Analysis of the latest European bike market sales data

Analysis of the latest European bike market sales data

Last year, the European e-bike market underwent a major correction, with total sales in the seven major countries for which 2023 sales figures have been published declining by 8% year-on-year to 4,178,713 units from 4,555,264 units in 2022.

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    Market performance varies by country

    Market performance varied significantly across the seven countries Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium. Total sales in Austria fell 14.7% to €1.18 billion.

    Italian e-bike sales were down 19%, while the German market fell just 5% to 2.1 million units sold. The Netherlands followed with sales of 453,000 units, down 7% year-on-year. However, Spain, a major EU market, has yet to release its market figures for 2023.

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    E bike market volume in unit sales

    Market Value and Volume

    In markets such as Germany and the Netherlands, the average retail price of e-bikes increased, but this did not compensate for the decline in overall market value.

    In Austria and Italy the market value fell by 15% and 18% respectively. But overall after more than a decade of rapid growth, the e-bike market seems to be entering a period of stabilization.

    Electric bike enthusiasm rises, while traditional bike market falls

    Despite the market decline, consumer interest in e-bikes has not waned. Many consumers are choosing e-bikes as a way to avoid traffic jams and crowded public transportation. Even after the initial buying frenzy of the epidemic has passed, consumer enthusiasm for cycling remains high.

    Meanwhile, the traditional bicycle market has hit a cold streak in major European markets. The sharp drop in sales is linked to overstocking and the trend towards motorization. Despite continued growth in e-bike market share, sales fell by almost a quarter in Austria, Italy and Belgium.

    Germany saw a decline of 21%, France and Switzerland each saw a decline of 16%, while the Netherlands saw a relatively small decline of 5%. Overall, total market sales fell 19% from 6.95 million units in 2022 to 5.6 million units.


    Redistribution of market share

    The wide differences between the e-bike and traditional bike markets have also led to a redistribution of market share. Trends in the popularity of e-bikes have generally continued to rise over the past nine years, with some exceptions.

    The Netherlands maintained its e-bike market share at 56%, while Switzerland declined from 45.2% in 2022 to 43.7%.

    Germany and Italy have increased their market share by 5% and 6% respectively, and the strong growth of e-bikes in these two markets may be related to the promotion and acceptance of e-bikes in these countries.

    E bike market share in sales volume per country

    Changes in the total value euros and volume unit sales of the European bicycle market


    From these figures, we can see some subtle changes in the e-bike market. Although overall sales have declined, consumer interest has not diminished, suggesting that the market still has potential.

    The decline in the traditional bicycle market(electric bike vs regular bike) could be a signal that we need to pay more attention to product innovation and changes in consumer demand.

    E-bike manufacturers should pay more attention to the quality and innovation of their products and how they meet the needs of different consumer groups.

    This includes using technology, such as smart apps, to enhance the user experience and vehicle performance. Overall, despite market volatility, e-bikes still have plenty of room for growth.


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