficient route planning and seamless user experiences.

    Moja Ride staffs

    Mobility for Africa

    Official website:

    Mobility for Africa focuses on providing green mobility solutions for rural communities using electric tricycles and renewable energy. They aim to enhance the livelihoods of women and families in off-grid areas.

    Mobility for Africa electric bike

    Operating in Zimbabwe, Mobility for Africa has made significant strides in addressing rural transportation challenges. They are looking to expand into Zambia and other regions.

    The Hamba tricycle is their flagship product, designed for rural use with a focus on durability and low-cost maintenance. They use solar-powered charging stations to support their vehicles.

    Mobility for Africa e bike

    Green Scooter

    Official website:

    Green Scooter is a South African company that provides electric scooters and motorcycles aimed at reducing urban pollution and offering sustainable transportation options.

    Green Scooter electric bike

    Green Scooter has established itself in the South African market, catering to eco-conscious consumers and businesses. They are focused on expanding their product line and market reach.

    Their electric scooters are designed for urban commuters, featuring high-capacity batteries and efficient motors. They emphasize ease of use and affordability.

    Green Scooter e bike

    Solar E-Cycles

    Official website:

    Solar E-Cycles is an innovative company providing solar-powered electric bicycles and tricycles, aiming to deliver sustainable mobility solutions in Africa.

    Solar E Cycles e bike

    The company operates in various African countries, promoting the use of solar energy in transportation. Their business model includes leasing options to make their products more accessible.

    Solar E-Cycles combines solar panels with electric bicycles, allowing for self-sufficient and eco-friendly transportation. Their designs are tailored for both urban and rural settings.

    Solar E Cycles bike


    Official website:

    Giant is a globally renowned bicycle manufacturer with a strong presence in South Africa. They offer a wide range of bicycles, including electric models designed for various uses.


    As one of the top 20 electric bike manufacturers in the world, Giant has a robust distribution network in South Africa, catering to both recreational and professional cyclists. They continue to innovate and expand their e-bike offerings.

    Giant’s electric bicycles feature advanced battery technology and efficient motors, providing reliable performance for commuting and off-road adventures.

    Giant race


    Official website:

    Trek is a leading global bicycle manufacturer with a presence in Africa, known for high-quality bikes and innovative designs. They offer a range of electric bikes suitable for different terrains.


    Trek has established a strong market presence in Africa, leveraging their global brand reputation. They focus on delivering superior quality and performance in their products.

    Trek’s electric bikes incorporate cutting-edge technology, including integrated batteries and smart systems for enhanced riding experiences. They cater to both urban commuters and adventure seekers.


    TIER Mobility

    Official website:

    TIER Mobility is a European micro-mobility company expanding into Africa, offering electric scooters and bikes for urban mobility solutions.

    TIER Mobility e bike

    TIER is growing its footprint in African cities, focusing on sustainable and efficient transportation options. They are well-funded and continuously innovating their product offerings.

    TIER’s electric scooters and bikes are equipped with IoT technology for fleet management and user convenience. Their focus is on reducing carbon emissions and enhancing urban mobility.

    TIER Mobility electric bike


    These companies represent a diverse array of electric bike solutions tailored to the unique transportation needs and conditions across Africa. You can also check the top 15 electric bike manufacturers in the Asia for your reference.

    Each manufacturer leverages innovative technology to promote sustainable and efficient mobility, contributing to the broader goal of reducing carbon emissions and improving transportation infrastructure on the continent.

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