Top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Bangladesh

Top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the future of transportation is being revolutionized by e-bikes. Imagine zipping through congested city streets on a sleek, eco-friendly bike, reducing your carbon footprint with every pedal. This is not just a fantasy but a growing trend.

E-bikes are more than a sustainable transportation solution; they are a testament to innovation and environmental consciousness. As cities struggle with pollution and traffic jams, e-bikes offer a breath of fresh air literally.

The rise in e-bike popularity in Bangladesh is driven by their affordability, ease of use, and the increasing awareness of environmental issues.

Here are the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Bangladesh, who are not just making bikes but are transforming urban mobility. You can also explore the top 15 electric bike manufacturers in the Asia for your reference.

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    Best-list of top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Bangladesh

    The top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Bangladesh in 2024 includes:

    • Runner Automobiles PLC.
    • Green Tiger EV Limited
    • Akij Motors
    • Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC.
    • TVS Bangladesh
    • Hero Motocorp (Nitol Niloy Group)
    • Bajaj Auto (Uttara Motors Ltd.)
    • Veloce Bike
    • Bir Electric
    • Mahindra Electric

    Runner Automobiles Ltd

    Official website:

    Runner Automobiles Ltd., established in 2000, is a leading player in the Bangladeshi automotive industry. With a strong presence in both the two-wheeler and three-wheeler markets, Runner has earned a reputation for reliability and innovation.

    The company’s manufacturing facility in Bhaluka, Mymensingh, spans 200,000 square feet and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, enabling high production capacity and stringent quality control​​.

    Runner Automobiles Ltd staffs

    Key models

    • Runner eWave Voltage
    • Runner eWave Electrica
    • Runner eWave Eco

    Features and benefits

    These e-bikes are designed with advanced features such as efficient electric motors, durable build quality, and user-friendly controls.

    They are aimed at providing an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

    Active services and support

    Runner Automobiles ensures extensive after-sales services, including a nationwide network of service centers and a comprehensive online support system.

    This commitment to customer service guarantees that users receive reliable and timely assistance, enhancing overall satisfaction.

    Runner Automobiles Ltd e-bike

    Green Tiger Electric Vehicle Ltd.

    Official website:

    Green Tiger Electric Vehicle Ltd., established in 2009, is a pioneering force in the Bangladeshi e-bike market. The company focuses on creating eco-friendly transportation solutions that are both smart and affordable.

    Their mission is to provide hassle-free, sustainable commuting options to help reduce traffic congestion and pollution in urban areas.

    Green Tiger Electric Vehicle Ltd electric bike

    Notable models

    • GT-033
    • GT-5 Pulse
    • GT-Fenix PRO

    Unique initiatives

    Green Tiger is committed to women’s empowerment through initiatives like training programs designed to teach women how to ride e-bikes.

    This initiative not only promotes independence but also encourages more women to adopt eco-friendly transportation.

    Service network

    Green Tiger has an extensive service network across Bangladesh, with over 75 service agents and numerous showrooms.

    They offer comprehensive after-sales services, including spare parts availability and customer support, ensuring that users receive the best possible experience with their e-bikes.

    Green Tiger Electric Vehicle Ltd e-bike

    Akij Motors

    Official website:

    Akij Motors, a subsidiary of the renowned Akij Group, provides sustainable and innovative transportation solutions in Bangladesh.

    The company aims to revolutionize the local market with eco-friendly electric bikes, contributing to a greener environment.

    Akij Motors e bike

    Notable models

    • Akij Durdanto V6
    • Akij Bondhu
    • Akij Sathi

    Unique initiatives

    Akij Motors is committed to advancing the electric vehicle market in Bangladesh through continuous innovation and customer-centric approaches.

    They focus on producing eco-friendly vehicles that reduce pollution and offer a sustainable mode of transportation. The company also engages in community-focused initiatives to promote the adoption of electric vehicles.

    Service network

    Akij Motors has a robust service network with numerous showrooms and service centers spread across Bangladesh.

    They provide comprehensive after-sales services, including spare parts availability and dedicated customer support.

    Akij Motors e-bikes

    Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd.

    Official website:

    Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd., part of the Walton Group, is a leading Bangladeshi conglomerate that has significantly impacted the country’s technology and manufacturing sectors.

    Founded in 1977, Walton is dedicated to producing innovative and affordable technology solutions, including electric bikes.

    The company’s mission is to provide eco-friendly transportation options, contributing to a greener and more sustainable environment.

    Walton Hi Tech Industries Ltd office

    Notable models

    • TAKYON Leo
    • TAKYON 1.00

    Unique initiatives

    Walton is the first company in Bangladesh to receive BRTA approval for its e-bikes, a significant milestone that underscores its commitment to innovation and quality.

    The company is also working on expanding the EV ecosystem in Bangladesh, including plans to establish charging stations and infrastructure to support the growing demand for electric vehicles.

    Service network

    Walton has a comprehensive service network with numerous showrooms and service centers across Bangladesh.

    They offer robust after-sales support, including warranties of up to two years on their e-bikes.

    Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd staff

    TVS Bangladesh

    Official website:

    TVS Auto Bangladesh Ltd. is a joint venture between TVS & Sons and Rian Motors of Bangladesh. Established in 2007, TVS Auto Bangladesh is a prominent player in the two-wheeler market.

    TVS Auto Bangladesh Ltd e bike

    Notable models

    • TVS iQube Electric
    • TVS Metro Plus 110

    Unique initiatives

    TVS Auto Bangladesh is dedicated to expanding its presence and enhancing customer satisfaction through innovative products and extensive service networks.

    The company focuses on sustainable mobility, with plans to introduce more electric vehicles and support infrastructure development, including charging stations across Bangladesh.

    Service network

    TVS Auto Bangladesh has an extensive network of 335 sales outlets and 328 service touchpoints, ensuring comprehensive coverage and support throughout the country.

    The company offers a standard two-year warranty and six free services on all TVS products, reflecting its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

    TVS Auto Bangladesh Ltd company

    Hero MotoCorp

    Official website:

    Hero MotoCorp, a globally recognized two-wheeler manufacturer, is making significant strides in the electric vehicle (EV) market. With a strong presence in Bangladesh, Hero continues to expand its product offerings and enhance customer experiences.

    Hero MotoCorp e bike

    Notable models

    • Hero Electric Optima DX
    • Hero Electric Photon

    Unique initiatives

    Hero MotoCorp is collaborating with Zero Motorcycles, an American electric bike manufacturer, to develop new electric platforms and models.

    This partnership aims to combine Hero’s extensive market knowledge with Zero’s advanced electric technology, resulting in a range of electric motorcycles catering to diverse rider needs.

    Service network

    Hero MotoCorp ensures comprehensive customer support through its extensive service network across Bangladesh.

    The company provides robust after-sales services, including warranties and regular maintenance checks, ensuring that customers receive reliable and efficient service for their electric bikes.

    Hero MotoCorp company

    Bajaj Auto

    Official website:

    Bajaj Auto, distributed by Uttara Motors Ltd. in Bangladesh, is a renowned player in the global automotive industry, known for its innovative and durable two-wheelers and three-wheelers. Who are the top 20 electric two-wheeler manufacturers in the world?

    Bajaj Auto shop

    Notable models

    • Bajaj Chetak

    Unique initiatives

    Bajaj Auto has invested significantly in the shared e-bike business through its partnership with Yulu, enhancing last-mile mobility solutions.

    This collaboration aims to expand the availability of shared electric bikes in urban areas, promoting eco-friendly transportation and reducing traffic congestion.

    Service network

    Bajaj Auto, through Uttara Motors Ltd., provides extensive after-sales support in Bangladesh.

    The company ensures comprehensive service coverage with numerous authorized service centers and dealers nationwide.

    Bajaj Auto comapny

    Veloce Bike

    Official website:

    Veloce is a notable brand in Bangladesh known for its superior craftsmanship and innovative designs. They offer a range of high-end bicycles and e-bikes that cater to both casual riders and cycling enthusiasts.

    Veloce electric bike

    Notable models

    • Begasso Spoke Rim Mountain Folding Bicycle (26 Inch)
    • Veloce Electric Commuter

    Features and benefits

    Sturdy frames and components designed for long-term use.

    Integration of modern electric motor systems for efficiency and performance.

    Suitable for various types of riding, from urban commuting to off-road adventures.

    Service network

    Veloce has a growing network of dealers and service centers across Bangladesh, ensuring accessibility and support for customers.

    Offers reliable after-sales services including maintenance, spare parts, and customer assistance.

    Veloce e-bike

    Bir Electric

    Official website:

    Bir Electric, a Bangladeshi brand, is known for its commitment to providing affordable and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

    The company focuses on designing and manufacturing electric bikes that cater to the needs of urban commuters.

    Bir Electric e bike

    Notable models

    • Bir Magnum
    • Bir SUN RA EM-10
    • Bir Eco
    • Bir Nova

    Unique initiatives

    Bir Electric focuses on making electric mobility accessible and practical for the public.

    Their products are designed to be user-friendly and cost-effective, ensuring that more people can adopt sustainable transportation.

    Service network

    Bir Electric ensures comprehensive after-sales support through its extensive network of authorized service centers across Bangladesh.

    The company provides reliable maintenance services and warranties, ensuring that customers have a hassle-free ownership experience.

    Bir Electric company

    Mahindra Electric

    Official website:

    Mahindra Electric, a pioneer in the electric mobility sector, is part of the Mahindra Group, a renowned Indian conglomerate with a global footprint in over 100 countries.

    Mahindra Electric product

    Notable models

    • Mahindra GenZe
    • Mahindra Rodeo RZ

    Unique initiatives

    Mahindra Electric focuses on enhancing the EV ecosystem through continuous innovation and strategic partnerships.

    For instance, the GenZe model reflects the company’s commitment to creating advanced, user-friendly, and sustainable transportation solutions.

    Unique initiatives

    Mahindra ensures comprehensive after-sales support with a wide network of authorized service centers and showrooms across Bangladesh.

    The company provides reliable customer service, including regular maintenance, warranty services, and easy access to spare parts, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free ownership experience for its customers.

    Mahindra Electric e-bike

    Wind up

    E-bike manufacturers in Bangladesh play a crucial role in promoting sustainable transportation. These companies offer innovative, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional vehicles, significantly reducing carbon footprints and enhancing personal health.

    E-bikes provide cost-effective, efficient, and convenient commuting options, addressing urban congestion and pollution issues. Explore the diverse offerings from top manufacturers to find the perfect e-bike that suits your needs.

    Find the benefits of riding an electric bike for a greener, healthier future. Start your journey towards sustainable transportation today!


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