Top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Sweden

Top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Sweden

The ease of gliding through the scenic streets of Stockholm, powered by a quiet, efficient, and environmentally friendly motor.

This is becoming a common sight as e-bikes gain popularity in Sweden. As the country embraces sustainable and eco-friendly transportation options, e-bikes are leading this green movement.

Sweden’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions and promote healthy living have significantly increased the adoption of electric bikes. This study will highlight the top e-bike manufacturers actively serving the Swedish market – top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Sweden.

From locally produced models to internationally acclaimed brands, these manufacturers offer a variety of options to meet every rider’s needs.

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    Best-list of top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Sweden in 2024

    The top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Sweden includes:

    • Crescent
    • Skeppshult
    • Ecoride
    • Monark
    • Husqvarna
    • Rawbike
    • Walleräng
    • Blix
    • Ström Bikes


    Official website:

    Crescent is a well-established Swedish brand, renowned for producing high-quality e-bikes. The brand has a rich history dating back to 1908 and has become a staple in the Swedish e-bike market.

    Crescent products

    Types of e-bikes

    • City bikes
    • Mountain bikes
    • Hybrid bikes


    • Robust construction: Made to handle the Nordic climate with high-quality materials.
    • Comfortable ride: Ergonomically designed for a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.
    • Advanced technology: Incorporating the latest in e-bike technology for enhanced performance.

    Service areas

    Crescent primarily serves the Swedish market but also extends its services across Europe through its parent company, Cycleurope.

    This allows Crescent to maintain a strong presence in several European countries, ensuring accessibility and support for a broader customer base.

    Crescent e bike


    Official website:

    Skeppshult is a renowned Swedish manufacturer with a long-standing tradition of crafting high-quality bicycles.

    Established in 1911, Skeppshult has built a reputation for producing durable and reliable bikes, with a particular focus on e-bikes in recent years.

    Skeppshult office

    Types of e-bikes

    • City e-bikes
    • Hybrid e-bikes


    • Handcrafted quality: Each bike is meticulously assembled to ensure high standards.
    • Sustainability: The company prioritizes eco-friendly materials and processes.
    • Comfort and durability: Designed to provide a comfortable ride while being robust enough to withstand the Nordic climate.

    Service areas

    Skeppshult primarily serves the Swedish market but also has a presence in various parts of Europe. Their extensive network ensures that customers receive excellent support and service.

    Skeppshult e bike


    Official website:

    Ecoride is a leading Swedish e-bike brand known for its commitment to eco-friendly transportation and high-quality craftsmanship.

    Established in 2008, Ecoride has become a prominent name in the e-bike market, with a focus on providing sustainable and reliable electric bicycles.

    Ecoride product

    Types of e-bikes

    • Commuter bikes
    • City bikes
    • Cargo bikes


    • Eco-friendly: All bikes are designed with a strong focus on reducing environmental impact.
    • High-quality components: Equipped with durable and reliable parts suitable for the Nordic climate.
    • Safety and comfort: Ecoride prioritizes safety with stable frames and well-balanced designs, ensuring a comfortable ride.

    Service areas

    Ecoride primarily serves the Swedish market but also has a significant presence in several European countries.

    They have over 200 dealers across Scandinavia and Europe, as well as concept stores in major Swedish cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö​. Who are the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Europe?

    Ecoride e bike


    Official website:

    Monark is a historic Swedish brand, renowned for its robust and reliable bicycles. Founded in 1908, Monark has a long-standing tradition in the cycling industry and is currently part of the Cycleurope group.

    Monark e bike

    Types of e-bikes

    • City bikes
    • Hybrid bikes


    • Durable construction: Designed to withstand daily use and diverse weather conditions.
    • Comfortable ride: Equipped with ergonomic designs to ensure a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.
    • Quality components: Utilizes high-quality parts like the EGOING motor system for reliable performance.

    Service areas

    Monark continues to actively provide services in Sweden and other parts of Europe. Their e-bikes, such as the popular Monark e-Karin model, are well-established in the market and are known for their reliability and performance.

    Monark electric bike


    Official website:

    Husqvarna is renowned for its robust and innovative designs, leveraging its rich history in two-wheeled vehicles to create high-performance e-bikes.

    Known for their quality and durability, Husqvarna e-bikes cater to both mountain biking enthusiasts and everyday riders.

    Husqvarna product

    Types of e-bikes

    • Mountain e-bikes
    • Trekking e-bikes


    • High-performance motors: Equipped with Shimano EP8 and EP6 motors for smooth and powerful rides.
    • Robust construction: Featuring full-carbon and aluminum frames designed for durability and performance(bike frame materials).
    • Innovative design: Models like the Mountain Cross MC6 offer intuitive geometry and balanced riding experience, making them suitable for both descending and climbing.

    Service areas

    Husqvarna e-bikes are available globally, with a significant presence in Sweden and other international markets.

    They are sold through an extensive network of authorized dealers across Europe, North America, and other regions.

    Husqvarna e bike


    Official website:

    Rawbike is an innovative Swedish e-bike company that focuses on urban mobility solutions.

    Known for their practical and compact designs, Rawbike caters to the needs of city commuters who require efficient and versatile transportation options.

    Rawbike product

    Types of e-bikes

    • Urban e-bikes
    • Folding e-bikes


    • Compact design: Built to navigate crowded urban areas with ease.
    • High performance: Equipped with powerful motors and durable batteries for extended range.
    • User-friendly: Features like folding mechanisms and integrated lighting enhance practicality for daily use.

    Service areas

    Rawbike primarily serves the Swedish market but also has a presence in selected European markets.

    They have a strong focus on urban commuting solutions, making their e-bikes popular in Swedish cities and beyond.

    Rawbike e bike


    Reference website:

    Walleräng is a premium e-bike brand from Sweden, known for its innovative and modular design. Established in 2015 as a sister company to Ecoride, Walleräng quickly gained recognition for its versatility and quality in the e-bike market.

    Wallerang e bike 1

    Types of e-bikes

    • City e-bikes
    • Cargo e-bikes


    • Modular system (WMS): Allows for easy attachment of various accessories like bags and baskets, enhancing utility.
    • Customizable design: Users can tailor their bikes with different modules and accessories to meet their specific needs.
    • High-performance components: Equipped with Shimano STEPS mid-drive motors and integrated batteries for efficient and powerful rides.

    Service areas

    Walleräng primarily serves the Swedish market but also has a presence in various European countries. Their e-bikes are popular in urban areas for their flexibility and practical design.

    Wallerang product


    Official website:

    Blix is an innovative Swedish e-bike brand known for its user-friendly and stylish electric bicycles.

    Founded in 2014 and inspired by its Swedish heritage, Blix has quickly established itself as a leader in the e-bike market, focusing on clean design, high performance, and smart utility features.

    Blix e bike

    Types of e-bikes

    • City e-bikes
    • Folding e-bikes
    • Cargo e-bikes
    • Cruiser e-bikes
    • All-terrain e-bikes


    • Powerful motors: Equipped with motors ranging from 500W to 750W, providing ample power for various terrains.
    • Long-range batteries: Models come with battery capacities that offer ranges from 45 to 80 miles, depending on the configuration.
    • Customizable accessories: Blix bikes feature smart mounting points for easy attachment of racks, baskets, and other accessories.

    Service areas

    Blix primarily serves the Swedish market and has a significant presence in the United States. Their e-bikes are popular in urban areas for their reliability and stylish designs.

    Their diverse range of models and continuous innovation ensure they remain a top choice for e-bike enthusiasts.

    Blix product

    Ström Bikes

    Official website:

    Ström Bikes is a Danish e-bike manufacturer known for its high-quality, stylish, and affordable electric bicycles. Their business model focuses on selling directly to consumers, cutting out intermediaries to offer competitive prices. Explore the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Denmark.

    Strom Bikes e bike

    Types of e-bikes

    • City e-bikes
    • Fat tire e-bikes


    • Integrated battery: The batteries are seamlessly integrated into the frame, providing up to 80 km per charge.
    • Powerful motors: Options include 250W and 350W motors, ensuring robust performance for city commuting.
    • Customizable accessories: Their bikes feature integrated lighting systems, puncture-proof tires, and carrier integration for added convenience.

    Service areas

    Ström Bikes primarily serves the European market, including Sweden. They have a significant customer base across Europe and the United States, ensuring wide accessibility and support.

    Their commitment to quality and affordability makes them a popular choice for urban commuters looking for reliable and stylish e-bikes.

    Strom Bikes product


    Official website:

    As one of the best electric bike manufacturers, SAMEBIKE has consistently focused on manufacturing different kinds of e-bikes for 18 years.

    As China’s top electric bike manufacturer and electric bike factory, the China plant of the SAMEBIKE electric bike has a scale of more than 9,000 square meters,with an annual production capacity of 80,000 units.

    It provides e-bike retail custom, e-bike wholesale OEM, etc. We have rich experience in e-bike production, and a professional team who can help dealers choose the best ideal products.


    Service areas

    SAMEBIKE e-bikes are primarily available in Sweden, but they also serve various European markets through SAMEBIKE’s extensive dealer network.

    The brand’s presence is strong across the Nordic countries, ensuring that customers have access to support and services.

    SAMEBIKE RS-A02 off-road ebike-2


    These are the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Sweden.

    Sweden boasts a diverse and innovative e-bike market with top manufacturers. Each brand brings unique strengths, from Crescent’s high-quality city bikes and Ecoride’s eco-friendly transportation solutions to Husqvarna’s robust designs and Rawbike’s urban mobility options.

    These manufacturers are not only leaders in design and performance but also provide reliable and high-quality e-bikes tailored to meet various needs.

    Whether you’re an urban commuter, an off-road enthusiast, or someone looking for a versatile cargo bike, these brands offer a range of options to suit your lifestyle.

    To explore these top e-bike manufacturers and find the perfect e-bike for your needs, visit their websites SAMEBIKES for more detailed information on their models and services.

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