Best top 5 electric bike manufacturers in Romania

Top 5 electric bike manufacturers in Romania

A future where every commute is not only efficient but also eco-friendly, seamlessly merging convenience with sustainability. This vision is rapidly becoming a reality in Romania as the e-bike market blossoms.

E-bikes, or electric bicycles, are transforming the way Romanians navigate urban landscapes, offering a greener alternative to traditional transportation. The importance of sustainable transportation cannot be overstated in today’s climate-conscious world.

E-bikes, with their low emissions and cost-effectiveness, are a vital part of this shift. The growing popularity and demand for e-bikes in Romania reflect a broader trend toward embracing environmentally friendly technologies.

But what’s driving this surge? Here are the top 5 electric bike manufacturers in Romania, uncovering the key players who are not just riding the wave but leading the charge in this green revolution.

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    Best-list of top 5 electric bike manufacturers in Romania

    The top 5 electric bike manufacturers in Romania in 2024 includes:

    • Pegas
    • NextCity SA
    • DHS Bike Parts
    • Devron Europe
    • Eljoy


    Official website:

    Pegas is one of Romania’s most iconic and oldest bicycle brands, originally established in 1972. Known for its retro-styled designs, Pegas became a beloved brand during the ’70s and ’80s.

    The brand was relaunched in 2012 by Atelierele Pegas, which aimed to revive the nostalgic charm while integrating modern technology.

    Today, Pegas continues to be a significant player in the Romanian market, offering a variety of bicycles and e-scooters that combine classic aesthetics with contemporary features.

    Pegas e bike


    Pegas offers a wide range of bicycles and e-scooters, including:

    • Pegas clasic: This model retains the traditional design that made Pegas famous, updated with modern components for improved performance and comfort.
    • Pegas urban: Designed for city commuting, this model features a sleek design and advanced features like integrated lighting and a durable frame.

    Recently, Pegas introduced several new models following a substantial investment of EUR 3 million. This new collection includes 13 innovative designs aimed at expanding their market reach and appealing to a modern audience​.

    Features and benefits

    Pegas bikes are known for their robust build quality, comfortable riding experience, and stylish designs. The recent models come equipped with features such as:

    • Shimano integrated gears: For smooth and efficient shifting.
    • Durable aluminum frames: Ensuring longevity and a lightweight structure.
    • Retro aesthetics: Maintaining the nostalgic appeal while incorporating modern technology.

    The anniversary model, Pegas Strada 1 7S, celebrates the brand’s 50 years of heritage with a limited edition release that includes a unique copper finish and modern gearing systems​​.


    Pegas provides comprehensive customer support and active services across Romania.

    The company ensures that most bikes are delivered 99% assembled, with quick delivery options and the ability to return within 15 days.

    Pegas has also established a network of partner stores to enhance accessibility and support for customers nationwide.

    Pegas electric bike

    NextCity SA

    Official website:

    NextCity SA is a prominent bicycle manufacturer in Romania, originally established to produce bikes and parts for Decathlon(one of the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Turkey).

    The company has expanded significantly and is now recognized for its extensive manufacturing capabilities and high-quality products.

    NextCity’s strategic location and advanced production facilities have made it a key player in the European bicycle market.

    NextCity SA product


    NextCity offers a variety of innovative e-bike models, including:

    • NextCITY e-rider: Designed for urban commuting, this model features a powerful motor, durable frame, and advanced battery technology, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride.
    • NextCity commute: This model focuses on comfort and reliability, making it ideal for daily use. It includes features like integrated lighting and ergonomic design for enhanced rider comfort.

    Manufacturing capabilities

    NextCity SA operates a large assembly plant in Resita, producing up to 2,000 bicycles daily.

    The company has invested heavily in its infrastructure, including a EUR 3 million investment in an assembly line and a EUR 1 million investment in a production line for variable-sized rims.


    NextCity is known for its strong service infrastructure and comprehensive customer support.

    They provide extensive after-sales services, ensuring that customers have access to maintenance, repairs, and spare parts.

    Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in their growing market presence and strategic partnerships​.

    NextCity SA factory

    DHS Bike Parts

    Official website:

    DHS Bike Parts is a prominent bicycle manufacturer and distributor in Romania.

    Founded in 1999, the company has grown to become a key player in the European bicycle market. DHS Bike Parts is part of the Eurosport DHS group, which includes companies like DH Sport and Afisport. Who are the top 10 bike parts manufacturers in Europe?

    With a focus on producing high-quality bicycles and cycling components, DHS Bike Parts serves a wide range of customers, from casual riders to professional cyclists​​.

    DHS Bike Parts electric bike


    DHS Bike Parts offers a diverse range of bicycles under several brand names, including:

    • DHS: Known for robust and affordable bikes suitable for various cycling needs, including mountain, road, and urban bikes.
    • Devron: This brand focuses on high-end mountain bikes and other premium models designed for performance and durability.
    • Kreativ: Aimed at providing versatile and stylish bikes for everyday use.
    • Terrana and Citadine: These brands cater to specific niches within the cycling community, offering specialized bikes for different terrains and purposes.


    DHS Bike Parts provides comprehensive customer support and maintains a strong service network across Romania. They offer various after-sales services, including maintenance, repairs, and spare parts supply.

    The company’s extensive distribution network ensures that their products are widely available, making it easy for customers to access the bikes and components they need. DHS also supports retailers and distributors with customized solutions to help grow their businesses​.

    DHS Bike Parts has been continually expanding and modernizing its operations. The company recently implemented a new Warehouse Management System to streamline its logistics and improve efficiency.

    DHS Bike Parts e-bike

    Devron Europe

    Official website:

    Devron Europe is a renowned Romanian bicycle manufacturer, part of the Eurosport DHS group, established in 1999.

    Devron Europe specializes in designing and producing high-quality bicycles and e-bikes, combining modern technology with traditional craftsmanship.

    The company operates under several brand names, including Devron, DHS, and Kreativ, catering to a diverse range of cycling needs and preferences.

    Devron Europe electric bike


    Devron Europe offers a wide array of bicycle models, including:

    • Devron electric: These e-bikes are designed for urban commuting, featuring advanced electric motors and long-lasting batteries.
    • Mountain bikes: High-performance mountain bikes equipped with durable components for off-road adventures.
    • City and urban bikes: Stylish and functional bikes perfect for daily commutes and city rides.
    • Kids’ bikes: Safe and robust bikes designed specifically for children.

    Recent developments

    Devron Europe continues to innovate and expand its range of bicycles and e-bikes.

    The company is focusing on developing new models with integrated batteries and advanced motor systems to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation solutions.

    Manufacturing capabilities

    Devron Europe’s manufacturing facility is one of the largest in Eastern Europe, with a capacity to produce over 600,000 bicycles annually.

    The factory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and adheres to high-quality standards, ensuring that every bike meets stringent safety and performance criteria.


    Devron Europe prides itself on providing excellent customer service and support. The company has a robust distribution network across Europe, ensuring that their products are readily available.

    They also offer comprehensive after-sales services, including maintenance, repairs, and spare parts supply.

    Devron Europe e-bikes


    Official website:

    Eljoy is a dynamic and innovative e-bike manufacturer based in Romania, committed to delivering high-quality, sustainable transportation solutions.

    Founded with the mission to make electric mobility accessible and practical, Eljoy has quickly become a notable player in the Romanian e-bike market.

    The company’s focus on eco-friendly designs and advanced technology sets it apart in the rapidly growing electric bike industry.

    Eljoy e bike


    Eljoy offers a range of electric bikes designed to meet various commuting and recreational needs:

    • Eljoy comfort: This model is designed for urban commuting, featuring a comfortable riding position, integrated lighting, and a powerful motor that ensures smooth rides through city streets.
    • Eljoy speedster: Known for its speed and efficiency, the Speedster is ideal for longer commutes and offers a higher range per charge. It comes equipped with a robust battery and a lightweight frame, making it perfect for both city and suburban travel.

    Features and benefits

    Eljoy e-bikes are equipped with cutting-edge technology to enhance the riding experience:

    • High-capacity batteries: Ensuring long-range travel on a single charge, suitable for daily commuting and extended trips.
    • Powerful electric motors: Providing efficient and reliable assistance, making uphill rides and long distances manageable.
    • Integrated smart systems: Including features like digital displays, GPS tracking, and connectivity options for enhanced usability and safety.


    Eljoy is dedicated to customer satisfaction, offering comprehensive after-sales support and services.

    The company ensures that their e-bikes are easily accessible through a network of authorized dealers across Romania.

    Eljoy electric bike

    Wind up

    E-bike manufacturers in Romania play a crucial role in advancing sustainable transportation.

    Companies like Pegas, NextCity SA, DHS Bike Parts, Devron Europe, and Eljoy are leading the charge with innovative designs and high-quality products.

    These e-bikes offer numerous benefits, including reduced carbon emissions, cost-effective commuting, and improved personal health through increased physical activity.

    Using e-bikes helps mitigate environmental impact and provides a practical solution to urban congestion and pollution.

    As these manufacturers continue to innovate, the range of options available ensures that there’s an e-bike to suit every need and preference.

    Explore the offerings from these top Romanian brands to find the best e-bike for your lifestyle. 


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